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Top 10 Most Inappropriate Anime for Kids

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This video is PG-13! NOT meant for kids. Also It's just milk on her face don't worry, it makes sense in the clip... Well as much sense as it can make. Also keep in mind it has some pretty strong language because i'm immature and that's the kind of stuff i find funny. So i was compel into making this list after rewatching my previous Top 10 Children anime. Telling people, this is good and then never realizing where i should draw the line. Hopefully this video can fulfill that purposes. But beforehand, it's simply done in hopes of entertaining you all and making you chuckle. Buy my Novel ► http://www.blurb.com/b/6446143-chronexia-and-the-eight-seals Twitter ► https://twitter.com/chronexia My Website ► http://mistychronexia.com Merchandise ► http://kottonzoo.com/mistychronexia/ Watch Anime ► http://www.crunchyroll.com/misty 1Up Box! ► http://bit.ly/1uZQOOW Anime Pictures ► http://www.konachan.net The thumbnail is from rank #9 Ro-kyu-bu special episode OVA. The girl got splashed in the face with milk, nothing weird as long as your mind's not in the gutter right? For those still wondering about my accent : i'm French Canadian :) my english is not perfect but it has to do. ^^ Spoilers will be deleted on sight for obvious reasons. ------------------------------­­­-------­-------------------- Song is ►Nano - Calc. You can listen to the full song by following this link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftbBfWAYbdo ------------------------------­­--------­---------
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Text Comments (11569)
Waifu Lord (6 hours ago)
I disagree with option 8
Anime Kitty Girl (6 hours ago)
They should ban the inappropriate scenes in anime
Howling Claw (2 days ago)
Riko Saikawa (5 days ago)
This is wicked.
So literally every yaoi anime ever
Kaneki Ken (8 days ago)
*Did you just changed the thumbnail?*
Drogo Rage (9 days ago)
World War Z Game Topic (11 days ago)
High school dxd?
BacknBits2828 (11 days ago)
For God I sinned..
NeroTheNeko 96 (11 days ago)
Im 12..and i see this..
Roses are red Violets aren't blue I swear I don't watch hentai Wait... do you?
profetional veiwer (12 days ago)
Shinchan is the only anime in india, for kids Which is been from years Along with doraemon
King Thao (13 days ago)
Big teas i like it
Magical Girl Weeb (15 days ago)
Puella magi madoka magica is rated 12+ in my country
Correction: it’s Hentai
Reese Howard (17 days ago)
Look up Higurashi When They Cry not HIGURASHI NO NAKU KORO N1 Higurashi When They Cry is a Lot battle
YE (17 days ago)
Anime that is not for children is ecchi or hentai
Marichu De Guzman (18 days ago)
Sanic random (18 days ago)
So watching this is the equivalent to watching south park if so I don't know what to say.
תומר שמש (19 days ago)
6:02 What was the name of the anime again??
Carl Freericks (20 days ago)
I deeply regret watching this video
starburst. (21 days ago)
A kid has joined the chat
Kačka Mur (21 days ago)
Christopher Cruz Jr (22 days ago)
Digital Glaceon (22 days ago)
I was looking for appropriate anime...
Redbock 99 (22 days ago)
My man just put on madok a magica I recognised the name cheçked the name on this vid and ye can wait till the twist and the shock hits my mam
purple lemon juice (23 days ago)
I read the manga of gakkou gurashi at a pretty small age and almost cried..yes im weak to emotinal stuff (ㅇㅅㅇ)
Justin R. (24 days ago)
Children isnt even suppose to watch anime -_-
sasuke gaming (24 days ago)
DXD should be on there
Hyper Pluto (28 days ago)
Misty: -don't call the cops literally everyone: then we'll call the FBI!! (jokingly)
TheReal Deal (29 days ago)
What about High School DxD
Ayano Aishi (1 month ago)
I’m um I’m 15 sooooo yeah
Butta Twins (1 month ago)
Butta Twins (1 month ago)
pny swan (1 month ago)
I'm 17.9 years old
Puppy Mansue (1 month ago)
Alright, so I’m starting to try to find this old anime, definitely after 2004 before 2017, Story: MC get taken by future version of MC, future version of MC can transform into a monster like creature, there’s more of these monster like transformer guys right, and then there’s one transformer dude guy that’s allergic to both the MC and the future MC dude right, then this dude try’s to kill normal MC, future MC protects him, future MC and normal MC meet future future MC, which is the villain of the show, or movie I don’t know, reason f.f. (Future future) MC is evil is because his girlfriend got taken or died, now future MC girlfriend is sacrificing herself so that f.f. MC doesn’t murder everything, or do evil shit right, normal MC still has his girlfriend, and that’s all that I remember, PLEASE SPREAD THIS, I NEED THE NAME OF THIS ANIME
Angelle DeFord (1 month ago)
Pokemon King (1 month ago)
5:00 why are you up in a relationship with a minor it's the other way around I don't like her and she likes me likely story
Gacha KittyMaster (1 month ago)
Food wars should be here. Lmao it’s technically full of aheago lol
Epic Gamer Co (1 month ago)
I watched 1 when I was a kid and I was traumatised.
ideal cactus (1 month ago)
Thank you I am a hard core anime lover and I'm going to try some of these I already seen but thanks 😁
Kiah Cummings (1 month ago)
1:08 ok
Full I am adopted because I subbed
Moonlight NightX (1 month ago)
Gakkou Gurashi is actualy a grat anime its english title is school live
Thick Panda Chan (1 month ago)
Nugget Galaxy (1 month ago)
Hentai for kids! yay......
anime prince (1 month ago)
Yes 4times
SaltySlice (1 month ago)
Sorry but you must be talking about all anime
Pro Lonely Gamer (1 month ago)
Damn it’s been so long
victor Rosario (1 month ago)
and back to lolis it is
Knockedy (1 month ago)
**Big chungus will see you now ;)**
sonicboy 3d (1 month ago)
6:02 Anime name?
sonicboy 3d (1 month ago)
natasha r (1 month ago)
I love how madoka Magica is on here even tho I saw it as a kid😅😂
Bryan Voon (1 month ago)
Anime is 13+ alr not for kid
Britt Hodson (1 month ago)
No one can mess my world up
Jade Samuels (1 month ago)
IM 10 innocent=100% after innocent=0% after deleting history innocent=1%
Bill Joe (1 month ago)
i lost my innocents years ago
I’m Japanese And I Watched Crayon Shin-Chan Like Many Other Kids It’s Not Inappropriate It’s Just Comedy For Kids.
Iron General (1 month ago)
All of it
꧑ᥱᥕ (1 month ago)
FBI: We got em boys
hank fontaine (1 month ago)
Hands of Molock star of Remphan last empire Iron & clay Mystery Babylon daughter of Zion with to many Alfred Kinsey's
angela the angel wolf (1 month ago)
Bloody hell. WARNING:do not watch anima. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Juel Clemons (1 month ago)
Juel Clemons (1 month ago)
lmao i was dieing tho when she said are you in 4th grade then the screen cracked i was like im done LMAO
Noah Cheng (1 month ago)
why did i end up here
BTSNinja 14 (1 month ago)
I especially liked watching Cat Soup, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and Crayon Shin Chan. And also Gakkou Gurashi! That's my favourite out of all of them.
homie shogunking (1 month ago)
its called hentai and its nfsw
goblin slayer (2 months ago)
Higurashi....hmm ive seen worst
Spicy beans (2 months ago)
-implying all anime is targeted at kids-
Sisi & Jojo Agbokou (2 months ago)
Heheh if my parenys come i jist switch and pretend in watching guava juice
Scarlet Madagona (2 months ago)
but gakkou gurashi is a wonderful anime....not good for little 5years olds but at lest for 12+ people. It has a lot of emotions which only growned up can understand
Personthat exists (2 months ago)
andreas Stensrud (2 months ago)
call 911 already
FlamerGamer YT (2 months ago)
Can you please make english episodes of these anime? I'm more interested in Madoka Magica.
Monster Cat (2 months ago)
*_The fact that I had to search “Very lewd anime” for this to pop up shows how much of a normie i am_*
Sang Woody (2 months ago)
Those anime is for legend 😂😂 my opinion
rankman 10 (2 months ago)
I'm 9 yearsold
Brightest Star (2 months ago)
Hentai anime is probably the first anime that I watched becuz my friend told me to watched it so I did and that where I become addicted in anime
mr gaming101 (2 months ago)
"i love fucking with kids too" stop you have violated the law
JUSTSOME MADBOI (2 months ago)
But anime is for kids...
PRISIM Gamer (2 months ago)
Are they all about GIRLS!
PRISIM Gamer (2 months ago)
I’m Japanese. Number 8 is a kids show
KibbyWitz (2 months ago)
Cool, great, awesome, amazing, astounding, ok seriously WHAT THE FUCK!
Thedeathwolf 17 (2 months ago)
How the hell is high school dxd not on this list
EMERY SHROPSHIRE (2 months ago)
59% is kids
Andrew Paris (2 months ago)
All right hit me bitch
Rachel Franklin (2 months ago)
Ohhhhhh nooooo
Stand And Deliver (2 months ago)
Master Wayne does not know I use the bat computer for this
Austin Loden (2 months ago)
Wat inosence
hyper g 28 (2 months ago)
Felix York (2 months ago)
DBC Gainz 101 (2 months ago)
I'm 6 dis is hot
Natsu Dragoneel (2 months ago)
Watch Rosario to vampire
Kai Kim (2 months ago)
Ishla Corrin (2 months ago)
Not sure anyone is even watching this video anymore but just in case, Ryo-Kyu-Bu is actually a good anime for kids. The scenes shown here are from the OVA and not the normal 24 ep series! The series itself is mostly tame and focuses more on the actual basketball than ecchi aspects.
unknown player (2 months ago)
Duck my head more and more more
Bonnie Uvalle (2 months ago)
Pokemon is a anime for kids
Anime Bebe (2 months ago)
I watched Madoka Magica as a kid at *night* didn't have a bad dream once I couldn't wait to wake up and watch it. *I'm I a weird kid?*
RokuTv (2 months ago)
In this day in age or they are inappropriate they always show butts they always show boobs it's all inappropriate so like a top everything list

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