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Text Comments (104)
TheSilverstonedwolf (10 months ago)
A maw would have been perfect instead of 2 extra bf swords lol
Iromkill (11 months ago)
I start watch your vids and i get almost everyday a katta penter <3
Thip Fk (11 months ago)
Meu próximo Nick name vai ser Katlife Br, tudo que aprendi foi com esse cara Kk xD
Hironis (11 months ago)
eat my ass and call me sally
Daniel (11 months ago)
Algum Br aí pra add ?
Typical Lewis (11 months ago)
Why does he max E?
Sarah1997522 (2 months ago)
Typical Lewis cause on AD it makes the most dmg. The q dont skale with AD
//C3DD// (11 months ago)
ur clean :)
benny hinn (11 months ago)
thanks man because of your vids i can beat silver rated players with katarina and i only started playng league since last uyear
Gin Winsky (11 months ago)
You should try the tanky Katarina build: sunfire, maw/visage, pistol, sorc shoes, GA and liandrys
Hbr lol (11 months ago)
WHAT RUNES? please <3 katarina best :3
Daniel (11 months ago)
Hbr lol também queria saber as runas
John Page (11 months ago)
lmao that editing around 12:14 reminds me of the montages your friend made of you back in the day
jack frost (11 months ago)
You're fucking great man, this made my laugh so thanks.
innerbloom (11 months ago)
zooming in on the knives so we can hear the sound better thanks retard editor
Doppelgänger P (11 months ago)
Whats the song at 12:19?
Rafael '-' (11 months ago)
9:07 beleza po
sad (11 months ago)
its because bf stands for best friend
Ethan Chorenziak (11 months ago)
When does this skin come out???
Marin Lovrinovic (11 months ago)
Wait this guy is buying MAGIC pen and going full ad???
kylele23 (11 months ago)
Marin Lovrinovic She deals magic damage, just has AD scaling to it, so magic pen is still good
Kaneki Shadow (11 months ago)
Jer se magije skejluju sa AD-om ali dilaju magic dmg zato je potreban megic pen ^-^
Nextshot (11 months ago)
Jennifer Lawrence (11 months ago)
Yes, please keep your trashy editing. It's funny at some point!
Ridwan Salem (11 months ago)
Hey Katlife <3
Kat Clicked Delete (11 months ago)
You actually put veorra there I love you
Nikola Tasic (11 months ago)
Let's do the 69 comment
Katarina Du Couteau (11 months ago)
"Well GG on behalf of Brand" people always blame their teammates instead of recognizing strong enemies. I bet Sion would have been shat on just as much. Btw @Kev I love how you handle me... always makes me blush. *moans*
ArcheTe (11 months ago)
The outro song is Bonfire by Childish Gambino, thank me later.
ArcheTe (11 months ago)
Yep it's the Stranger Things remix but the correct version is still on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWeTwdG299Y
Terra Nort (11 months ago)
Except it's not, it's a mashup of Bonfire by Childish Gambino and the Stranger Things opening. This particular mashup is unavailable on Youtube anymore (the right one, not a high-pitched bullshit one)
Kevin Patterson (11 months ago)
I already made this video 9 months ago. Check it out! https://youtu.be/pK_4RHNQQmQ
Kapparina (11 months ago)
9:06 rumble br kkkkkkj é nóis
BlackAngel (11 months ago)
Brand.. XD
NoTAKEMyDagger (11 months ago)
name of the song 12:01 pls? :c
MysteriousEnigma (11 months ago)
do you think just going full ad runes and longsword start is good to snowball for going ap still
HamatoLeo (11 months ago)
David Haars (11 months ago)
I like this kind of video. Keep it going mate!
Ahmed Eissa (11 months ago)
How are the old runes still on the pbe?
Just pick Kat (11 months ago)
12:05 what song ?
NoTAKEMyDagger (11 months ago)
veorra - run
qloix (11 months ago)
lmao wtf is that outro song
Wells Loan (11 months ago)
Its Childish Gambino (song is Bonfire) like he said in the song... lol
Justa Kata (11 months ago)
Outro song ?
Artésio L9 (11 months ago)
Artésio L9 (11 months ago)
Krickzy =)
Artésio L9 (11 months ago)
Krickzy ok ty
Krickzy (11 months ago)
Samuel Cruz (11 months ago)
rumble é BR HAUSUAUAHUS 9:08
By Shin (11 months ago)
Hidary (11 months ago)
By Shin he says that the rumble is from Brazil, because he wrote in Portuguese at that time
Samuel Cruz (11 months ago)
By Shin brazilian server.
By Shin (11 months ago)
what does it mean? (i was the kennen)
Hidary (11 months ago)
Samuel Cruz notei isso tambem e vim ver os comentários aisnsisnjs
Liam Tuhua (11 months ago)
Ad kat new meta
Captain (11 months ago)
You deserve more subs ! Im playing better in kat because of you
Sarah1997522 (2 months ago)
Captain same here!
Celo Abdi (11 months ago)
is this on a PBE server ? or why u have 25ms ?
Marios7Gr (11 months ago)
i m confused ... since u r on pbe where did the new runes go ?
quieness (11 months ago)
The location of the server for PBE got changed, thats why he has better ping
Brian Cohen (11 months ago)
New runes ship on 7.22, so to prepare for what 7.21 will look like on live they took the new runes out, they'll come back next patch for more testing
No sé que poner (11 months ago)
i think that runes will come back today or tomorrow, i really hope that
Elektron124 (11 months ago)
PBE is using old runes for patch 7.21 and will switch back after
addam blakk (11 months ago)
Ping has nothing to do with being live server or PBE, since he lives in the U.S.
Daniel Lucian (11 months ago)
What's the direction of this build,what advantages can give you,comparing to the standard Ap,glass cannon?
LunarSkyWolf7 (11 months ago)
Only super good early, should prolly just build like he did if you're going for this. BF to GA, Cutlass (Turn to gunblade), Haunting Guise and Sorc Shoes, from there everything else AP.
the only thing it does is enhance shunpo auto passive in the early game. it's garbage lategame and besides gunblade, maw and GA, ad katarina has no itemization options.
Pati (11 months ago)
its fukin shit dont do it.
phu hoang (11 months ago)
kata max attspd very funny bro
Ahri is Love (11 months ago)
DAT brand xd montage babyyy
Stoned Satan (11 months ago)
Love you bro, nice editing and nice stream! keep it up!
JazTeng 07609 (11 months ago)
how do you play kat rank
Mean YouWin (11 months ago)
Tubz1990 (11 months ago)
Praise kek
racsaster (11 months ago)
and I die
Tyler Icce (11 months ago)
Haha YouWish i love you
Mean YouWin (11 months ago)
Ritesh kayastha (11 months ago)
wtf this kat is nkt the boasted
Katlife (11 months ago)
qnn lol (11 months ago)
Florian Brauer yes they will be free. Now they all cost like 10 ip or less.
Florian Brauer (11 months ago)
qnn lol im New in Lol Are runes now free?
Costa (11 months ago)
Kat can i send for u une gameplay it katarina and u said what i Need to do better?
qnn lol (11 months ago)
yea me 2 xd
qnn lol (11 months ago)
It is PBE the new runes got disabled. Look at the chat at exactly 1:38 someone asks why they were disabled.
Sabriana Phang (11 months ago)
Lmfaoo that Brand though. I'm ded af. xD
MrMightyGnome (11 months ago)
kev ur suppose to go lethality instead of just AD.
ihave2cows (11 months ago)
....so is your comment supposed to be some kind of joke?
MrMightyGnome (11 months ago)
exactly... omg.
ihave2cows (11 months ago)
lethality increases physical damage. Katarina's abilities do not deal physical damage despite having AD ratios.
MrMightyGnome (11 months ago)
exactly thats why you build lethality
ihave2cows (11 months ago)
why does this comment have 8 upvotes
yehun son (11 months ago)
when challengers troll and bronzes follow and feed PPL HE CAN DO IT ONLY BECAUSE HES A GOD AT KAT NOT EVERYONE CAN DO IT
Sarah1997522 (2 months ago)
yehun son its not really that true. Kata on AD deal a Lot of dmg. And the playstyle is the same as AP
Katwyfy (11 months ago)
Yey 2nd (; nice vids man keep it up !
Nick H (11 months ago)
ayy first xd Do you think a AD centric page is more effective than MPEN now?

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