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JAPANESE GIRLS ARE A PAIN! What Problems Japanese boys have dating girls

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Troubles and issues Japanese boys have when dating girls in Japan. We asked several boys in Japan what makes dating hard in Japan and what problems they have with Japanese girls. ▶SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS!! http://www.youtube.com/c/AskJapanese?sub_confirmation=1
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Scott C. (1 day ago)
Ms Dony * (1 day ago)
if you feel a girl is to needy than you dont promise just one girlfriend, you date several & be honest about it. Also ladies, listen to these guys worries. Ladies take the lead sometimes. Be their friend & let them fall in love with you..that sounds like what they want, looking for the right lady.
me un (2 days ago)
Just Racist reporter
Sanjay Kumar Verma (2 days ago)
Kyo Kusanagi (3 days ago)
5:23, the guy who is getting interviewed is talking about not knowing how emphasize to their girlfriends there there is a difference between the girl the want to hang out with, and the one they want to go out on a date with. But then the other two guys are TOTALLY checking a girl passing by. Ok, point taken. HAHA
Tsukiakari (3 days ago)
They all look so cool, I'm european and i look like shit compared to them wtf
George Costarica (4 days ago)
Shes interviewing guys that havent been on dates before
RaDD C (4 days ago)
Seems like the Japanese don’t get it. “Life is pain. And pain? Is *EVERYTHING*.” Besides they’re not alone. Women suggest something, but it always falls on the man to actual plan out and execute the suggestion. A real hassle after a while.
Awarena Onanako331 (4 days ago)
6:57 the dude in the background tho XDD
lexi Rios (7 days ago)
The guy on the left at 6:23, with the white tee, looks like a comic book character.
TheBanana669 (7 days ago)
Also many boys dont like their girlfriend gonna share time with other boys if they really love her ....japan dont need to get example from the western culture for everything and its better that way
Niamh Sievers (7 days ago)
kiraine (8 days ago)
that lady is dressed up like a mega weeb
Sha Rannn (10 days ago)
1:50 this guy
Angie Rodriguez (10 days ago)
Alguien que hable español ?
Mad R (10 days ago)
6:50 doesn’t look japanese 😮
Dreaming Girl (11 days ago)
Ja bym nie zadzwoniła do chłopaka w środku nocy xdd
Estephany Matos (11 days ago)
I would die if I had to celebrate an anniversary monthly
Alisson Salher (12 days ago)
Me gusta porque tiene sub en español 😘 Gracias 🌸
Nani U.U (13 days ago)
I think that all the girls around the World are the same
pierusofpella (15 days ago)
Jumping through all those hoops to be friend-zoned? No wonder Japanese guys have all given up on their women. Especially when there are certain ethnic foreigners who experience Japanese girls lining up to give up their asses to them. Sorry, but those bitches need to die alone. Well, except for their 50-odd cats.
KittyCat (15 days ago)
I'm a girl from America but tbh there are a lot of girls here who act the same way. I don't really care about anniversaries and honestly never remember them 😂 I do enjoy talking to my significant other a lot through text but I don't HAVE to talk to them all day every day and I don't need a phone call at all really except for maybe every once and a while? But not a super long call, just a short casual chat and then hang up. I never understood the people (bc lets be real guys do this too) who get super jealous and ask who you're hanging out with and telling you not to hang out with the opposite sex. Maybe i'm too chill and trusting but like if you can't trust your partner why are you with them?? I like helping plan dates, usually I communicate with the guy i'm going out with so we can find a middle ground of something we both want to do. I think it's best to do it that way as both sides are happy.
yas (16 days ago)
to surpresa que tem tanto cara bonitinho no japao
ADRIANNA FAFFY (17 days ago)
las relaciones entre pareja son complicadas si no hay comunicación , no creo que el chico o la chica tenga que encargarse de todos los preparativos para una cita, creo que los dos deben querer ir a un lugar que a los dos les guste, o tal vez que no sea planeado, creo que eso es mas divertido .
Shell By The Sea (17 days ago)
Why title this in English if you are not going to use subtitles
¿Do Geese See God? (15 days ago)
There are English subtitles. You have to turn them on.
Gugumiu (18 days ago)
O carinho no 6:59 😂😂
Bunny Lao (19 days ago)
I find this lady so cringe.... why does this keep popping up on my feed 🤬
Konoha Piglet (19 days ago)
The boy at 1:25 looks so sweet. Ahhh kawaii!!
blue gravity (19 days ago)
It's not for us if there is no subtitles. Should be easy for you. You know English. Unsubscribe.
Blood Lose (20 days ago)
i ship the hot guys at 1:53 with his friend who need GIRLS
You give me cancer (20 days ago)
They guy at 6:59
박 박 (20 days ago)
The 질투Guy so looks like stupid relationship
paige rhyne (20 days ago)
Dude haha like really haha just show up when u say don't cheat n answer calls n text with in resion n besides being compatible I'm good that's how I've stayed friends with all my ex's
チェシャー (22 days ago)
girl being jealous is normal because its just show that they are care, but if they bring that attitude to the point “who’s you’re with ? where are you ? what time you’re back?” now thats a red flag each side should know to give others private time; you both are still dating not married so theres no need to take it to next level and having them under your radar 24/7 also i have meet a lot of guys who would say shitty stuff about the girls as well after they broke up so it depends on the people themselves and how mature they could handle that
Anthony Mitchell (22 days ago)
No English subtitles?
yogaman shlush (22 days ago)
Not to be rude or something but they look so different in an interesting way
The Only Heaven (24 days ago)
On the phone all day? Boi I need sleep 😂😂
Phil Lewis (25 days ago)
From my experience I’d rather them just talk bad about me after we break up than have them come to my place while I’m sleeping and destroy my cars paint job. Honestly women when it’s over and there’s a good reason for it to be over cause we explain to you that you can’t just treat people like possessions, you need to let it and us go. Do some soul searching before finding the next guy, it can only help.
lutschi futschi (28 days ago)
Your looks are pain...
David Anderson (1 month ago)
No subtitles...
John Smith (1 month ago)
I just jerk off once a week, much cheaper this way.
Na No (1 month ago)
4:00 That's not a Japanese boy
Stephanie Raitt (1 month ago)
Who actually celebrates their relationship every month...
Fernando Román (1 month ago)
Why are you wearing a Cat collar?
Fernando Román (1 month ago)
Why is she wearing a Cat Collar?
dgaller06 (1 month ago)
Jealousy happens everywhere. Here in the US, it is not uncommon for girlfriends to go through their boyfriend’s text messages or social media accounts.
Shinji D (1 month ago)
I think native asian girls are mostly like this lol the westernised girls dont care that much
Mylene Beltran (1 month ago)
english sub pls
Grayfox Games (1 month ago)
There are turn on captions
glorianasims4 (1 month ago)
Lol you are asking a bunch of kids lmaooo ask guys in their 28 to 38 those guys look like 24 or 25 {kids}
jungwoo's voice (1 month ago)
Im pretty chill,complete opposite of all that they said . So tell me why i'm still single .
sysLink15 (1 month ago)
Women want people who are thoughtful. If they don’t tell you where they want to go on a date it might be because they checking to see if you pay attention to what they like. Amateur tip: Ask them ?’s and make a mental note
gloreria • (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the tall guy at 2:39 ? He’s got my eye 😊😂
shyloh silentsmile (1 month ago)
Pretty self centered.
Kendall Glover (1 month ago)
Monthly anniversary??? Im a girl and I sometimes forget my own birthday when it comes around. Who has time for this??
John Smith (1 month ago)
Kendall Glover I heard from a Korean girl that they often count DAYS of relationship, and the guy should always remember which day number is it today.
aml-t (1 month ago)
Why did she dressed like a doll my eyeballs are hurting!!
rib cage (1 month ago)
interesting content but doesn't have a subtitle. I don't understand Japanese
Grayfox Games (1 month ago)
Turn on captions
Hack McGraw (1 month ago)
Anywhere is fine to go you say? Alright then, we're going to the garbage dump for our date!
gabie suggar (1 month ago)
1:25 Lisa?!??!?!?! *MY* *BIAS* ❤❤❤
Easy science (1 month ago)
in my countries, we don't date boys we just directly married them. so we don't have this problem
Door2Dream (1 month ago)
Nope, Japanese people rely too much on their preferences and perfections.
Herp Derp (1 month ago)
How.... when its so small....
jordan joestar (1 month ago)
this is irrelevant but it looks like japan is so advanced in fashion
Evelyn Thao (1 month ago)
im that one girlfriend who is, if you put in effort i will if you dont i dont. its easy as that. dont make it hard
Rita M (2 months ago)
In the US when it’s over its over, move on. -Arizona
MoodyBabbles (2 months ago)
Wanting to talk on the phone alot also happens with guys. My boyfriend is the one who calls me everyday and want to talk the whole night. Yes, it can be annoying to a point but im really thankful that he enjoys talking to me still even after almost 6 years
Jasowanta Oinam (2 months ago)
Girls are mendoksena
ღ 精神悪魔 ღ ゚ (2 months ago)
shamkand (2 months ago)
omg... these things only happen in Japan, where girls think they should not have an opinion....
DESIREE NACARIO (2 months ago)
Guy from 2:01 looks like he wants to cry... if I was the reporter I'd hand him a tissue and will ask.. "Oniichan you ok? " 😂😂
Count Dooku (2 months ago)
That guy at 3:17 has a cool outfit lol.
Vivian Chong (2 months ago)
Oops. Last night, my Japanese boyfriend asked me where would I like to travel in January, and I told him that I wanted him to decide. I should change this trait in me. Thanks for all the tips! 😭
inthesparklingsky (2 months ago)
I agreed with you guys at the beginning, but after all your nonsense complains (except the one who couldn’t sleep at night because his girlfriend wanted to speak with him all night on the phone), I gave it a thought and I came to the conclusion that you guys should just turn gay and date other guys like you if you don’t feel like complying to a girl who just wants to be loved and remembered by a boyfriend who looks like he doesn’t give a damn.
anwion (2 months ago)
Don't like chicks who have insta app and fb lol at the end of the day another gr8 topic!
Part of the revengers (2 months ago)
I once dated a japanese guy. Honestly after watching this video I feel like I had the role of the man lol
Jenna Kwon (2 months ago)
these problems are all the same for guys in different country lmaooo
Seriously Though (2 months ago)
In the US it’s nice if the guy plays the first date, I think girls appreciate that and it helps you get an idea of how adept they are, but after that it’s kind of a dual effort, but not gonna lie, I like guys that are confident about making plans
NoctLightCloud (2 months ago)
Amazing how honest they were. Do you usually struggle finding interviewees? Or are they less hesitating to come because of your cute outfit? :D
Its Mary And You (2 months ago)
If I will have a boyfriend he won't have these problems with me I don't talk to much bruh I don't go for shopping if I will it will it will once a month and I don't even like celebrating my birthday I just like games and anime!
Montserrat Mtz (2 months ago)
This guys are surprisingly stupid and unconsiderated, they want to play "dating" not want a relationship
강혜진 (2 months ago)
I don't get girls who want to celebrate EVERY MONTH of a relationship. I'd be fine with celebrating once or twice a year if I even remember. It's not that I don't care, I just can't keep a track of time. Also if yall wanna go somewhere, just suggest something, why do some girls leave everything to guys to decide?? Relationships are supposed to be fun and comfortable, but this way most guys just feel overwhelmed by having to do everything to please a girl and she's just complaining 😒
So pretty much the same as everywhere else, cool
Comatose Dani (2 months ago)
Dude, I have never ever and never will celebrate each month or half year we’ve been together. Sure for each year I’m definitely “1 year together! We should go out and eat something nice” but presents. Wait AT LEAST 5 years when it (birthday presents is another thing)
Holy Cow (2 months ago)
3:36 the guys in the background lolol
senki senki (2 months ago)
In my life I had 2 boyfriend ;-; The first texted me so much the other was like 4x a week. (I'm rarelly text if he's text I text back ofc.) It's depends on the person. I'm not jelousy person😅 (They are both cheated on me so😅) I like to do a lot of things so I'm not saying everywhere is fine. :D But I think a japanese girl could be like that *-*
Taylor Reis (2 months ago)
5:23 its soo good , cuz they are looking for the girls auhau
Leon Strausz (2 months ago)
Hello from Brazil!
MLK Goodies (2 months ago)
This was an nteresting video covering cultural norms and dating expectations.. Here is a YouTube video called 4 types of Men that shows some perspective. https://youtu.be/jZ6RdEr31yQ
Ziro (2 months ago)
How they getting friend-zoned they all cute asF
FULL METAL AKOZ (2 months ago)
I don't care about our anniversary, just remember my birthday and surprise me with a thoughtful gift. It could even be something handmade just show me you care about me.
SoramimiKeiki (2 months ago)
Exactly! The gift also could be as cheap as fuck, as long as I like it, it is perfectly fine!
Hariette Angcon (2 months ago)
No subtitle?
SoramimiKeiki (2 months ago)
You have to turn them on manualy.
Kinkaku Dzi (2 months ago)
something wrong in this video with colors, all white looks yellow :\ Anyway good video like it.
Poppy So (2 months ago)
I can’t even remember any dates from the past year. So I’d probs forget when this future partner and I got together.
Nilüfer Ackerman (2 months ago)
You all cute Japanese boys can forget those girls and marry me instead. 😂
- Hqzelnut - (2 months ago)
In my country girls are very jealous, too. They want to get texts from their boyfriends everyday because if they don't they think their boyfriend forgot her or something and she'll look for help or starts to annoy him because he doesn't text back. The girl will think that he has another girl straight.
Tihema Stewart (2 months ago)
That guy at the end looked handsome yet girls always friend zone him
ugandria womack (2 months ago)
The only thing I don’t get is the texting topic. I guess I’m just someone who likes communicating throughout the day.
RR Yase (2 months ago)
Guys are the ones who want to talk all night, what
Kookie Vibes (2 months ago)
This is how my ex boyfriend was he was VERY clingy and would ask me what i was doing EVERY second of the day it got really annoying, and when we would plan to go out he would put all the stress on me to find a place, and he also like to celebrate are anniversary EVERY month it got really annoying...and when we would go out most of the time i would be the one paying, he payed maybe for 2 of are dates..
Mr. Mango (2 months ago)
They still sounds better than American women
Y. Jiruga (2 months ago)
Omg poor Japanese boys though. I hope so much that one day, french boys would take example of them... But they're too lazy 😭

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