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World's CRAZIEST $60 Drink

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Worlds craziest drink for $60 | SUB: http://bit.ly/Sub2FuriousPete ➢Necklaces/Apparel: http://furiousapparel.com | ➢Supps: http://ffsupps.com ➢Dropping Weights On Cars From 100ft: https://youtu.be/kilsX6BK_9s This drink was crazy! It had burgers, hot dogs, wings, brownies, pulled pork, onion rings, macaroni & cheese and an ENTIRE chicken! High On Life: https://youtube.com/user/sundayfundayz FOLLOW MY STUFF: ➢Facebook: http://facebook.com/furiouspete123 ➢Instagram: http://instagram.com/furiouspete ➢Twitter: http://twitter.com/furiouspete MY ALL TIME FAVORITE VIDEOS: ➢700lb Deadlift Achieved: https://youtu.be/ntXfRBjl_nM ➢Biggest & Best Eats In America: https://youtu.be/diDgHD-MEOU ➢Domino's Pizza in 1 Minute Challenge: https://youtu.be/espxql640l0 ➢Is It Possible To Pull A Tank?: https://youtu.be/L8ivP0WFp-Q ➢World's HEAVIEST Dumbbell: https://youtu.be/sgo7drUPcW4 ➢Top 5 Unusual Fast Foods: https://youtu.be/6UhyqQOJAZw ➢5kg Nutella Q and A: https://youtu.be/e4CMm_Mmv0U ➢Top 10 Burger Challenges: https://youtu.be/BqRrZUhr00g ======================================= APPAREL & LIFTING GEAR: ➢Apparel: http://FuriousApparel.com ➢Lifting Gear: http://bit.ly/LiftingGear ➢Weight Plate Necklaces: http://bit.ly/TCNecklaces SUPPS & WORKOUT PROGRAMS: ➢Supplements (Goku Gains Pre): http://FuriousFormulations.com ➢Workout Programs: http://coaching.furiouspete.com ➢International Customer? Get Goku Gains here: http://bit.ly/GokuInternational ======================================= Check Out My Other Channels: ➢Furious Pete Vlogs: https://youtube.com/user/FuriousTalks ➢Furious Pete Gameplay: https://youtube.com/user/FuriousGamePlay ======================================= [MY FILMING EQUIPMENT: CAMERAs, MICs etc]: http://bit.ly/WhatIShootWith ======================================= Watch More Furious Pete: ➢Furious World Tour: http://bit.ly/FuriousWorldTour ➢Food Challenges: http://bit.ly/AllFoodChallenges ➢Collabs with YouTubers: http://bit.ly/CollabsWithYoutubers ➢Hacks & Pranks: http://bit.ly/HacksPranks ➢Popular Videos: http://bit.ly/FuriousPetePopularVids ➢Latest Videos: http://bit.ly/FuriousPeteLatestVids ======================================= Help translate my videos: http://youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCspJ-h5Mw9_zeEhJDzMpkkA ======================================= Fan Mail/Packages: Furious Pete 1801 Lakeshore Rd W Unit 6 PO Box 52559 Turtle Creek Mississauga, ON, L5J 4S6 Canada Business Inquires: [email protected]
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Text Comments (456)
gloat (11 days ago)
that is a cornish hen
Jason Voorhessgamingx (14 days ago)
Marius (15 days ago)
Imagine Gordon Ramsay ordered this Drink... I'd be terrified as fuck if i had to serve this shit to him
Bronze Okapi (18 days ago)
What restaurant was this?
Birds Aren’t Real (25 days ago)
Danget now I’m hungry
30,000 prayers for Alexy and Megan 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jordan trapper (1 month ago)
sobelmans In Milwaukee Wisconsin!!! If you want an awesome crazy bloody you HAVE to go there!!!
Cole McPherson (1 month ago)
Score on Davie Vancouver!!! Fucking Love this place!! Great food!
A Crippled Nerd (1 month ago)
"He's everything i dream to be"
Isak Lindgren_ (1 month ago)
What did the drink taste?
William Gates (1 month ago)
Dude you handle that like a boss Keep On Truckin dude I'm glad you beat that shit
Nabil Sheta (1 month ago)
m1t2a1 (1 month ago)
1858 in Collingwood has some pretty good Caesars.
Matthieu Vonlanthen (1 month ago)
Gordon Ramsay needs to see this
Retope (1 month ago)
wtf is this shit
Nguyen Nhat (1 month ago)
èvfiovg 222 juiyo wuogh
Nguyen Nhat (1 month ago)
fghu jubhyi ikimo plkp2202
Wyatt Hatcher (1 month ago)
Pete's Logic: Chicken= Vegetables
x Berreys (1 month ago)
Pardon (1 month ago)
he said that brown meat
jelly ace (1 month ago)
Furious pete please visit us in the philippines more delicious food....
Simon St (1 month ago)
why the fuck would somebody serve this all on a drink?
Abin Biju (1 month ago)
pete try indian dishes
Jay Jorgensen (1 month ago)
I once heard my roommates say, "Ah.. man I'm stuffed." On one sandwich. While I sat across from them with a 5 lbs bowl of Pho Soup.
Gilbert Villanueva (1 month ago)
When you run out of plates and try to get something popular. This is not a “crazy drink”😂😂😂👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Jako mynott (1 month ago)
looks gross
RAZ0RGAM1NG (1 month ago)
Are people actually retarded in the comment section who are saying “oh its just a burger on top of a drink” DO YOU NOT FUCKING SEE ALL THE OTHER SHIT THAT COMES WITH IT?! WTF!?
FNX_SYNC (1 month ago)
"We ordered a large", no one laughed.
Julian (1 month ago)
Who are the other two hot chicken?
Tyrone Jones (1 month ago)
Pete's got the Bradley Martin hat thing going now. Probably showers with a baseball cap on.
Trench 444 (1 month ago)
Atleast no caviar and gold
DOMINATOR (1 month ago)
that mac meal looks fantastic, fucking yummy man
tu (1 month ago)
wolcome to peru
Lao Tseu (1 month ago)
furious pete youre such an idiot, all you can say when you eat or drink sthg is "hmm that's pretty good"!! and we don't even know what that drink is about. This video is BS
beebee lay (1 month ago)
5 more😹😹😹
Miss Blue (1 month ago)
I just might eat all of that.... just to get to the Caesar!! 😍😍😍😍🤓👍🎉
Michal Neznik (1 month ago)
1:17 I almost fell
Dugland Jean Michel (1 month ago)
Dimsum8822 (1 month ago)
Oh nice my hometown Vancouver, the score restaurant?
Adrian V (1 month ago)
Someone please tell me where I can get this!!!
Memphis Neely (1 month ago)
Where was this at
Zarg83 (1 month ago)
Only an idiot could create such a disgusting thing. Everything without any logic, basically the "chef" thought "ok, what we have in the fridge? cook everything and assemble everything without logic, sauces here and there, and why not, put everything over a drink. Who cares, I'm tired enough, we'll find idiots paying for this, like always. Their health is already messed up, it will not change. We are the most obese country in the world, do you remember?"
ralph aboyo (1 month ago)
That’s nasty they didn’t even use gloves
Wienedig (1 month ago)
Check out my latest Motivational Movie! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW_yCmWIqDA
siwex89 (1 month ago)
właśnie skończyłem jeść obiad ale jak zobaczyłem tego drinka to znowu jestem głodny
lupe Lopez (1 month ago)
Disclaimer, just because you work out doesn’t mean you can eat all this junk food. It’s like saying just because your skinny although you eat a lot of food it means your healthy. Nope, your body is suffering internally, no exercise can fix a fatty liver 😅
FienX (1 month ago)
What a fucking monster
GearHead806 (1 month ago)
I wonder if Pete would eat a big tube of toothpaste
DCOY (1 month ago)
Pete have you done the poutine challenge at Poutinville in Montréal, Québec? Please try this challenge!!!
David Hogue (1 month ago)
You probably never come to Perry county
King Isaiah Whitaker (1 month ago)
Aye love the video fam amazing 💪🍺
Quinton Allen (1 month ago)
i don't know if you have already. but i would love to see you do the mugshot challenge burger.
DAbeast Wong (1 month ago)
Waste of money how is it going to make u not therety
Uncle Ruckus (1 month ago)
This man gonna die too young
Alexander Gonzalez (1 month ago)
i caant stand it when people dont wear gloves when handling food.
Ryan Merino (1 month ago)
That’s not a drink but still looks awesome
Pancake Lizard (1 month ago)
Killa design!
SPDVR TV (1 month ago)
Brother have u ever come to Kerala
Anthony Ashley Cooper (1 month ago)
wtf u scared the shit outta me on dat flip animation tho!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sound Evolution (1 month ago)
Salma Elbadera (1 month ago)
Salma Elbadera (1 month ago)
Syed Merajul Islam (1 month ago)
Syed Merajul Islam (1 month ago)
nikolas simeonov (1 month ago)
This is the best dring ever
Brent Thomas (1 month ago)
this must be the lowest I've seen Pete eat... but was still fast!!
Joyo Khan (1 month ago)
1:17 -_- i thought she dropped :(
striplow3011 (1 month ago)
Awesome mate ✌ Andy from Morecambe ,England 👌
Baki Hanma (1 month ago)
Why aren't you obese ???
Christina Johnson (1 month ago)
What isn't in there vegetables lol😂😂😂 he right tho love your videos.❤❤❤
l am from lraq for the first time
LcT317 (1 month ago)
When he dipped that drumstick into the drink, I already laughed my ass off AHAHAHAHAA! That was fking hilarious!
ez Geraldo (1 month ago)
OOHHHH YYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4:29 “mmm this is really good too!” *HOW CAN YOU TELL? All that other shit in your mouth.*
*i thought that hotdog was meatball sub with those toppings would be sick.. but now that I see the dog it shouldn’t be bad.*
Cody Stephens (1 month ago)
copyright infringement for the intro copying ali a? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 much love pete ❤
AcidTrain (1 month ago)
Perfect Brownie placement LoL!!
vince rosales (1 month ago)
Mr.niceguy 360 (1 month ago)
Sorry for your loss Bud
Mr.niceguy 360 (1 month ago)
Where is this
Christian Gamer (1 month ago)
Sorry I mean 1000 chicken nuggets in 10 min
Christian Gamer (1 month ago)
I have a challenge for u pete. U need to eat 100 chicken nuggets in 10 minutes. It can be from any fast food place. Are u up for the challenge?
Phillip White (1 month ago)
where's the place at??
Alex (1 month ago)
He eats like a savage even when hes out with friends lol
I QUIT (1 month ago)
1:17 I thought she fell
ROLA37 (1 month ago)
Furious pete I'm pretty close to you in the no hand hot dog challenge...let's see our best times ...make a new video 😂https://youtu.be/CWfdDghRi3s
raynutty82 (1 month ago)
Airsoft fatty is gonna say you copied him again! Lmao
Erica Jayde (1 month ago)
More fitness!!!
Rolando Motta (1 month ago)
Use gloves and face mask when handlin my foood
windowlicker1 (1 month ago)
if that doesn't cure your hangover you're out of luck.
4:12 'n your real God is?! Jesus Christ is mine 'n He really I mean seriously wants to save u too. Actually He loves u so much amen. God Bless/Bog Blagaslazwienstwo:D P.s. John 14:6 cause He's the one 'n only one way ticket to heaven. Please 'n peace. Maranatha!
David (1 month ago)
That is what we call eating with class.!!
Allan Foster (1 month ago)
Love it
J Krunch (1 month ago)
...I would just pay $60 for all that food, screw the drink
Pamela Schramke (1 month ago)
Not what I was expecting! LOL That's quite the drink!
icemanrob09 (1 month ago)
Now this was an amazing video
ADuckPc (1 month ago)
If thats a drink I think I've been drinking alien pee.
Stor Svaber (1 month ago)
This is not even an eating competition, and you eating is disgusting to watch
Danielle (1 month ago)
Wow what a crazy drink lol. Just came from PeeWeeToms after someone recommended you Not sure why they call you Furious Pete lol cause you don't seem furious. Looking forward to seeing more videos.
Wolf Sinon (1 month ago)
Fast and furious

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