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Stop DRESSING Like a Child! Stop Wearing LOLITA Dress! My Reaction!

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Text Comments (2209)
Gacha Phoenix (2 days ago)
I think Lolita’s are cool. They dress for themselves not others so if other people don’t like it then that’s their problem
muhammad kevin (6 days ago)
you really have a good taste in dressing. love it so much!
poopidi goop (7 days ago)
It’s sad that people say “that outfit is for children, dress your age”. why do we have to be a kid to have sparkly cute pink dresses with cute little bows? People say to be yourself but you be yourself you get hate from them like, what’s the fucking matter with society? Why do people who want to express themselves has to dress the same way as other ordinary boring people? It’s really sad that kids get bullied because of either their fashion or their unique looks. It’s also sad that kids are stopped from being their selves and trying to be like other people because of other people’s words. Kids at 17 want to dress so called “sexy” for attention and for people to love them. But you shouldn’t care what anyone say! Be yourself! You can wear anything you want so don’t let those boring lazy normal people get in your way!
Royal Cookie (16 days ago)
Lolita is not "kid" fashion. I'm 27 and am wearing lolita fashion because it's cute 💖💖
Awesome Person (20 days ago)
I am an American, and I love Lolita fashion. You don’t dress like a child, you wear beautiful clothing that you enjoy and don’t let anyone stop you. Even though I’m not Asian, I still love your style and wish that others would appreciate it more.
ピアノかわいい (18 days ago)
The people who say "you dress like a child" are most likely wearing an Adidas hat and pants who ride the Gucci express train with the “slay queen” mentality like almost every other American teen. Americas modern culture essentially forces you to join this lifestyle that includes women being instagram thots by turning them into these egotistical & overly conceited gaggle girls who worry about how many “likes” their posts get and who has the “best body” skipping around in cop tops/booty shorts or adidas. For those who insult cute and feminine Japanese fashion: It’s funny how you’re so quick to call people out when their self-respecting fashion opposes to yours. It reveals your degenerative mentality, you instagram thot. American pop music: “You’re beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with you.” Social media: A place where you will find young women flaunting and photoshopping their bodies who sometimes suffer anxiety when their following count goes down, or “she got more likes on her leg spreading post then my up close makeup shot!!!” LOL
Celia Mompel (28 days ago)
Im 16. Since Im 12 I wanted to wear this tipe of clothes but my parents laught about me. I never think this is a chilldrish stile but is an injustice my parents do. (Sorry if my english is bad. Im from Spain). Love your videos❤️
agata coco (1 month ago)
I love your outfit 😍
gabby sirmans (1 month ago)
Look anyone can wear what they want if she wants to wear Lolita let her
Kari Tori (1 month ago)
Why other people judge a another people, we wear everthing if you want 🤦‍♀️♀️
let me die in peace (1 month ago)
That dress is so prettyyyyy
Kai (1 month ago)
I think cute fashion looks AMAZING i would rather be cute then Sexy. People can wear whatever they want💀
Lisa Seda (1 month ago)
Let her do what she wants. It is her life and it is her choice. She is showing other who enjoy what she likes to make the clothes. It makes her happy. At least her husband backs her up. I back you up Yumi.
Sophie Kerns (1 month ago)
Let me tell you that those people are being ridiculous. I have never seen a kid dress like that. Ever.
Kento aioki esuraba (1 month ago)
look people r just jealous...
Kento aioki esuraba (1 month ago)
i like u soo much
ヤマタ (1 month ago)
People should stop hating lolita fashion
Jinx Luck333 (1 month ago)
Honestly, I think of Yumi as a real life Kanna Kamui because she is just so dang cute!!!
Kaley Blevins (1 month ago)
I love the clothes you wear I also want to ask what is your store where you sell your Lolita dresses
Rinrin Cor (1 month ago)
If i'm going to choose between kardashian dress and lolita or cute dresses, i'll choose the cute dresses
Sophie Kerns (1 month ago)
the voice in your head (2 months ago)
Girl, you really inspired me! About a year ago I saw Melanie Martinez's music video and I absolutely liked her style. She is American and she is lolita. I thought it would be cool if I dressed like that, but my mother said it's too childish for me. Now I'm sure I will dress like that. I will convince her! Thank you so much! You are beatiful!!
jessica baumgartner (2 months ago)
you are not a child it is awsome what you wear is beautiful dont change youbare my lilota idol so u go girl thanks for being you you have saved my life multiple times (suisialidy/ suisidal thoughts) so thank you so smile and be pretty to all my lilota friends
Luna Jblrsr (2 months ago)
I do really think, You're so cute. Please don't mind them. I wish you can do giveaway. I really want those lolita dress of yours 😂😂... Kidding..
Elidubs juegos etc (2 months ago)
Bueno no sé si sepas español pero la confusión no es porque la ropa parezca de niña, sino que relacionan Lolita con un personaje del libro de nabokov llamado también Lolita, qué trata sobre una relación de pederastia desde el punto de vista del agresor. siendo así muchos piensan que lolita significa niña sexi Incluso Quienes no sabían nada del libro o la película llegaron a darle ese significado. Cuando en realidad Lolita sólo es un simple hipocoristico del nombre dolores como Pancho de Francisco o pepe de jose En Japón el término de Lolita fashon no tiene nada que ver con el libro de nabokov ni lo que la gente de occidente cree que significa simplemente es un hipocorístico occidental que se les hizo muy bonito y al ser una palabra occidental combina con la ropa occidental de la moda antigua de enaguas, encajes, corses y lazos etc.
Pink Clouds (3 months ago)
Please don't believe what other people say. Some people are just awful. lolita fashion is adorable, sophisticated and intricate no matter what those people say. You look so adorable in lolita and never stop wearing it.
Kawaii Kira 666 (3 months ago)
I'm a Europan and I love to wear the Japanese Style. I think all people can wear what they want.
Molly Mollywood (3 months ago)
How can you be so badass but still so freaking adorable at the same time? Totally agree with you, dress as you want to and wear what makes you happy.
NebulaKat345 (3 months ago)
I just wanna say that I'm a new subscriber! But more importantly I found this video and already you seem so nice! What people are saying don't let them get you down! I like wearing lolita fashion as well and it's super cute. You look super cute! Keep doing you!!
wolfy15 (3 months ago)
Don't worry I absolutely love your videos and love the dresses you make because those dresses are also amazing for tea party's and I don't think Lolita dresses are for children everyone has there own opinion so just ignore the other people
hertina wati (3 months ago)
I think you have your own unique style.. in this world, there muat be the one who love and the one who hate.. so, keep going.. coz you're my inspiration to sew 😘
noob animator (3 months ago)
I love lolita but think it would be weard for me to wear it because I live in the UK but am going to hopefully Lern to sow so I can wear it and if any one questions me ill say I made it and they'll be so I pressed they wouldn't question me I just realised this comment blaberd a lot 😅🦊 Bye the way I like you're videos ❤️🦊
paradiseana1 ana (3 months ago)
The critics pay them no mind, it's just alot of white noise that serves no purpose and certainly not beneficial to anyone. They need to take that rudeness/negativity and actually be productive in using their time in helping the less fortunate. Who ate we to judge and tell somebody how to be. The only one that has that right is God and they certainly aren't God's!! Keep being your authentic self. Your creative, talented in many ways that your provoking me to jealousy in a nice way. Wear and do whatever makes you happy. You like what you like that's your business not anyone else.
•Dream Petal• (4 months ago)
I love Lolita I’m Latina and I think Lolita is cute, I wanna be one-
i have some problems with the people around me, i am white and people are calling me racist and bad things just because i like to dress a little bit lolita. i dont like it and i dont understand how i am racist because i like japanese culture and dressing lolita. please help me :"(. <3
Nicole Bucayani (4 months ago)
I love lolita dresses but I don't know where to start.
Empress Sky (4 months ago)
You have a beautiful soul and definitely very talented. Don't you ever listen to what people say. You have one life to live so live it up to the fullest. They don't pay your bill's, feed you or buy you things. You do what makes you happy. There's no such thing as dress like a child or act your age type deal. Remember you are only that one age for a year!!! If that's the style or fashion you choose and your husband loves it as much as you as well as your family then who cares what the negative people in this world think. Jealousy and hate is very nasty and they can fall out of earth. I admire you dearly and encourage you to continue on with all that you do. Kudos to your husband and family for the full blown support! Much love to you!! ♥️🥰
Alice Dead psycho (4 months ago)
I love kawaii fashion and Lolita and visual kei are my favorite fashion intel this day I still love Japanese fashion
Jasmine Shupe-Billy (4 months ago)
Plz don’t change your style, you inspire me to dress like a Lolita girl, I love your videos, don’t listen to haters
Mari Kurokawa (5 months ago)
This isnt really related to the video, but nice OP! I think it was from bodyline? But I only saw their stock photos and thought it was cute! Seeing someone actually wear it is even cuter!
Rena Taylor Venus (5 months ago)
Yumi don't listen to haters and they just wanna let u down 😊
Deleah Williams (5 months ago)
Hun don't worry about what haters say people hate on me all the time that's what makes them uneducated
Carol Benton (5 months ago)
You are adorable, whenever people feel uncomfortable about something they go hard on the judgement. But I am here to tell you to continue being yourself because most people are scared as hell to be themselves. They are just projecting their fears onto you Ms. Yumi. Keep doing your thing!!
T y l e e (5 months ago)
Im Nigerian, and I always felt scared to wear Chinese, Indian or Japanese fashion because of offending people :( Like, everyone just wants you to dress “modern” or in the basic trendy styles or in your own cultural fashion but damn I want to wear a Qi pao, Its so cute but people are like “ you’re insulting their culture “ ughhh it’s so hard :(
violet lep-bau (5 months ago)
you look very good wearing lolita style
Are there elderly women who dress in sweet lolita? I looked it up and yahoo couln't find any search results.
Chim Chim (5 months ago)
Hell No! Dont agree with them! You keep wearing your Lolita Style dresses! You do you Boo! Wear what you love and If you dont like what Yumi wears Fuck You and Fuck off
YukihoDubs (5 months ago)
Be proud of youself, I'm so hyped when I see your school uniforms. You are so talented and i love that videos. Not only me.
Nevaeh B (6 months ago)
honestly i have this problem all the time in school. i don’t know why people can’t just mind their business
Alice Brum (6 months ago)
Don't listen to people saying those things, any style is beautiful. Be it Lolita, vintage, princess, fashionable or just normal clothes, people need to stop being nosy on other people's way of dressing.
Elvia ARELLANO REBOLLEDO (6 months ago)
you do not have to change what you are I am 64 years old and I would like to be your age to be able to wear like you
CELIA CACLINI (6 months ago)
I love lolita dress but my friends say that I'm playing doll or house wich was super offensive
Joseph Miller (6 months ago)
Yeah, they have never tried the style at all so they are a bunch of trash talking losers. Besides, you can just remember us people in your comments defending you and other Lolitas honor your taste in fashion. :D
-Belue- -Myst- (6 months ago)
If you want an example of the fact that foreigners can wear Asian clothing...especially Lolita fashion...Check out LOVELY LOR...She is Canadian and wears Lolita fashion (she has even been in a number of Lolita fashion documentaries) AND her GF is a Goth...They are really nice people from Canada... I myself am Alternative, Goth, Darkly Inclined, Rock, cool styles, Artistic styles, 80's style and I'm 41 and I feel like it doesn't matter, because you should be happy and being creative makes me happy...Those who dress in Alternative fashion are not hurting anyone by being creative and happy...There is no age limit to being yourself...It doesn't matter what you wear as long as you are a nice person... ALSO...QUEENIE BLACK is Goth and she is 50 and a beautiful and a lovely person...SKULL GIRDLE is Goth as well and in her 50 and a cool person...OFHERBSANDALTARS is Goth and 32 and cool...ITSBLACKFRIDAY is Goth and in her 20's just like YUMI and is the sweetest person...THEKILTEDGOTH is in his 60's and a lovely human being... YUMI is a really nice person as well and being a nice person and doing something that makes you happy is all that matters. Have a beautiful day! 🌈 🎃😎☀️🌞🤗👽🤖✌️🖖🤘🙏🏽☯️ ☮️ 🕊️
Pastel Princess Gracie (6 months ago)
Their is no age limit to fun! If a 50 year old wears OTT sweet who cares!? My mom got into fairy kei.
Gillian Bunny (6 months ago)
I think it princessy and girly.It can represent more dress like a girl.Kawaii😍❤️
Come Flag with Me (6 months ago)
This is what you tell them, Yumi: you pay my bills, you buy my food, you buy my clothes then u can tell me what I can and can’t wear. Ignore these idiots!! Let them sit out there and look like fools, cause that’s what they are, idiots and fools.
Neon Matcha (6 months ago)
"Dont care their words because they are not your parents." I always tell this sentence to myself when l'm depressed. Dont feel guilty you are not wrong. Dont be sad you are fine. They said that becuase that is not their style. Lady, when you are brave enough to show who you really are, show them all that you better than them. Rise and shine like the sun and glow in the darkness like the moon. This is what l think since l've watched your video. Lady, you are a cute , lovely and brave girl. (If something went wrong , l'd do apologize. I'm thai.😁😄😋😊) Love you,from Thailand.❤💛💚💜💞💙
Jalu_chan (6 months ago)
I like Lolita Fashion. I live in Germany and it is not that easy people have a lot of prejudices. My problem is that I have many interests and sometimes they do not harmonize. like my tunnels and my tattoos but I really want to wear lolita fashion.
Cherria Akahoshi Sakura (6 months ago)
Look here. In Japan, cute is cute. In America and other countries, sexy is sexy. No-one should be trying to change other styles. If they are not satisfied with your style, they shouldn't try changing you. They should change their attitude.
Nami Shiro (7 months ago)
I like to wear Lolita fashion too! Don't worry about what other think. We all like different fashion! 😊
arissaprincess321 (7 months ago)
Levi Gray (7 months ago)
Yumi.... don't worry about what these people say. You look lovely! My question to your critics would be: So what? How is my "childish" attire damaging you? You keep on dressing the way you do! I still remember that one harajuku girl I met in Chicago. She was very patirnt with my happiness at seeing her. For real, your style is cool, and requires a LOT of thought.
Isaiah Simmons (7 months ago)
The 70s was like time of fashion trends.
karolina xo (7 months ago)
GURL you DO you!! 💓💕💗💖 your fashion is so cute and amazing and I wish I could dress like you, don’t let the haters bring u down,it’s not your problem it’s theres! XDD
Yumi... 💖 Don't mind these POOR people that can't understand the simple concept of fashion. I don't know how this kind of dressing can be sign of flames... 😂 It's absolutely STUPID. (Sluts and company are true scandal...💩 Lol).
Shuu Yuki (7 months ago)
They called us dress like a child But they are too old to understand fashion this days 😎
GoodBye 4Ever (7 months ago)
You are pretty just the way you are, child or not, people don't get to decide what they should wear or do, yourself get to decide what you like to wear or do😡. I really love your styles and the clothes you make are so cute😄👏 GOOD LUCK😊👍
amante de la música (7 months ago)
You are so cute. Please be you always <3
I would say you look elegant before like a child
Anna Harner (7 months ago)
I actually love your style. I don’t care what you dress like.
David Barton (7 months ago)
im on my grandads computur but im a lolita and im 9
Hylee Dennis (8 months ago)
U don’t have to change I love how u dress
Apple Cider Theif (8 months ago)
You are beautiful its a fasion statment dont let anyone get you down im 12 and starting to wear lolita
CoralHeartly (8 months ago)
I want to change how i am. In looks and of what i like to do. Not like a faze, more like i want to express what i like to do more. I love to take selfies with filters. My friends call me cringy. I like to wear cute clothes and ponytails. I wore a really cute pink dress and two high ponytails. My friend came to me and said "You look like a harajuku doll" me-" in a good way?" friend "no" i want to wear cuter fashion but im scared of the judgment.
Atikah Smiley (8 months ago)
They're just jealous because they can't wear what u are wearing at outside. You are who YOU ARE. Don't follow what people want to see on you. I guess American people really not use with "Japanese fashion" becoz mostly I see they prefer sexy and hot fashion style. Please keep making clothes and inspired us with your great ideas. Take all the hate comments as your inspiration to be better, yumi. We always support you (:
Beautiful Villian (8 months ago)
Actually, I share sweet Lolita style with you. I like wearing dress with lace. I'd rather dress than t-shirt and jeans. I like to tigh ribbon on my hair. I've been doing my style for years. Yes, people kept blaming and made gossip, but I did not care. Lucky me I'm not a sensitive person, but let's think about other who are sensitive. They feel hurt, indeed. So I never told anyone to change or judge them from outshell. Yumi, you just ignore one who hurt you. The way they hate people is the way they hate them selves, too. I always think they blame in themselves by blaming others. Just be you and yes it is your channel so you can do anything, lol.
Eva Rios (8 months ago)
Does it really matter how she dresses, it's her own style. She looks nice, other people have their own style so they shouldn't be talking. How about look at your own style and judge yourself instead of others. It's not right destroying someone else's confidence.
Rudy Ramirez (8 months ago)
I do know about lolita I really want a dress
Heilu Kamei (8 months ago)
S hater everywhere....hater gona hate hate... Don't let them get u yumi.... U are sooo cute and beautifull.....😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘they are just jaelous.....i love your style......seriously... And i always...look forward to your diy and style.... 😍😍😘😘😘😘let them say whatever they want.....just trust yourself..and we are on your side..
Taehyung's Deep voice (8 months ago)
Well, big Madame. Always tells me. To dress like a doll! So I don't see what the problem is....
Sng Juin Kang (8 months ago)
We should kill the bastards that said bad things to you.
Mattie (8 months ago)
If I had the wardrobe I’d wear lolita every...freakin’...day! You keep being you.
tree003a (8 months ago)
you are better dressed than most women I see. so beautiful and feminine is your style.
灰月色 (8 months ago)
But I like Lolita tho why do they say you dress like a child??? Some Lolita dress are dark and when I meant dark they are really dark not for child!
ingrid JB (8 months ago)
there will always be people trying to spread bad vibes but that doesn´t matter, you are beautiful and an inspiring woman to so many people
multi_fandom trash (8 months ago)
I just prefer cute stuff. It doesn't matter how old someone is.
Amy Setzer (8 months ago)
U need to ignore everyone that's being mean, u do u girl they are just haters, and bullying, so I'm a Washingtonian to,, and I currently live in Portland Oregon and the Motto there is keep it weird, and people dress and are whoever they want to be so u do u as long as it makes u are happy, I do have a couple questions does your husband treat you good I know it looks like he does on videos, but you never know behind closed doors because u are beautiful, and u deserve not to be talked down to like a child, I think slot of people are thinking that, cause some sarcasticsism can go either way just as long as u are happy, thank u and love love your channel, oh do u guys plan on having children???
Little Mess (9 months ago)
I love your style! Don't stay sad okey?you are a fantastic person with amazing talent!(sorry my English
Mlymoon v (9 months ago)
Just be yourself always ! 💕💖 this is the most important . i love uuuu 💕💕💕💕💕
Riku. (9 months ago)
Be yourself ♡♡
EspressoBug (9 months ago)
I think Americans often associate cute and not intentionally sexual as childish. And that makes me sad because I love cute things. I want to wear what makes me happy. And as a mother, none of my children wear things that resemble Lolita fashion unless I sew something specific for them. Children are much to messy and fussy for all the frills and lace. I love the idea of cute styles taking over in the west. I wish we had more detailed and beautiful clothing normally. I prefer it over fast fashion.
Mo StuffxD (9 months ago)
👏👏👏 educate em! Tell em! lol i like how she managed to be savage and put people in there place just by being honest and sincere
Erika Phillips (9 months ago)
You do you!! Dont change a thing😍your perfect!!
Mizuka chan NightCore (9 months ago)
Dobt believe them
Rhinorawk X (9 months ago)
Western women aren't familiar with femininity, they are convinced that femininity is a product of the patriarchy. And thus they attack people that make them feel foolish i would guess. I dont really get it, i wish women would embrace their sexuality and stop trying to be a dude, its not attractive in any way.
Pastel Cinnamon Roll (9 months ago)
Lolita is for anyone! Don't worry about a thing, Yumi! :) I think you look adorable in lolita! Don't listen to the mean people! I've been bullied about lolita, too. But you are strong enough to get through this! :)
Hiow (9 months ago)
I love your dress where is it from/ if its a tutorial can someone send me the link
Andrea Gavaldon (9 months ago)
I love that you explained about the type of fashion and the history of it. I know how these people feel about you. They should mind their own business and you can dress however u like. We are all unique people in this world and we all have different styles of clothing that us people in this world like to wear. And I feel like we should be liked by some people that may like the personality of them and their different likes that we all have.
Nichole Angel (9 months ago)
Don't change your style girl it fits you that why there jealous because that can't pull it off
Impossible Kickstarter (9 months ago)
Don't worry, the people who are hating on you are only saying the mean things in a moment of weakness and jealousy. Your beautiful and amazing the way you are! You are adorable as well, so dress the way you want. You could wear a bikini in every video if you wanted to!😂😁😂

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