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Lolita: Behind-the-Scenes (Dominique Swain, Jeremy Irons, Melanie Griffith)

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Text Comments (527)
Agos Gonzalez (6 hours ago)
the movie is wonderfully done but the director didn't get the point of the book at all
Hobbes Caltous (10 days ago)
whether the brutal book or the romanticized movie, this isn't a love story, it's the story about a tormented(and dimented) man's descent into hell, into perfect insanity. it's tragic love and obsession in its purest form. even as mean as he can be in the book, the story is about torment, and pain. what a lot of the haters don't really get is that Lolita is a very powerful character and she knew it from the get-go when it came to him. everything that happens as a result of the kiss is just tragedy in the making. it might now seem like it, but humbert was the victim even before they met. the guy just didn't have a prayer in hell. i've seen all these idiots commenting on this, and it's really sad, because the book would never survive in our world today, it would be put on the banned book list tout suite. you guys have no artistic vision.
Ella Matz (10 days ago)
it's nice love story, ofcourse he fall inlove with lolita..I can relate. because wen I was 17 years old I fall inlove with 47 years old, his my first bf...
Rociel (11 days ago)
This was a beautiful movie.
melanie manson (17 days ago)
Why in every video that talks about Lolita there’s a guy who comments “this is not a love story, that’s about pedophilia” Yeah they got it, right?
Chanel Cupcake (26 days ago)
When I hear Jeremy's voice all I can think of is Scar.
Tronald Dump (26 days ago)
You would fuck Dominique Swain too.
Fier Albania (30 days ago)
live4marilyn (1 month ago)
Jeremy Irons looks a lot like Hank Azaria.
Elsie Jean (2 months ago)
Humbert reminds me of my primary school English teacher...
TheAvalanche (2 months ago)
It is absolutly insane, that people argue if it is abuse. It definitly is. She is 12 or 14. Love is being interested in the others person wellbeing and he isn't, he is just obsessed with her.
Bushra Aslam (2 months ago)
I hate Humbert. People may have felt sympathy for him in the end but for me he'd always be a pedophile.
ArmouredKat (2 months ago)
One of the saddest stories I've ever read or seen on film.
nikolle apaza cusi (2 months ago)
me gusta ese look de jeremy me enamora no entendí ni papayas subtítulos al español plis!!!
Alton Grimes (2 months ago)
I was so drawn to the masterful prose and the intimate quality of the film but I couldn't continue in the rape and the abuse.
pug hoe (2 months ago)
1:36 I thought he was gonna say “I’ve always been attracted to young girls”
Shailesh Yadav (2 months ago)
part 2 please
Deeer (2 months ago)
I can't deal with those comments about a "love story" or the other ones where they call themselves "nymphets" and talk about stories about "how they seduced old man" ... Guys ,you don't know how sexual abuse is in real life, isn't about a woman or a teenager screaming for help, there is something called child abuse cycle where the pedo goes, win the confidence of the kid, then starts the abuse and when it gets bad, the threats and the control start. Someone really close to me fell in this kind of abuse (like the movie) and some other people i know too, and the common denominator in all these stories is that they analized those things that happened in their childhood in their adulthood and realized that it wasn ' t normal and how their families didn't notice the abuse and how they lost their innocence and dignity because of all the things they made for the bastard and because of how naive they used to be at that age. It leaves scratch on their personalities and their minds forever. This F idealization is because of the "sugar daddy" trend. Search for Kate Yelkovan.
Tabby .S (2 months ago)
I wanna feel bad for Lolita but then she kinda was a brat and at the same time she wanted a sexual relationship with humbert. However he should of been the responsible adult and not lead her on. .....Urr this movie defiantly conflicts xD
sonicyell (3 months ago)
Sometime women and girls are unbelievably attractive. They drive me crazy😉. So one has to have the self-control to stay away them.
Olivia Bodden (3 months ago)
It is a love story but it’s just extremely twisted. Even Adrian Lyne says it himself. I mean you can perceive it how you want but this is a story of one sided love.
imma human (3 months ago)
It's not a love story, it's just a film based on a novel
Ice Kitty (3 months ago)
Worst story to hit movies
Francine Madlener (3 months ago)
I think it's really sad that the movie flopped so hard when it came out. It's a great movie.
Wildman Samurai (3 months ago)
Awesome movie.
Tabitha Elizabeth (4 months ago)
He is just SICK!!!!!!
Nicole Jurinario (4 months ago)
best movie ever
Yoko Ono (4 months ago)
Der Film von 1962 hat den Roman viel besser und schöner dargestellt. Ich finde, dass sich die Dominique Swain wie eine dumme Gans zeigt. Sue Lyon war viel viel besser in ihrer Rolle. Ihre Augen hatten was verführerisches an sich und sie hat sich normal benommen.
Christine H (4 months ago)
When I first watched this movie I was so confused why she didn’t want humbert anymore and after few more watch I realized that this was humbert’s side of the story now I get how much she was getting controlled by this man and realized that if we hear Lolita’s side it would be different losing her mother being with this old new man keep trying to have sex and keep her away from boys, plays from the school, and ect. She was just a girl who had curiosity of an old man. And he took it too far.
Alexa Esco (4 months ago)
Is this a true to life story?
Elsie Jean (2 months ago)
+alana gilbert of whom??
alana gilbert (3 months ago)
Alexa Esco yes actually
Nana Walker (4 months ago)
He was a pedophile, this ain't no damn love story
Margo (5 months ago)
jeremy irons voice = asmr
Jim Gordon (5 months ago)
Is this the movie that inspired Epstein, Bill And Hillary?
Crow Calamity (5 months ago)
Reminder that the story is told from Humbert's point of view and when we feel for him it's because he's excelling at being an unreliable narrator and twisting the story in his favour. So even if we're aware that all he does is wrong and disgusting, somehow he still manages to instill that small seed of pity in most of us.
Good Bits6 (6 months ago)
Harvey Weinstein’s favorite movie
Aileen Ruby (6 months ago)
Heaven Lee (6 months ago)
FOR GODS SAKE READ THE BOOK!!! He’s sooo much worse in the book and the story is all around better. Also, Dolores is 12. Not 14.
Sofiah Gleeson (7 months ago)
Love the movie, truly a fabulous interpretation of nabokov's creation. Opinions differ to the accuracy of the film but it's an interpretation which was handled more romantically in my opinion, still making it a great watch though!
Rutuja Sasankar (7 months ago)
I wish the story was through her point of view
Georgia J (7 months ago)
Beautiful gorgeous repellant movie. Poignant and heartfelt yet still so awful how he manages to ignore her tears in the night, everynight, when they came.Her Bratty Demeanour Contrasts With His Mild Mannered elegance And That Masks The Degree Of Her Victimhood. She Is A 12-14 Girl Being Raped Every Day. Because she had a crush on him in the beginning and has a brash bratty side to her does not in any way change the fact. Or does It ..? He is certainly the most charming pedophile one could ever experience! Lovely haunting film that stays true to the novel. It drops with heartbreak.
Albert Mahaffey (7 months ago)
I been wanting to smash Dominique Swain ever since i saw her in this movie.
gina888warhol1 (9 months ago)
I think Melanie Griffith was miss cast. She is not like Charlotte at all! If anything she is a forever young Lolita
ashley wright (9 months ago)
one of my favorite films and books. it’s just so wonderfully horrible and complicated.
JG (10 months ago)
Simba's uncle.
Chan1 Leong (10 months ago)
Clown Whisper (10 months ago)
People don't seem to get how horrible this is for everyone involved I do. This happened to me twice in my life. When I was approximately 13 maybe 14 a babysitter 18 + 19 + fell in love with me and I with her it was blatantly obvious it was Starstruck love at first sight it was two human beings that connected. She taught me a great lesson she never acted on it she cried and and try to stay away and eventually stop watching me when my parents went out of town. It was heartbreaking. But again she never acted on it. When I was much older in my twenties I fell in love with a very very young girl that you wouldn't really know it right away by looking at her she was about 15 and she felt the same way and luckily thank God in heaven we never acted on it either. I had enough willpower to stay out of a bad situation but it was love at first sight it was absolutely knock-down drag-out love eventually married have a couple of great kids and four grandkids but I never loved my wife one one millionth is much if it can be Quantified as such as the person who shall remain nameless. Life is a never-ending bombardment of cruel ironies. I personally have never been physically attracted two women that were younger than me by very much it was just this one other human being that I'd like to think was born out of her intended time slot. And there is not a Time that I don't think of her that I met grateful that I did not act on it at all. It's funny because I wasn't really worried about the legality of such a romance. What I was worried about is growing old in front of someone that I cherished. I would not do that to another human being
Nevel Papperman (4 months ago)
Interesting, thank you for sharing.
Barbie Montehermoso (10 months ago)
Its a love story.. The only fault of humbert is.... He fall in love with lolita..but I thought..it's not a fault..it's a love..he love lolita until the end of his life..and lolita is the one who seduced humbert.. Its a sad love story..😭😭
Jonathan Lehmann (1 year ago)
It's those kind of movies that make pedophile seem too be less taboo and it makes it seem a OK thing too do which maks me sick too my gut it's so wrong
Hobbes Caltous (10 days ago)
yeeeeeaahh... you completely missed the point of the story, dude.
Mande Loo (1 year ago)
This movie still illustrates how Humbert ruined a little girls life but not nearly as much as the book.
lulu mink (1 year ago)
But is it legal to film a 15 year old actress having some tongue kissing and naked scenes with an adult actor? Those scenes made me uneasy to watch. But is this shit legal?
Kayla (4 months ago)
lulu mink Well for the sex scenes she was replaced with another girl and i think she was 17 while filming but i guess the kisses were still awkward
Bethany De Los Santos (1 year ago)
I personally think its a love story for Humbert's point of view and I do feel for him bc its not like it was something he could control or wanted to control i feel like he wasn't trying to be perverted at first but then Lo kept testing him and I feel like he followed his heart even tho he knew that what he was doing was wrong. But I don't believe everything was entirely his fault Lolita was going along with it in her own way and trying to get his attention
Diana (1 year ago)
The movie left me fucked up and changed me idk how but wow
Bro Army (1 year ago)
Jeremy Irons is daddy af
jessica (25 days ago)
Bridgette Martins (29 days ago)
Quite literally Hahaha Stepdad
Bethany De Los Santos (2 months ago)
Bro Army yesssss 😍🔥❤
Sam van Veldhuizen (1 year ago)
There is such a huge difference between the book and the movie. In the book Humbert is clearly a rapist, but the movie is a 'love story'. In other words, the book is fucked up, the movie is emotional
reese bais (1 year ago)
Having the director say that this movie is a love story makes it sound 'okay' to be a rapist. Everyone should read the book and understand the only brain and only perspective of the author of this story. Gawd
sunita thind (1 year ago)
❤️ heart breaking story that has haunted me from when I first read the novel at 15yrd😢
Abby Alip (1 year ago)
Humbert was not a reliable character !!! His narrations are not to be relied !!!! That's the point of his character!!!! That's why this story makes any sense!!! He's not mentally stable!
CrystalDolphinPotato (1 year ago)
¨It's a love story¨, no it fucking isn't.
Auto Baron (1 year ago)
Is that director the brother of James May from Top Gear
pinkzombie (1 year ago)
aw jeez I thought he was gonna say I've always been attracted to little girls 😑😥
Kayla (4 months ago)
pinkzombie same😂😂
sure nuf (1 year ago)
gross! that was no love story!
kream (1 year ago)
spectacular film. it horrified me, because the sex scenes and the teasing scenes aroused me in the most intoxicating way.
Grace Sáenz (5 months ago)
kream really?
William Gravy (1 year ago)
This movie was disgusting disturbing and awful I would rather die than watch this again whoever created this movie and novel your fucking messed up mate, sick and disgusting.
susanna arambula (1 year ago)
In the book people say he is abusive and rapes her and that's horrible, but that does not mean that movie Humbert is any better. Even if Lolita told him to do stuff to her it's still wrong. No matter what pedophilia will never be a love story. The movie is not a love one it's a movie about how gross people are. A middle aged man and a little girl having sex is and always will be disgusting
Chelsea Anna (1 year ago)
Gods, the amount of braindead feminists in these comments.
lesley brown (3 months ago)
my God the amount of self-righteous arrogant pedeophiles in the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rex R (1 year ago)
what you feel is what the director wants you to feel
Ross Brown (1 year ago)
The whole time I took Lolita as a whore. Fucken pig
Ed Tijero (1 year ago)
love this movie
Lolita= Pedophilia, Child abuse, Molestation, Rape, Lust, Dark side, Noir.......... anything (but not love)
Renee S (1 year ago)
A young Jeromy Irons (heck, ANY Jeromy Irons)... YUMMY! 😙
Melmafud (1 year ago)
this is crap! xD
Cherry Cola (1 year ago)
I thought that "Lolita" was a very good movie. Very well put together. It is a controversial topic but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be talked about. Nabokov was very smart to put it in Humbert's eyes rather than Lolita's, it brings friction to the topic that no one could've imagined! Who could imagine everyday joe's fighting over whether a story about abuse is considered a romance or crime story. I think it's about time we get an accurate book/movie from *Lolita's* eyes.
Jasmine Herrick (1 year ago)
I relate to Lolita so much!! Her personality and the story overall is so much similar to my life! When I first saw this when I was 15 (I'm 19 now) I was shocked by the similarity . When I was 13 I had a thing with An almost 30 year old man. Which ended in tragedy. I love this movie so much, its beautiful yet heart breaking .
aliya johnsoon (1 year ago)
cielo zzzul (2 months ago)
Bitch we already knew lmao
Aalt Holtz (1 year ago)
shannu khan (1 year ago)
China (1 year ago)
It's just a movie !🙄 yes the book is different than the movie everyone knows that.
Mrs. Greene (1 year ago)
Btw the part in the movie showing Lolita had 'experience sexuality' was not in the original book. The director put that part in to attract more money for the film. There was no Charlie.
serena (1 year ago)
Just got done watching this...and when the credits started to roll down the screen..all I could do was stare in awe and think over everything that happened, then I couldn't help the tears...this movie..and this story in general is so heart wrenching...this is the type of shit I'd recommend to watch for a different outlook on life... seriously, really makes you think...Jesus, welp there goes my Sunday night, already 4am, damn, thank the gawdss I don't have School.
linda chatra (1 year ago)
american are dirty poeple
ScallywagJac (1 year ago)
The story of Lolita is so deeply sad. It's a lot more romanticised in the film but she plays around, flirting like 12-14 year olds do (she was 12 in the book and 14 in the film if I remember correctly) and he takes advantage of that. There IS a scene in the film where you're given a little insight into how Lolita is feeling but it's very brief SPOILERS It's the moment after the sex scene where she's sitting on his lap, reading a comic. She lays down on the bed and ignores him and, after he leaves, she just carries on laying on the bed in tears. But that's the only real scene that gives you any idea of the pain that Lolita is going through. Everything else is made out to be so tender and loving and the book just wasn't like that.
Koi Marmar (5 months ago)
ScallywagJac also the death of her mother, and how she later brings this up by telling him to murder her like he murdered her mother
Koi Marmar (5 months ago)
There was also the part wherein Humbert took back the money she earned from him and she kept on screaming, scrambling for the coins
ivy (1 year ago)
- ashawna (1 year ago)
bruh did they really give him the name Humbert Humbert IM DEADDDDHJFH
JzkKajj MAkams (8 days ago)
Mrs. Greene (1 year ago)
Terrible movie I hated it because it glorified a pedophile and rapist. No wonder the poor girl Lolita died in childbirth.
Mrs. Greene (1 year ago)
Carmen Del Rey The movie had some stupid people feeling sorry for him even though he was creepy.
Carmen Del Rey (1 year ago)
Mrs. Greene the movie didn't glorify anything. that's your point of view though
sergio ramirez (1 year ago)
a great history, i love it !!
TruthLoverofgod (1 year ago)
read the enchanter by Vladimir Nabokov, and dont be ashamed by these idiots they seem to forget our forefathers of all races on earth would take up brides at the right age, now days we wait so long that the old bitch loses her mind and things she is the man of the house and has rights over the man . Every sense they raised the age and gave women the free will to choose there mate the divorce , single , and cheat rate is the highest its ever been. [Side note ] only for the real gentleman and wise fellow . The Enchanter is a novella written by Vladimir Nabokov in Paris in 1939. As Волшебник (Volshebnik) it was his last work of fiction written in Russian. Nabokov never published it during his lifetime. After his death, his son Dmitri translated the novella into English in 1986
jar4142 (1 year ago)
TruthLoverofgod YOU NEED TO CHILL
TruthLoverofgod (1 year ago)
your saying chill but peoples lifes are and will be fucking ruined because of the stuff i just talked about. this is why i hate this country and if i can ever go to another where they are open minded and more old school on stuff i would so you can chill while they keep making stupid dumb fucking laws to hold the middle and low class back in every way shape and form while the rich do what and who ever the fuck they want.
jar4142 (1 year ago)
TruthLoverofgod chill
Madeleine Morris (1 year ago)
It's strange how in the movie they make it out that Humbert is the victim, that Deloris manipulates him and hurts him but in the book Humbert is the villain, the movie romanticises too much.
peony (7 months ago)
Humbert is a very sensitive and emotionally unstable person, so i can get that even he knows she is a kid it makes him go crazy because he feels like a kid himself deep down. Yes, he actually was sexually attracted to her, but what is really tragic is that he fell deeply in love with her, and couldnt stop it, and what im thinking why he was freaking so out is that he knew he is gonna fail and loose her. At least, thats my opinion.
Mia (1 year ago)
not really. we see him going crazy twords the end and there is a scene in a hotel where he basically rapes her. he starts going crazy and she is hurt. she doesn't know what she wants and Humbert does. He is riddled with disgust in himself for taking advantage of her. he feels she has control over him. let's not forget Lolita is that one that starts it. she makes very suggestive moves twords the beginning and then later desides she doesn't want to be with him. Humberts feelings never change hers do. he is a rapist but the whole story is very tragic. it also doesn't help we get the story only from humberts veiw.
Hans Bjorgman (1 year ago)
Is he a pedophile in real life, too?
Cherry Cola (1 year ago)
Hans Bjorgman no haha
Hans Bjorgman (1 year ago)
+Em Eleathura Bob Ross.
Em ily (1 year ago)
Hans Bjorgman are you disabled
Elcin ed. (1 year ago)
humbort fucked her at least. She gave him perfect b.j's))
Kayla (4 months ago)
Eleftheria (1 year ago)
Elcin ed. 😂
MsKorearock (1 year ago)
I don't usually hate anyone but I hated Dolores in this film.
kept 89 lol FR
Tris Outlaw (1 year ago)
She did a good job but at some parts I wanted to fucking slap the bitch great movie tho
allgoo19 (1 year ago)
The performance of the actress who played Lolita is unreal.
Alton Grimes (2 months ago)
And apparently she had no previous acting experience
Virginsuicde (1 year ago)
allgoo19 she made every emotion seem so real
Nikita __ (1 year ago)
huey (1 year ago)
it'd be classified as rape.
K M (1 year ago)
+Nikita __ and since when is kissing the same thing as sex?
Nikita __ (1 year ago)
They kissed
K M (1 year ago)
Nikita __ no one had sex with anyone
Nikita __ (1 year ago)
+francisca pereira then who did?
"Sensitive gentlewomen of the jury, I was not even her first lover"
Calidum Carnem (1 year ago)
in the book he is much worse to her. He beats , starves , and emotionally destroys her
Mir Rine (5 days ago)
What book did you read?? Because he definitely wasn't starving her in the one I read, beating? Not really, either
Faith Emmanuel (3 months ago)
Calidum Carnem he doesn't starve her? Wtf? And he slapa her once or twice out of anger. The book portrays him pretty well too, he loved her and tried his best to make her happy, the purpose of the book is to like humbert and the movie portrays that. Idk why you're lying, did you even read it?
An. S. (1 year ago)
I know but... look this movie was really shocking to me, really disturb in some weird way. If they make a version more like the book... it would be really fucking disturbing, and probably really trashed because of it. I cant imagine a cruel movie like that
Hans Bjorgman (1 year ago)
+George Bush Oh, interesting.
Happy Onion (1 year ago)
Hans Bjorgman not better, just there is nothing romantic about their love story, like in the movie. The book is more of a pedo view
rebecca seppanen (1 year ago)
I often had crushes on male teachers at 12 onwards. If they'd come on to me I maybe would have responded. Its definitely wrong though. It's the man taking advantage of a teenager's feelings.
jessica (10 days ago)
i'm 15 and my one of my teachers is really weird towards me, if you get what i mean. i hate it. i'm just a child, wtf.
Abigail Stein (4 months ago)
Exactly. It’s okay for kids to have those silly little crushes because they are no more than naive children. The real problem is when adults *reciprocate* those childish crushes.
Idontknow WhoIam (1 year ago)
same when i was 13 i had a crush on my biology teacher when i was 15 on my mathematician and since this february i actually fell in love with one of my teachers (i have to say tho that my dad is a teacher so ive always been surrounded by teachers, i feel safe around teachers)
Hani (1 year ago)
rebecca seppanen same. I still like men who are about 4, max 20 years older than me. Im 22 now so I think its okay. I would have never responded to a teacher though. I knew it was wrong.
liz c (1 year ago)
By far one of my favorite movies, but it's not a movie I would tell someone it's my favorite because people might think I like the idea of a pedophile and a girl dating. Honestly my favorite thing about the movie is the setting the 1940s I'm so fascinated by the fashion and just such an amazing era also I just love how emotional this movie made me feel and the confusion... it's so amazing what this movie made you feel. Lolita should of won an academy award
Hobbes Caltous (10 days ago)
agreed. it could never be made today, which is really sad, because contreversial art just isn't welcome today.
JAMIE LESTER (1 year ago)
A film promoting pedos ...
Messylin (3 months ago)
JAMIE LESTER it’s a work of art. That’s like saying Guernica is a painting promoting Nazis.
Hani (1 year ago)
JAMIE LESTER it is fiction. Jesus Christ. You obviously have no knowledge about cinematography.
bianca canas (1 year ago)
Omg when he said ive always been attracted to ... I was like Omg no please no i cant hear this :(
moymelia (1 year ago)
yeah I got scared for a moment xD
bianca canas (1 year ago)
+lucalendvai i thought hed say attracted to children 😂
bianca canas (1 year ago)
+feuilles i did, ive seen this movie. I meant i thought he was about to but didnt lol chill
lucalendvai (1 year ago)
bianca canas why?
CrystalPharaoh (1 year ago)
Oscar level performances were denied due credit because of the touchy subject matter. People are often two faced.  It is a part of the human experience to appreciate the budding beauty of young women. While these girls are unacceptable as partners due to age and mental immaturity-- they occasionally do act as Lolita did.  The conflicts and issues presented are fair game to re-illuminate in this movie version of the  classic. Like the paintings of the masters ,this  movie will only be appreciated for the mastery of the performances as time passes.

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