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How to Make Pizza Dough

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Learn how to make pizza dough Rebecca Brand shows how to make by hand, an easy pizza dough recipe, no appliances needed and fast. Shopping by bulk, the ingredients cost only $0.40 per batch! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rebeccabrandrecipes Like Us On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/rebeccabrandproductions Rebecca Brand at http://RecipeHouseTV.com
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Text Comments (52)
Smoke 28 (6 months ago)
don't mix the salt in the yeast mixture because you're killing the yeast if you did that ... you should to mix it in flour
Rebecca Brand (6 months ago)
Good tip -- thanks for your "take" on the recipe Smoke 28
jerr bear (10 months ago)
Am I the only one that clicked on this to check out the hot MILF??? she is making my dough rise and get real hard . LOL
Shamail Jogezai (11 months ago)
Salt actually kills the yeast
Brian (2 years ago)
A technique you devised huh? Just stop....
Mercy Agbeko (2 years ago)
soft fly or had flash
Mercy Agbeko (2 years ago)
send me the recipe again
N&S Production (3 years ago)
Rebecca can you give me a pizza dough recipe for only 1 pizza please
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+Shukriya Chowdhury That is tough, you can try to divide this one.
t davis (3 years ago)
Can you PLEASE make more pizza's Thank you XOxo
t davis (3 years ago)
Really!.. No I didn't see your veggie pizza but I am going to look for it. It sound so GOOD Lol   Thank You XOxo 
Rebecca Brand (3 years ago)
+t davis OK, great! I have like 7, but more would be good. Did you see my veggie pizza? It has a fast rise dough.
rlopezfilio (4 years ago)
I am so prou to do pizza homemade thanks for you recipe .I love it.
JustSurvive♥ (4 years ago)
Where do u get yeast?
RebecaAriana™ (3 years ago)
+Mason Robb walmart
Mason Robb (3 years ago)
+JustSurvive♥ Like anywhere!
Unicorn Vloggers (4 years ago)
Hopefully doing this Friday :)))
Christian Rios (4 years ago)
Look's gr
Gleekfanz (5 years ago)
Thanks for the tips! I've been wanting to make a perfect pizza dough :D
Callimotz (5 years ago)
Are you using all purpose four or bread flour?
oh arthur (3 years ago)
sajjlink123 (5 years ago)
exwhyz33 (5 years ago)
It may be easier to add the water/yeast mixture to a mound of 3-cup flour on a flat surface (like a builder making mortar mix). First, create a little dip in the middle of the flour, like a volcano. Mix with hands only.
exwhyz33 (5 years ago)
yes, the convection mode gives the same results.
NiCole Sky (5 years ago)
Thx for your response & again for your terrific recipe! I figured the packet of yeast was around 2 tsp, but never measured of course. I also learned from a foodie website you can freeze leftover dough for a couple months. When you need the dough take it out to thaw completely. I will make note of your fridge timeline as well. Because you seem so fun & your recipes rock, you now have a new subscriber :)
NiCole Sky (5 years ago)
Excellent dough technique!! Its so nice to see a dough recipe with out that ultra expensive Kitchenaide. I used your technique four times and each time its worked perfectly. I will add that I improvised your recipe (used 1 small packet of yeast, 1 1/3 cup of water, let it foam then added salt, sugar and oil after the yeast.) Again, its the technique that works perfectly! A BIG THANK YOU!!! By the way: What do you do with extra dough? If you freeze it, please explain briefly. Thanks again!
chetan vallish (5 years ago)
1 question..... if you have to use the same base in a microwave (convection mode) is it possible????
Lety Espinosa (5 years ago)
I'll make this! Thanks for this recipe!!
Arthur Rakhmatullin (5 years ago)
Dear Rebecca, I am just a novince in cooking so plz excuse me if my question is little silly. What if I add salt some time after I mixed the flour with the solution?
Liz Larson (6 years ago)
Thank you Rebecca, I love making homemade pizza! Liz
djerroud mohamed saleh (6 years ago)
i think they are 2 persons don't like pizza.
william petillo (6 years ago)
Mss:Brand Get job You put your all in all into it The pizza dough was perfect.Keep it up and maybe you'll kick Martha stewart off the air.BOUNA FORTUNA-Good luck in Italian
Rachael Fowler (6 years ago)
Hey! just a little tip from baker to baker, id go check out sourdoughs international for some bada** sourdough starter. i got the san francisco and OMG way good, came out great. Happy baking!
Jonas Rosenven (6 years ago)
Yeah.. I'm sure he was a really nice guy. He should probably stop posting comments though. Doesn't seem to be working out for him that well. I would suggest adding at least 1 cup of sugar to the picture of the person he wants to be :)
Nick (6 years ago)
Is it ok if the salt is omitted it is rising right now and I completely forgot the salt
Jonas Rosenven (6 years ago)
Congratulations. You are a real gentleman.
LouiseMarie DelSanto (6 years ago)
Love, love love your videos...am cooking right along with you!!!! Thank you...
woolie1965 (6 years ago)
this lady is amazing, i like the way she explain loud and clear , well done i am going to try it
AWhiteDead (6 years ago)
Nice Recipe! I will sure try it :D
Yakuso Dax (6 years ago)
Do you need yeast or can you use baking powder instead?
The Youngwolf (6 years ago)
you're welcome and i love your videos
The Youngwolf (6 years ago)
okay whatever you say... i don't start internet arguments
The Youngwolf (6 years ago)
are you gay? she is beautiful and she can cook!
42Ginger42 (6 years ago)
You look vibrant and beautiful. Keep smiling!
Nicole 0183 (6 years ago)
oh thank you so much! Now i can do thin crust pizza at home and amaze my guests with it!! :)
Markipliersbiggestfan (6 years ago)
excuse me.....i freaking LOVE bb....GO IAN !!!!
sanjathefabulous (6 years ago)
thank you i watch every video with Pleasure
tyeshoren (6 years ago)
i like your 1-2-3 flour technique I've made pizza's at home as a kid but allot of the dough ended up being wasted.
ChefGiovanni (6 years ago)
You are hotter than the rest. Use a thermometer to make sure the water temp is correct. Pick one up @ Chef Depot . c o m
ChefGiovanni (6 years ago)
Use a thermometer, water should be 90 - 110 f. I like you !
Garnett M (6 years ago)
Nicely done .
sanjathefabulous (6 years ago)
good videos very professional excellent cooking ,baking it's a real shame you don't have more viewers people today spend to much time on Big Brother, The Survivors, The Amazing Race and Fear Factor. .and stuff like that to bad people are missing something here

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