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These new runes are actually insane... can't wait to see what else I can do with them! Runes used: https://gyazo.com/342998bcb99849f38adc9693536fa3d1
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Aleksandar Goras (18 days ago)
Fuck you noob wont the runes not your usles game
MR WHAT GAMES! (4 months ago)
Yeh but i just got a game with 23kills and 0 deaths Guess What A+ ;(
SR HD (5 months ago)
Your video was awesome, right up until the Point where you said Garen is Shitty...wtf man...
K3wb93 (6 months ago)
Mirta Altavilla (7 months ago)
Sos un asco
Trịnh Hoàng Tùng (8 months ago)
Not afraid of strong enemy only fear of teammates as cow.
paTres (8 months ago)
U boost other acc? Boost my acc ty :)
JM_ Mijares (8 months ago)
Where is the runes?
Quentin Segaud (9 months ago)
9:36 "I should have warded the brush" Hahaha
Raed Gaaya (9 months ago)
so noob bro <3
mario morales (9 months ago)
Para q llevas la maestria de daño a la torre si vas full ad?
Jin Freeks (9 months ago)
mario morales well, this video is from october, the rune was broken back then, had too much base damage even without building hp
Profi42 (9 months ago)
Me when playing LoL 7:30 "Oh-oh I dont know what that is, but it looks pretty dangerous" :-D
Teko Knight (9 months ago)
Warlords. Your using Warlords.
Pharaoh Carter (9 months ago)
Had to subscribe because to make look easy. noobs wont know ur literally explaining how to play the game..... " challenger mechanics" LMAOO i died
Sean Kim (9 months ago)
"These guys are on crack" Or mabye they are bronze 5 XD
Pepa Rodriquez (9 months ago)
where are even the runes at?
Infamous (9 months ago)
So a mastery that was ass for top laners S7 is good S8? Shows how good the rune system is xD
Pierre Dachoute (9 months ago)
Did he just said garen is shitty?
Mark (9 months ago)
anyone got a better link to the rune setup because for some reason gyazo is shit for me and I'm curious as to what this setup was
Sven (9 months ago)
Garen <3
Tahzeeb Alvi (9 months ago)
I do main garen still i have this question that why dont players usually play garen in international matches?
Jasper Spierings (9 months ago)
For anyone who wants to have my account go ahead: I got all champs, lots of skins, at least 14 masteries 7. i played the game since season 2 and i'm so addicted to it that it's maybe better for me just to give it away so i can leave it behind me and start a real life. (instead playing 12 hours a day this game) I play on the server Latin American North Login name: Rubenpolle Password: Kkaap123 Please change the password so i can never go back again.
joel ruvalcaba (9 months ago)
Jasper Spierings rip
AssassinBros (9 months ago)
Hey Hey 1v1 me I think im the best garen na :)
Ares TCM (9 months ago)
what is the PVE he said
xHa7e (9 months ago)
Nice !!!!!!
Pepa Rodriquez (9 months ago)
u think ur cool? hahaha follow me at @viralyss in instagram
Albin Barnell (9 months ago)
are u bronze ?
- Banana - (9 months ago)
Would this rune set up work for any other top lane champs? Maybe Darius?
JLou (9 months ago)
Glacierr, I main Garen to and I'm in PBE too wanna battle :3 I really want to fight with you man ^^
JLou (9 months ago)
Glacierr my man, Add me on PBE, It's J da Louzz
Derploop (9 months ago)
'Gotta use the challenger mechanics, the macro and the micro'- Instantly breaks own freeze
End Me Now (9 months ago)
Is it because of you that the game where I wanted to try Irelia and the enemy is Garen that I got fucked into the ground.
Andrew Lee (9 months ago)
'Block some of that TRUE DAMAGE" - The Glascierr 10/2017
Ninja tabi to block true damage?....btw you dont block true damage by any means necesery.....really...
felho (9 months ago)
Flet foot work is the worst keystone It was such a small healing the only good thing is the move speed
Project Lucian (9 months ago)
I got Penta on Garen. My build Cleaver+Sunphire+Deadman+Warmog+Infinity+ Boots
Shy Kaiman (9 months ago)
Doesn't have A talent similar to the one u used before? Stormraider
CptBene (9 months ago)
U are just bad?
nim fix (9 months ago)
armour boots help vs true dmg o.O
Yasuicide (9 months ago)
"5 bronze players on my team"
Aqua Vitae (9 months ago)
When your team does not group... #elohell
Lucas Biermann (9 months ago)
always with the bad calls D: 100% of the games i watch u have really bad calls. push enough so the waves pushes naturally and group or you will lose man. the cd on the turret extra damage is 45 seconds use it and get back to your team your team had no front if you were there to make the trist use her jump only to get away she wouldn't help that much on the team fights
Pocong Joget123 (9 months ago)
He stiil noob ...bcaz he stiil chase that kayn...i know he will die that time bcaz i garen main to
RighteousSideOfhell (9 months ago)
I legit have no clue why you were so passive after you had dirk. Like what can she even do to you? You have too much damage for her to fight.
nikolaj møller (9 months ago)
''Get ninja tabi's to negate some of that truedamage'' x.D
Jake The Snake (9 months ago)
i wasnt the only one xD
Spartan7731 (9 months ago)
Adding your Q doesn't do anything special to the tower destruction rune, or at least it shouldn't. The damage is based on a flat amount plus a percentage of your HP.
The Glacierr (9 months ago)
It does tho because it's adding additional damage to my auto attack.
NO2im0sparticus (9 months ago)
Garen is so simplistic it actualy makes him bad
NO2im0sparticus (9 months ago)
That's very true maybe i should give him a chance and see if i can climb
The Glacierr (9 months ago)
That's the beauty here, you don't need to focus on your mechanics on the champion, you can focus on getting good at your macro play and winning the game.
minh cù (9 months ago)
you should have a pre-introduce about your rune trees. that's be more easy to follow
Jesse Martin (9 months ago)
I think you probably lost because you built damage on Garen..
Zaphos (9 months ago)
Little Man (10 months ago)
he called it a pinkward lmao
Shin Grenzlinie (10 months ago)
700k Garen main here from Thailand ❤️
ThatOneGuy (10 months ago)
Are you playing with a controller?
Crippling Depression (10 months ago)
Try this build: Black cleaver -> Death's Dance -> Titanic Hydra -> Sterak's Gauge? -> Deadman's plate. Boots at will
Ryan Wong (10 months ago)
You can do a variation of this right now on normal using 18/0/12 with Warlord's bloodlust. I personally use this setup when playing Garen jungle.
Guilherme Melo (10 months ago)
Demolish scales with max health. If youre goin for lethality garen, it wont be that good.
SuperChalm (10 months ago)
Wouldnt over sheild on Mundo give him a permenat shield for his max health because of his passive?
Vetryx Blackfox (10 months ago)
*garen sux*
Javier Quiroz Vásquez (10 months ago)
Wait.... aint Warlord's Bloodlust the same thing? Why are u sayin that as if that is new... ? WTF? i missed something?
Lilhinesy (9 months ago)
Yeah it’s basically the same haha I bet this isn’t even garens best keystone
The Glacierr (9 months ago)
It's similar but 10x stronger
Amine Dridi (10 months ago)
people laugh when i say am main GAREN but they shit themselves when they play against me hahaha i have talent with garen and with the Glacierr's help daaaaaamn thx dude you're boosting up my game
Doglas Santatna (9 months ago)
I feel that too I main Garen too and I get shit from enemy AND my own team
Giorgioksk (10 months ago)
I know that your team fed them, but I'm not sure if Garen can carry low elo games with the new rune system...
Kevin Schiltz (10 months ago)
What was that song startin at 5:20 please?
Kevin Schiltz (10 months ago)
The Glacierr Okay I see now worries, thank you very much for your reply tho. Highly appreciated keep up the great work!:)
The Glacierr (10 months ago)
An hour long NCS mix not sure what the name of the song is :/
Olivia Ramirez (10 months ago)
fuck you
The Glacierr (10 months ago)
Rodolfo Amorosino Krause (10 months ago)
did you daid "lest go ninja tabis so you can BLOCK SOME OF THAT TRUE DAMGAGE" ? XD
Sir Topazium (10 months ago)
Can you try Electrocute and Cheap Shot? Since a silence is an impairment, your e will do bonus true damage while they are silenced.
ichigosbro (10 months ago)
Glacier, I like your vids but you want to use ninja tabi's to block some of that TRUE damage (5:46)??
Sergeant Doodoo Gaming (10 months ago)
Is anyone else irritated by the opposite colored minions?
Hassan Hamdy (10 months ago)
such a perfect team u got there xD
RimFrost (10 months ago)
xristos Grozos (10 months ago)
Well play Glacierr 😁..awesome game play.hope your team listen to you...
Sunburn Retrovs (10 months ago)
still season 7 for me
jorge villarroel (10 months ago)
Tks bro!! ;)... what do you feel about this?: SORCERY, Phase rush (key rune), The ultimate hat, Celerity, Gathering storm. RESOLVE, Demolish, Conditioning. I dont know if Celerity gain the bonus of PH/AD with Phase Rush.... be worth?
Romminnoodles (10 months ago)
Awesome videos. Learned tons off your garen plays. Keep it up ^-^
teamlabam (10 months ago)
Even if you lost the long range ults always make the videos worth it
Alexandre Le Flem (10 months ago)
Someone know the title of track at 4 and 10 min ?
mike Fernander (10 months ago)
can you link ur rune page for him and mastery's
Jose Espinoza (10 months ago)
So I used to main garen for a while and got shit on too much so I gave up on him and the game in general even though I felt I was good with him, I saw your build and tried it and climbed out of bronze to gold carrying almost every game. Thanks my man, best regards to you!
league of fiora (10 months ago)
play the hexflash thing to make the garen in the bush unreal!!!
yusuf reis (10 months ago)
bad team dude :(
PRIDESTAKER 97 (10 months ago)
was waiting for this man
Matt Lile (10 months ago)
What do you think of the new Steraks Gage and how would you recommend implementing it into your build? The item is more expensive.
The Glacierr (10 months ago)
Not sure, all I know is that I don't think I like it anymore since they took away it's damage and the extra power you got with your triforce...
Luke Cotte (10 months ago)
i try so hard to follow your example in the vids for garren but i just cant seem to get the hang of it which sucks because i really like this champ
Jose Espinoza (10 months ago)
Luke Cotte I still use it in my build, I know I'm a random guy and not the glacier but I've climbed out of bronze to gold with garen and I'm still climbing. I buy the youmuus, phage and sheen out of tri-force, then jarims fist (because it stacks). Complete tri then get steraks, it's increased base ad and makes you Tanky asf for an ad build
Padurus lulul (10 months ago)
you are playing against ppl from bronze and u are saying shit is crazy op, just fuck off man
NO2im0sparticus (9 months ago)
I think garen just makes people salty hes bad in team comp most of the time
The Glacierr (10 months ago)
This is on the PBE server.. I'm trying to showcase new runes and garen's new potential.....
Nananake (10 months ago)
so you stopped the climbing on the easiest server?
iLeague (9 months ago)
Adam Smith No, it is NA. NA is the easiest server, euw is actually one of the most skilled servers. (1- KR 2- EUW 3- EUNE 4- OCE 5- NA)
Adam Smith (9 months ago)
Easiest server to climb aka EU
The Glacierr (10 months ago)
Basically what happened is that riot decided to cuck me and double the ping from 65 to 125 so there is nothing I can do about it. Working on the final episode to close everything out right now.
John James (10 months ago)
LordCavalord Seems like it he never commits to anything only playing jayce for 30 days yeah ok
Fat Bear2025 (10 months ago)
999 views lol
pesho kelemeto (10 months ago)
20nd comment
Emma (10 months ago)
I should really start playing garen again
BloodOnMars (9 months ago)
Na, stick with alkali. ;)
empty (10 months ago)
elo unbalance... finally someone says it... this is what I deal every rank game
Alec Constable (6 months ago)
Yep. Like the ADC Thresh I had on my team in my promos that went 3-19
Kalo Dawg (9 months ago)
the only elo unbalance is him playing against bronze division players and claiming CRAZY NEW GAREN BUILD OPEEEE. i know this is pbe, but for christ's sake, even he plays like a bronze.
Mike Van IJzendoorn (9 months ago)
not really but the salt level in most league players is huge becausse there is a chanse you lose because of something you didn't do and its a game... games should be played to relax, have fun and do with friends so i dont get why ppl rage so much
empty (10 months ago)
PBE Ranked FLEX Regular ARAM the system is broken
Spearhead165 (10 months ago)
They aren't talking about ranked games though... They're talking about PBE
Leon SA (10 months ago)
800k mastery point garen I will be 1 million soon. but glacier thats yhe problem in low elos sometimes ur bot feeds so what can u do about it?
Jose Espinoza (10 months ago)
Leon SA focus on creating so much pressure up too that the enemy either chooses to fight your team and lose 2 towers or all come for you
shalev mikmak (10 months ago)
one shot the fed adc then your team can clean up
Romz 2004 (10 months ago)
I hate it when I go against an ahri you can't even get near her especially when I'm using garen
Shah Faisal (3 months ago)
Hide inthe fucking bush
Ethan Ricardo (7 months ago)
Romz 2004 in what situation are you fighting an ahri?
Pirthi Indall (8 months ago)
Hector E. Martinez how so? It’s been the biggest issue with garen. That is why he doesn’t get any competitive play
Hector E. Martinez (8 months ago)
Pirthi Indall Ok now you're getting a little TOO ahead of yourself man
Remgar Z (9 months ago)
Use Frozen mallet
Arjit Mishra (10 months ago)
Hey man thanks for this video. I started league 3 months back and I am currently silver 4. Your videos helped me in gaining confidence to chose garen as my main. I love garen but people usually said that he is brain dead and can easily be countered but your tips helped me to prove them wrong. And please can you make video on top lane jax and darius with new runes please. Again ton of thanks for good garen video. DAMaaaaaaaaaaaCIA , JUSTICE :D
Alex Nick (10 months ago)
Arjit Mishra I got diamond with Garen. Won lost matches so many times.He is a sword that turns into Excalibur if played right(mastered).
Jake Nathaniel Abad (10 months ago)
Good tips but never assume a win whenever there's an enemy kayn
Crynn (10 months ago)
iLeague (9 months ago)
Igor Rajković (10 months ago)
Why didnt you hit that tower at 5:11 ? Its not like you will oneshot it right away, you could get a nice chunk of dmg at it.
zafiris kalopramatidis (10 months ago)
he wants to deny irelia as much farm as possible and he can achieve that by letting turret kill some, he can keep his level advantage and there is nothing irelia can do there :)
DeMatzen (10 months ago)
Thanks for teaching so much! Since i watched your how to win and climb videos my winrate rocketed to over 60% from embarrassingly low (like 30 or so?) so thanks :D
Gman Hammer (10 months ago)
Luiz Carlos Alborghetti (10 months ago)
Luiz Carlos Alborghetti (7 months ago)
Garen Pro Demacia ❤❤❤
Garen Pro (7 months ago)
I love Garen too bro https://youtu.be/cGsenOTsF4M
Luiz Carlos Alborghetti (7 months ago)
João Paulo Perdoado
Luiz Carlos Alborghetti (7 months ago)
João Paulo Vc me chamo de GORDO, me ofendeu só ISSO
Luiz Carlos Alborghetti (7 months ago)
João Paulo Sou magro, 1,80 tudo bem pra vc?
Elvir Elko (10 months ago)
Could you win agains a jax one trick?
-qp- Get1x (10 months ago)

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