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Should You Wear Denim Jeans With A Suit Jacket Or Blazer?

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When to avoid wearing jeans with a jacket: https://gentl.mn/should-you-wear-jeans-with-jacket SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Burgundy Red Handcrafted Linen Pocket Square with White Handrolled X Stitch: https://gentl.mn/2KfM7sD 2. Navy and Yellow Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Fil d'Ecosse Cotton: https://gentl.mn/2AwtYaw #denim #jeans #notsponsored How you can pull off wearing jeans with jacket? 1. Pair your blazer or sport coat only with your dressiest jeans. That means no holes and no used look. Also it's really important that you have enough contrast between your sport coat and your jeans. In terms of cut, a straight leg or maybe something that slightly tapered works best. Definitely avoid really baggy cuts as well as a bootcut. Also don't cuff or pin roll your jeans because that's simply too casual. 2. Rather than going with a navy blazer, instead branch out and maybe go with jackets that have different colors as well as patterns and materials because that's more contrasting or interesting, but also more casual and it works better with jeans. 3. Make sure to wear your denim and your sport coat with casual shirts to bridge the gap formalities. Long-sleeve dress shirts are good but ideally you should avoid the most formal variations in solid white because they're just too businesslike. 4. Wear the combination of jeans and sport coat with the right kind of shoes. Black oxfords are way too formal and not appropriate. At the same time boat shoes are too informal and should likewise be avoided. What shoes should you wear? Ideally go with brown tones or burgundy and oxblood. If you want to be a little more experimental you can think about olive green, grey or maybe navy. In terms of styles, a classic derby shoe is good just like those burgundy derbies or olive green derbies. Alternatively, you could opt for loafers either tassel loafers or penny loafers. Another good options are monk straps such as those brown single monks with some broguing and a wingtip or those more fashion-forward double monks in burgundy. If you want to go with oxfords go with brogues either half brogues or full brogues. Other good options include chukka boots or Chelsea boots. In terms of leather texture, suede is really great to combine with jeans and a sport coat. Why? Simply because it's a little more casual. When should you not wear jeans and jacket together? 1. The biggest mistake I see men make in this situation is that they pair a traditional business suit with a pair of jeans they have. Particularly it's that black business suit jacket or that pinstripe jacket that they wear with dark blue jeans and it just looks weird and odd. 2. Don't combine jeans with a double-breasted business jacket. Double-breasted is typically more formal. However in recent years double-breasted jackets have become a lot more popular especially at Pitti Uomo. And if you have something that has a nice linen blend maybe with the Prince of Wales pattern and lighter colors, you can definitely combine them with jeans. 3. Never wear a t-shirt with jeans underneath a jacket because it's a clash of formalities. 4. Never wear any kind of black shoes especially not black dress shoes with this combination because it looks out of place. Instead go with browns, tan tones, burgundy tones, greens or anything else but not black. 5. Jeans with a jacket are not ideal if you want to wear a tie, a bow tie or maybe an ascot simply because it would be too formal and a clash. Instead go with a pocket square or maybe a boutonniere because that creates a visual interest and it just creates for a more polished look. 6. Don't wear jeans with a jacket if you want to have a formal dress shirt. 7. Don't wear jeans and a sport coat if you don't know the dress code or if you're unsure about the formality at the event or the occasion you will wear it to. During the colder months of the year, a tweed jacket works really well with jeans simply because it's more casual by definition. That being said there are tons of other jackets which are less formal and therefore equally as well suited to jeans as a tweed jacket. Some of them include a Panama jacket which is more of a summery jacket. Another one, the Harrington jacket. --------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2v64OdL Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ https://gentl.mn/2mZrXtR Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2v64OdL
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Text Comments (212)
Gaming world (2 months ago)
"Welcome back to the gentleman's gazette" sir I like the way you say it.
Metal Faced Gamer (1 month ago)
I haven't watched this video yet but... Maybe you'll change my mind. I do wear jeans with a classic white Oxford and maybe a simple vest. I live in a city and am active walking to the park maybe a city cookout and in this environment you can end up sitting on surfaces that are not smooth and could snag and damage slacks and or dress pants. But I never wear black jeans usually a deep indigo. Let's see if this changes after the video.
SPNKr (2 months ago)
In Raphael's words, it makes the overall video harmonious.
Teste Dich (2 months ago)
Never said he wasn't. The difference in the middle of the video isn't that big between both hosts. But whenever I start watching a video from the beginning Raphael just makes it so much more wholesome and that just sets the entire mood for the video for me. So if he works on that, just the way he greets the viewers, he'll be just fine..
Gary Caudwell (2 months ago)
The other host is new. Let him get used to being in the videos and I'm sure he will be fine. :)
Teste Dich (2 months ago)
this so much. It just sets the mood for the videos. Maybe the other host could work on that
Mary Cahill (9 days ago)
Question: is it ever appropriate for a man to wear a string tie? Would that be good with a casual outfit of chinos and sports jacket?
Mary Cahill (9 days ago)
I think jeans with that brown hounds tooth jacket looks super.
Hong Matthew (9 days ago)
What about saint laurent and dior?
D Dorsoduro (11 days ago)
Short answer: NO
Jonathan Smith (17 days ago)
No. No jeans with a sport coat. The problem is simply that the world has gone far too casual. A reflection on so many things, especially taste and trends and music, going back over 50 years. Taste, good manners, and style has vastly eroded. Just invest in some nice dress pants and shoes. And please. A few nice ties rather than the so typical open collar. Style up a little bit.
good kitty (26 days ago)
Hello watching your videos made me think of the old episodes of Wooster and Jeeves . Have you seen the series? There great. I watch them on youtube.
Pedro Freitas (26 days ago)
make a video about casual ascots
Pedro Freitas (26 days ago)
very good , another question, what do you sugest for a new year's eve black tie party in Madeira for a 19 year old , apart from the regular tuxedo?
Gentleman's Gazette (26 days ago)
Already done two, just search for ascot on youtube
GuinnessandPizza (29 days ago)
Before I watch the video Id like to mention that American Football players used to wear jeans n jackets back in the 80s and I think they looked sharp. See Jim McMahon on David Letterman for instance
Bram Claes (1 month ago)
I've once heard someone call the classic style mistake of a too formal top with too casual pants "the business mullet", which I thought was quite witty
Bram Claes (1 month ago)
If you don't want to wear a shirt under your jacket, I personally find that a turtleneck sweather combines very well. It's a bit of retro late 60's early 70's vibe, but I really like it
noctalla (1 month ago)
Can we discuss the pronunciation of the word 'derby'? I'm sure Raphael used to say it the American way. Has someone changed his language settings?
Neil Crawford (1 month ago)
Have you lost weight? You seem to look slimmer.......
Benjamin Dunnigan (1 month ago)
One exception to the DB rule. You can wear a lightweight, unconstructed, and somewhat shorter (than a suit) db jacket with white jeans in the summer.
Ryan Thomas (1 month ago)
Marcel Floruss and Blake Scott give great examples of how you should wear a Blazer with Jean's.
Maty Nezhoda (1 month ago)
I don’t think you should ever wear jeans with a jacket
Eurydike (1 month ago)
The answer is: no. Categorically NO.
Flx Rei (1 month ago)
Pastewka! :D
Captain Pea (1 month ago)
Can I wear a trench coat with jeans?
Charles Kos (1 month ago)
I'd like to offer some advice. If you have a vintage jacket with large lapels and go for a tie, it looks more like a costume. It is fancy enough without. Vintage jackets should be worn with jeans and no tie and they look great as a more casual look.
Khánh Vũ (7 days ago)
Charles Kos will it work with chinos too? I have one vintage blazer and instill don’t know how to style it.
Richard David (1 month ago)
Many sport journalists dress like that: jeans with a suit jacket. Sometimes even with sport shoes
Peter Saint Pedro (2 months ago)
The originator of this clash of formality was done by playboy Porfirio Rubirosa , a famous figure from the 1940’s and 1950’s
Frank Castle (2 months ago)
It's fine with a sports jacket or leather jacket
Bo Rerun (2 months ago)
I do it all the time at church/ where do you suggest I could hunt for awesome jackets like yours
Butters (2 months ago)
for me, i wear, summer colors in the winter, and winter colors in somer, only exeption is blacks and dark clors, i means, i will wear like green if its a dark gloomy day, if its a sunny day i wear a earthy brown colors, . and black i mostly wear in winter, and in sunny days, besides that i never wear black unless its jeans, never shirts, too hot. finally and thats just the taste of my style, so if you invit me to a chrismas party, expect me to wear a yellow, greens or white. not black, greays or drak browns
Butters (2 months ago)
it really depends on a few questions question 1, are you a high class, classy like this guy on video, , if no. then fallow the rules rule 1 never where old patch jackets that this guy is whereing . use your best judjment. it will work, rule 2 dont have a baby face, grow facil hair, even if its a 4 o clock shadow. rule 3 never where a suit jacket, where a blazer. reason, suit jackets have matching stuff with pants and vest, and is a total them rule 4 you can where a blazer, if your going to pub, or night club, or your job is construction, or you do lots of rugh work that requires you to where jeans do to more derability ps also suit jackets, cant be matched with anything but the suit pant, or you can , but it gose aginst what is its original perpus .
Robb Gregor Richard (2 months ago)
It makes me think that I don't have a single pair of jeans in my wardrobe... only chinos. I thought to buy a pair anyway and this video gave me ideas on how to wear it. Thank you!
Yousuf A. (2 months ago)
Skip ironing? Who are you an where is Sven?
daddy Mannerhiem (2 months ago)
Green is the most underrated color . It looks amazing!
kevin yap (2 months ago)
I love this video.... very timely... thanks Raphael!
Frank Gadson (2 months ago)
Fine video appreciate the recommendations on how to properly pair a jacket with jeans just one question you mention tweed jacket as one option I'm wondering would a camel hair jacket work well with jeans thanks for sharing the video.
endautrestermes (2 months ago)
you are rocking some nice belts, any video coming up on that topic?
AYR Ramadan (2 months ago)
Aphan0x (2 months ago)
Every outfit you wear is absolutely great
swellingsuperman (2 months ago)
What about a French cuff shirt with blazer & jeans.
Benjamin Tay (2 months ago)
Erm i cant start to take you seriously because your suit jacket has a weird crease on your side of your chest to your right are you sure your suit is bespoke? It looks terrible. Please get it fix by your tailor
DOGBOY Woffington (2 months ago)
Please do a video on cowboy boots
Joe Menjivar (2 months ago)
Fashion rules are for amateurs. Wear what you want with confidence and things will probably be ok.
Spunkymunky (2 months ago)
I'm from LA, where this is common. I just got back from a vacation in Italy. It was a very common look in Rome...and not just for millenials...but also men pushing fifty.
Jonathon Cox (2 months ago)
What are your thoughts on cowboy boots in this particular dress combo? I have a pair of nice, well maintained boots that I think would meter the clash between Jean's and a suit jacket well
Klo Koks Klan (2 months ago)
@Gentleman's Gazette Bitte sehen Sie sich bei Gelegenheit die deutsche TV Serie Babylon Berlin an. Spielt im Berlin der 1920er Jahre und der Style ist sehr nett :)
Joshua H (2 months ago)
I personally think that jeans with suit jackets is too much of clash of formality for me. I think that jeans with a white(ironed) dress shirt with a leather jacket is a good combination. I tend to undo the two top buttons of the dress shirt for a more casual look.
yukinomichi8 (2 months ago)
Sven I always like your presentation style. Especially your accent no joke, it is so unique. Thanks for the info.
Josef Stalin (2 months ago)
Man I really wish I had the money and body for a suit
sun to Neptune (2 months ago)
Navy blazer would work with light grey jeans right? Coz of the contrast.
clint johnson (2 months ago)
I have watched in your content in a while,your style has losen up alot.I enjoy it.
Banish Misfortune (2 months ago)
I just want to share a constructive comment: Try to take more care about the volume of the different takes on the video. Most of the time, the Gentleman Gazette logo with jazz music is louder than the rest of the video. Great job, by the way.
Atticus Finch (2 months ago)
Done well, there’s nothing cooler than jeans with a sharp jacket and shoes. My advice is dark, slim jeans with an aniline tan brogue and either a classic wool navy blazer, or a Harris Tweed herringbone grey jacket. Double breasted with jeans.....never! And please don’t wear anything other than laced footwear (but never trainers) or face the judgement of the best women you may encounter!
Ad Arabi (2 months ago)
Too long video so a black jeans with tucked white shirt is cool for an interview?
MultiMrMiles (2 months ago)
jeans trousers are just awfull!!! tshirts sneakers jeans sportswear used for everyday wear are boring choices and tasteless imo. Im the chairman of the 0 jeans movement, ban those depressing items!
smudger671 (2 months ago)
No you should not, unless you want to look like Jeremy Clarkson.
marksshoereviews (2 months ago)
I have a grey border tweed jacket that goes quite well with smart jeans. If you really like the jean-jacket combo also consider non denim jeans. I have some olive jeans that look great with a navy cotton sports jacket.
P. w. S. (2 months ago)
It’s not a good idea tacky
idontmindifisaid (2 months ago)
Wonderful topic and video Rafael! Personally, I think you look fantastic with this combination of jacket and jeans!
kevin webster (2 months ago)
jeans are casual, wearing them with dress items such as jackets are improper.
Eastern Cowboy (2 months ago)
At the start of the show is the best Iv seen you being urself....that is you, the haircut and the lay of your clothes, plus the colors were a great match. Later on during parts of the show the shirts were too tight in your stomach area. I can taylor the cut best for you with a good neck fit with a fuller cut in your stomach area. Nothing wrong with fuller body types as a result of good living.
Ahmed Abdulla (2 months ago)
I dont think men should ever wear jeans with dress shoes unless its a slim cut. Im sorry but all your jeans look way to baggy to be worn with dress shoes.
Zareli Noise (2 months ago)
I wear sweatshirts and t-shirts with my sports jacket and people usually like that fit. However I think the one that works best is the polo shirt or maybe a henley.
Nice Trade (2 months ago)
dont agree at all with the black shoe bit, fact there are many colors of jeans.. if your wearing black jeans or chinos then brown shoes do not look correct.. black shoes work with anything !
TheTrueHappy (2 months ago)
I personally hate the look of jeans with sportcoat/suit jacket. I don't know why, just something about it. But I'm glad you're out here giving tips so hopefully men can make the best of that look.
Chris Heijna (2 months ago)
Nice to see you adress this topic so nicely.
Josqu (2 months ago)
1:37 I just came here because of the right guy. Its Bastian Pastewka he is a german comedian.
Mike Michaels (2 months ago)
I am looking for a good tweed suit and would like to know your thoughts on Cornings of Piccadilly or Chester Barrie? Or if you know any other good suppliers of tweed?
Veritas Vincit (2 months ago)
I do enjoy wearing jeans with a jacket occasionally but when I do I always feel like Neville out of Auf Wedersehen, Pet.
Briar Blues (2 months ago)
Raphael, while I agree with you on almost every point, I must disagree about peak lapels and ….. It is not the lapel that dictates the formality of a jacket, but the clothe. A single breasted, cord or tweed jacket, with peaked lapels, would never be considered leaning towards formality. Thus, could be paired up with jeans. Square ended knit ties, an oxford shirt, jeans, and a sport coat also can create a fine presentation, so a tie with jeans? Sure, if it's the right tie / short combo. French cuffs and jeans? Sure why not. Silk knot play full cufflinks, with a pattern shirt with French / double cuffs, will work. Fabric, pattern, and link selection are key though. The rules are meant to be bent and sometimes broken. The trick is being confident enough to pull off the look.
Pepe Le Pew (2 months ago)
*matches jeans with suit jacket and crocs* The future is now, old man.
Whyso Scared (2 months ago)
Hey, Could you do a video on Barefoot Shoes and how to combine them with classic Mens style?
MaximusPayne (2 months ago)
I've seen occasionally people using t-shirts with jackets, and I don't think it looks bad. You wouldn't use it for any formal activity, but what about doing so for a night out with the boys?
stef (2 months ago)
Nice jeans/jacket combinations. The somewhat lighter colored jeans with a navy blazer works works well too. I think it still is a common mediterranean look, sockless, great fitting expensive jeans, nice shoes/loafers.
Harry Brown (2 months ago)
Your jeans and pants are way too wide^^ You really don't get it :-D
Miss Emm Beauty (2 months ago)
Love the way he says ‘casual’ 👌🏻
B. Alex (2 months ago)
Does anyone disagrees with 95% but stills subscribes? 😂
TheRealSpicke (2 months ago)
I need to disagree for once. I really like this outfit: Black dress boots, dark jeans with a nice, but not too tight fit, leather belt, a white or light blue dress shirt and a 2 button navy jacket. Love it!
Rory Cresswell (2 months ago)
A charcoal cotton flannel blazer with dark indigo slim fit jeans, chocolate brown desert boots and either an Oxford shirt or cream sweater has sort of become my uniform.
Lavalambtron (2 months ago)
How about come out of your aesthetics high horse and don’t force it on others, it’s a form of bullying. Fashion advances when people are free to experiment.
John Ciombras (2 months ago)
Top Italian menswear leaders Kiton and others seem to break many of tge suggested rules.
Antonio Ramon Ongsiako (2 months ago)
I have seen lots fo guys who wear black t shirts with blazers and jeans and look so good.
Lochlan Denton (2 months ago)
I wear an RM Williams wool sports coat in houndstooth with a simple white shirt over Levi 501s, they require cuffing but paired with RM Williams stockman's boots in tan kangaroo leather the ensemble works as a kind if smart/casual farmer look. Ideally an Akubra should also be worn but I can't pull off hats!
richard silva (2 months ago)
Black boots with jeans and blazer are accepted here in Texas. Even in daytime.
stephen Sterling (2 months ago)
6:00 Wait.... ARE THOOSE CUUUFFS?!?! You mad lad!
stephen Sterling (2 months ago)
"Maybe skip ironing" Never thought I'd see the day XD
Thomas Patrick Parker (2 months ago)
splashpont (2 months ago)
I was not allowed to wear jeans as a kid because my lower middle class parents believed that jeans were a sign of being poor. Plus, they have such a heavy fabric. Maybe that's why people wear them with rips..... Poverty of appearance continues!
defensebydesign (2 months ago)
In Texas we of course like to incorporate this look with boots, but here again (and to your point) there are color and even material variances that allow a complimentary look to the overall ensemble.
James Davenport (2 months ago)
Yessir a lighter sport coat with a complementary colored shirt and polished Justin boots works down here!
Penultimate Hortator (2 months ago)
The only time anybody should wear jeans is when riding a horse or digging a grave.
robert kelly (2 months ago)
Brilliant as usual.
Hansca (2 months ago)
Short answer, if your name is Jerry Seinfeld then yes, if not then never!
Julie A. (2 months ago)
I absolutely love your videos. Yes, I'm a woman, but I like to learn! Plus, I pass on some information to my son. I don't care that he's only six, it's never too early to learn to be a gentleman. Off-topic, but I love your accent.
good kitty (26 days ago)
Im so glad that there is another woman that enjoys these videos. I find them very informative. And actually I will wear some of the outfits but with a feminine twist. I was first inspired by a french woman in paris that loves similar looks which is very classic.
Gentleman's Gazette (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Albert Ávila (2 months ago)
I'm sad this is not your style because you look gorgeous with jeans and blazer. IMHO
Eeshwar Rupakula (2 months ago)
10:34 I loved the brown jacket,it looks amazing on you....👍🏻👌🏻could u please tell me where could I buy it??
Wolf0067 (2 months ago)
Jeans with a jacket?Almost never! One of the exceptions would be riding wearing jeans and a tweed jacket. Actually it IS possible to live without any jeans in your closet.
Galahad (2 months ago)
Where can I get one of those Panama jackets?
Jason The U (2 months ago)
How about suspenders
Sebastian Hosu (2 months ago)
Too bad Raphael says jeans and jackets are not his style. He looks amazing in all he showcased in this video! Elegant, casual, understated, very well combined!
Chris Henick (2 months ago)
I pull this look off all the time though I skip the tie. I'm an account executive in the South and a lot of my clients idea of dressing up would-be khakis and a golf shirt. I enjoy wearing a sport jacket so rocking a nice pair of jeans with a jacket is a great solution for me not to come across as overdressed.
Mr International (2 months ago)
What are those shirts called that the collar covers the tie? You know the shirts that they wore in the 70's in the goodfellas movie?
Muhammad Usman (2 months ago)
I only wear jeans and/or other types of denim with very casual, highly patterned jackets. Usually I wear them in fall and earlier spring when it isn’t too hot and not too cold for jeans and denim.
Greggory1987 (2 months ago)
Excellent video and it really made me think about how to wear my black denim jeans with a blazer and shoes.
Gabriel Feetham (2 months ago)
What are some good brands to get sports jackets from?
minafouad78 (2 months ago)
I like ur luxury music..

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