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Arctic Monkeys - 'Drunk Texts Are A Bad Idea'

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Arctic Monkeys - 'Drunk Texts Are A Bad Idea' SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SThYS8v NME speak to Alex Turner and Matt Helders exclusively about Arctic Monkeys' new album 'AM', sending drunk texts and practising yoga in Los Angeles. For more NME videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/nmetv Visit the NME website: http://www.nme.com Like NME on Facebook: http://http://on.fb.me/pwS4QM Follow NME on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NME NME is now available on the iPad, download your copy here http://po.st/NMEiPad Listen to the NME playlist on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/MLfz9W
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Text Comments (184)
Takashi Shirogane (4 days ago)
Is it just me or does Alex look really small in this video? I mean, he's still taller than me, but sitting next to Matt he looks tiny.
Kyayi (2 months ago)
Playback speed at 1.25x makes Alex speak at a typically normal pace
Leo Beardmore-Gray (2 months ago)
lol matt was gonna say high and then he was like ah shit that's illegal 0:45
C.C. Monroe (2 months ago)
I do not drink. I have not drank since May 2010.
Martyna (2 months ago)
if people don't understand them with their accent you must've never been in scotland aha
Laurel Hobert (3 months ago)
These men have never been sober in their entire lives
atmosvere (4 months ago)
When he said "why'd you only call me when you're high" could be on their first album lyrically I just started imagining a fast-paced version of the song with Alex's old boyish singing and Matt playing super fast and damn does it sound... different
Lailah Flowers (4 months ago)
Matt looking so serious in the beginning is my aesthetic
Edith AM (5 months ago)
Omfg jam of my childhoooddd used to lip sync to it in the back of our car lmaooo
Edith AM (4 months ago)
Reyes early 2000s
Briss Cárdenas (5 months ago)
Quiero besar a este hombre!!! Me derrito D:
Abi Willock (5 months ago)
I just want to kiss his jawline
Abi Willock (7 months ago)
what I wouldn't give to see Alex doing yoga 😍😂
xxWASPx x (9 months ago)
Just put the speed of the video on 0,5x they sound drunk out of their mind
Lolamae (10 months ago)
I love how everyone who’s not from the UK thinks they’re like high when actually that’s just how ppl are 😂😭
Papa Roma (1 year ago)
them: drunk texts are a bad idea me: drunk interviews ate a bad idea (Love you Alex )
Bryan Slythe (1 year ago)
Iam from argentina so if you al Don’t understand what they are Saying...imagine me
ash s (1 year ago)
I wish I would've watched this before I sent that drunk text last night.
M T (1 year ago)
he acts like he's stoned in every interview, i luv him
StarMintaka (1 year ago)
I my god, I can't with this Sheffield accent. Alex is killing me. Closing the video
Camille Cardoze (1 year ago)
I think they are trying to communicate but I don't understand, I'm sorry 😭
Lou Lou Safran (1 year ago)
Alex always dresses like a rocker but Matt dresses like an old man in cold weather. I love them !
Rouse (4 months ago)
Now alex dresses like an old man too hahahaha no rocker anymore
Lailah Flowers (5 months ago)
I love how true this
SunnyDay (1 year ago)
WTF I cant understand a fucking single word. Am I watching a russian interview?
Frebel Choqueneira (1 year ago)
Too late
Mart_ Drg (1 year ago)
I just wanna give Alex a chapstick
CP vids gg (1 year ago)
Never forget where you come from. Singing about getting high and hanging with rich people. When they started you could resonate with what they were saying. Line from first album "your not from New York your from Rotherham so get off the bandwagon".
Parker (4 months ago)
Money changes people more than time.
Bad Habits51 (1 year ago)
they wrote fake tales at the age of 17. Now they are 30 years old. BREAKING NEWS: people change with time.
ann (1 year ago)
the lyrics are from "fake tales of san francisco" but cp vids gg is being an elitist prick and cant acknowledge that this is just a different route they decided to go
Nela Savic (1 year ago)
what song?
Abi Buxton (1 year ago)
This has to be the most Yorkshire fan base
I love you
Papychull (2 years ago)
Alex is just naturally high
12345 6789 (3 months ago)
hahaha yeah, he doesn't need artificiall substances, he has born with them in his blood
Jaicel Asegurado (2 years ago)
How cute is 1:15 please tell me
squirrel leto (10 months ago)
Jaicel Asegurado ☹️☹️☹️
meowmeow_sel (2 years ago)
I love how chill and quiet matt is, he's so sweet <3
rockingtohell (2 years ago)
Ugh I'm from Sheffield, like Alex but my year 1 teacher was American, and I watched a lot of American youtubers that caused me to loose my accent. :/ now I really want to go back before it gets too late
Perspeii (5 months ago)
rockingtohell Yeah, that doesn’t make too much sense tbh, lol
devait (6 months ago)
That’s not how it works you fucking melt you don’t just get an American accent because your teacher was and you tubers you watch are American. Americans don’t all have the same exact accent aswell so it’s literally impossible to pick up a certain accent like that.you have to be surrounded by people from the same area for a long time to pick up the accent / sound
## (1 year ago)
rockingtohell that’s not how it bloody works
Stone Doco (2 years ago)
Rainbowdash6DoesMC fuck off
Weronika Siwek (2 years ago)
aleks to mu chlopak
OliG (3 years ago)
They have to stoned off their tits in this
Bill Grundy (3 years ago)
They're just Northern, there's a whole town of Alex Turner's (minus the genius)
Helena Alba (3 months ago)
I have to visit that town if they all look like Alex
slinky crown (5 months ago)
Lol “whole town of Alex turner’s” that made me laugh lol
Lorrie (8 months ago)
zoot g this sounds absolutely nothing like an American accent
Arutzuki (1 year ago)
He still has teh accent...
ZootM8 (1 year ago)
Bill Grundy ahaha Alex has lost his northern accent.... he thinks he's American now
Tom Stone (3 years ago)
They're not high. They're not drunk. They're not dick'eds. They're not tryna be cool. They're from Sheffield.
feedtheego (1 year ago)
"dick'eds" the cringe.....
Liana Sainsbury (1 year ago)
Yes. i was gonna like the comment but it was already on 505
Maya Musovic (1 year ago)
I love it
Renee DeeVee (2 years ago)
Galy Jimenez (2 years ago)
Yes . Finally you get me .
Sam Johnston (3 years ago)
devait (6 months ago)
Rada M if you’re still active it has somewhat of a deeper meaning. “Mardy Bum, which in the North and the band's native Sheffield refers to someone who's moody or moans a lot, tells the story of a long-term relationship on the rocks” he’s singing about a long term relation ship on the rocks as the statement shows
Eddie B (1 year ago)
Sam Johnston YORKSHIRE
Rada M (2 years ago)
ah! he cheated! :P but that's okay, I learned something new. :P
Matthew Smith (2 years ago)
Haha 'mardy bum' was already an expression used in Yorkshire, and quite a down to earth thing to say and he sort of made it more well known I guess, not not that deep I'm afraid xD
Rada M (2 years ago)
Oh okay, I thought him being Alex, that he went for something deeper in meaning. :P
MsMajid22 (3 years ago)
Not romantic
MsMajid22 (4 years ago)
xXSulliesXx (4 years ago)
I don't really get how people can't understand them. they sound perfectly normal to me. must just be different upbringings I guess.
La Verne (10 months ago)
they sound like most rock stars.....
Eddie B (1 year ago)
xXSulliesXx me too
Patricia Bard (4 years ago)
i feel like 80% of the time i have no idea what they(alex) are trying to say
Kailey Kelly (1 year ago)
Patricia Bard I feel like 80% of the time he’s high
It doesn't help much that they put a masterpiece in the background
Kelly Noel Murray (3 years ago)
It's like they're mumbling
Novi Lorensia (4 years ago)
darn it I almost spat my food LOLLLLL so true
Sam Young (4 years ago)
these dudes pull like no other.
Alan Handjobsneck (4 years ago)
Holy tits...when did these guys become such pretentious smug greasy thankless fuckers? It would be great to see the rug pulled from under these assclowns.
Tori Jackson (2 years ago)
When will people realize that his is how people from Yorkshire are? Like this is totally normal for them.
Red Lime (3 years ago)
they're not? they're just awkward and chill xD
GearsDemon (5 years ago)
alex definitely found some chill version of himself with that latest album
mikes a cunt (5 years ago)
Matt looks high as fuck in this.
VanLuedewich (3 years ago)
his face 2:10
mikes a cunt (4 years ago)
@Sir Spamal0t I assume the same as it seems as though he's never seen Alex's perpetual gurn.
Kristian P (4 years ago)
apparently no.
Juancarlos Valdez (5 years ago)
Noooo don't go way .ceep up the great work.
Ema Macara (5 years ago)
I love these guys!! You see, i just learned that drunk texting is a bad idea. *sigh* they have such beautiful lessons to give :)
weekendplayground (5 years ago)
They should make a song about drunk texts hahaha
Tong Yi Chan (4 years ago)
and "The View from the Afternoon"
Timmy O'Tool (5 years ago)
drunk texting is the best... drunk calling even better.
Takashi Shirogane (4 days ago)
My dad's friend from college drunk called me once and I think he was trying to convince me to buy a boat or something but it was one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had.
Carpet Bomb (4 months ago)
nah, drunk russian sex, that's quality right there. @crilauriola
crilauriola (4 months ago)
@Carpet Bomb as long as you remember to visit mexico the day after
Lailah Flowers (5 months ago)
Sometimes it’s just a bad idea
Carpet Bomb (2 years ago)
Bazzing James drunk sex is the greatest
Aiden Kraemer (5 years ago)
their music is fucking amazing but they're so bad at interviews
Nacho Flawored Doritos (2 years ago)
They never were fans of advertising
Lovely Rita (5 years ago)
His fuckin' accent! My ovaries exploded!
sam johnston (2 years ago)
just come over il be waitin, it is gods country here and were good in bed apparently...... i dont like to toot my own horn i like to other things tho
Lovely Rita (3 years ago)
@Kinda Special Agent Mila Todd thank you! xoxo
ancientfemme (3 years ago)
same! and your name is 👌
/: (5 years ago)
I come with Alex voice... 
Briss Cárdenas (5 months ago)
Me too :3
Josh Kier (5 years ago)
He's so stoned hahaha
PsychaDuck (5 years ago)
You need to look up redundant :L
GÜLTEN DUMAN (5 years ago)
british humor
Conrad Redtomahawk (5 years ago)
It may be redundant, but I think Alex is high.
Alexandria KING (1 year ago)
Conrad Redtomahawk Nah he's just from Sheffield
Smiley G (5 years ago)
Isn't he in all of them? :P
ava (5 years ago)
why are you SO SEXY ALEX!!! <3
jordi (5 years ago)
then, how about writing them down there, just for "Alex Turner's illiterate fanbase"...
ed jent (5 years ago)
their 5th album in 7 year, hm you tell me which band would remain the same for 5 albums and 7 years. If you can think of one then I dare bet say they are boring and repetitive
memesofproduction (5 years ago)
I understand every single word he says and english is not my first language
Olivier Tran (5 years ago)
0:32 "I don't care, I'll just grab my balls"
Samuel Powell (5 years ago)
AM is definitely one of my favorite Arctics album. My top still has to be "whatever people say I am". Try searching The Stumble and Shake - Lola you may be in for a surprise!
Georgia Robles (5 years ago)
Who would ever text drunk? Not me at all...
Jimmy Nichols (5 years ago)
Not the same band anymore. Their music has become way more produced and more pop.
Saira Rafiq (4 months ago)
I still love them
kristxutxu (5 years ago)
I know what you're up to ;)
Gary Kennedy (5 years ago)
Alex was definitely stoned during this interview...
isabella pinto (5 years ago)
i could listen to him speak all day ffs
georgetta (5 years ago)
alex is loosing his sheffield accent OH MY GOD WOT IS THIS
Alice Wonderland (5 years ago)
alice wonderland
KobRolehouse (5 years ago)
Why are they d bags?
daledaddy1 (5 years ago)
Like the music...wished I wouldnt have seen the interview. Couple of d-bags.
rkan2 (5 years ago)
Matt Helders looks like he's put in the interviews with Alex just to father him. :D
Takashi Shirogane (4 days ago)
I feel like he's the dad of his friend group.
KLOQMedia (5 years ago)
Such a great band
natashaa ahaa (5 years ago)
his god damn voice
NathanKing94 (5 years ago)
They so fucking are!
NathanKing94 (5 years ago)
Why thank you very much :-)
NathanKing94 (5 years ago)
nope, they are just cool in a classical way. Hipsters are people who dress weird, old and alternative because they think its "fashionable" or "the latest trend", these guys dress this way because thats how they like to dress, not because of some fad where some twats with weird facial hair and vintage bikes with no breaks think that's "the thing now" to dress that way and then 10 years down the track when the vintage thing is not as big then they will move on and denounce what they do now.
alan smith (5 years ago)
cool as fuck man
nicole Barreiro (5 years ago)
They look high as FUCK
sonetlumiere12345678 (5 years ago)
Actually cracked me up. Superb comment lol
liam richardds (5 years ago)
fucking hipsters.
Peter O'Sullivan (5 years ago)
Matt: "put back in what you lost with coconut water as well , Vita-coco, I'm just gonna mention it cos I like it, they might gimme , loads like a fridge full" Alex: You mentioned it in something else the other day Matt: Did I ? Alex: I know what you're up to !
Alejandro Salazar (5 years ago)
Sir, let me say that your comment is very accurate and pretty awesome! Cheers
Mark Magnolia (5 years ago)
thought this was a song
CarEdy23 (5 years ago)
i love matt and alex but i didn't understand half of what they said
LegionnaireLoup (5 years ago)
So fucking blazed
LoneSola (5 years ago)
your name is sickkk
rebel yano (5 years ago)
I like who they talk among themselves as if the camera wasn't there. Alex was like, yeah...I know what you're up to. Hahaha!!! So sweet.
NathanKing94 (5 years ago)
naaa they are just cool :-)
Paulson (5 years ago)
I didn't understand a fucking word in this "interview".
Yasid Alavz (1 year ago)
it's his fucking accent, also he's high half of the time so that helps
Fanny Jacquemin (5 years ago)
J'en ai marre de la pub d'oreo.
tjaxon91 (5 years ago)
19Olka97 (5 years ago)
because he fucking is.
Kelly Wallace (5 years ago)
"why do you only call me when you're high.. ahsdjvnhahlk akfjah juajvj ajh asjf aklj dhv asdfusaklh hasudfonv aklsufdhak vahsjdfhk ajsdkhf lajkldj" -alex
Maugolek (5 years ago)
they were 20 when Whatever People Say I Am came out, I bet you look good... was recorded in 2005, at 19
MyDoanne (5 years ago)
is it me or is Turners speaking/normal voice a lot deeper than his singing voice? haha
Kcuf elgoog (5 years ago)
Why does turner thinks he's something special?
Tyler Taylor (5 years ago)
or just jerks
Joe Steers (5 years ago)
I think 'Drunk Texts Are A Bad Idea' would have been a better name for the song, even if the lyrics were still 'why'd you only call me when you're high?'.
Aqilah Akmal (5 years ago)
yoga in studio? i should join you guys, maybe? hahahaha

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