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JAPANESE GIRLS ARE A PAIN! What Problems Japanese boys have dating girls

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Troubles and issues Japanese boys have when dating girls in Japan. We asked several boys in Japan what makes dating hard in Japan and what problems they have with Japanese girls. ▶SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS!! http://www.youtube.com/c/AskJapanese?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (504)
Count Dooku (7 hours ago)
That guy at 3:17 has a cool outfit lol.
Vivian Chong (12 hours ago)
Oops. Last night, my Japanese boyfriend asked me where would I like to travel in January, and I told him that I wanted him to decide. I should change this trait in me. Thanks for all the tips! 😭
inthesparklingsky (1 day ago)
I agreed with you guys at the beginning, but after all your nonsense complains (except the one who couldn’t sleep at night because his girlfriend wanted to speak with him all night on the phone), I gave it a thought and I came to the conclusion that you guys should just turn gay and date other guys like you if you don’t feel like complying to a girl who just wants to be loved and remembered by a boyfriend who looks like he doesn’t give a damn.
anwion (1 day ago)
Don't like chicks who have insta app and fb lol at the end of the day another gr8 topic!
I once dated a japanese guy. Honestly after watching this video I feel like I had the role of the man lol
Jenna Kwon (1 day ago)
these problems are all the same for guys in different country lmaooo
Seriously Though (2 days ago)
In the US it’s nice if the guy plays the first date, I think girls appreciate that and it helps you get an idea of how adept they are, but after that it’s kind of a dual effort, but not gonna lie, I like guys that are confident about making plans
NoctLightCloud (2 days ago)
Amazing how honest they were. Do you usually struggle finding interviewees? Or are they less hesitating to come because of your cute outfit? :D
Its Mary And You (3 days ago)
If I will have a boyfriend he won't have these problems with me I don't talk to much bruh I don't go for shopping if I will it will it will once a month and I don't even like celebrating my birthday I just like games and anime!
Montserrat Mtz (5 days ago)
This guys are surprisingly stupid and unconsiderated, they want to play "dating" not want a relationship
강혜진 (5 days ago)
I don't get girls who want to celebrate EVERY MONTH of a relationship. I'd be fine with celebrating once or twice a year if I even remember. It's not that I don't care, I just can't keep a track of time. Also if yall wanna go somewhere, just suggest something, why do some girls leave everything to guys to decide?? Relationships are supposed to be fun and comfortable, but this way most guys just feel overwhelmed by having to do everything to please a girl and she's just complaining 😒
So pretty much the same as everywhere else, cool
Comatose Dani (6 days ago)
Dude, I have never ever and never will celebrate each month or half year we’ve been together. Sure for each year I’m definitely “1 year together! We should go out and eat something nice” but presents. Wait AT LEAST 5 years when it (birthday presents is another thing)
Happy Holiday (6 days ago)
3:36 the guys in the background lolol
senki senki (7 days ago)
In my life I had 2 boyfriend ;-; The first texted me so much the other was like 4x a week. (I'm rarelly text if he's text I text back ofc.) It's depends on the person. I'm not jelousy person😅 (They are both cheated on me so😅) I like to do a lot of things so I'm not saying everywhere is fine. :D But I think a japanese girl could be like that *-*
Taylor Reis (7 days ago)
5:23 its soo good , cuz they are looking for the girls auhau
Leon Strausz (8 days ago)
Hello from Brazil!
Cats Show (9 days ago)
This was an nteresting video covering cultural norms and dating expectations.. Here is a YouTube video called 4 types of Men that shows some perspective. https://youtu.be/jZ6RdEr31yQ
Ziro (10 days ago)
How they getting friend-zoned they all cute asF
null (10 days ago)
I don't care about our anniversary, just remember my birthday and surprise me with a thoughtful gift. It could even be something handmade just show me you care about me.
Hariette Angcon (11 days ago)
No subtitle?
Kinkaku Dzi (12 days ago)
something wrong in this video with colors, all white looks yellow :\ Anyway good video like it.
Poppy So (12 days ago)
I can’t even remember any dates from the past year. So I’d probs forget when this future partner and I got together.
Nilüfer Ackerman (12 days ago)
You all cute Japanese boys can forget those girls and marry me instead. 😂
모 모 (12 days ago)
In my country girls are very jealous, too. They want to get texts from their boyfriends everyday because if they don't they think their boyfriend forgot her or something and she'll look for help or starts to annoy him because he doesn't text back. The girl will think that he has another girl straight.
Tihema Stewart (14 days ago)
That guy at the end looked handsome yet girls always friend zone him
ugandria womack (14 days ago)
The only thing I don’t get is the texting topic. I guess I’m just someone who likes communicating throughout the day.
RR Yase (14 days ago)
Guys are the ones who want to talk all night, what
Kookie Vibes (14 days ago)
This is how my ex boyfriend was he was VERY clingy and would ask me what i was doing EVERY second of the day it got really annoying, and when we would plan to go out he would put all the stress on me to find a place, and he also like to celebrate are anniversary EVERY month it got really annoying...and when we would go out most of the time i would be the one paying, he payed maybe for 2 of are dates..
Mr. Mango (15 days ago)
They still sounds better than American women
Y. Jiruga (15 days ago)
Omg poor Japanese boys though. I hope so much that one day, french boys would take example of them... But they're too lazy 😭
Skye maree (16 days ago)
Dude, exo in the Ad omfggg🤣
Henri Kivila (16 days ago)
Whining so much...just fuck those cute japanese girls
soydabomb (17 days ago)
I have a friend who thinks a one month anniversary is important, and me, being the most unaware person when it comes to relationships, was like, "what the heck?!!"
Holly Dunbar (18 days ago)
This looks really interesting I would have loved to watch this whole video BUT there's no english sub. titles.😞😞😞😞
Brandes Jamielle (18 days ago)
English Subtitles please
Kyatsurah (18 days ago)
I see their point, that is why I wouldn't want to date a Japanese guy. It might be because of cultural differences or our personalities might be different, but to me it does not make sense to date someone you don't feel excited to talk with. If you are at the beginning of a relationship and you already feel that talking once a day just to say hi or when something urgent comes up, what will your relationship be like if you decide to move to the next step and start living together? My parents might not have the best relationship in the world, but something that I love about them and our family's dynamics is that at meal times we don't watch TV, we talk to each others, share how our day was or something that we might be concerned about, and even after almost 40 years of marriage my parents still find a a lot of topics to talk about with each other. Guess for some people is not like that at all, it is better to know before investing time, energy and feelings in a relationship that is meant to fail.
I Call You Moonchild (18 days ago)
I'm a female myself, but I can't help but agree with the boys. It's kinda annoying that females around me always talking about how their boyfriends didn't care enough for their monthly anniversary, blah, blah, blah. I mean, it doesn't really important, right.? As long as you're together... That's why I never have many girl friends even back in my school days. They cared more about their romance life, while I never really interested in romantic relationship and rather be in a friendship.
Laura Flores (18 days ago)
4:26 seems like I'm his soul mate 😂😂😂
I’d like a guy who doesn’t want to meet up everyday or text and talk all day or night...it gets boring people...
Yanela Fabra (22 days ago)
OMG... japanese women are a pain in the ass!!! Relax a little!!
Rebelle Athena (24 days ago)
I used to live and work in Singapore and there was a girl that i used to work with actually celebrate Monthly anniversary😩.I dont even remember the date i met my husband 5years ago😂..Its good enough we remember our birthdays,our son birth date and our wedding day
lemonade ღ (25 days ago)
damn.. she asked if he ever gets friendzoned but i bet hes the one friendzoning them 😶
Heradeus Nephilim (26 days ago)
These girl either already an ex Mystic Messenger player or NEED TO START PLAYING MYSTIC MESSENGER 😂😂😂
Diana F (26 days ago)
Not trying to be rude at all. But judging from the video aswell as other videos, japanese guys tend to have less nice teeth. Is braces not common in Japan?
R Quinn (26 days ago)
Every month?!? In England we only have yearly anniversaries, I thought that was world wide x'D Monthly is what you do in school when you're a child! Hahaha
My ex bf doesn't want me to hangout and even told me that he doesn't like me chat with my old classmate at all while he can hang out, chat and everything with his gal friends 😪 One day my guy friend that is my old classmate passed away and I told him that I am soo sad because I'm close with my late friend at school theb suddenly he passed away. You guys wanna know what he said/reply? He said "don't be sad and cry to a person who is not important in your life". A few month after that I asked for a broke up because I knew he cheated on me many times behind my back. That's why I made up my mind to stay single till I die, I'm soo tired of men like this species.
Rocio Suarez Galan (1 month ago)
Well, they hate everything that means having a relationship, they need to be honest and say that they only want to fuck girls and not date.
じゆう (1 month ago)
I honestly am not too fond of texting or calling no matter what time, be it night or day nor do i like going out. lol i must be weird.
irine onyet (1 month ago)
I think it depends on the girls, not only japanese
Deegii Sun (1 month ago)
All the boys are so stylish there
TheMagickmale Seducer (1 month ago)
These Guys need IMMEDIATELY an Self-Improvment on being a Man and what to do to become One.They claim and complain too much and what they claim auf complain about should be indeed the issue of the Women and Not Boys...they talk too softly and are soft as fuck...i mean i understand them and i know how women can make Man s life to hell 😆 but being a Man handles every Problem you have with Girls and your Girl.
* uwu * (1 month ago)
The guy in the background (to the right) at 7:00 is really cute........
Justin S. (1 month ago)
Don't worry Japanese fella's that having to decide where to go eat and stuff happen's here in the USA also..I think it's a universal trait that's hard wired into all women for some reason..
Joyce Djikeng (1 month ago)
Its quite sad actually
poco poco (1 month ago)
Nothing like what we have read in manga.
gaiden danmachi (1 month ago)
Date me I might get jealous but I won't tell u And I might get mad but I won't tell u either unless u are understanding xd
gaiden danmachi (1 month ago)
The first three guys all of them had ex gf and all of them had problems with the ex gf Wat a coincidence
gaiden danmachi (1 month ago)
Lol seriously why wear weird clothes just cuz u are in Japan
Rezzmari (1 month ago)
The guy in the purple shirt is super cute! x_x
Lee HaeSo (1 month ago)
6:59 did u see?
Da Daniel (1 month ago)
The guy in purple t-shirt is so cute 💖 my heart 💞💞
hachidori 106 (1 month ago)
Now I'm married to Japanese,... it's really good but I understand, I've heard it can take a lot to make them angry but if that happens it will get really scary and bad,... so, I'm kind of afraid of my wife.
hachidori 106 (11 days ago)
+jy jy it's not that the opposition is suppressed in Japan,... it's just that most people have given up caring. After the 3-11 earthquake/tsunami it was clear to everyone how inept the LDP is. At this point it is still LDP and all these little disorganized splinter parties.
jy jy (11 days ago)
yup. thats asians in a nutshell. it even works with their politics. they put up with a lot of shit from their govts but if their govt pushes them too far, all hell will break lose and the country will be in civil war for decades on end. for china anyway., thats why their govts are terrified of their people and keep suppressing any form of opposition even in japan and korea
Alex Gia (1 month ago)
half-year....versary?? who the hell celebrates that? crazy stuff.
мιlк (1 month ago)
Guy:where do u wanna go? Me:the graveyard Guy:...... Me: (^ω^) Guy: (⊙_⊙) Now you know why I don't choose places for dates 😂 (im not Japanese)
Anonymous (1 month ago)
Those guys are hella simple
Rockvettel (1 month ago)
I came from Japanese style hip hop beats to this .... shoot
Khun Zhu Yui (1 month ago)
Nah I think my boyfriend is more like my girlfriend LoL I just realizes it !! But we both didn't plan anything .. we just go with the flow if go to date hehe
ShAdOwMaN (1 month ago)
I like American girls.
exon excel (1 month ago)
Expectation is scary.
Gsizzle Fo Shizzle (1 month ago)
Ive heard western men say they onky date asian girl or they're bat s**+ crazy. You should make a video on this.
_merpitscassandra_ (1 month ago)
Emmanè.styles (1 month ago)
I agree with all that except the texting part. I find it normal to regularly text your partner on the daily. Don't get mad when he doesn't reply right away sure but what's the point of a relationship if you don't talk often
jy jy (11 days ago)
because you can care about each other (especially when you need help the most) without having to be glued to the hip all the time? i like have connections that i care about but i also like to have my own time too.
A.R.M.Y BTS (1 month ago)
We need arabic Sub🌚
Okay but was the outfit necessary? Lmao
fandom stuff (1 month ago)
lucas plick (1 month ago)
hana Gold (1 month ago)
What are they saying
zach suedmeyer (1 month ago)
TBH I would like 90% of what they said. There were some bad things and there needs to be more balance (such as late night talking or date planning, I would not be willing to talk past midnight and I would be glad to plan as long as she clearly explains her interests.) Other than that it is mostly fine, I would love to talk to her for hours, honestly why be in a relationship if you do not plan to spend at least 1/3 of your time with them? Now, more than that would be for later in the relationship but at starters that is reasonable to me... Maybe I do not have enough to do in my free time lol.
zach suedmeyer (1 month ago)
Just to clarify, talking all night is fine, just not past midnight, me planning is fine, just tell me what you like or want to try eventually... Oh and when you get jealous then you can't blame me if I suddenly hold your hand ;)
patrick john esplana (1 month ago)
Same here in Philippines you ask her where she wanna go or eat and she say anything/anywhere but if you suggest they say No to your suggestion haha even video games they get jealous
Argj .Hfmk (1 month ago)
I never heard "mendokusai" being used so much outside a Naruto/Boruto episode that features Shikamaru or Shikadai 😂😂😂
Jorden Keller (1 month ago)
Those japanese boys can thank Disney for the high expectations
Strawbérry Milk (1 month ago)
if a girl feels the need to celebrate monthly anniversaries, then they are ONLY dating to celebrate mundane events and not dating the person for the people that they are. They are dating just to look forward to an anniversary of some kind. The anniversary loses it's meaning and the boy feels used.. Not to mention she never really cared about HIM enough to just enjoy his company as himself
ugandria womack (14 days ago)
I disagree with your statement, but I see where you’re coming from
Rezzmari (1 month ago)
I agree. I only celebrate 1 year anniversaries and that's it. Anything under that and I'm like huh??????? I don't get it.
scully392z (1 month ago)
No translation
nyankoi (1 month ago)
I think it's the same in every country.
Rennnewz (1 month ago)
The first dude’s next to the leopard print guy laugh sound a lot like todoroki/Eren Va laugh
yesica lopez (1 month ago)
Dont be sad boys, 30% of womans around the world we are normal ! Just dont giving up! 😂
A k (1 month ago)
I feel sorry for the boys, coz Japanese girls literally are obsessed with white men and they want to look alike western women. Japan/ Korea/ China are in danger of mix race and inferiority complex. The young generation basically hate them self.
Tenebris Lunam (1 month ago)
6:45 he is cute and has a deep voice ♥
It's Damien (1 month ago)
Only just stumbling onto these videos so er... late reply? But yeah my issue with dating girls in England, is that I'm just not interested in English girls... Too many of them are superficial and honestly I just don't have much in common with the average British girl. My last two relationships have been with a Hungarian girl, and an Austrian girl, and it's so much more exciting because of the culture differences, and being able to explore each others differences in upbringing, food, and being able to show one another landmarks and such of each others countries is just a lot of fun.
Pain is, when she's hot and cold!! When she acts like she doesn't give a corn about you, but then gets upset because you gave her space to mind your own stuff and then she comes and gets upset because she thinks you don't care and are dull... That's a pain!!! As for all night chat: "Mmmm baby, wanna talk all night long? Mmm ok, let's meet up, I know something more fun we could do until sunrise." hahahaha
Mirage (2 months ago)
Sounds like the girls are pretty shallow... Also, the whole Yamato Nadeshiko is cute but gets old real fast. I prefer assertive women.
black_ _rose (2 months ago)
5:06 *wth he's so freaking cute no wonder his ex wouldn't let him sleep.* Edit: *I actually wanna date him but he's too old.*
Deficious (2 months ago)
I feel so sorry for these boys.. they have to go through so much just to keep her happy... I feel for them :O Also, they are expected to celebrate all of their anniversaries? I really couldn't and I wouldn't want to celebrate every anniversary with my future partner... Only the big ones, the ones which are very meaningful.
Riza Shahril Abdul Razak (2 months ago)
all those behavior are typical for other countries too, mostly the issues are because they're immature. Once they matured a bit those type of behavior will be reduced.
ashley ortega (2 months ago)
My boyfriends was that that i broke with him cause he was so needy he wanted me to text him all the time. Also i never remembered any of our anniversary things. I like being single as a pringle for now
StARin naa (2 months ago)
6:59 ✌✌✌
Mizu _03 (2 months ago)
6:03 that boy on the left is a snack 😍😏
Kayla Whitaker (2 months ago)
Date an American 😂
Andrea Jones (2 months ago)
Sometimes I send text when I know it will make that person laugh🤳🤠 When I ask someone to hang out I usually already have something in mind. Sometimes I ask what they want to do so that I'm not dominating all the activity. I like to see what makes other people smile, it's not all about me😉 I noticed they talked about jealous girls. That's common anywhere, but the way they explained it, cringe worthy. I expect that a guy has a mixture of friends male and female before I meet them💃🕺 I wouldn't ask anyone to drop everything for me. I don't think that I could openly make someone I like that unhappy. The constant talking on the phone. I could imagine that messing with school or work 🤓 I'd expect that a person has goals way before I came into the picture. Talking about them can be done in person. Phone conversation can be so impersonal I like to see someones face when I'm talking. Jealousy, friend zone, the private investigator type, expecting you to do everything exists everywhere. That's why you have to be selective. Rushing torwards the first pretty face you see can land you with a psychopath 😂

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