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The Truth Behind Japanese Maid Cafés

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Text Comments (14265)
bill lacey (2 hours ago)
Ooooh that cringy intro! My God hilarious!
lucas laguyo127 (8 hours ago)
*perverted men has entered the place holding everyone as hostage as most of the maids were under 13 to 15* *FBI breaks in the front door flooding in full of SMG and p90 gunshots and the perverted members were shot with 10 bullet holes confirmed for the leader......JOE SEND ME A CLIP OF JIN ROH OF THE SCENE WHERE THAT LEADER IN THE SEWERS GOT SHOT ALL OVER YEAH THAT ONE alrighty thats how he eneded up 100 bullet holes confirmed through the head and body legs and.....thats it....okay im ending this breach report*
Sayan Mondal (9 hours ago)
Smile, sweet, sister, sadistic, surprise, service
Their soo kawaiiii~~
Iris Diaz (14 hours ago)
I wanna go there lol
sukirti pokharel (14 hours ago)
Made me think about the anime Kaichau Maid Sama
Aztec Danny (1 day ago)
Its almost like a restaurant that has belly dancing. Just for entertainment.
dragonoyxd (1 day ago)
If you are asking them infront of the camera in the freaking shop, ofc they r going to say they fcking love it. Try recording yourselg saying I hate my job and I want to kill them all at work then post it on YouTube why don't you?
Living Meme (1 day ago)
Can girls go there? Or maid cafes is just for boys?
Dennis De Vries (1 day ago)
It was sad that the only customer was you
Angel Hernand (1 day ago)
Quiero que se me sienten en la piernas y me hagan privado
Afzal Urrahim (1 day ago)
Wtf 0:06 is he on kindergarten?
Despite having a weird cafe, we know that a lot of people in japan is friendly and good just like in the animes.
Dadlord (1 day ago)
It is not adorable. Not even creative. Just Japanese stock.
Melchi Zedeq (1 day ago)
Hope they have a big security guy working there
Starry - P (2 days ago)
I want to go to one of these places one day
Golden Freddy Fazbear (2 days ago)
NotSKittlez (2 days ago)
This is cute.
X. Yang (2 days ago)
I celebrated my Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese last year. Im 47 yrs old.
Kancame (2 days ago)
How childish and ridiculous as an adult to behave like a toddler.
Dmitry Krishnayev (2 days ago)
2:08 that girl looks like my ex-girlfriend who died because brain tumor
Der Junge (1 day ago)
excuse me wtf bro
Timi Dutta (2 days ago)
Apple User 2 (2 days ago)
Bruh... I eat chicken tendies with the dippy sauce!!
I.D.S.P (2 days ago)
I see maid cafes in anime all the time which is pretty much normal Japan so it’s not weird
sanny lastboys (2 days ago)
Yg pake pita rambut pink kek model jav wkwk
Flou (2 days ago)
Would've been nice to be in there if I weren't this type of person 😳
WitchHunter93 (2 days ago)
What is "moe"?
김지은 (2 days ago)
A Hero For Fun (2 days ago)
I wish I Bron in Japan
Sapta Bima (2 days ago)
Maid cafe, different maid has different personality That is what make it good
Max (3 days ago)
FBI: *clears throat* eXCuSMe siR.
1000 rupiah (3 days ago)
it's about to get weird 😬
Asian 101 (3 days ago)
This place must be full of weeaboo's if this place was in America
anloo astor (3 days ago)
Kvo pravq tuka
Violet Rose (3 days ago)
0:00 the way she said it in Japanese was so cute imagine if a person said it in English.
iiiPuppi (3 days ago)
うわーこれは大丈夫です (I got this from google translate lmao)
Derill Troy Tacang (3 days ago)
Its cringy to watch talking people who is knowledgeable with english language.
Hannah Kim (3 days ago)
*-Kaichou Wa Maid Sama-*
*Martin (3 days ago)
Cafe Stile in disguise If u know what I mean ;)
산와사비 (3 days ago)
Where is Lady Tohru tho
Codehawk64 (3 days ago)
Idk man, i personally prefer my parents think i went to a strip club or brothel than going into a maid cafe. I feel this is waaaaaaay more embaressing to share outside (even though i might actually go inside one, one day)
Cleanly Ness (3 days ago)
If any of you guys are willing to know what the maid cafe Ryan went to, it's called maidreamin. And here is their website: Https://maidreamin.com/
Axideo (3 days ago)
Can one of the anim- I Mean Japanese women say nico ni- i mean hello?
Dahyun_ 23 (3 days ago)
I will come here when I am older xd
Ananya White (4 days ago)
That guy is surprisingly... Not sodapoppin..
Erick Torres (4 days ago)
WTF??? 8 dls per hour..... That make sense to me. Latinoamérica reality ( -~-)//
The Only Kai (4 days ago)
This is totally disturbing und crazy
Shiroyasha - (4 days ago)
You’re not catching me going to a maid cafe. Shits too weird.
The Unknowner GD (4 days ago)
Turns out the maids are traps
Isha Nalawade (4 days ago)
Came here becoz of maid Sama❤
Azhiju Games (4 days ago)
"Entertainment restaurant" Chick at my local strip club says the same thing every Friday night and i should know. Doesn't matter if i or anyone else pays a little extra the sex is just part of the entertainment.
Masahiro Takahashi (4 days ago)
Zero Resistance (4 days ago)
Young girls having a fun time I fucking died.
GhostSlinger (5 days ago)
Why does it look like its only you inside the maid cafe? Are there other customers inside?
Crush (4 days ago)
GhostSlinger I think it’s private
ナビイ (5 days ago)
the "akihabra" at the beginning killed my ears
Pernzer ferrr (5 days ago)
Weebs favorite place
Shujah Irfan (5 days ago)
You'll scare if you see their real faces wash the makeup and see booooooomm
Shujah Irfan (3 days ago)
+this place is weird do u call this earth *check this buddy* https://youtu.be/DWh5lfd2TVs
Your point?
naga sravan (5 days ago)
What the HELL
KerTheGreat (5 days ago)
Dude, *Japanese girls turn me up tbh*
I MagnumMemes I Kys (5 days ago)
Wait he was in the ice Poseidon video 😂👌
Drinkable bleach (6 days ago)
It looks like a 3 year olds birthday party
Othmane Seffar (6 days ago)
pi pi chan wTFF ...
Manith Chan (6 days ago)
I was gonna say it is weird but this Japan. So...
Vk Manunubos (6 days ago)
kohei chan
James yue (6 days ago)
hooter consider waitress, but these maids consider sex workers? really AMERICUNT ? to me HOOTERS are sluts can i say that ? I'm Asian by the way.
Labella Driver (7 days ago)
Nothing wrong with being different these girls are selling food
123OGNIAN (7 days ago)
On one hand it is sad that they have to pay the bill that way, also they will get old one day so its not a full time job heh.But on the other hand is way better than selling your body and they have a actual chance for becoming a idol or a voice actor that way. Good luck ladies and carefull with the perverts.My self included 😅
Chris Hamilton (7 days ago)
Informative ty
Fennelor The Fennekin (7 days ago)
I Would love to go to a maid cafee as a child with friends Owo
SkullyRodger (8 days ago)
Everything in Japan is just CUTE
Steven Taylor (8 days ago)
It’s like a modern geisha.
MrEnony (8 days ago)
Let's admit it!!! It's cute, cringe, and awkward all in one.
GamingShiiep (8 days ago)
He didn't mention that what he got cost him about 50$ in yen equivalent
Roscoe p Coltrane (8 days ago)
Wonder if they ever heard of Band Maid.
John Suzuki Desu (8 days ago)
Fucking weeb
Javier Vargas (8 days ago)
Only people with TINY little minds or no Imagination at all find this weird.
Daniel Adshead (8 days ago)
There should be more fun jobs 😀👍 , good on the girls. People are too serious these days
Leon Froblom (8 days ago)
wtf am i watching
Solenne Primeiro (8 days ago)
Taylor Sui (8 days ago)
You know he is a onion man by the fact he doesn’t even use the straw to drink
izwan alphinestar (8 days ago)
The cringe is real oof
Cremig (8 days ago)
It's not like he wanted this or anything....
Brooke Reyes (9 days ago)
Super cute !💕💕
Keaton (9 days ago)
People would pay a lot more for this tbh they should increase prices and pay rates
Pokemonkiller 777 (9 days ago)
This is very fucked yo but I love iy
Ramaneesh Sama (9 days ago)
I love them when I watch anime but...It's a little cringey to watch in real life
alibabarouge (9 days ago)
There is nothing perverse or strange to acknowledge that men have sexual desire toward women dressed as “care people”. Same goes for nurses or doctors or school teachers, police woman etc and women also have a fantasy for men dressed as firemen or police officer etc like in school of life, it just reflect the desire for care we crave for psychological comfort and physical attention be it sexual
19fran85 (9 days ago)
That's what i call a happy ending !!
Anjaneya Mhatre (9 days ago)
Asian girls r sooo cute😍😍😍
m4ple CS:GO (9 days ago)
Junaid S (9 days ago)
Maid samaaaaaa
xX Reaper死 Xx (9 days ago)
RYUUNOSKE X RITA (9 days ago)
CRAZY TV (9 days ago)
Why Japanese girls sound like 9year olds?
Carlo Rivera (9 days ago)
William Hetherington (10 days ago)
what a bunch of goddamned losers
• Loser • (10 days ago)
what's funny is they're literally wearing like 20 short skirts on top of each other.
• Loser • (8 days ago)
+shitkickertv lol, I know it's a petticoat but dang, how many skirts did they put on top of each other? 😂 I can tell it's a DIY petticoat
shitkickertv (8 days ago)
"OK Google: what is petticoat?"
• Loser • (10 days ago)
Imagine sitting there for hours watching their performance then you ask their age and they say "13".... *FBI OPEN UP*
CIA (10 hours ago)
Got ya
PuBG killer (13 hours ago)
That happened in Armageddon movie??
Meme Lord (16 hours ago)
Age consent in Japan is 13 so youre fine. uwu
Melchi Zedeq (1 day ago)
13?....more like 31
baba black (3 days ago)
+Game Channel you lost man... Read again... Opss it says error 101 humour not found
Whats the Location? Where i can find it?

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