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You're Bad at Drunk Texting!

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Text Comments (213)
Jeremy Marcone (13 days ago)
Omfg tinfoil after the dad one is great
John Rogers (22 days ago)
Obviously you have never seen the movie Chatterbox!?
Brianna Graham (1 month ago)
super_moist _grandma (2 months ago)
I got so drunk when i was 15 that i somehow managed to make it 3 hours away from where i started and woke up on some randoms front porch. They somehow knew me from the night before at another persons party and invited me back to their joint. Best week ive ever had. Got plenty of roots, free piss and food plus a place to crash when i felt the need. Then i had to take 2 busses to get home. I got in so much trouble but it was worth it
Gzuz1245 (3 months ago)
2:25 Read it to the beat of "Do you hear the people sing" from Les Misérables. You're welcome.
George Rojas (4 months ago)
I wanna see fluffy do dumb drunk shit
Dede3z (4 months ago)
2:22 reading error
Hope Sunshine (5 months ago)
I'm a midget. So yea
stink finger (5 months ago)
Most of these are just jokes.
Suzie Phillips (5 months ago)
Last year in Tarpon Springs, FL, a man called 911 to report that his wife had turned into a black widow spider. The cops must come to check. The wide was NOT a spider, but the guy calling was drunk. The cops advised him to go into his bedroom and sleep it off. A little while later, he calls 911 again. His wife had morphed into a black widow spider...again. Cops went back out and took the idiot to jail. The wife was not a spider so she stayed at home. Don't worry about the guy needing a lawyer. He was a retired lawyer!!!
Roxas Uzumaki (5 months ago)
Ok new series "you're fucking drunk!"
ColdDead Hands (5 months ago)
These are fucking hilarious! More please..
John Smolinski (5 months ago)
You can put metal in a microwave, just not tin foil.
2:25 reference to Les Miserables - Do you hear the people sing?
Corina Streahorn (5 months ago)
WOBNIARY (5 months ago)
Is no one else going to point out that there's actually a movie about a talking/singing vagina? Seriously, it's called Chatterbox.
Omicron (5 months ago)
2:27 I think that was a referance to the song that rebels sings in Les Miserables
James Von Blitza (5 months ago)
If that’s my ex Morgan you found a real winner
Thankfully i'm not the only 1 checking to make sure they left a utensil in leftovers in the microwave.
Elsy Segovia (5 months ago)
yakanies (5 months ago)
I liked ur older vids man they were funnier than shit! An i see you still got a funny bone nd noticed u def put on some weight ( no offence ) man.... Where have the yers gone :\ been watching ur shit for 11yrs.. And i feel old blahblah blah lol
Jacob Teasdale (5 months ago)
After I heard the Dobby you're free oneI legitimately sad laughing so hard I couldn't breathe tears were flowing down my face and I started drooling you have just made my entire week
Kyote 10 (5 months ago)
New to the channel... so proud to call you a fellow Canuck!
Jason S (5 months ago)
I wonder who actually decided midget was no "p.c" I bet like a lot of shit it was prob a "normal sized" person who is just trying to act like they actually give a shit. People that try to make the world a better place but really just want to make themselves look like a good person, when in reality they are just fucking annoying. I'm not saying its ok to call people names but unless it comes from a little persons mouth, then fuck off. Just like people who yell at me for cursing and I say sry the realize they have no kids around so fuck fuckety fuck fuck. Sry got a little off topic
Madeleine Bee (5 months ago)
I'm sure somebody already pointed this out, but you knew that one about the singing vaginas was her making a parody of the song "do you hear the people sing?" from the musical les mis, right...fluffee?
kittykat Goode (5 months ago)
Drunk people can be hilarious and annoying all at the same time.
Rayzorbladez (5 months ago)
So many of these stories are complete bullshit
Stoner Something (5 months ago)
Your bad in public. That will be easy to fill walking around LA.
Elmo Missing!!! (5 months ago)
I remember watching you back in 2009
Blaine Bob (5 months ago)
Jaydeelu 93 (5 months ago)
It annoys me that YouTube won't even recommend your videos to me while I'm watching one of your videos.
love supernatural (5 months ago)
same, dude.
deansusandylan (5 months ago)
Plastic utensils avoid the microwave problem
Zakuro Capulet (5 months ago)
I love when you read the texts! It's so funny and awesome. I love your videos.
Mike Bordewick (5 months ago)
Awesome video fluffeetalks keep up the great work!!!!
Djarra (5 months ago)
You remember the 'Seinfeld' episode with the talking belly button, well the writers originally wanted that to be the woman vag.
Luna Tic (5 months ago)
My husband used to drunk text me asking where I was cause I was missing all the fun... We were both sitting on the couch watching stupid comedies cause they were drunk funny...
love supernatural (5 months ago)
Orangey (5 months ago)
“My legs feel good”
Teatro Grottesco (5 months ago)
It would be "The Vagina Arias"
Chaucer Faux (5 months ago)
We so need more of this shit, i was dying of laughter .
christopher erickson (5 months ago)
You deserve to get paid more
BobbyLee Spore (5 months ago)
I've left a fork in the microwave before, it's not safe, but it's not explosive either.
JunZZZ Z (5 months ago)
what's up with 00:57
Logans Revenge (5 months ago)
The legal name is midget not little person. And honestly little person sounds more condescending.
Lunathean (5 months ago)
I paid someone to show me there bush, it's a scam! All that is down there is a bunch of joker lips 😂
Austin Biggins (5 months ago)
This was a great video. Cant stop laughing.
Hold My beer! (5 months ago)
Fellas , if you’re having trouble when the curtains fall and you can’t perform, don’t master bate for a week.Or just once every 2 weeks and you’ll be good. True story.
ERIKA DOWDY (5 months ago)
That’s exactly what vaginas, mouths Amazballs
Kate Smith (5 months ago)
When I was in college, it was the fraternities bid night and this one fraternity had soap parties, and there some liquid on the floor (probably booze) and I was so drunk I slipped and I landed more on my left side and I just laid there on the floor waiting for my other friend. The next day I had a huge bruise on my left shoulder.
Qwerty (5 months ago)
I swear if it wasn't people standing up for their rights to be called whatever they wanted I'd still be saying whatever I wanted... 😒 (and getting my butt kicked. I'm such a weenie)
Ashley Galaske (5 months ago)
''Dobby you are free'' XD I Love that
Brett Garandza (5 months ago)
OMG Fluffee! I do that thing with the microwave too! I always double check even though i'm sure i didn't put any metal in.
Cassie alex (5 months ago)
Richard (5 months ago)
Make this a serious man there's a lot of content.
T C (5 months ago)
One time I put a kraft dinner cup in the microwave and forgot to add water. Had to throw it out
Toon Spark (5 months ago)
no no no i made you laugh on twich 4 years ago with a midget….never took a shower since .
S Wi (5 months ago)
That should be the name of this your too fucking drunk 😂😂
tis youtube (5 months ago)
Fluffee your drunk go home
Dave Busink (5 months ago)
Who felt drunk watching this vid?
Luffytoons (5 months ago)
2:30 if a vagina worked like a second mouth...... that puh would feel 100 times better. Well that’s what I think. I never actually entered one before.
Juan Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Your to fucking drunk😥🤣😂
Eddie Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Does Scotty know?
Richard Hynson (5 months ago)
(3:52) so fucking funny!
ArabellaTurner (5 months ago)
1) I fear the microwave thing too. 2) I have a friend who can do the beer thing with her eyes. It scares me though that she’s going to damage her eye!
MrWowh (5 months ago)
Is this drunk texts? Or bad fake texts? Cause apparently everyone that gets and texts has an iPhone.
Kat Jackson (5 months ago)
That was a les miz reference and I'm LIVING. Fluffee, that musical is on Broadway. Look up " do you hear the people sing?" You'll get it.
CMansonite (5 months ago)
Singing vagina you say? Blocc party - signs, remixed, look it up
Ra Wo (5 months ago)
Skye FougyFish93 (5 months ago)
It's not on Broadway but the origin is! "do you hear the vags sing?" Lol, love the Les Miserables reference!
Danika Wright (5 months ago)
I'm pretty sure like half of these are fake texts.
lilbuni2004 (5 months ago)
You’re You’re You’re YOU’RE!!!
Erik Phrampus (5 months ago)
More lmao!
2009reinvention (5 months ago)
Hey FLuffee, love your videos. You always put a smile on my face. How about doing a video on the world's worst lips. There are so many bad ones out there. I just figured since you did eyebrows, why not lips.
Natalie (5 months ago)
Everytime I watch a Fluffee video it's over too soon! Please make em a little longer.❤️❤️
Alpha1 (5 months ago)
Vagina singing like a mermaid....🧜‍♀️🍑👂
Alex Lindh (5 months ago)
I left a spoon in the microwave in a cup of soon-to-be-hot chocolate. Nothing happened. But the handle was plastic and the metal part was in the chocolate, so...
THE HOUND (5 months ago)
only Vinnie jones can open beer bottles with his eyes
Shadow Claire (5 months ago)
ɱѳรt ѳԲ tɦɛรɛ ɑʀɛ รѳ Բuckiɳg Բɑkɛ...
Yuuki Goin (5 months ago)
lol i just made the like button 900 likes,
MsPookie (5 months ago)
Is your nose bleeding or r u sick or is that just blow nose? ☃
Thikru (5 months ago)
Wait.. can you be good at drunk texting?
Len Zielenski (5 months ago)
"Kind of"?
VGMStudios33 (5 months ago)
Nothing wrong with midget.
Nick Taylor (5 months ago)
Is there such a thing as Youre good at drunk texting?
Elizabeth Tilley (5 months ago)
Vaginas don’t sing & talk? Then wtf is that play Vagina Monologues about?
I am potatoe (5 months ago)
Most of these are fake 😑
Mcapone (5 months ago)
These are great
koolkidYT (5 months ago)
Poptart (5 months ago)
Do a you’re bad at drunk driving video, where you react to really bad car crashes that drunk people caused.
George Morgan (5 months ago)
Awsom I druck wheen somthin..............
Lacey Sydney (5 months ago)
My dad actually can do that whole opening beer bottles with his eyes its funny but scary lmao
If you want to see a talking vagina watch starship troopers 👍
jesussaves1079 (5 months ago)
You can put forks and that I the microwave it's only real thin stuff like foil that burns go ahead try it
Grayson Wagner (5 months ago)
Its 45 pounds not dollars.
Homeboy_Brando (3 months ago)
Grayson Wagner I thought that symbol was for euros
sky (5 months ago)
Grayson Wagner iTs 45 PoUnDs NoT dOLlArS
michael howard (5 months ago)
So funny so fucking funny..
Tryo707 (5 months ago)
I would marry the woman who takes a Les Mis song and rewrites it to be about her vagina. Pure excellence there.
A22 (5 months ago)
What is quef?
J Tetlow (5 months ago)
It's a pussy fart
MadCowProductions (5 months ago)
more of these

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