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Latinas are Better Kissers | Is It True?

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Subscribe today! http://www.youtube.com/user/alldefdigital?sub_confirmation=1 Latinas have always been known to be more fiery and passionate kissers. We decided to bring on Slink Johnson and Nizhoni Cooley to put it to the test in a blind kissing game to see if Latinas really are the best kissers! @slinkjohnson @nizhonicooley @evy_de_la_cruz @katie_blonde007 @deannapak → CONNECT WITH ADD ← https://twitter.com/AllDefDigital http://instagram.com/AllDefDigital http://bit.ly/ADDfacebook http://bit.ly/ADDgoogleplus [CREDITS] Director/Producer: Patrick Cloud Cinematographer: Adam Bial Sound Mixer: Sam May Production Assistant: Damien Thurmon Travis Brown Post Supervisor: Rich Song VFX: Arthur Castillo Editor: Momo Aoi
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Text Comments (7567)
All Def (1 year ago)
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talia maloof (2 months ago)
All Def " they call me pimp of the streets"
Sleep (4 months ago)
All Def Digital I
Demetria Nelson (4 months ago)
Also I’m not a great
SIDDIQUE INTESAR (4 months ago)
All Def Digital the black dude was a bad kisser.. video is ruined
Fuck You (18 hours ago)
That Latina couldn’t kiss for shit.
ifunanya24 (2 days ago)
Lies!!!! THERE IS NO ONE PARTICULAR CULTURE THAT IS Good OR Bad AT KISSING!! Bad kissers can come in all shapes and sizes and races!! And that's the truth.
kobe star (2 days ago)
This is day 3,043 without sex and after watching this video, I am semi proud to say I have finally achieved the very rare and almost impossible hands-free orgasm. I now deem this move the "bluetooth cumbustion" since I busted hands free.
Rafa Pires (3 days ago)
I feel kinda weird cuz ppl think of spanish when they hear the word "latina" but I'm brazilian and we speak portuguese and I dont think we fit in with the rest of latin america
No (3 days ago)
I want that Asian girl, she's hot af
Patrick Handley (4 days ago)
they are for a fact
Samir Al-Azzawi (5 days ago)
Leo_Cerberus (5 days ago)
The Latina wanted the dude lmao she was so excited to heae him speak Spanish😂
Jay Gmait (6 days ago)
0:59 1:57 2:50
liah Martinez (6 days ago)
erika rodriguez (6 days ago)
Nooo there nooott jajajaajaj
Savage_ Jack (7 days ago)
The white girl didnt give a shit about the guys but the latino starting licking them guys
Petre Lee (7 days ago)
The black dude is such a bad kisser 😂
tropicaldolphin4 (8 days ago)
It wasn’t fair, as the fair skinned woman was an actress, so has had to practice giving perfect kisses no doubt, as part of her job.
otaku poop (9 days ago)
I'm uncomfortable
Jerome Bailey (9 days ago)
Where the black girl????
David M. (9 days ago)
Honestly my opinion latina Hispanic female are more hotter. In my opinion
George Boccanfuso (10 days ago)
The true latinas are from Italy. Where Latin originated with the romans.
Warbrain 777 (10 days ago)
Brenda ?????? (10 days ago)
3:39 Asian girl heated 😂but tbh if it was me! Sleep: White girl Wife: Asian Side chick : Latina
Jaylen Meadows (11 days ago)
The girl was with mistic got. Jokes
Galilea Valle (12 days ago)
"Me llaman el verga de burro porque tengo la verga más grande de todas"
Emily D (12 days ago)
i um i just wooooo umm
Cat (13 days ago)
Depressed Human (13 days ago)
Anyone Under 13?
Dont Pretend (15 days ago)
Is this supposed to get me turned on?
Elliot (15 days ago)
White girls give good head latin girls ride you to sleep. I’m just saying
R E M I E .Edits (16 days ago)
The Latina girl in bed god
عمر راسك (16 days ago)
دالية شيح راكي تقحبي
renzo Deleon (17 days ago)
for me,aussie's are the best man.
Michael Cisneros (17 days ago)
Latinas putas las que besan negros
Mistah47 (17 days ago)
The Latina girl is cute af.
PaNdA_ ExPoZeD (17 days ago)
I love the video 😃
Ali 3ajob (18 days ago)
العربي لايك
lord loco95 (18 days ago)
Herpes 101
Daniel Rocha (18 days ago)
Janell Hernandez (19 days ago)
Yes latinas are the best kissers
joseph evans (19 days ago)
Watching this guy kissing is genuinely cringe.
raul gomez (19 days ago)
This dude has Panavision. And I have never kissed a Rat before. But I have kissed a lot of Latinas, Indians and white girls. And white girls are the best in and out of the bed. They are extremely nasty and love getting their Turd Tunnels rimmed.
Jon Charles (19 days ago)
It felt paid for..
abdulwaduud ahmed (20 days ago)
What if dude kiss him ?
lemen manman (20 days ago)
Oh God why just why God send us some help from the gods
#JusRockWidIt (21 days ago)
Jorge Salinas (21 days ago)
the asian girl kisses so nicely!!
“They call me donkey dick” LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 I cant stop laughing!
XXX Zavala (22 days ago)
Lamar from Gta 5 calling it lmao I'm dead ass tho
Brittney Jacques (23 days ago)
Where's the black women at? Dont get me wrong, I love all shades of beauty, but I guess they knew it wouldn't of been a fair contest Lol
Alexa Millan (23 days ago)
Aaayyy Where the Latino gang at??!
Erick Nielsen (24 days ago)
Santino Martinez (24 days ago)
It’s crazy how the black guy gets all those kisses but yet I can’t even get a text or call back
Elite Savage (24 days ago)
The kisses taste like goyaaa im deaddd😂😂😂
Alana Briggs (24 days ago)
The dude sounds like Lamar from gta 5
Naked Mole rats (24 days ago)
I died when the dude got yelled at
Faiz YDG (25 days ago)
thats racist
Dane Gamer (25 days ago)
Is this Age Restricted
Richard Quirke (25 days ago)
This is rape
Ahtisham shafiq (26 days ago)
Fuck you black man
cutie pie xx (10 days ago)
stfu u cunt
Sarah Kobayashi (27 days ago)
So that means lele pons is a good kisser
Leonardo Goncalves (28 days ago)
Girl from mysticgotjokes is now on buzzfeed ?....damnnn
game time/yash (28 days ago)
Steven Dowens (28 days ago)
I'm the best kisser.
Sara Terry (28 days ago)
The guy was soooooo creepy
I am more suspicious about the girls kissing each other not convincing My guy at the end was like subscribe tell ur friend tell my friends their hoes is what I’m gone do 👥🗣👀🤮
Logan Mathews (29 days ago)
I bet 98% of the people that clicked on this cuz it said Latina and kiss
Bhaswar Ghosh (29 days ago)
I am reporting this video
Bhaswar Ghosh (29 days ago)
donkey dick
Raining3s (29 days ago)
Where are the latinas on here hello!!!! 👀
Emmanuel Leyva (1 month ago)
Thelomes1 (1 month ago)
Browns are the best, latinas better
Broly the LSSJ (1 month ago)
OkGamiing (1 month ago)
This video exposed me in front of my friends *looks down*
David Hughes (1 month ago)
I believe all three is good kisses just look at all the beautiful different colors
Militantreturns (1 month ago)
Crazy P (1 month ago)
Resume is ready... when to join for this job ????
industriales37 (1 month ago)
Three bisexual girls!!! Yeah! That's the way I like it! :p
Lainey grace Arscott (1 month ago)
matthew grant (1 month ago)
Danna Garcia (1 month ago)
Im latina
Petaltheladybug (1 month ago)
The exact amount of lip 😂😂
shrek man (1 month ago)
ivanna S (1 month ago)
I am from jalisco and i dont know what the f he thout he was saying
Luis Martinez (1 month ago)
0:26 no mames este wey😂😂😂😂pinche🤡
Jordan Martinez (1 month ago)
I busted a nut🤤
pinkish unicorn ll1 (1 month ago)
He got a boner a big one
hulk puny avenger (1 month ago)
Can we have a girls only version.
Deborah Cole (1 month ago)
Sex with me 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Crocs 90% off (1 month ago)
4:06 Uhhh mixed messages?
madariawalls19 (1 month ago)
Ive been with my boyfriend for 5 years it just depends on the person lol he is Mexican
Esponic (1 month ago)
Rolex Kingo (1 month ago)
Lamar Davis 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤣
Tf how did I get from vines to here lmao
Tricky Trixter (1 month ago)
Yo that guy sound exactly like Lamar from gta5
Dyani Salcedo (1 month ago)
they couldnt even reach the guys mouth 😂
Mauro Villarreal (1 month ago)
Why is it that most Latinos always want to bite? I always have that urge to do it?
Bañġ Řãmĩ (1 month ago)
Woman kiss woman shit!!!😣😲😲😲😲😲😵😵😵
Bañġ Řãmĩ (1 month ago)
WTF is that 😲😵😲😲
Corben Dabin (1 month ago)
Christian Monroe (1 month ago)
these vids r so strangee...
gloss Asmr (1 month ago)
2:59 she wanted to Kiss longer but he didn’t 😂

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