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All New K/DA Popstar Skins - Akali Ahri Kai'sa Evelynn - League of Legends

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All New K/DA Popstar Skin Spotlight in game gameplay: - 00:22 K/DA Akali 1350 RP - 02:12 K/DA Ahri 1350 RP - 03:58 K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition 2500 Worlds Tokens - 06:45 K/DA Kai'Sa 1350 RP - 09:26 K/DA Evelynn 1350 RP ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Thanks for Watching , See You next time :) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (542)
Eldimarix (8 days ago)
K/DA Evelynn has texture glitch right now - 00:22 K/DA Akali 1350 RP - 02:12 K/DA Ahri 1350 RP - 03:58 K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition 2500 Worlds Tokens - 06:45 K/DA Kai'Sa 1350 RP - 09:26 K/DA Evelynn 1350 RP
the TEEMO LORD XD (1 day ago)
Dang Le (4 days ago)
Dát qua
SuchLucyWow (4 days ago)
How do you get 2500 world tokens though o.o
Lobo Solitario (5 days ago)
de boa então, sacar 25 reais ai fecho a skin da ahri :3
lucia linesth (5 days ago)
eso parece
Luxanna Crown guard (1 hour ago)
*_BLAↃKPIИK IN YOUR AREA!!!~_* Akali - Lisa Ahri - Jennie Kai’sa - Jisoo Evelynn - Rosè *WHERE MY FELLOW BLINKS AT!?*
Hubix (10 hours ago)
We need pimp skin now. Corki in pink Lamborghini for example.
효정 (17 hours ago)
kpop skin
LeBlanc Master (18 hours ago)
Skin to leblanc :( ???? Eve got 10 patches ago rly now . The last skin of lb was 2 years ago
LeBlanc Master (18 hours ago)
Well those beats inside akali's w its sooo cool
nuper (20 hours ago)
I see sexy my money are gone
Deracada Venom (23 hours ago)
I think the Ahri and Evelynn r my favorites I would start playing ahri just for this skin lol not the biggest fan of the Kai'Sa one tho
Marco Gaming (23 hours ago)
Is it me or blood moon eve is better than K/DA
mike vela (1 day ago)
The kAi say skin disappointments me
Frake AE (1 day ago)
WHERES K/DA URGOT?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Francisbeth Madrid (2 days ago)
i want it all! 🎶💖😍
Asiamade (2 days ago)
Out of all K/DA skins ahri looks and sounds the worst tbh...=( like she practically has nothing special coming with this skin, compare to other K/DA skins. was looking to buying in once its out, but now i feel like its not worth it.
Giraffesaur :P (2 days ago)
If you really think about it, these skins could be based off of 2NE1 since Eve looks like Minzy, Akali looks like Dara, Ahri looks like Bom, and Kaisa looks like CL
Mysterious Wanderer (2 days ago)
Wow Evelyn's ult is scary..
Nirusu (2 days ago)
K/DA Kaisa > K/DA Kaisa prestige edition.
LungLung (2 days ago)
Akali LISA? Ahri ROSE? Kai'Sa JENNIE? Evelynn JISOO?
Jaja Ganzon (2 days ago)
what is the meaning of K/DA?
Eldimarix (2 days ago)
Nao são skins superstar se não a ahri teria duas entao tá mas pra kpop
TheBason (2 days ago)
Akali looks sick
Lucya V. (3 days ago)
I'm not even mad that rito made another Ahri skin this time, it looks 10/10
Caroline Nightbloom (3 days ago)
what does k/da stand for? I get KDA stands for kill death assist, but surely it means something else for this?
John Riven (3 days ago)
Deym Evelyn skin look tasty
Iggy Azalea started a nnew kpop career?
Pool Vilca (3 days ago)
A new butt has reached the lol I mean ... Kai'Sa has a new skin
 Juan  Eccos (3 days ago)
I love the W, the music inside the smoke
nikki naval (4 days ago)
i swear ahri alrdy has a pop star skin...
Alperen Boyraz (4 days ago)
Beater Nashi (4 days ago)
wished the second kaisa skin is the prestige edition :(
Airo Canivel (4 days ago)
Another K-Pop skin for Ahri. LOL. I know she's based from a Korean myth but I think she's something more than just a Korean stereotype.
Justsomeone Random (4 days ago)
Is that the same old ahri skin or did they just make a new one because she looks so different.
Ovoo tun (4 days ago)
Are they changing the current "Popstar Ahri" to this new Popstar?
Dani min (4 days ago)
is that Korean food i see!?
Aya IST (4 days ago)
I dont wanna be the one but Im gonna be the one: akali should’ve been replaced by katarina
江育成 (4 days ago)
ahmed marzouki (4 days ago)
car please? thanks
Steven Yang (4 days ago)
this is kpop xd
Yuki Lilium (4 days ago)
i love this so much
Deja Vu (4 days ago)
Why is my ding dong hard😡😡😡
Pamyu xx (5 days ago)
I am going to cosplay eve but I need someone to borrow me lambo k?
Eldimarix (5 days ago)
K :)
Luxanna Crownguard (5 days ago)
Prestige Edition Kai'sa<3<3<3
JOHNPAUL KUN (5 days ago)
i wonder when will they update shen skin cuz you know noting much change on his skins
prommin sangta (5 days ago)
Anny Løvê (5 days ago)
I think Evelynn is a little bugie
Mokuro lance (5 days ago)
Blackpink ahri dancing girls generation lmao 😂
Hime Chan (5 days ago)
Please have mercy on my wallet.
Juju Devil (5 days ago)
does anyone know when these skins will come out?
Mr. Lactum (5 days ago)
Piece of crap I love pink popster
Glenn RoyJ (5 days ago)
What is k/da, not kill/death/assist, ffs!
hecil Gesite (5 days ago)
Why is it called K/DA? I don't get it :>
ZedfoN劫封 (5 days ago)
THAT A!!!ssssss
jamiejam (5 days ago)
im kinda confused with ahri's skin. is that going to be a new popstar skin of her or just the old one is getting reworked???
why ahry so small
XlMaryGamer (5 days ago)
Is that a new kpop group? 😂
Quirbey Caporte (5 days ago)
i think this is a girl group in kpop called BLACKPINK?..
Zenrica Fiz (2 days ago)
+Hahamut nah no one except u
Hahamut (2 days ago)
Zenrica Fiz if trashpink is here, there would be 4 more trash lol
Zenrica Fiz (2 days ago)
+Hahamut the only trash here is you
Jennifer Tsai (2 days ago)
um nooo cuz the concept is totally different? kpop isn't just bp bud.
Hahamut (2 days ago)
nah, this is way better than Trashpink
marthy martinez (5 days ago)
what is the meaning of K/DA?
Cường Đỗ (5 days ago)
This is kind of dad's wordplay from Ahri . You know the word K-pop or K-drama ? . It's mean Korea So instead of Kpop star , K-Assasins , K-Dancer ,... Riot choose K/DA to relevant to the game . That is so lame :))
Eldimarix (5 days ago)
Kill/Death Assist
innerbloom (5 days ago)
akali and ahri look so good damn
深夜詩人 (5 days ago)
why no xayah QAQ
Akashi Seijuro (5 days ago)
What is the meaning of K/DA? Kill/Death Assist?
Eldimarix (5 days ago)
jamesbn23 (5 days ago)
Nah not feeling these skins :/
iVelvae (5 days ago)
4:35 when Kai'sa laughs her body stretches YIKES
yay (5 days ago)
oh so thats why i got bullet kai sa in a chest
I need eve
Molly Jumawan (5 days ago)
Is pop star ahri a new chroma?
FutureSelf 2056 (5 days ago)
lilpandanesegirl (5 days ago)
Dominik Dietzel (5 days ago)
she will get the victorious skin ;)
Polly Dang (5 days ago)
Are you kidding me...an ahri skin again. SHE ALREADY HAS A POPSTAR SKIN. OML RIOT
Baphomet (5 days ago)
Yeah that pornstar, this is KDA, also these are a sets of limited skins I think.
DarklwXD XD (5 days ago)
so wait popstar ahri skin get a rework? or what now?
Weldan Tursun (5 days ago)
WDF is the difference of K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition between K/DA Kai'Sa RIOT??? its just chroma and u sell it as a skin not a chroma?? But they are all amazing skins by the way
Arkardu (5 days ago)
Weldan Tursun No they dont. It’s a special exclusive chroma.
Skellymon (5 days ago)
im surprised none of them have different dances tbh.. considering they are kpop skins
Bro (5 days ago)
Axwell Fox (5 days ago)
what is wrong with eve o_o
Eldimarix (5 days ago)
texture glitch
Shielix (5 days ago)
Ahri: (I know I saw a TWICE member with that clothes on or similar in a recent awards), Lisa BP. Could also be reference to Icecream Cake era of RV Akali: GG's "I got a boy", BP Rosé hat obsession, could also be CL from 2en1 Eve: Momo TWICE (PINK LAMBORGHINI) and Jisoo BP Kai'Sa: BP Jennie and TWICE Dahyun's bun hairstyle with RV Joy's Bad Boy clothing style.
Fernando Lucero (5 days ago)
Me gusta la skin de ahri
my name is GM (5 days ago)
What next? Kpop Urgot, Kpop Zilean or Kpop Ryze?
Mannz Paunil (12 hours ago)
my name is GM ggv
The God of College (4 days ago)
Would loke to see that THICC urgot
quoc bao le (6 days ago)
Succ Me (6 days ago)
1:20 I swear to god I heard Howard the Alien on that Akali W
LUIS GARCIA (6 days ago)
El aspecto de Evelyn está buggeado
Dino Gnarr (6 days ago)
What Does K/Da mean?
Eldimarix (5 days ago)
BHS Blast (6 days ago)
Meaning of K/DA?
Eldimarix (5 days ago)
Rin Draug (6 days ago)
They all look so bad wtf
Toan Vũ Thị (6 days ago)
Black Pink in your area ??
Is K/DA kaisa Prestige Edition skin a chroma or a own skin?
Eldimarix (5 days ago)
new skin / it's not a chroma skin
Alex Darum (6 days ago)
Evelynn is on a *PINK LAMBORGHIINII* 😂😂 Onces can understand
Beto 1026 (15 hours ago)
Momo xd
John Robert (3 days ago)
Momo kkkkk
Tommy Tommy (4 days ago)
You're hurt!!!!! (Sorry for my bad english
雪音Yukine (4 days ago)
Alex Darum Pinkeu lamborghini
Random Stuffs (5 days ago)
Alex Darum YEP
Luca Shi (6 days ago)
Achie' Anz (6 days ago)
RIOT in your area...!!
lilpandanesegirl (6 days ago)
They need to make POP STAR ORIANNA
Andre Destian (6 days ago)
what recall song from?
What does K/DA means?
Miguel Ángel Adorna (6 days ago)
Ahri's skin is a rework?
PandaWall 。 (6 days ago)
Is it just me or is it when k/da ahri recalls she stands still at the end and stand stills when at base unlike the others?
xXSakura ChanXx (6 days ago)
Thank god I have Ahris skin
LeoLeuchtkanone Linus (6 days ago)
I really do like these skins with those awsome soundeffects but....really? Did they REALLY need to: SEXUALISATION INTENSIFIES
Marcin Zhang (6 days ago)
Plz change this kaisa's hair and dance
Bartosz Bielicki (7 days ago)
Hara SGD (7 days ago)
ko đep trừ akali và kaisa
Monkeyman (7 days ago)
Odyssey Kayn skin's dance was to test how much skins they can sell with K-POP.... this is the fruition of Riot's diabolical plans!
The first ever Hoe Skinline
SexCannonMusic (7 days ago)
Oh god , that popstar akali skin is gonna make mah friend go nutz xD
Arphaxad Basiloña (7 days ago)
Wtf is K/da? I know what it means originally , but what does it mean in these line of skins?

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