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The Truth Behind Japanese Maid Cafés

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Text Comments (13543)
kamikaze pilot (3 hours ago)
7.90 dollars for an hour? That's better then the prostitutes in my neighborhood.
Todokete Setsunasa ni wa (16 hours ago)
It's either this or prostitution, so...
wem billy (22 hours ago)
Mostafa Jarrah (1 day ago)
Fortnite club
Pbcya (1 day ago)
I went with my ex and it was a complete rip off! I'm glad I experienced it, but I'd much rather eat sushi for the price I paid to eat ice cream sundaes and have coffee. You need to pay a sitting fee, so be prepared to shell out a pretty penny if you decide to go here. For 2 iced coffees and 2 sundaes, I paid almost $80 USD.
Sam Hopkins (2 days ago)
This is hard to watch.
ItsJust Me (3 days ago)
Sam Lol (3 days ago)
I wanna work there
Smile Sweet Sister Sadistic Surprise Service Lol that anime is about a maid cafe as well, and no I cannot think of any other words that starts with S
Mgtow Pastor (4 days ago)
Mgtow Pastor (4 days ago)
2000 years ago, women danced for kings in fancy attire, thanks to feminism they ruin everything.....
Kraganos (4 days ago)
1:53 that is bleach.
Ville ninja (4 days ago)
Why am I getting goosebumps. I’m so scared.
cyber elf (4 days ago)
are they get it english?
Falling Star (4 days ago)
dan Gurung (4 days ago)
i am becoming weid just by watching it
goo goo bars (5 days ago)
Jason- Kun (5 days ago)
Scary one word
Nur a Shams (6 days ago)
That moe more things, bugged me..but cute through...
Brendan Clauw (6 days ago)
I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with this. Just like college girls in the US bartending, without the singing and dancing.
bakery clerk (6 days ago)
The weird dudes part is probably the most true.
lex luther (7 days ago)
When I enter the cafe. Like almost Every single girl both maids or customers starts curling up their hair out of Insecurity. Definitely a weird experience
Crunchy Otaku (7 days ago)
Living in Tokyo met my gf in Japan at a Maid Cafe she worked at. Of course her employer couldn’t know we was dating. She could lose her job. It would be a security concern for her as well since there are creeps who visit for a particular maid n they might do the well if I can’t have her no one can bit. She eventually quit. We was married for 7 years. She passed away from cancer ;~;
Shadow Howl (7 days ago)
which one is this?
ScrimLFT (7 days ago)
a weeb's dream come true
DeNdReTiC (7 days ago)
Oh wow! Even Ryan Gosling works for Buzzfeed!
Phantom (7 days ago)
Maids aren't 2D?! DROP THE NUKE
cholzky petalcorin (8 days ago)
Im here just to see if there are cute maids like rem.
ken kaneki (8 days ago)
I always wanted to go but i cant its so sad 😢😢 cause m not from japan
Isabela Rapada (9 days ago)
I live in japan and i dont know this 😬😂🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ smh
Oo Cat oO (9 days ago)
I subscribe
muhammad yusuf (9 days ago)
I'm an avid manga reader . but ..... I believe this type of entertainment cafe just too advanced for my taste . Just give me one cup of black and i'm cool ...and by all mean.. please , all the rest of you can move along just fine ...
how to have fun with maidcafes, bring a tera jumbo nesoberi of your favorite love live character
*i would go with friends it would be awkward af😂😂*
Senpai_ 187 (10 days ago)
it is a TRAP BOYS !
RIXON (10 days ago)
That's so sweet....!!
Wanna know how to make the video bad? Just imagine this is North Korea
Basements GT (11 days ago)
Usui and Misaki?
John Doe (11 days ago)
I went there once by myself out of curiosity (one of the girls outside handed me a flyer) and figured what the heck why not. Going in alone it kinda felt awkward especially with how young they look/are and so I just finished my meal, paid the bill, and then left without dragging feet. I'm not against going again but it would have to be with a group of people.
Tashiro Sensei (11 days ago)
Cringe cafe?
Brian's Reefing World (11 days ago)
Never knew this possible 👍🤓
mikemarko alkuino (12 days ago)
I can relate that straw in your drinks. useless
Time to take a trip to Japan and take 10 bottles of lotion with me.
Faccu Gentleman (12 days ago)
Yukino Takamatsu (12 days ago)
Cringe Factory!
Jaydeep Kumar Gouda (12 days ago)
I really wanna go there. That was so amazing. All of them were looking like ANIME characters. And I love ANIME.
Shimi Shimi (12 days ago)
ChampRKO136 (12 days ago)
Shubham Panchal (12 days ago)
Well, whatever these girls look so damn cute 😍😍😍
Christian Rex Rubia (12 days ago)
I came here because this remind me of Blend S Anime 😅😂
Dimitrije Starcevic (13 days ago)
Well what did you expect, you began working dressed as weebs dream waifu xd and you are surprised they ask you for private nunber like obviously its like that...
Tyler Mai (13 days ago)
Seeeee-nooo....dEmO sOnnAn jA dAmE mOu Ja HoRa.
Jon (13 days ago)
What's up with the bunny ears ?
gong Ben (14 days ago)
Why is it so empty in there
Brittney Wright (14 days ago)
I feel like it's the Japanese verson of Hooters slightly sexual but nothing wiled
The Guy (14 days ago)
Just throwing it out there, dont confuse this with fantasy, anime and reality are completely different and cant be duplicated, that's why it's so valuable
Rat Man (14 days ago)
No happy ending 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mmeme_o_supreme_o Yeet (14 days ago)
Sorry me no speak anime
Akaoni21 (14 days ago)
You'll only feel uncomfortable if you're uncomfortable with yourself.
Maily Maily (14 days ago)
1:08 OMG her voice is so cute
Vladimir Lenin (15 days ago)
Under article 420 of the USSR constitution, anime is banned and deemed a social menace to society.
Minh Vũ Quang (15 days ago)
Make him rewatch this video while using an eye tracker...
KENNIX WAS HERE!!!!! (15 days ago)
I like there voices its so kawaii
mymona mkeess (15 days ago)
This is weird, and can easily misunderstand in sexual way ...
Jason Harris (16 days ago)
I love the Japanese maid Cafe's; I love American ragdolls, moreover. I even like the bloomers peeking out from under their dresses.😍💋💗💟💋💝💋 I'm best off finding an American equivalent to the maid-themed cafes, for besides the shopping districts of foreign seaports off of cruise ships, I don't know how to fare otherwise. I'm disabled, and I know to be more careful than my able-bodied traveling neighbors.😕😒😓
Fred Azbell (16 days ago)
Christ....this is weirder than Thailand. Sheer insanity.
Pixel_ Red_Muks (16 days ago)
Deaf Hawk (17 days ago)
Kaichou wa Maid sama anime show is same as this vid
Rose Wei (17 days ago)
LAMO. he seems so embarrassing.
Vitagen X (17 days ago)
900yen per hour?
Alvaro Buendia (17 days ago)
If I have my coffee is she my desert?
Blackomega (17 days ago)
I think this is one of the freakiest things I ever seen, but in fact, I loved it. I am in Japan and tomorrow I will go see with my own eyes. Thank you!
DJ pandaz___ (17 days ago)
im here because of aphmau 8D
Weak Mill (17 days ago)
I thought this was sodapopping in the thumbnail lol
npc 1113324 (18 days ago)
So the legends were right!!?
The Black Reaper (18 days ago)
Do a Yaoi Cafe next!
Sp00Ns (18 days ago)
Misaki where you at?
Samip Giri (18 days ago)
pls kill me now
Isabella (19 days ago)
Weird flex but OkAy
WORLD DOMINATION (19 days ago)
I thought she was going to start singing start dash
I Gaming (19 days ago)
Sooooooooooooooo my parents brought me and my sister to japan to celebrate her birthday and she made us go here and they thought it was my birthday so I was easily dying on the inside and also trying not to burst in laughter from how corny and funny this is but I did get to go to a sushi restaurant after this so that made up
Trevor May (19 days ago)
we need this in America
Cambodian Exploits (20 days ago)
I’m in Akihabara now and have been conflicted about going inside. Thank you for clearing up the misconception.
Phu Vu (20 days ago)
I was here travel with my mother and sister , omg is was weird for we 3
Iraila (20 days ago)
isn't it interesting that once in a blue moon, they invited some of male idol group to dress like a maid? just imagine, yamada ryosuke dressing like that!XD ok im just joking :p
Ona Esquivel (20 days ago)
I think it's so cute, and the food looks delicious
The Legendary Otaku (21 days ago)
God. This is why I love japan
Bronce V (8 days ago)
lol weeaboo
Mircea Georgescu (21 days ago)
Pipi in romanian is pee :))
Chris c (21 days ago)
I wonder if they're as friendly, courteous and serving if it was a chick rather than a guy?????
PARK OSH (21 days ago)
من جهاد؟
Kie E (22 days ago)
One of the many reasons I just want to get out of Western society
TobyPlayz (22 days ago)
About as harmless as a Victoria's Secret fashion show
Miki Dewberry (22 days ago)
the SJW fun police would ban this in the West, long live Japan!!
Arekusandora {Cover} (22 days ago)
Pipi-chan, gosh in french is pee
LifeLikeSage (25 days ago)
Gabriela Vasileva (25 days ago)
Anyone watched Kaichou wa Maid-sama??😁
MaximusX45-1911 (26 days ago)
Ayame is so cute...
Lord Jeff (26 days ago)
Feminazis are looking for you
Coral Lopez (26 days ago)
I wouldn’t go there without a friend
MelvinDoesGaming -_- (26 days ago)

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