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The Try Guys Break Into A House • Santa Spectacular: Part 2

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To truly understand what it means to be Santa, the Try Guys sneak into a home to deliver a very important present. The second in our special three-part Santa Spectacular! Special Thanks to Santa Ed! http://thatsantaguy.com Support New Economics for Women and the great work that they do. FB - newecon4women Twitter - NEWEco4Women http://www.neweconomicsforwomen.org/ MUSIC Carol Of The Bells Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks. (https://www.Audioblocks.com) Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam + The Try Guys https://www.facebook.com/tryguys GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo www.instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo www.buzzfeed.com/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet BUZZFEED VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo
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Text Comments (6733)
Madds Hatter (13 hours ago)
4:29 "shes dosent knows its us .... little girl" who does that😂😂😂
shikamaru nayeerat (1 day ago)
Seriously, can anyone poop in someone else's toilet and leave it there? Seriously?😝😝
kiah jones (1 day ago)
The fact that Ned's wife went without Ned is worrying
Joseph Castro (2 days ago)
Are they gonna talk about how they scared Neds wife Ariel a lot
Bianca Giarola (2 days ago)
" An abacato..thaanks... " I love this vine 😂😂😂
Diamond Kid005 (2 days ago)
This shows them that they need to up there security
Dung Vo (3 days ago)
breaking into a house is so easy...
Chloe yang (4 days ago)
Ah yes, the wildly exotic species: Santa Mice
ReBELLEion (5 days ago)
“An avocado... thanks” Vine reference anyone?
Kaden Posadas (5 days ago)
6:22 really Zack smh
Doggo’s Radom World (5 days ago)
It’s an avacado.......thaaanks
Amy B (5 days ago)
Eugene quietly giggling at a plate of chocolates is everything I've ever needed
Cassidy Dutson (5 days ago)
I wouldn’t go wake up my husband if there was three Santa’s in my home whispering “little girl”. I would get any kind of weapon and yeet them back to the north pole
Grace Hagen (6 days ago)
Fr cried
Jean Paniagua (7 days ago)
Definitely my favorite episode of th try guys XD. Poor Ariel. You scared her to death.
veggiesaremurder (7 days ago)
And this is why we need guns! At least one. Just in case. To shoot your friends when they come to give you gifts.
Catherine Belmonte (8 days ago)
i felt so bad for neds wife she sounded terrified
Noor Almajali (8 days ago)
Little girl little girl - kieth 2015
FBI agent (10 days ago)
I can't stop laughing wtf 😂😂
Cece Skinner (11 days ago)
I love how Ariel was stood, staring at Eugene, Keith and Zach for a minute straight and had no idea who they were; yet Ned took one look at them and knew exactly who they were! 😂❤
Elf Vina (11 days ago)
Omg I feel so bad for Ariel she must of been so scared 😂
Deacon Tchappat (12 days ago)
1:46 Santa do da roof
Jem. grice (12 days ago)
Pray for Ariel next Xmas she must’ve been terrified 😂🙏🏻
Thomas Jefferson (14 days ago)
I feel sorry for Ned’s wife like walks out to see 3 grown men in her living room at 3 am xD
Parker French (14 days ago)
"Little girl! Little girl!" Oh I'm sure that out her at ease.
panda kookie (14 days ago)
Quiet like little Santa mice
Kunal Bajaj (15 days ago)
Did Eugene Flush?
Non Metaphoricflop (16 days ago)
“it’s an avocado.... thaaaaanks....”
"It's a avocado... thaaanks" (like if you get the reference)
Twix ASMR (16 days ago)
1:55 Zach is adorable in the santa suit
Taylor White (17 days ago)
Santa motherf*ckers
mality (6 days ago)
An avocado................thaaaaaaaaanks
Bears 02 (17 days ago)
Poor ariel
K.T. And S.G. (17 days ago)
Broke into Ned’s house, gave him an avocado
Cute Taco (17 days ago)
5:49 life imitates art :/
Hannah K (18 days ago)
I only just noticed ndds present is linked to a meme
LexiPop890 - (20 days ago)
Its an avocadoooo..... *Thankkkssss*
Alexis R. (21 days ago)
So... Did Eugene explain the poop?
watevs000 (22 days ago)
You know what’s even funnier, Ned’s wife KNOWING it was them and being like ‘I ain’t dealing with this tonight, Ned come deal with ur friends’
TheMightyDuck 111 (22 days ago)
Aww you guys should have given Ned a dildo
Iris Dou (23 days ago)
Iris Dou (23 days ago)
*Zach, you whisper very loudly.*
dab master (23 days ago)
I thought *SANTA* was ded.
Bee gone (24 days ago)
I cried laughing
KI KI (24 days ago)
“Theres no shushing, shes right over there” This part was so funnnnnnnyyyyyyyy😭😭
Cool Cactus (24 days ago)
“Little girl”
smolpotato (25 days ago)
The iconic “It’s an avocado.......tthhhannnnkkksss”
smolpotato (25 days ago)
They do realise they could have turned the lights on
smolpotato (25 days ago)
‘Santa Claus’ NOT Tim Allen
bethy&_& (27 days ago)
It's an avocadooo, thankssss 😂 hahaha who knows that vine 😂
um...anyone else concerned lmao I mean "Santa" has no problem sneaking into the houses even with alarms and stuff.
2 awkward beans (27 days ago)
How is this not breaking and entering
Whistling Banshee (28 days ago)
Why did Ariel go investigate the scary noises!? Man up Ned!!
Abby Smith (28 days ago)
it's an avocado..... thanks....
Raff (28 days ago)
1:25 gangster santa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
White Asian (28 days ago)
Would’ve been funnier if they got him a pregnancy test
carlee saunders (28 days ago)
This just scary the f*** out me. If you can get in a youtuber house so quickly.....what I about my future house?? F*** anexity times 10
Natattack Andrus (29 days ago)
Pamela Mallari (29 days ago)
I really hope Eugene flushed on his way out...
Kat Wolf (29 days ago)
It's an avocado! Thanks....
RGamercray (1 month ago)
*an avocado... thanksss*
Pink Monkey (1 month ago)
Omg how scared was Ariel
T E R R I F I E D (1 month ago)
Ariel was so scared awww lmao
Johanna Romero (1 month ago)
Anyone came from The Try Guys 4-year anniversary video?
Kirsten Lunsford (1 month ago)
We’re little Santa mice!!! Omgggggg I died
Janeiedare (1 month ago)
It's an aVoCaDo! Thanks....
XD lol (1 month ago)
Its scary how easy they unlocked the door :|
Anvitha Reddy (1 month ago)
we love a good vine reference
BOOMBASTIC BOOM (1 month ago)
If was in the place of ariel i would scream and get a baseball bat and hit those naughty santas and i would apologize them for sure
Jelly WHAJ (1 month ago)
“Little girl...” “Little girl...”
J Kwan (1 month ago)
Lol did Eugene have their back door key? How the hell did they get in
Edden Ishaaya (1 month ago)
Santa left a present under the tree! *And also in the Toilet!*
Brooke Schwartz (1 month ago)
I can imagine the neighbors finding them trying to break in and they have to try to explain what's going on and how they know Ned so the neighbor will let them break in
Brooke Schwartz (1 month ago)
Eugene left an extra present for Ned to find
Mina Miyazaki (1 month ago)
Broke into his house for an avocado
Letícia Karine (1 month ago)
Ariel's reaction was the best part!!!
Alex stars (1 month ago)
Yesss it's avocado thannnkks
Bookgirl333 (1 month ago)
chloe chun (1 month ago)
it’s an avocado! thaaanks.
Jinkookie (1 month ago)
i think its a badger
artiimys (1 month ago)
ned finding the poop....
Aria Internets (1 month ago)
He's all grown up 😅😂
Dianne Kryshma Miguel (1 month ago)
More like "Try guys try ASMR while ned is sleeping."
Krispi (1 month ago)
lol How pissed was Ned's wife?
Liz Lang (1 month ago)
It'S An AvOcAdO ThAnKS
sarah (1 month ago)
why did that seem so easy for someone to break into his house
Faith Masheimer (1 month ago)
Poor Ariel, she thought people broke into her house and then found poop in her toilet
rexxed757 (1 month ago)
im one of the biggest Christmas hatters because halloween which is the best holiday ever is just as big as christmas and is at least a thousand years older since it was celebrated long before christ was even relevant
ES.AY. AM (1 month ago)
an underrated series
Granate La Magnate (1 month ago)
5:50 OMG, the vine " IT´S AN AVOCADO, THANKSSS"
Ysa Irlandez (1 month ago)
When I found out what's inside the present is an avocado I was seriously waiting for Ned to say "An avocado! Thanks..." And he did! Classic vine!😂😂😂
Jeremiah Whitaker (1 month ago)
I wish someone had threw a cookie at Ned's wife to knock her out so they didn't get caught😂😂😂
Alessandra OldLand (1 month ago)
This is still the funniest video ever
Jaylen Warren (1 month ago)
Bruh you commented this three times
Alessandra OldLand (1 month ago)
This is still the funniest video ever
Alessandra OldLand (1 month ago)
This is still the funniest video ever
Camilla Rolleri (1 month ago)
They should do it to another try guy next Christmas
Rachel Martin (1 month ago)
Amalyn Leong (1 month ago)
well i do love avoCADOES wow so low
paint me in trust (1 month ago)
5:12 ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha
Sasha Yurevna (1 month ago)

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