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Chicken Leftover Recipes | What to Make with Leftover Chicken

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Rebecca Brand shows Leftover Chicken Recipes to make whenever you have want to make sandwiches, soups, quesadillas, casseroles, spring rolls, chicken broth, matzo ball soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken fried rice, and more from your leftover chicken. Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Like Me On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebecc... Follow Me on Twitter https://twitter.com/rebeccabrandart https://Rebeccabrandrecipes.com
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Text Comments (27)
thanks we always have chicken leftovers will check it out
LoneStar Kitchen (3 years ago)
I really enjoyed the video and the channel. I am all about using leftovers. I recently started a cooking channel if you would like to check it out.
LoneStar Kitchen (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand No problem! :)
LoneStar Kitchen (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand Thank you so much.
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+LoneStar Kitchen I like your cast iron skillet tips!
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+LoneStar Kitchen Very cool, thank you!!
firesideav (3 years ago)
YOU ~ ROCK ! !
Halsey R (3 years ago)
I need chicken salad Rebecca! so yummy
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Halsey “B” R I have that! Check out my chicken salad sandwich!
Unicorn Vloggers (3 years ago)
Love uuuu
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Mia Nabil Thank you Mia!! so nice of you!
mattyfox666 (3 years ago)
I've been chicken you out for a while now, and I don't think I can coop without you in my life now Rebecca
whomeplay (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand Beware he is a serial KILLER! He only comes out at night to feed. :-D
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+mattyfox666 ha ha!! that's good!!
Shoaib Dayaji (3 years ago)
Those recipes are awesome gd stuff
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Shoaib Dayaji Thank you!
whomeplay (3 years ago)
I will take your leftovers any day! Bone My Appetite
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+whomeplay smiles
Music is my euphoria (3 years ago)
mmmm chicken!😁
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+digi dogi :)
Angela M. (3 years ago)
Thank you for these wonderful ideas.. love this channel
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Angela M. Thank you Angela!
m Day (3 years ago)
I'm going after your Chicken Receipes now. Thanks! Have you ever considered making Bone Broth from all the bones? I do that and it makes some of the best broth ever. I use a pressure cooker and cook the bones until they are nothing but brittle paste. Then I put some chicken stock in a blender and add the bones and blend in my Ninja. Then i give the past to my kitty. He loves the bone and chicken meat/broth treat.
m Day (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Brand Hey rebecca, it takes the pressure cooker to break down the bonz in the least amount of time. Actually, I purchased some chicken thighes on sale and pressure cooked the bonz, meat and skin in the pressure cooker and I only added water and Himalayan sea salt to the mix. Then, when I could break the leg bonz between two forks, I counted it done and blended everything into a Pate for my Lucky. Then I put it in small freezer containers and froze them and brought them out a little at a time. my Lucky doesn't eat a lot at one time so I kept out about a weeks supply at a time. The meat and skin just added to the Pate.
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+m Day I love the idea of the chicken pate bones to kitty! My kitty would love that too!! How healhty! I have a chicken bone broth recipe I just released: https://youtu.be/jVl34uSt3h4 check it out, but it doesn't use a pressure cooker.
Byron Chandler (3 years ago)
Hi, Rebecca. Another great video. Your cooking tips always help, just like Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart. You are one AWESOME cook at providing excellent advice and handcrafted skills with advertising. I have a question: where can I get tips on how to make home cooked dishes like yours? Please let me know. Have a wonderful weekend, Rebecca. :) 💖💖
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Byron Chandler How nice Byron!! watch my channel for home made cooked dishes, you know you can put in your ingredients into the search box by the magnifier, that will bring up a ton of recipes for whatever you already have in your fridge! thank you byron!

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