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How JAPANESE IDOLS REACT to FOREIGNERS|Kawaii Lolita girls band Meltia|ロリータアイドルmeltia「外国人に話しかけられたら 」

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Text Comments (422)
Fernanda Sena (1 month ago)
They dress like children... that's a bit weird.
Virtualy frf (3 months ago)
Oh hay Director-san from Ask japan
Subjectivity13 (3 months ago)
2:28 That smack to the head was savage! The short one is so funny.
。あ (4 months ago)
Sara de jesus santos (4 months ago)
Loa lo (8 months ago)
For all the girls, the boy who played the Korean is a japanese boy, japanese boys are so handsome better than Korean
LiYen's Paris Place (9 months ago)
Evil side (11 months ago)
I don't like their outfit
さくらelisa (1 year ago)
私はドイツ人ですそして私は日本語を話せます. Entschuldigung für die Fehler.><*
Alien She (1 year ago)
Sounds nothing like a American lol.
Vittodrums (1 year ago)
And with the people of Latin America? How would it be?
Isabella Rose (1 year ago)
LMAO u know its scripted when the american girl is German and actually speaks fluent Japanese XD
youtube account (1 year ago)
whats more sad/funny is how the Japanese guys here in Japan are with idol types
Steve Clark (1 year ago)
In America we call 45 year old guys chasing 16 year old girls child molesters. What dense fucking loser would give some dumb bitch 50 for her sweaty t-shirt?? These people need to kill themselves.
goldsnail1 (1 year ago)
What's the name of the print the idols are wearing? It's gorgeous!
Lucy (1 year ago)
Spanish people?!!
wildwombat (1 year ago)
nice to see Cathy Cat, from her YT channel make a guest appearance.
Magiiie (1 year ago)
Ah that side of youtube again.......
kanatapaw (1 year ago)
this is stupid
Black Aly (2 years ago)
Omg from all this languages l understud just english japanese and little of korean....German sounds rlly hard to me hahah l broke my tounge tried to repeat it...lm Russian
Brenda Jennings (2 years ago)
I'm chicano American.& Mexican. and i love Japanese girls only Japan is awesome I wish I can live there and meet a Japanese girls and get married and have kids in Japan
Pyo Sung Ji (2 years ago)
Lmao im laughing my ass off 😂 this is so hilarious
Qi Amy Love Stitch (2 years ago)
but Cathycat speaks good Japanese
Lucas Peixoto (2 years ago)
Google translate?
Hugo Baltazar (2 years ago)
es triste que Meltia (el grupo de estas chicas) haya llegado a su fin.
거구마 (2 years ago)
헐와...... 한국어 잘하신다.. 근데 대부분 한국말은 못알아듣구나 ㅜㅜ
Haohmaru HL (2 years ago)
didnt know if i should laugh or die from cringe. Those damn foreighners.. Why not just use like google translate and just show it on your phone screen
KingCatE (2 years ago)
Why did i lol so much haha xd. change the out fits doe haha, kinda put me off but lucky i stayed to watch the rest xd. or dont, ur choice xd
KingCatE (2 years ago)
@Kami Nana i guess [; I dont really mind, its just fagts like me dont click on shit like that.. but this is actually good so others should know more about it.
Kami Nana (2 years ago)
Those outfits are kinda their whole concept,though. Hence "lolita" and "kawaii".
Kira Yamato (2 years ago)
And as always.. some people just have no sense of direction in any language.
Leinarina (2 years ago)
Hopey Levrey (2 years ago)
可愛いくて楽しかった ^^
Mariana 00Villalba (2 years ago)
haaa.... fue super lindo, me encanto el video...I like, like!!
William B (2 years ago)
When it's 2:00 am on YouTube and you randomly end up on a Japanese video.
Lilian Fabiano (3 years ago)
quelorepario (3 years ago)
"bonita" to the french guy? rofl
quelorepario (3 years ago)
I'm pretty sure the girls would have shouted OPPAA to the Korean guy
Loa lo (8 months ago)
Senpaii !!!!
Bruh Its KC (1 year ago)
Nah, that's probably something I would do tbh.😂
Hedda Aurora (1 year ago)
quelorepario I'm pretty sure that's not how it works
Ruben Perez (3 years ago)
This was funny ive had my encounters with non english speaking asians it kinda is like that it can get confussing but I dont mind lol
Fun Guy (3 years ago)
*"Lost in Translation"*
drjurcheck (3 years ago)
cathy....bist du ne Deutsche und zufälligerweise noch ne Katarina? :D
Hinoko Monori (3 years ago)
Oh mein Gott sie kann deutsch! is she a German?
Kio Shinozaki (3 years ago)
I am french myself and WHAT THE FUCK we are not like that ! C'mon some french dudes ARE like this but like 1/1000 of them, we are not like "Oh ! Cute girls !" And then jump on them. No offence but please, all french guys are far from being like that !
Kio Shinozaki (2 years ago)
+Kami Nana Ok thanks ^_^ I kind of overreacted here
Kami Nana (2 years ago)
Calm down...it was for fun. None of it was accurate...even the idols, themselves.
hh hh (3 years ago)
why are japanese women always so enthusiatic through physical genstures and voice?
7Minish (3 years ago)
@Gabby Bocanegra well asking why are they so enthusiastic is a retarded question in the first place
hh hh (3 years ago)
@7Minish I'm looking for an actual answer incase you became retarded.
7Minish (3 years ago)
because they are awesome
Quasimodo (3 years ago)
You don't cut a baguette, you break the baguette with your hands
Lucky Joestar (3 years ago)
0:45 At least make an effort to speak Japanese to the locals.
Kragoon (3 years ago)
2:00 so funny "EEEE" OoO
DREAM Productions (3 years ago)
I wanna be an idol too hhhaa
Leonardo DaVinci (3 years ago)
2:47 Cathy Cat looks INCRIDIBLE with that hair color and Lolita dress <333333333
Kanaki Baè (3 years ago)
*sighs* they always forget Britain ....
ownageyeahful (3 years ago)
of course the french guy has a baguette and is chatting them up lol.
Yoann Alcazar (3 years ago)
where is spanish people? D:
Yoann Alcazar (3 years ago)
ah np bro, just thought that comment would be funny (especially to spanish people :P)
Juuzou Suzuya (3 years ago)
@100 subs sin subir videos challenge Sorry, you just sounded really ignorant and reminded me of all the bitches in my school xP
Yoann Alcazar (3 years ago)
omg chill boy i was just kidding lol
Juuzou Suzuya (3 years ago)
+100 subs sin subir videos challenge Perhaps they couldn't get a spanish person in? Did you even consider that? I'm not from any of the countries listed either but you don't see me complaining.
MyOwnSoul (3 years ago)
the way the idols talks seem more like the way the drama actors speak in the act. Very interesting indeed i like the way they speak haha
Eggdumpling Yang (3 years ago)
All of you are so kawaii~ And lolita fashion has been really popular in China now, although some people still misunderstand it as some kind of cosplay. But it's been great change now as 10 years ago not many people in China knew what lolita fashion is.
littlebirdwalking (3 years ago)
lol they're so funny ^.^ so cute :)
Bat Man (3 years ago)
sorry i like babymetal
Shuurei Shion (3 years ago)
That was fun
FoolishStrawberry (3 years ago)
Even I knew the way to Shinjuku lol
Hongyu Lu (3 years ago)
OMG!!Soooooo funny!!hahahahaha
Jack (3 years ago)
le français avec sa baguette sous le bras. Mais respecte-toi ! haha
ねこちゃnekocha (3 years ago)
My favourite japanese singer said ''if a fan notices me in the street I will just be like ''sorry, I have I'm in a urge'' and run away'' hehehe. He's shy and isn't connfortable around strangers and even said that one day in the subway he saw someone with a pins with his mascot and tried to hide himself wwwww aahh so cute wwww
potato lover (3 years ago)
i want to know if the german girl has a you tube channel :3, also this video was super funny even if i only understood the german and english parts ^^
xsean99 (3 years ago)
+potato lover no problem :)
potato lover (3 years ago)
+xsean99 thanks ^^ I will Check it out :)
xsean99 (3 years ago)
she does... her name is cathycat
fuse for life (3 years ago)
the german one is so adorables!
fuse for life (3 years ago)
A Korean trying to use the little bit of English he knows to communicate with Japanese girls who know very little English May I suggest a Universal Language? lol.
a s (2 years ago)
Esperanto >.<
fuse for life (3 years ago)
+sean moule sure does seem that way ^^
sean moule (3 years ago)
English is the universal language of the world
fuse for life (3 years ago)
Hm, so generally Japanese idols know more English than Chinese. That's sooo interesting!
fuse for life (3 years ago)
The first part is a message to Americans that they will need to learn Japanese to survive, lol.
chikkachinijohannady (3 years ago)
i can't see many of their faces. the idols are not facing the camera and the korean guy's face is covered =_=
Franz Yama (3 years ago)
3:08 be careful with that right hand...
FinalFANTASY771 (3 years ago)
The Chinese language is so cute
thanks for the subtitles in spanish :)
JazzyD Draws (3 years ago)
holy sh*t that French guy is creepy
JazzyD Draws (3 years ago)
Hazirah amn (3 years ago)
that girl who same hair like cathy cat so funny! ^^ and cute! kawai!
St. Evremonde VonWare (3 years ago)
-giggles- the German was funny. n.n ♡ We only wear dirndls in Bavaria (south state) and it's a type of farm dress or festival outfit. it's adorable none the less.
ソヒョン서현 (3 years ago)
bonihani17 (3 years ago)
Did anyone notice how English was the middleground?
I'm dumbfounded, cute and entertaining but for how long ? Lol i'd loose my mind if I subscribed to this channel. Mainly because I might loose all masculinity enjoying it, I'll have to pass on that.
Live Epic (1 year ago)
Raigin ライトニング stop being a weak piss baby how will you lose your masculinity?
Lady Margaret (3 years ago)
Nadie hablaba español T^T </3 debi estar en este video >:c jaja broma xD
Claire Alyese (3 years ago)
Speaking to German, " Dog, dog, cat!" XD
talesofwhatever 0 (3 years ago)
Fuck gaijin, remove gaijin from the premiers
Amina03 MSP (3 years ago)
Wer spricht hier deutsch ? :3
bradG91 (3 years ago)
is that some sort of remix of the russian national anthem at the end? sound familiar to it
Space Case (3 years ago)
LOOOOL @ 2:04 ahaha
yxcvbnm 2231 (3 years ago)
that is the reason why germans hate bavarians south germans :D
김지수 (3 years ago)
well...most of japanese run away if sb simply says 'Excuse me'...
roumskii (3 years ago)
you speak german very well o__O aber als ob alle in Deutschland n Dirdl tragen :D Die lieben Klischees immer
kili nawa (3 years ago)
why are they so cute? is this the real life? or is this just fantasy? caught in a landslide, no escape from reality~
shiemixamaimon (3 years ago)
I was suprised that she speaks german O.O I'm from Germany and this was fun to watch ^^
Blackjack (3 years ago)
sie ist überraschenderweise deutsch :D
Hans-Christian Bauer (3 years ago)
Yes, yes! Let's GOOOOOO! :)
nano and stuff (3 years ago)
WHAT REALLY LIke that korean guy...
helsea is bored (3 years ago)
the korean part is super funny
Basic_Psychology (3 years ago)
Sterotype much?
Howitbee _ (3 years ago)
The sound she made when she saw the Korean guy 😂😂
Pumbaa g (3 years ago)
so many stereotypes in one video. CRINGE
TheStepmonkey (3 years ago)
3:17 that's the "american" girl LOL
DeLEET Titan (3 years ago)
Funny seeing a react video by a japanese idol group
。黄色担当 (3 years ago)
Hongyu Lu (3 years ago)
+Daysoo Chan sameQWQ
CorneliaTheFifth ya (3 years ago)
me too (≧∇≦)
KittyHiPur (3 years ago)
trying to get across what your say in a foreign country and not knowing the native language you end up playing sharades
yewon S (3 years ago)
OMG you know Korea.......... thanks>_<!!!!!😍
AevesIsNotOnRoids (3 years ago)
1) What did I just watch? 2) Why did I laugh so hard? Funny video.

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