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WTF? 93+ AD LVL 1 WITH NEW RUNES?? - Journey To Challenger | League of Legends

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LEAVE A "LIKE IF YOU ENJOYED THE VID!! WTF You Can Have 93+ AD LVL 1 With New Runes in League of Legends?!? →My Merch Store: http://bit.ly/2nJDZdO →CHALLENGER IS MINE: https://bit.ly/2FWs6dZ →Journey To Challenger Playlist: http://bit.ly/2EOjFMb →Subscribe For More!: http://full.sc/1gukNqq →My OVERWATCH Channel: http://bit.ly/1EAvIuW Follow me here! →My Stream: https://www.facebook.com/RedmercyLoL →My Public Discord: discord.gg/YAay9Hc →My Twitter: http://twitter.com/RedmercyLoL →Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedmercyLoL →My Instagram: http://instagram.com/redmercylol →My 2nd YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/redmercygaming Edited By: https://twitter.com/DKEditing Hope you enjoy and please sub rate and comment!!! :) WTF? 93+ AD LVL 1 WITH NEW RUNES?? - Journey To Challenger | League of Legends
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Text Comments (5376)
Dirk Weissenburg (1 day ago)
These close-ups are killing me. I love your editor.
Luca Krickl (1 day ago)
would be nice to get the skinn tho (:
Ali e (4 days ago)
I remember with the old Fiora starring with long sword and unclock first skill W it was 105 ad.
ARCfighter 457 (8 days ago)
Damn program Leblanc, that’s a sickkk skin
JèLlY 3FàT (9 days ago)
please show me the runes
Redex Choiss (9 days ago)
Stan Beekhuis (9 days ago)
Stan Beekhuis (9 days ago)
mathieu ringuet (9 days ago)
Yoooo thanks red
Anish Oswal (10 days ago)
Giveaway over?
Pika Instinct (10 days ago)
Man i keep trying like i'm gonna get anything free from content creators, but i mean nice content and fun bants, always a fun pass time
Spacevader (10 days ago)
viktor lukovic (11 days ago)
I think that shaco maybe have more ad at the start then talon im not sure also yea idc about the codes im here to see a video :)
MrBling20 (11 days ago)
Killer Tank (11 days ago)
Why don't you play zed as much as you used to?
Donnel Ramirez (11 days ago)
Yeahhhh League is broken af. The L for this game is whoever gets caught, and by end-game gg. lmao GREAT JOB RIOT
Nitin Rahangdale (11 days ago)
heyimrafter (11 days ago)
lemme get tha uhhh skin
12ozHog (11 days ago)
gimme dat skin
Owen Yan (11 days ago)
give me the skin plz dad
David McPhail (11 days ago)
Give me that skin
XxB0Bi3xX (11 days ago)
Andrew Legg (11 days ago)
awesome gameplay :D
Jürgen Tengler (11 days ago)
hope i win too haha :3
IVIidnight (11 days ago)
gimme gimme
Alessio Spagnesi (11 days ago)
Lukas Holmgren (12 days ago)
Radul Vlad (12 days ago)
muie psd
Rashan Akarshana (12 days ago)
I love your videos and I hope I win the skin
Aquiro (12 days ago)
You inspired me to league and now your helping me to cilmb my way to masters :) I love you,your videos and keep up the good work and i hope to see you soon. See ya Bye//Aquiro
Muhannad Al-saiidi (12 days ago)
It will be nice to get a new LB skin. My acc name is Major Muh and playing in EUW
diego van gelderen (12 days ago)
I want that skin
Chris Torres (12 days ago)
I love your video! Keep grinding love :) my instagram is @Kingchrisly
Osama Mahmoud (12 days ago)
Give me the skin and we'll duo on euw
Tommulino u (12 days ago)
That is so broken.
The Secret Guy (12 days ago)
Ahmaddimo on euw :D hopefully
Redmercy (10 days ago)
Grats you won an eu leblanc code: EW29796CJG4HDQKHCYEGCPKN5
The Master Of Shadow (12 days ago)
I dont play lb a lot but i want this skin :P
Ellis Bielen (12 days ago)
Love your vid's and streams! :))
Dom Warfield (12 days ago)
Give Red them stacks baby!
Ivan Shao (13 days ago)
rodrigo papanca (13 days ago)
i need skin
juan bautista (13 days ago)
Wow op op
Miloš Rakić (13 days ago)
Umm think think! i need a comment worth a giveaway! Uuum buff Zed he is unplayable, Riot wotafak?
Mu Yaser (13 days ago)
*Imagine if i win the skin*
Ichiinn (13 days ago)
THe codes already gone or ????
Ivan Ivanov (13 days ago)
Good luck all :D
Thomas Clifford (13 days ago)
That league of Zhonyas game lol
FozzysLair (13 days ago)
I actually love this series
xcapitald xD (13 days ago)
You are my favourite league player(this is a skin entry comment)
Russian Honeybee (13 days ago)
I love leblanc so you know I gotta. Still really happy that rito undid her awful rework, #blessed
Cadeboom (13 days ago)
Welcome to the world, No heroes or villains
Michael Jeung (13 days ago)
kick out (13 days ago)
The new runs are broken dude xD
Jim Georgakopoulos (13 days ago)
richboy redmercy givin skins
Zsombi Mezei (14 days ago)
Red you are the best, so pls can I get the skin?
#Legion Sniper (14 days ago)
hi bruh
TiTa 03 (14 days ago)
I would love a program lb
Pikachu FTW (14 days ago)
Hardstuck Adventures
wolf gamer (14 days ago)
Love u red
Omar Yousef (14 days ago)
Eagle Banner EUW
Cheze (14 days ago)
Woah richboi with the giveaways
Mr. Zhang (14 days ago)
Hope I win too
LeBlanc more like where did my health bar go
Macky Alfonso (14 days ago)
How tf is tanking tower a “clean” play? 😂
imad delhoum (14 days ago)
Give me that skin
Miriam Brundiers (14 days ago)
Wish me luck! :D
Jack Ouyang (14 days ago)
yuri38400 (14 days ago)
Redmercy more like Red No Mercy! Haha please I want to die
Absolute Heathen (14 days ago)
I always fall for the clickbait damn.
André Almeida (14 days ago)
With that skin i can int with style
Yousef Arafa (14 days ago)
program lb plox senpai I subbed
Ruben Swanepoel (14 days ago)
Give me the skin lol
Im Ruthless (14 days ago)
kirito kazuto (14 days ago)
Give me the good stuff richboi
Fistintheass (14 days ago)
I live in eu. Want to see more of the eu climb just to see more people ragequitting
TheVenom303 (14 days ago)
Pavle Radjenovic (14 days ago)
Vincent Dinh (14 days ago)
Plz program leblanc :)
dave southwell (14 days ago)
Love your work mate been watching for a while keep it up <3
vhan75 (14 days ago)
Aww, I get what I deserve for being late to a Redmercy video; that Program Leblanc skin and chroma look really nice to be honest. <3 Oh well though, I was here for my boii Red at the end of the day anyways.
blueblaster55 (14 days ago)
Wizzy (14 days ago)
Andrej Hujo (14 days ago)
James G (14 days ago)
Hayden Rouse (14 days ago)
The skin is pretty lit not gonna lie
MagiKat HOI4 (14 days ago)
LeBlanc is a v fun champ to play
Justinas Streikus (14 days ago)
I want that lb skin
Itsdepsi (14 days ago)
that "like-clickbait" tho
Dovinatrix (14 days ago)
EvianBubble (14 days ago)
Praying to the RNG gods for the LB code :D
ziemniok sasan (14 days ago)
Gimme this leblanco
badi3 bejaoui (14 days ago)
Try some lb games maybe
Nourane BenBrahim (14 days ago)
want that skin :(
nuke1nekro (14 days ago)
dark harvest zilean is silly
Filip Stevanović (15 days ago)
Challenger is waiting for Red :D
Ji Huang (15 days ago)
ii_KING_51 (15 days ago)
What is his runes
Nils Kriewall (15 days ago)
Hussam Skafi (15 days ago)
don't mind me just here for the skin ....silvermadking the name on euw ....iam poor ;=;

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