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® Top 5 WTF Moments - Episode 1 (League of Legends)

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Previous Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK89jaE1F4A You can submit your plays to [email protected] Your email should include the LoLReplay file (.lrf), a youtube video of the play (If you have a video) and your player name. - Replay 5 by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHocPl5BSNrlm2w3EboOgXA - Replay 4 by: https://www.youtube.com/user/lelouchgaming - Replay 3 by: https://www.youtube.com/user/respawndtv - Replay 2 by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzfjU-sOI9jH8UGZfTHawgQ - Replay 1 by: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDarkTongo Music: "The Cannery" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Five Armies" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Hidden Agenda" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Fluffing a duck" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Call to adventure" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) "Sad Romance" by Thao Nguyen Xanh "Hope (Original Mix)" by Tobu https://www.youtube.com/user/tobuofficial Director: https://www.youtube.com/user/respawndtv ------------------- Subscribed to Realm yet? Click here and don't miss a new video! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=machinimarealm Twitter - https://twitter.com/MachinimaRealm Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MachinimaRealm If you notice an issue, possibly an error in the title or description or credits for plays, feel free to send us a YouTube private message or Tweet so we can fix that problem!
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Text Comments (575)
Mara Dalila (9 months ago)
dota wtf is better
Edeston (1 year ago)
soy rebeca cecilia salazar buscame en fb
Ivan Wp (1 year ago)
dota watafak much better
André W. Soares (1 year ago)
Meg Trang (1 year ago)
omg the last and the best wtf I FEEL SO SAD FOR THAT MINION :,,cc that minion just wanted to be thedarktongo's pet (i would say the champion instead but idk who is the champ) and then he dies because of that other dude i cri
Fausto Palomino (1 year ago)
que porqueria se copiaron de dota wtf
Elementalist Lux (2 years ago)
tristana had current poppy's ult back then
SpaceJumper (2 years ago)
Boosted Crab (2 years ago)
Nerf irelia pls
La vie selon moi (2 years ago)
azertyuiop^ très nul
Isma Voulquin (2 years ago)
I did not understand where this Akali lal part hehehe
luis alberto valero (2 years ago)
de0509 (2 years ago)
Oh look lane cutting. Thats a totally weird concept
forestguyXD (2 years ago)
TheDendran (2 years ago)
Dat Minion... still a better love story than Twilight...
seemin rezanassab (2 years ago)
Thresh:WHY!!! Udyr:WTF man thiis is ranked Thresh:Oh rigth Me:laugh my ass off
Gerith The Fifth (2 years ago)
league of legend's graphic is so much more girlish than dota o.o
Rich (2 years ago)
Dota Watafak
WhatTheFuck (2 years ago)
my channel please subscribe
Deimos Ilary (2 years ago)
RIP minion
polapoap (2 years ago)
dota 2 c mieux
Leo Lopez (2 years ago)
La cancion del final cual es?
0967927384 Nguyen (2 years ago)
thedanktongo .sp. no leesin?
Isaiah Ross (3 years ago)
hahaha such a noob
LPCGameplays (3 years ago)
Anthony Edwards (3 years ago)
What's the song at the end
Patrizzia Hernandez (3 years ago)
kung ako kay thresh aatakehin ko dr tapos i hihit ung cs haha
Edu Ardo (3 years ago)
i play lol but wtf dota is very very funny. i am sorry, my english is bad haha
Mohamed saed (3 years ago)
I paid for WinRAR (3 years ago)
best video ever
Jdenkio (3 years ago)
TheWild Official (3 years ago)
1:35 XDDD
Albert Aguilera (3 years ago)
benjamin lambert (3 years ago)
1min 13 wtf omg
Itai Sprachman (3 years ago)
3 was EPIC!!! My greatest WTF moment went like this: I was walking down the botlane when suddenly I get a hunch that someone is going to bank us, so I went to the bush to place a ward. That was the moment I discovered that someone fed Akali
Mister Senpai (3 years ago)
PokerSeba (3 years ago)
What is the music with that minion??
Atari Oyuncuları (3 years ago)
jax is flying?
Len Kagamine (3 years ago)
это че за хрень О.О будто этак О.о
Daniel Camesi (3 years ago)
top 4 WTF zed !
MINION!!!!! :c
A Proud Asia (3 years ago)
wtf this is amazing!! and jax wtf?? and the 4.. amazing
Dylan Sanfilippo (3 years ago)
this was hilarios
David Suvajdzin (3 years ago)
cait and zyra hahahah the best
joe smith (3 years ago)
try harder
Nightcore Tokyo Ghoul (3 years ago)
Number 3 omg looooooooooolz
Da Master (3 years ago)
Anyone noticed this thresh was TheDarkTongo
MJoy 4Fun (3 years ago)
i laughed so hard at 3 :))))))))))))) caitlyn ulti stuck on recall and rekt :)))))))))))))) the other guy as a support :)))))))))))))))))
Jake Martinez (3 years ago)
When that minion died I cried :'(
Mr. Aubakiroff (3 years ago)
Fucking LOL 
Invoker (3 years ago)
Fucking LoL
RainOOGames (3 years ago)
lol that superjax tho
Kevin Van Lay (3 years ago)
Posted on my B-Day :3
Aaron Tj (3 years ago)
Get RoasTED (3 years ago)
I once I had the same glitch as this flying Jax. We were at enemy blue with my teammate (I was playing Gragas) when suddenly we realized we were surrounded. Well, death was pretty much certain. But here comes the plot twist. When we started fighting in hope to get at least a kill I ulted in the middle of the fight and we flew with my teammate from enemy blue to the mid saving us our lives. Escape? No problem. Just ult in the middle. Damn I love these glitches, wish there were more!
Christian Tong Cruz (3 years ago)
why they lose
Krythan (3 years ago)
TheDarkTongo xD
SAKURA CHAOS (3 years ago)
now thats what i call a sniper shot
Tristrum (3 years ago)
Thresh is a noob because he forgot to go to the bush.
Raúl Khalil (3 years ago)
Outro music ?
Stevan Stevanovic (3 years ago)
Father and son moment :D
nadrado n (3 years ago)
superman vi :P
Kiên Trần (3 years ago)
the #3 wow! that's wtf
Amazing video
TheMate39 (3 years ago)
Is the song at the end Hope :D I listen to tobu everyday.
Jake Kraynik (3 years ago)
I thought something like that would be number 1 xD I had half a wave of minions follow me into the jungle once I was like "What is happening??"
Kieran Viggiano (3 years ago)
that jax thing happen to me when i 1 v 1 a trist with jax wtf riot
MartienVidz (3 years ago)
i also have got that minion bug a lot of times
james Patner (3 years ago)
Whats the outro song?
Mae Llaguno (3 years ago)
poor minion
Magicpeanut222 (3 years ago)
Is there fall damage in lol
AaroN62Gost (3 years ago)
Paulius Deveikis (3 years ago)
0:40 that actually wasnt a juke, cause a lot of players know that when they go near a wall they flash, and what? She had like 400 health..
SIender Man (3 years ago)
1 million views and no comment ? NIAAAAH C'MERE EVERYONE I HAVE HUGS FOR YOU ! <3
Bombax (3 years ago)
Nomero (3 years ago)
is that thedarktango.?? in last.. using thresh.. dat human is a good player of lee sin
Zehir Pinari (3 years ago)
go minion master Scout, tell us where they are!!!
Mega Regenerate (3 years ago)
better... nerf Irelia.
Karlo Debeljak (4 years ago)
curt sfx (4 years ago)
what the fuck
Sovetchik 3000 (4 years ago)
Nice ^_^ I like it and my channel very epic too 
Chuc Martin (4 years ago)
2p42s music ?
sheng ge (4 years ago)
jax WTF
Reav (4 years ago)
pls show the cat responses to these :p
Gentaky (4 years ago)
The song at the end is called Hope by Tobu and you're welcome ;) make sure you don't rape the reply button
pass my jandals (4 years ago)
I don't play LoL so I got no idea whats going on :P
Egyptian Gamer (4 years ago)
I love how thresh tried to pull him to save him
uGotCAGED (4 years ago)
poor little minion :P
paola monisha (4 years ago)
Xenoclint (4 years ago)
stand behind baron
Raphael Neres (4 years ago)
the caitlyn tho
Alexander Adiyasa (4 years ago)
That Zyra from nr. 3 That is what happens when you are a little kid that cant wait...
2Dents (4 years ago)
2:32 name of the song ?
Sad Dino (4 years ago)
hey guys plz wathc me vidiso kthxbia3
I want that thresh skin 
OmegaFox1994 (4 years ago)
number 3 is my fav XD
Estrella MixYeni (4 years ago)
jajaja Ame el ultimo xD Thresh: Nooooo! ¡¡¡¿Por que?!!! D`x Udyr: Hombre, esto es ranked... -.- Thresh: Mierda, es cierto! D: *Minutos despues...* Surrender :v
Alejandrohe08 (3 years ago)
+Zakeh Meza ?
Zakeh Meza (3 years ago)
+Alejandro Herrera Sambajuana o que chuletas?
Alejandrohe08 (3 years ago)
Estrella MixYeni (3 years ago)
+Alejandro Herrera jajaja Dale, vamonos :v
Hac3 (4 years ago)
Jason Le (4 years ago)
i got one word for you WTF is happening......?
Smithy (4 years ago)
Tresh - NOOOOOOO... ....WHY?! Udyr - wtf man this is ranked Tresh - aw f*ck right ...20 min later DEFEAT!!! THAT ONE JUST OBLITERATED ME XDD

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