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Drunk [JIKOOK TEXTS] #37

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Jikook ig: @jikooksgalaxy Multifandom ig: @_einej (For those that don't know, I used my name for the girls name bcuz I didn't know what name to use)
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Text Comments (11)
Euphodipity 9597 (6 months ago)
OMG YESS FINALLY SOMEONE SMACKED HIM INTO REALITY!!! Tae is such a good friend!!! 😭😭 Now go get your baby JIMIN!!! 😍
Nadi Nadia (11 months ago)
JIKOOK Galaxy writer deserves an award, he/she is one of the best story writer I ever met,I am so proud and happy to follow you,I love your stories very much and I wish you continue to feed us much more about these cuties of BTS and most especially the JIKOOK,I honestly appreciated you and I love you💞💪.
銀花EUNFla (1 year ago)
JIMINIE!!!!!!!!!!! I DARE YOU!!!!! 1. Hug Jungkook 2. Kiss Jungkook 3. Talk to Jungkook sweeter than sweet 4. ignore the bitch Jennie!!! 5. Never fight or break up with Jungkook Jiminie-Hyung, ARMYS can fix the bitch Jennie, don't worry! the genius who posted those story on YouTube : I love your story!! ❤ don't stop!!! I LOVE IT!!!! 💞 I'm the 2006 Line ARMY 💕 I can join ARMY even I'm that young, right? or am I too young to join ARMY???
銀花EUNFla (1 year ago)
Thank you ♡
K-Llama (1 year ago)
Hu Bingqing 胡冰卿 You can join Army at any age!! were one family age doesnt matter!!! btw youre so cute~♡
Jeon Jimin (1 year ago)
Tae my saving angel hallelujah
ange kaung (1 year ago)
My heartu.... OMG 😲 thanks for uploading 😌😌😌
newie (1 year ago)
YESSSS tae good job
Rashanelle Sumerall (1 year ago)
Omg, I wanna throttle Jimin...
Leleine KTG (1 year ago)
More pls😊😊
Simone (1 year ago)

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