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Rain Gear for Gentlemen - Gentleman's Gazette

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What to wear in wet weather? Rain Gear and Outdoor wear for men Read the full primer here: https://gentl.mn/rain-gear-for-gentlemen #raingear #gentlemansgazette #notsponsored Want to learn more about TRENCH COATS? Go here: https://gentl.mn/2kUPefa SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Madder Silk Tie in Dark Ruby Red Macclesfield Neats Blue Orange Pattern - https://gentl.mn/2HsL1It 2. Navy and Yellow Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks - https://gentl.mn/2xOIcC5 Normally most kind of rain gear is polyester based not very stylish. So we focus on the elegant aspects. The number one item of outerwear for a rainy day in my opinion is a trench coat. If you're wearing tailored clothes, it's just an extension in terms of originality, style and history of the suit. The second classic option are rubberized raincoats. Back in the day, it was like rubberized cotton. Modern raincoats for gentlemen are often made out of synthetics. The third option for gentlemen are classic casual wax jackets. Basically these are garments made out of cotton that have a waxy surface that creates a patina over time that's very sophisticated. The fourth thing to consider for a gentleman are performance fabric that are based in a sartorial realm. In terms of shoes and shoe care, I'm a big stickler for traditional leather dress shoes and most of them can bear some form of rain without a problem. Your feet will remain dry. If you pre-treat your shoes you don't have to worry too much. For a regular calf leather shoe with leather soles I suggest you invest in a leather sole oil and sometimes you can also find water repellent sprays that you spray on. The third option you have is to go with over shoes or galoshes. If you're into Cordovan shoes, I suggest you really try to avoid wet weather with those because it can lead to very ugly water stains which are hard to remove. So what if your leather dress shoes or your boots get really wet or soaked? Evenly wet the shoe. That seems counterintuitive but by adding water back into the shoe and letting it dry in a natural way without artificial heat, you will have a nice leather again that has no more water stains. If you live in an area where it rains a lot or you have to deal with floods regularly it pays to invest in some really sturdy rubber boots that are tall or rain boots that are 100% waterproof. During the cold days of the year. A pair of unlined dressy leather gloves or even lined leather gloves that are waterproof can be a godsend. A felt hat can be a great way to keep dry. They're usually made out of rabbit hair which is naturally water repellent. The better option is to go with an umbrella because it's much wider and it really keeps you much drier. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2JgYXuX Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ https://gentl.mn/2sNIbZh Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2JgYXuX
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Text Comments (226)
Brett Skinner (16 days ago)
Love that tie
The Johnson Channel (15 days ago)
+Gentleman's Gazette hi I'm only 15 years old a sophomore in high school on most dressed up kid in my school I'm always clean I'm always pressed I always smell well I take very good care of my suits I only have one trench coat though what should I do do I need more than one does the color was restrict me it's Navy
A Zhivago (16 days ago)
Yes, it struck me too.
Gentleman's Gazette (16 days ago)
Thanks you can get it here https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/shop/accessories/ties/madder-silk-tie-macclesfield-neats-ruby-red?utm_campaign=social-lead-gen&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube&utm_content=rain-gear-for-men&utm_term=youtube-comment
Imran Chowdhury (1 day ago)
The items shown for rain I believe all are for pedestrians and not for everyday car user except the hunting boots and jackets right??
J (1 day ago)
Could you imagine skiing in a trenchcoat that would be some total commitment haha
Riyad Hazari (4 days ago)
please make a umbrella buying guide video
Lejla Mujakić (5 days ago)
thepassionofthegoose (6 days ago)
Thank you for this. I get so very tired of seeing adults walking around the city dressed like they're on an expedition. Nothing says 'I never camp or spend time outside' like wearing your hiking/camping gear at every available opportunity.
Multi Meter (9 days ago)
I alternate between this channel and real men real style, as well as the art if manliness website. You guys should collab. That would be a lot of awesome in one setting!
Gentleman's Gazette (9 days ago)
Aom no longer produces videos and Antonio and I are friends and we have one a video or two together. They weren't really popular so it was worth the extra effort.
Ralph Waldo (9 days ago)
Hi. Could you please make videos on how to dress up for the ff: 1. When you live in a tropical climate 2. When you are on a tour (e.g. comfortable yet stylish shoes other than sneakers that are good for plenty of walking -- summer and winter). Thanks!!
~[Ματ2468χκ] (9 days ago)
Damn, I need that umbrella with the seat thing.
Felipe Catz (9 days ago)
I'm trying to find a video but can't seem to do so. It's the one about the Italian fashion trend where it looks like the outfits are more causual/careless but they are in fact very thought out. You even mentioned how some try to pull it off but fail. (You used a millionaire that put on a light blue suit with shorts as an example.)
Billy Badass (4 days ago)
You’re probably thinking of his sprezzatura video
Anton Markov (9 days ago)
We want a closet tour!
graycloud057 (9 days ago)
A good brolly is a must have. Also a Barbour jacket and cap.
stef (10 days ago)
Nice video, it is a shame it is quite hard to find a long enough trench coat that doesn't break the bank.
Simon Sozzi (11 days ago)
It's not pronounced "wedder", it's "weather" like "feather". You're welcome.
woodstock (11 days ago)
Excellent. Thank you.
Do you like Classic bicycle like the one that have a brand Gazzele?
Kelly Backer (11 days ago)
I dont know why, but Exhibionists wear often trenchcoats..
Scott Coppel (12 days ago)
Hi, I love your products and videos, but I'm committed to buying leather produced in an ethical way. What can you tell me about the sourcing of your leather (I have my eye on some of your leather gloves in particular)? Are there any independent bodies who have confirmed the ethical treatment of the animals used to make the leather? I know this seems contradictory, but I have no problem with killing animals for clothing/shoes/etc. It gives them a higher purpose. I would feel better knowing that the animals that were slaughtered for my clothes/food were treated well during their lives and killed with minimal pain/suffering. I'd be interested to know how I can find this sort of information about menswear brands in general. Thanks for any info, SHC
alexdt 00 (12 days ago)
Fix the tie 🤦🏼‍♂️
DR INDIANAJONES1981 (12 days ago)
I liferally ordered my trench coat today
Raccoon (12 days ago)
Takash Ka (12 days ago)
kinda need to work on that posture.
Bruce Wayne (13 days ago)
Great video, I have a question about ties and shirts. When wearing a tie, how does one perfectly hide the top button and the fabric where the shirt comes together at the top to make a flawless look from neck to tie ?
Axtrigon ̄へ ̄ (13 days ago)
Thanks this was the best men channel ever
HaVOK (13 days ago)
Lately I've been liking the look of tall boots. I think a pair of waterproofed leather boots that resemble the older riding boot styles would go well with elegant men's clothing as well as being quite functional.
M S (13 days ago)
Hi Sven, Not saying that you are lacking of new material, the contrary is the case in my opinion, however I just wanted to suggest that you might want to redo older videos where the content is superb but the video quality is lacking. Cheers
Юлия #YULIA (14 days ago)
Love your themes. Can you tell me please, what the protection you use for suede shoes for rain? Thank you very very much
Hue Hue (14 days ago)
It's such a great style for men but it's a shame that women don't like chivalry anymore.
Jennifer Elyse (14 days ago)
I feel like this is such an undervalued dress category for both genders. I still haven’t found my perfect rain coat. I have however found a wonderful umbrella that has lasted me several years. It’s of Japanese construction similar to their paper parasols (the framework) and it is impressively sturdy even in heavy wind. As a young, vegetarian female of unsubstantial wealth I don’t even relate to the majority of your videos but I love them anyways.
Raymond Tang (14 days ago)
Ralph always has the article of clothing he says not to wear.
J .S (14 days ago)
If you don't twirl your umbrella you shouldn't own it.
ingrid (14 days ago)
Hi Sven! Great info your channel provides! Wish it were cold and rainy here where I live so I could wear tweed blazers and sweaters but I live in a hot climate!
Stephen (14 days ago)
I wish Fort Belvedere's madder ties were not made in Vietnam. I'd bite if it weren't for that. If they were made in England, USA, or Italy, I'd purchase several.
Morgan Denebeim (14 days ago)
Galoshes by the brand Tingly are the best bang for your buck.
Jason Van Mass (14 days ago)
you need to increase the volume on your videos, can't hear a thing - it's ridiculous
Jon Stern (14 days ago)
Another thorough video 👍
Jon Stern (14 days ago)
I love my Barbours (I have two, a heavier one for winter and lighter for warmer months)
Aquadug (15 days ago)
Would suggest Arcteryx Veilance or UBR. High end technical garments with a relatively elegant cut.
Andreas Lindhé (15 days ago)
I'd love a video with thoughts on head wear for cold weather.
Rogger Penguin (15 days ago)
Your theme tune is too catchy!!! I’m humming it all day
Have been waiting for this for a long time 😁
Brian Dawkins (15 days ago)
Helps if you work in a law office and make $60,000 or €50,000 a year. Probably don't want to go to work at McDonald's looking like this, which unfortunately probably make up half your subscribers who like Dandyism but can't pay their gas bill.
Gabriel Feetham (15 days ago)
Do you think I can put wool dress socks through a week of use before washing? How much time before washes do you recommend?
Hue Man (15 days ago)
Real men do not require rain gear...
Brian Dawkins (15 days ago)
Sure, "real men" catch pneumonia and look like they came back from a gay pride wet t-shirt contest in Berkeley.
vidright (15 days ago)
Ich sehe Ihre Beiträge wirklich gerne. Vorausgesetzt, man richtet seine Prioritäten überwiegend und/oder ausschließlich auf die gesellschaftlichen Erwartungen anlässlich bestimmter Ereignisse oder Lebensumstände aus, enthalten sie sehr gute Vorschläge und Empfehlungen bezüglich Kleidung und Accessoires. Sollte ich mich jedoch, aus welchen Gründen auch immer, bei schlechtem Wetter für längere Zeit nach draußen begeben, so gilt für mich die Devise „Form follows Function“. Dann wird es Goretex Jacke und wetterfester Rucksack statt Trenchcoat und Regenschirm. Man kann auch Funktionskleidung angemessen tragen und nicht so polemisch überspitzt unvorteilhaft, wie Sie es in Ihrem wohl absichtlich so dargestellten Negativbeispiel getan haben.😉
Am I the only one who can't stop string at that tie which is tilted to the left and tied way too tight? :D
Arslan Tahir (15 days ago)
Damn... what's happened to G-Eazy???
moristar1101 (11 days ago)
In all respect - they way Sven wears trench coats is almost comical.
raimondspauls (15 days ago)
Haha. Even more dangerous than thieves is my own absentmindedness. No matter how much I invest in an umbrella, I will lose it sooner or later. Excellent video as always!
HUNdAntae (15 days ago)
Hi. I managed to buy a second hand aquascutum trenchcoat, mut i believe it was machine washed as it is not waterproof at all. Any way to re-treat it or shall i just wax it like they did in the elder days?
Isilduh duh (15 days ago)
Anyone enlighten me on the brand and product name of the motorcycle inspired ventile jacket Sven is wearing at the 3 minute mark? Many thanks
Ricky V (15 days ago)
What about Techmerino by Ermenegildo Zegna? Is that any good? Do you have any experience with that?
Saeed Hojjati (15 days ago)
Nice video! Another good idea would be to also make one on "snow gear" with the Canadian climate in mind (where it gets down to -40 and snows for 6 months). Maybe introduce some nice shoe brands for walking on snow, ice, and slush. I really liked your shoe passion boots btw.
Daniel Ho (14 days ago)
If you're outside less than 30 minutes, you likely don't even need winter boots. I wear a pair of waterproof Geox Amphibiox dress boots for Edmonton winters, and it's just fine for ice and slush. I also use Accton galoshes over dress shoes, and it's okay, but I'd rather have ankle coverage in deep snow. Rubber galoshes are simply invincible on ice.
Serio życie ? (15 days ago)
How are you dress in home ? Do you have certain style ? What todays gentelmans wearing in home ??
Jogging pants and a hoodie, my friend :)
Juan Pérez (15 days ago)
I need to talk of suspenders please. Thanks for your videos.
Chicken Tenders (15 days ago)
$300 dollar man lol
Reality Check (15 days ago)
I think this video should form a nice patina over time.
Dean Miah (15 days ago)
The knot on the trench coat is not necessary when you have a pot belly.
Ethan Pierce (15 days ago)
I love how people will critique this man when they specifically come to here to learn how to actually dress. I personally have learned so much more about clothes from you sir. I have invested in my first pair of expensive shoes and I've learned how to pair colours so much better. Thank you kindly sir!
Cameron Norwood (15 days ago)
Jist wondering what is the pin you have on the shoulders??
Joe Mill (15 days ago)
Do you have a video on different clothing materials, and how to know bad and good quality?
Can you do a review on the brand John Henrics, especially their leather gloves.
Galahad (15 days ago)
Please do an in depth guide on different types of rain coats like a mac, car coat and the different lengths. Also an I depth guide on county jackets and recommended makers would be cool. Like Barbour or Macintosh
Gaven Nieves (15 days ago)
Does anybody else see that painting moving in the background
Jon M (14 days ago)
Yoo... wtf now I cant unotice it
DP C (15 days ago)
That trench coat is waaaaaaay to hot during the rain, though. I found a really light overcoat that's designed for the wet season, but it looks... OK. Not at all classic. I mostly just dress casually and carry my suit to the office, which isn't ideal when you're carrying so much already. Do you know of anything that's cool, but keeps the rain out? Something that you would wear while wearing cool biz.
Giovani Altelino (15 days ago)
Lol just arrived soaked at home
Drew Wilson (15 days ago)
Please do a house tour
Muhammad Usman (15 days ago)
Absolutely amazing video, once agin.
Briar Bear (15 days ago)
Gorgeous striped umbrella! You're navy raincoat, made in SF -brand?
Acarsfault (15 days ago)
he always wear like an old man
Todd Smith (15 days ago)
Sven, I have a rather specific question. I own a traditional khaki double breasted trench coat and normally wear a flat cap with it. I am starting a new career in funeral services and wonder if I should get a darker color trench coat and opt for a more formal had, such as a fedora? Also, would it be proper etiquette to have an extra wide umbrella to offer rain shelter to funeral attendees?
Nacion alista (15 days ago)
Got to get me one those Burberry trench coat!
Todd J (15 days ago)
I love my Barbour jackets. They do not fit true to size, so be careful buying them online.
TheSimonsse (15 days ago)
if you want to wear a trench coat on top of a suit for example, should the trench be bigger than your normal size ? my suit size in italian sizes for example is 46-48 (i have wide shoulders) what trench size should i order ?
chap choy (15 days ago)
Most of the trencoats I've seen are made a bit wider so people can wear it with a suit underneath. If you're not sure just try it on but if you're buying online then try to see if people have left a review or if the exact measurements(cm/inch) are available.
Rio Akbar Pramanta (15 days ago)
What about duffle coats? It's stylish and had a hood.
James Russell (15 days ago)
But the banker never wears a Mac' in the pouring rain... very strange.
James Russell (15 days ago)
+Waltski Very strange.
Waltski (15 days ago)
Then the fireman rushes in.....From the pouring rain
Mysterious (15 days ago)
that burberry coat looks great on you; I got to try that specific coat on at a burberry shop in my city.
Johnny Vaught (15 days ago)
Is This Video Mixed To Be Quieter Than Usual? Is Anyone Else Having A Problem Hearing This Video?
Parker Aurand (15 days ago)
Literally perfect day for this video lol, it's raining and going to rain for another week here in Iowa
Miguel Guila (15 days ago)
What about a rubber topy?
Simon Tuffen (15 days ago)
For casual jackets, a good alternative I can recommend to Barbour is the Swedish brand, Fjallraven, who make hunting and hiking clothing. They use their own very breathable cotton/polyester fabric which is waxable. I have both the insulated and non-insulated version of their Raven jacket, a hunting style jacket which is understated enough to wear anywhere, and has a fairly slim fit and high armholes.
Gplus sucks big (15 days ago)
I had the chance to test drive my new burberry trench yesterday on heavy rain. Amazed at how well it handled the water. Thanks again for a great video.
Hip Hop 90s (15 days ago)
MOB TIES , great Video as always Sven and that Coat is Fire
Chraman (16 days ago)
1:36 Who puts a laptop in his pocket?
maccollectorZ (16 days ago)
Awesome! Been waiting for a video like this. It rains all winter, and I have to get to class by means other than driving; it's great to know how to dress for wet weather (and not look like a fool).
Connell MacCool (16 days ago)
A nice single breasted by Burberry's Aquascutum Chrysalis Grenfell or Mackintosh and a Brigg or St James umbrella 👍
Xxan (16 days ago)
I would also like to know how to deal with salt on streets during winter! My poor poor shoes :(
Teringventje (16 days ago)
Whatever you do, make sure you dont wear a coat like that. You are welcome.
Tomas Westerlund (15 days ago)
Which coat?
Greggory1987 (16 days ago)
Excellent video!
devin hurt (16 days ago)
Is that handle for your umbrella as convenient as it looks?
Myles Yoshimoto (16 days ago)
Interesting, Thank-you for your advice.
Alex Pagnoni (16 days ago)
Sven thank you very much for this video, it is very useful. In particular, I really enjoyed the part about shoes, I always needed this sort of information.
Glad you mentioned Private White. Great quality clothing.
Noe Buentello (16 days ago)
Hey Ralph I bought the pilot metropolitan you recommended and I’m really liking it. Thanks for your recommendation.
A Zhivago (16 days ago)
Love GG. Why do you opt for tying the waistband of your trench coat rather than fastening it with the buckle mechanism? Is it simply a matter of preference, or is it a tradition in the same way that not buttoning the bottom button of a single-breasted suit jacket would look "off"?
Randy Garcia (16 days ago)
Haha, I work at Chipotle and we use galoshes there all the time when we don’t have or forgot our proper slip-resistant work shoes! Except we call them shoe-guards and are pretty flimsy.
Manuel (16 days ago)
The rubberized Trenchcoat look really weird :D Great Video!
john sullivan (16 days ago)
ive been looking for a trench now for years, given up ordering online. I thought I would go the whole hog and get a burberry. when it arrived i could not see my hands with it on and the eupolets were halfway over the shoulder. i sent it back and over a week later with nothing i phoned up only to be told my money had been returned. usually when you order on line you receive a complimentary thanks there was nothing from them. i said you brag about being tailors to the british army and cant even get your sizing right. all the girl kept saying was choose another size. the only way id get another is if i went into their store. they are famouse for their garbadine cotton but is that 1914 coat the same spec as the present issue, somehow i wouldn't bet my house on it.
kacper oleszko (16 days ago)
Wonderful video. But what with leather coats?
Avp Imdb (16 days ago)
Any ideas on (re-)proofing trench coats? Aquascutum recommends to bring them to a dry cleaner. Though, I wouldn't trust dry cleaners as much as myself.

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