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How to Get Good Grades

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Watch more How to Study videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/417414-How-to-Get-Good-Grades Cs get degrees, but As always pay. Learn what you need to do to get good grades. Step 1: Attend and excel Attend all of your classes -- don't ditch. Always be on time and maintain a schedule that prioritizes hard work over comfort, friends, and fun in the short term in order to succeed in the long term. Step 2: Participate in class Communicate with the teacher or professor to be sure you understand what is expected of you, and participate in class discussions. Step 3: Take notes Take legible notes. Skip lines to separate points and focus on essentials. Review your notes and make outlines to make the material easier to remember for tests. Tip Revise constantly and utilize memorization techniques to absorb information. Step 4: Establish study times Maintain strict study times in a quiet, well-lit, comfortable place at home or at the library. Step 5: Scan footnotes, words in bold and italic print, summaries, charts, and review questions to commit information to memory. Jot down answers to likely test questions so you can study them later on. Step 6: Organize your life Keep to a tight personal schedule that includes eating, laundry, sleeping, and occasional socializing. Make habits out of discipline and achievement. Tip Research suggests that studying important facts and concepts just before going to sleep enhances retention. Step 7: Reduce anxiety Reduce test-taking anxiety by closing your eyes, breathing slowly, and imagining the tension draining out of your head, down your arms, and out through your fingers. Though taking a test is never easy, don't let stress interfere. Now you can look for your name on the Dean's List. Did You Know? About 1.5 million children were homeschooled in 2007.
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From the way I see it it's Step 1: be a 100000000% workaholic and don't do anything else Step 2: before the moment when your ready to end your suffering *: If you know what I mean:* due to work related stress and mental health problems, realize that school isn't about learning nowadays, it's about passing.
sonnymelba SonnyMelba (4 months ago)
Please make more of these not about adult stuff
KittyShadow Gamer (4 months ago)
2019? Bc I’m digging how to not fail at math by this helps😂👌🏻😃
Cellia Yim (5 months ago)
You will need: a teacher that tells all the answers
Isaac S (8 months ago)
1. Pay attention and actually try
ChaseCain486 (8 months ago)
What’s the point in making this video if Good Grades don’t matter?
Betsy Nations (11 months ago)
Hahaha I should b studying
LegendarySneakyFrost (1 year ago)
Mat Reloaded (1 year ago)
...stress reducers. Optional: cocaine.
Orange - (1 year ago)
You can’t miss life because of the demands of school. You can always finish your homework later or get one bad grade but life, you can’t push that off for later, and no grade is more important than actually living and enjoying your life ☺️☺️☺️
Habiba Hesham (1 year ago)
Step 1 get a lots of books and reading it
Comic Mania65 (1 year ago)
Step 1: Cheat Step 2: don't get caught Step 3: feel like a rebel
MLG Doge (Swag Doge) (1 year ago)
Step 1: grab a gun and point it at them and threaten them to change you're grade from a F to a A+ Step 2: profit
Awesome! Now I can get good grades!
NiNjA BoY8059 (2 years ago)
I need special needs classes bcuz I don't do my homework like for real I fucken hate that school
IOS 7gaming (2 years ago)
1:28 drake and josh Easter egg
Nicole L (2 years ago)
Anyone else just watching these kinds of videos instead of studying :D The procrastination is real.
Kawaii Pineapple (2 years ago)
ok I'll try this method and it actually works I got 3 B and 4 A and just one C I'M LIKING THIS VIDEO THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
snoopy (2 years ago)
Occasional SOCIALIZATION?!!?! is this supposed to make me ANTI SOCIAL IN THE PROCESS?!?
Joseph Yazuardi (2 years ago)
Hire asian parents
Growtopia techtanz (2 years ago)
This doesn't help me I got F- 8-(
Earthy Creature (2 years ago)
This is what I tell my self" If I have time to play on my phone, I have 30 minutes to get a little work done and study."
Bluprint_Husky (2 years ago)
I have none of the things needed. Well, time to drop out!!!
When i get number 1 in class my dad promise me to buy an iphone 7s
Garrett Wright (2 years ago)
lol tests are never stressful for me
TKimbo (2 years ago)
Few steps 1.Run away from school
Aleezzz W (2 months ago)
Aleezzz W (2 months ago)
@Lucy's life in the baby alive world I commented that 2 years ago, I was an idiot. Let me delete that
@Aleezzz W don't you realize that college students usually commit suicide due to stress, depression and work overload..... I don't think school is such a good thing for somebody's psychological well-being.... And once there's news about another school shooting, parents will really be questioning they're children's safety Mentally and physically.
Life coaching Premium (2 years ago)
how to get straight As.check this out
Life coaching Premium (2 years ago)
Brent To (2 years ago)
In class, I'm like pretty much awkward. I was too nervous to ask questions. I really need to get rid of that kind of social anxiety.
can u do a video on how to stop playing games when ur supposed to do home work because i got 2 ds and an f on vocab because i never study and then the next week OMG I WONDER HOW I DID nice job an F and i one of the smartest kids in my class my teacher ecpects more
Jaden (2 years ago)
Are C's Good
Racecar the Destroyer (2 years ago)
"You will need participation" I'm out
Orange - (1 year ago)
Me too
maggie (2 years ago)
By not being the ignorant teen you are with your instantgram
Scared Cat (2 years ago)
By not being the ignorant teen you are with your instantgram your snappic and your yourtube
solvirt ッ (2 years ago)
Ok I am a boy the step 7 thing wont work because, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE WEIRED WHEN YOUR GROUP IS FULL OF GIRLS, like i know im smart but i not following step 7 because, you have to be cool with girls, you cant be a nerd
solvirt ッ (2 years ago)
guys, you dont have to comnent back due to me being in a new group, i got in a group where it is boy girl order, so i can finally be myself, oh wait, 2 girls are sitting right beside me, help me, pls
Yello RP (2 years ago)
Im a girl nd tbh I'd rather be friends with a boy who can study nd is nerdy rather than a messed up boy who is only at school to impress girls. Sucks tbh
AlmightyWolf (2 years ago)
GSlasher- videos and beyblade videos I totally agree!
Nimrah Ifti (2 years ago)
lol my dad told me and my little sis duh
Dat Dude John (2 years ago)
i had to put my grades up for adoption because i couldnt raise them
Orawit Jose Osorio (1 year ago)
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Nida Suhail (2 years ago)
nice one
Irvin Toribio (2 years ago)
haha your funny
Exciting people (2 years ago)
Marie Hughes (3 years ago)
step 1 show up step 2 effort step 3 done get in trouble
Marie Hughes (2 years ago)
@Ellena Crystal​ sorry bit UT does say on there can't control his hair but wants to control our lives I m not a supporter 
Ellena Crystal (2 years ago)
+Marie Hughes damn it Donald Trump
Marie Hughes (3 years ago)
Vincent Dilu (3 years ago)
Thanks for your advise
Hiresh (3 years ago)
Work Hard Play Hard
asdfgzxcn (3 years ago)
what's the music? so relaxive.
Moe Rvnn (3 years ago)
Work work work work work work
Ellena Crystal (2 years ago)
Swagalicious Vlogger (3 years ago)
When I study D When I don't study A
Markexavier Gregorio (3 years ago)
steps -1 always cheat
Baby_Jay (3 years ago)
That will get you no where in life because you will always want to depend on someone else to do everything for you.
Ashleigh Lawton (3 years ago)
Well this helped*not*
Shwubble Wubble (3 years ago)
The Ph3NOmenal 1 (3 years ago)
Who's watching this because they got a C or a D on their report card
Ashleigh Lawton (3 years ago)
Me I got c's
Justin Murray (3 years ago)
Note taking was the issue for me.
Justin Murray (3 years ago)
That true I should go back to college.
Duy Pham (3 years ago)
1. don't be funny 2. don't use your devices the more you learn.....
Children need free time you know
Ellena Crystal (2 years ago)
I use the Google to do my homework, SIMPLE
Sakshi Gupta (3 years ago)
Is that umich
FluffYourFace (3 years ago)
That's right, I'm procrastinating from my homework and watching videos on how to stop procrastinating. You're really helping :)
Reese's Pieces (2 years ago)
FluffYourFace LOL SAME 😂😂😂
Zubair Azizi (2 years ago)
alan rios 
alan rios (2 years ago)
Egg (3 years ago)
Dodger TRU (3 years ago)
cool thanks for the information
Imvu Imvu (3 years ago)
Steps to getting good grades VVVV 1. ALWAYS do your homework 2. ALWAYS study the subject you have just learned in class 3. When tests come up make sure you study more than being on tec EG (phones, i pads, computers, computer games, x box and more) maybe if you worked hard ten to twenty minutes on your phones or other. 4. Listen in class. 5. Get sleep is a BIG one. ENJOY these tips :)
Shireen Bano (3 years ago)
When I was a kid I got the best grades.People called me a nerd pocket.The 90s
luvloom9000 (3 years ago)
Step 1. Have good behavior Step 2. Participate Step 3. Study That's all I think you need.(P.S. I know this works cuz it works for me.) ;-)
Hi (2 years ago)
My problem is to stop talking i have to talkXD i do everything but stop talking...
old (3 years ago)
My problem is participation because I'm shy ;--;
Kirkland Bond (3 years ago)
+Rusty Shacklford My problem.
MIchael Wright (3 years ago)
+luvloom9000 All you need to do is one thing. 1. Pay attention.
Ellen Fogg (3 years ago)
or nah
Christina B. (3 years ago)
Step one know about yourself. It's lying to pretend to better when your not. And don't measure up to the the next person in class even if your teacher want you to.Tip if your Visual learner do your assignment, notes in pictures, for a sound learn record your notes, tough ask you class mate to study on your back or yourself handsStep two set your realistic expeditions: your should give you a rule paper and standards your get out of the class. Your welcome to keep the paper but if the teacher for the paper them say I'll give you the paper tomorrow while that night copy the paper. Did you know that the state tests show the highest grade is 50. 100% is 50 so do just that if you can't the assignment. If the grade is above a 50 and your teacher make such a fuss over the grade. Throw away the assignment. Don't nag, talk down, work out, get even. They will act like they don't care but really they do. At the end you/and the teacher will learn: you get what you get and you don't get upset.Did you know the average grade average is only a B no matter the grade level.
Guten (3 years ago)
smoke weed every day
Lofeezy (3 years ago)
How to do well on tests (always works for me): Don't study.
cclia alctria (3 years ago)
Some fXcking teacher even use this as text
Ellena Crystal (2 years ago)
good point
Landon Nixon (3 years ago)
I was home schooled in 2007
Steve JessJess106 (3 years ago)
I ALLWAYS get C+ and B's.But P.E well I get A's a lot lol.
MJ23GOAT (3 years ago)
what's the song called
Hainaangela xox (3 years ago)
John - cena
Ursula (3 years ago)
Darude- sandstorm
0 Subs No Vids? (3 years ago)
Step 1. Smoke weed before test Step 2. Do tests Step 3. Done Did you know woman are dangerous out of the kitchen
0 Subs No Vids? (3 years ago)
But instructions unclear got D on math test.
brad franks (3 years ago)
mavys garcia (3 years ago)
+jakle haiis  no  1 eatcandy 2 study 3 read   and study
John Lee (3 years ago)
steps: 1-Get your all supplies and be on time everyday 2-Don't fool around and behave in class 3-always do your work 4-Study and study There are 4 steps you need
Bharath Sathiajith (2 years ago)
John Lee ok
Ellena Crystal (2 years ago)
all of dem are TOO FREAKING HARD, M8
MocoBoboGod (3 years ago)
My Mum = 'you're an Asian, not a Bsian!" Me = nope
MocoBoboGod (3 years ago)
@Steve JessJess106 i cri evry tym ;-;
Jack Graham (4 years ago)
right when she started saying what i needed, i looked for new videos
413x l0pez (4 years ago)
This video made me get good grades
Totally Not Lost Pause (4 years ago)
Asian are very smart!..
Totally Not Lost Pause (4 years ago)
DIS CHANNEL. (4 years ago)
Not really, it's becus they try and maybe you don't.
Totally Not Lost Pause (4 years ago)
I wish im an Asian!..
gab350w (3 years ago)
+videoshack12351 no, im asian with asian parents, but i do all my stuff without them asking. XD
Decree (3 years ago)
More like I wish I had an Asian parent???
多子多福 (4 years ago)
get an asian boyfriend, he will tell you how to get it.
Pooja Jena (4 years ago)
Whattt!!!??!! is that guy the the wanted singer? 
Pooja Jena (4 years ago)
nah...but he looks quite like him 
Zoplop1aj (4 years ago)
I got a C in geometric and algebraic studies A 74% out of the 93% average Olollollooplppoooolooo
J Jr. (4 years ago)
1:07 Lol I use the same U.S history book in high school.
naveen katta (4 years ago)
all re good but not given memorizing tips
Finesse 1K (4 years ago)
I follow these steps and guess what grades i have now for watching this. Health- A reading - d math- b social studies - b science - b
Don Li (4 years ago)
The following WILL improve your Grade by at least Half a Point: 1) Be well physically including enough sleep, good nutrition etc. 2) Focus on each learning activity including Reading course material with Attention!  Listening to lecture (your teacher/professor) with Attention! 3) Take concise notes while doing the above #2 and organize them well (logically) 4) Review your notes frequently (try to re-arrange your notes for a class with a matrix structure, i.e. concept mapping) 5) Communicate with your teacher/professor or a smart classmate whenever you have questions. If you still fail RE-READ the above, try again.
sivichi (4 years ago)
My school is tomorrow and I'm below grade level so wish meh luck gonna try all this
Napoleon4778 (4 years ago)
Did you know: In 2007, approximately 1.5 million children did not understand what their teachers said. 
Agent lost girl (4 years ago)
Do you know,that in 2015 only 1% of students understand wtf their teachers are sayin?
Centawa W (4 years ago)
I dont like social studies its boring even though its important i get Bs in school
Dom The Jester (4 years ago)
You say all this as if it were easy...
Madison Steele (4 years ago)
This actually helped me study
iezeekil (4 years ago)
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover how do i focus on the present try Pyzork Focus Finding Professor (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got excellent success with it. 
i currently have 3 f's in my classes :/ fuuuuuuuukkk immm sccrrreeewweeed inn the b hole
battle gamer (4 years ago)
i wish it worked
numbers3 (4 years ago)
What if I HATE school? -,-
numbers3 (4 years ago)
im gonna die ;-;
Bob Bobinston (4 years ago)
@I LIKE TURTLES!!!  A = average B = bad C = chaos D = disowned F = funeral
numbers3 (4 years ago)
what about an F?
Bob Bobinston (4 years ago)
@I LIKE TURTLES!!!  Ever get a B again and you will literally be blind.
numbers3 (4 years ago)
BamBalo (4 years ago)
To get good grades you need to be Asian. But I am black so I need to be athletic! BUT I NEED TO BE SMART. BUT I HAVE TO RUN FAST. BUT I HAVE TO-  Mother of-
ActionZ (2 years ago)
BamBalo I am Asian but this didn't work
sasa graceffa (4 years ago)
This made me lol
Lexther Kimpo (4 years ago)
lol watching this just to become EVEN smarter... everyone in my class thinks i‘m stupid just because of the fact that I can sometimes be VERY talkative but I actually get good grades, and they still don‘t believe i‘m smart 0_0 But anyways thanks for the tips Howcast! Greatly appreciated :D
Lexther Kimpo (4 years ago)
lol watching this just to become EVEN smarter... everyone in my class thinks i‘m stupid just because of the fact that I can sometimes be VERY talkative but I actually get good grades, and they still don‘t believe i‘m smart 0_0 But anyways thanks for the tips Howcast! Greatly appreciated :D
eon star (5 years ago)
hmm taking a test is never easy... yeah right In the honors class if you ask who studies the entire class'll laugh. just kidding but seriously nobody studies and we all get around 90's... or maybe its just me
Bob Bobinston (4 years ago)
I'm a fast person.
eon star (4 years ago)
o.O you replied fast
Bob Bobinston (4 years ago)
Knew iat.
eon star (4 years ago)
now im in 9th grade and i actually have to study ;.;
eon star (4 years ago)
well i was in 8th grade when i wrote this
Marr Dwayne Ariola (5 years ago)
I am top 3 in our school and studying hard
Micheal T (5 years ago)
What are "stress reducers"?
Jonathan Ramirez 2 (4 years ago)
No mine is better
Jonathan Ramirez 2 (4 years ago)
Pain killers
Killem Shots (5 years ago)
Those guys was watching porn on the laptop Lol
marco polo (5 years ago)
shit dont work  for me  teachers well mine suck only two care about teaching students others dont care and want to get a paycheck
Cobra Persia (5 years ago)
Ayush Borse (4 years ago)
Cobra you sound pretty cool
battle gamer (4 years ago)
what if iam using ps3 and 2 not computeer or xbox i dont even know how i reviewed and comment here withoiut using computer i was using loptop :) just jk
ChopsticKris (5 years ago)
Step 1: Be Asian. Step 2: Be a good Asian. Step 3: Have Asian parents that are always on your case. Step 4: Repeat. Seems good to me..
Govind Sharma (2 months ago)
Do we Indian considered Asians ?😂
Caravanrykes (8 months ago)
I'm European
kendallascher (9 months ago)
Georgia Sprp then rip
gigi (1 year ago)
What if you're not Asian?
Luke Smailes (5 years ago)
UMM well I am doing my A Levels and got all A+ Thanks Howcast, You helped me achieve in life
Step 1)Get under the teacher's desk.

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