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Redmercy vs Yassuo / Moe For $300 WHO WINS?? "Like" if you want more! →My NEW T-Shirts & Merch Store: http://bit.ly/2nJDZdO →MY OLD ONE-TRICK: https://bit.ly/2uA3G4h →My Stream: http://twitch.tv/redmercylol →Subscribe For More!: http://full.sc/1gukNqq →My OVERWATCH Channel: http://bit.ly/1EAvIuW Follow me here! →My Stream: http://twitch.tv/redmercylol →My Twitter: http://twitter.com/RedmercyLoL →Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedmercyLoL →My Instagram: http://instagram.com/redmercylol →My 2nd YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/redmercygaming Redmercy Merchandising Now Available! →Redmercy Store: http://tinyurl.com/qb3zjdc Hope you enjoy and please sub rate and comment!!! :) YASSUO VS REDMERCY $300 1v1 REMATCH SHOWDOWN!! League of Legends
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Text Comments (815)
André Raimundo (1 month ago)
Asaki will win
Bozidar Z (4 months ago)
I can't belive that Yassuo is good with other champions that aren't Yasuo (exept Varus) and kills Redmercy too :|
martonko 123 (6 months ago)
moe is lucker
Charlie Baer (7 months ago)
Yassuo obviously is gonna win, ur fucking hard stuck diamond and he’s challenger.
Samuel Elohymn (8 months ago)
Kled game had FF9 theme in the background?
Lui Pukeiti (8 months ago)
Eb Beats (8 months ago)
yasuo will win (perdiction)
Busty Amvs (10 months ago)
Johannes Lähteenmäki (11 months ago)
imo red actually played better except the yasuo game.
taha ismail (11 months ago)
Who saw what he did at 4:46? :D sorry red I had to lmao
montage lol (1 year ago)
انت بوستد فشخ
Ben R (1 year ago)
eat dick
totallycalm (1 year ago)
That minion was veigar
Stfn Jcb (1 year ago)
Randy salgado (1 year ago)
Please play mundo vs mundo 1v1 hahaha thank you redmercy :D
PAOK BG (1 year ago)
AAnimations _X_ (1 year ago)
Dang red got sweeped
Some Drunk Junkie (1 year ago)
06:35 thank me later :)
diamondmercy back.
Alex Florea (1 year ago)
Yassuo is gonna win
Dnb BIgFAn (1 year ago)
Christopher Alexis (1 year ago)
Redmercy more like Deadmercy
Shiro Sora (1 year ago)
Red try to 1 v 1 Trick2G ~
DarkCiph3r (1 year ago)
I saw that cut at 4:48 red 😂😂
Engji (1 year ago)
I know moe will win
Iwo Ruuzz (1 year ago)
those plays were so rusty
SkageBXD (1 year ago)
Redmercy wins
Get eKsited (1 year ago)
12:04 life of a kid yasuo who trolls you in ranked
LegendaryGamer 2004 (1 year ago)
Soldier DK (1 year ago)
Jhez Ther (1 year ago)
Jhez Ther (1 year ago)
1v1 me
羅子瑋 (1 year ago)
1v1 BunnyFuFuu
Jason Ricohermoso (1 year ago)
Most of redmercy deaths from a tower shot moe is fucking tower hugger
lucas hop826 (1 year ago)
ive got red
Nathaniel Yambao (1 year ago)
Richboy Red Mercy is just lucky to have those wins
Kev Matt (1 year ago)
yass will win b4 hand
Yassuo suck #richboi
Alex Chi (1 year ago)
Richboi redmercy handing out that free paper again
Kiffy MD (1 year ago)
learn how to fucking speak properly
Sir Levan (1 year ago)
PsyKo7ik (1 year ago)
Btw the auto attack of velkoz are not slow
yassuo wins
leon taylor (1 year ago)
1:53 pause it and look at that hit box
relja Markovic (1 year ago)
Teo Adrian (1 year ago)
Is obvious that red is going to win cuz moe is good only with yasuo
AZDA (1 year ago)
kung-fu tucznik (1 year ago)
Redmercy curses!!!!!!
caps boy (1 year ago)
Red for the win
K.O.L.G (1 year ago)
yassuo win
COMI VOCÊ (1 year ago)
*GRUPO NO WHATSAPP DE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ✍️ 🔝 (**https://chat.whatsapp.com/C0K0w3wRLBHHmiWxuzUp9y)*
Brzi SRB (1 year ago)
NOOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam B (1 year ago)
cuts video at 4:45 so you don't see him miss cannon
KenDrei (1 year ago)
Bro auto 3x and use varus first skill
Nivlac Etnomas (1 year ago)
Khurt Scavenger (1 year ago)
Redmercy? Your too weak men😏😏
Samuel Lingstrom (1 year ago)
Young Huynh (1 year ago)
Why are you facing a homeless man
Ice Scr3am (1 year ago)
yassuo ?
Blue Haired Otaku (1 year ago)
sorry but money can't change the way you play Redmercy
Narodna Muzika - Mix (1 year ago)
Alexis Mandelias (1 year ago)
You let him kill you on the ezreal one. And the vel one you flashed late on purpose
Aaron David (1 year ago)
Yikes Red getting worst.
Aaron David (1 year ago)
Wow that Ez one is just bronze for Red.
Bae Seong (1 year ago)
Hey guys what is up to my new league of legends video .. Everytime he make a video and he always say that it's kinda funny i guess😂
PIN ARTsz (1 year ago)
BomberBlu (1 year ago)
6:34 NANI!?!
adam riabi (1 year ago)
Rm is better moe just lucker
Wrath of Love (1 year ago)
the problem is ur always tanking the turrets LOL
Matthew Funa (1 year ago)
You going to win the match
ItzRenan #RN1K (1 year ago)
Im a simple man, I see Gohan I hit like.
Filip Plesac (1 year ago)
Kasper Ena (1 year ago)
you can ignite while ulting but he wasn't in ignite range so he stepped forward
Shana Rias (1 year ago)
btw redmercy.,yassuo he just fuck
troļiks lv (1 year ago)
Hahahh that was funny
Filda Vole (1 year ago)
Moe will win - Prediction
sami jan (1 year ago)
moe yassuo
Adelaida Viado (1 year ago)
I was really hoping you but I predicted it first and you lose honest hope to die 😶
Dbox Gon (1 year ago)
Redemercy you always fighting 1vs1 but you always lose I had one question why you doing that to prove your self what the hell
Yee man fu (1 year ago)
you know why you lost? cause you're garbage
Medo Hisham (1 year ago)
Redmercy will win
Daniel Schmid (1 year ago)
Daniel Schmid (1 year ago)
I was right
zack adam (1 year ago)
Redmercy u the best.......but yassuo suck as hell
Pham Nha (1 year ago)
0:21 you loss
Well played both of you
once of twice (1 year ago)
Respect for redmercy for being chill .. real sportmanship
RopiMaester _ (1 year ago)
yo pls whats that song at the end of the video?
Swag Lord (1 year ago)
Have a nice day (1 year ago)
Stelios 987 (1 year ago)
and ofc i was correct nice job yassuo
Stelios 987 (1 year ago)
Крис Киров (1 year ago)
JSK Ride (1 year ago)
Guillermo Sarapura (1 year ago)
Beast (1 year ago)
I think redmercy gonna win
Sebanicus (1 year ago)
Dimoudis (1 year ago)
Best 1v1 6:10
Kenny Cage (1 year ago)
PoorSuo will win
HeroesOfBalkan (1 year ago)
Flash to die!

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