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HIGH ELO Call-Making Tutorial 🔥 Even in this elo they need guidance! TOP Illaoi Season 9 Gameplay

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Video seems interesting? Then feel free to leave a 🔥 LIKE 🔥 and 💯 SUBSCRIBE 💯 for more new and amazing content!! Thanks! HIGH ELO Call-Making Tutorial 🔥 Even in this elo they need my guidance 🔥 You want the STRONGEST Season 9 RUNES build for Illaoi TOP/MID/SUPPORT? Enjoy: Inspiration + Domination For Inspiration: - Kleptomancy (INFINITIVE Income with our pokes and engages) - Biscuit Delivery (Free pots to win our lane phase) - Magical Footwear (Speed is everything, free boots plus 10 bonus ms) - Time Warp Tonic (All about potions and elixirs, extra MS while using them) For Domination: - Sudden Impact (Extra Lethality while using your W) - Ravenous Hunter (14% Spell vamp for more sustain) Also you will get for: OFFENSE: 10+ ADAPTIVE FORCE (Extra 10 AP) FLEX: 10+ ADAPTIVE FORCE (Extra 10 AP) DEFENSE: 15-90 Bonus health (base on level) This runes will give you everything you need for Illaoi to do insane damage and got GREAT SUSTAIN at the same time! Kleptomancy #Illaoi vs #Malphite TOP LANE SoloQ Ranked Season 9 Gameplay #LeagueOfLegends https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=balori 🔶 Feel Free to make any donations here: https://streamlabs.com/lolbalori 🔶 Want top quality products? Check out our official Channel's Store here: https://www.moteefe.com/store/lolbalori 🔶 SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCUkOmvlRSUTonLAYn8XX9Ew 🔶 All my Series: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkOmvlRSUTonLAYn8XX9Ew/playlists?sort=dd&view=1&shelf_id=0 🔷 Follow me here for more content and daily updates! 🔹 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lolBaLoRi 🔹 Twitter - https://twitter.com/lolBaLoRi 🔹 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/5xXtdwq 🔹 Reddit community - https://www.reddit.com/r/BaLoRi/ 🔹 Stream -https://www.twitch.tv/balori All the songs that im using are from "NoCopyrightSounds" youtube channel! Thanks for watching! 💙
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Text Comments (30)
iTzDanyx (20 days ago)
Tentacles with penetration, i know what you did here my friend
Screw this (23 days ago)
thank you for the guide
phexac (25 days ago)
Talking about call making w/ 23% kill participation. Cool.
BaLoRi (24 days ago)
Also side-note, teams that follows my EXACT CALLS in ranked will win with a success rate of 100% easily, we saw that so many times before! You should watch while playing seriously to see whats happening :) Cause to simply mess around in Diamond 2 with illaoi is not serious gameplay at all :D at least for me!
BaLoRi (24 days ago)
I was "Shit talking" to my teammates? Interesting!! Did you actually see me talking towards them and flame them? Are you sure we watching the same game? Also you can't get carried if you simply dont care to win or lose :D Especially while malphite became totally useless cause I DESTROYED HIM!
phexac (25 days ago)
@BaLoRi Eh, for the amount of shit talking you did on stream, you kinda got carried while randomly yelling things at your team. Edit: also about your team pushing mid when top was the right call. This has less to do with their skill or knowledge of the game and more with the ability of a group of random people with very limited communication to coordinate. If most people are already mid, it's very hard to get the 4 to independently decide that they should rotate. So the reality is, often times in solo q, it's best to back your team's sub-optimal play. Decision making of non-coordinated groups is actually a topic of a lot of behavioral research. A lot of the time such groups will just follow the path of least resistance. If you want to influence their decision making, you should try to make it so that it looks to them (specifically to each individually) that following you is the best idea. If that's not practical, then we're back to backing the team's potentially sub-optimal play.
BaLoRi (25 days ago)
You can make calls and have zero kill participation and split push all the time :) Do you even know what "calls" are? Welcome to our channel where we always LEAD to WIN and we need to tell them the most obvious things cause they can't do them themselves!!
Huyanh Ta (25 days ago)
When you get back from vacation, try the new game mode! It looks fun and I want to see your input on it
BaLoRi (25 days ago)
I will do that for sure, but after I come back I will create a brand new series way better than the new game mode :D
Raishin (25 days ago)
17:50 I knew he was going to die, jax just needs to be in front of him and his passive does all his work
BaLoRi (25 days ago)
I just needed to wait for my ultimate, to fight him while having so much gold on me was a little big mistake :D but it was FUN FOR SURE!!
Claudiu Malega (25 days ago)
This is iron division how is that adc so stupid to keep going with no vision at min 13 and your tentacle have 2 points that means you are around
BaLoRi (25 days ago)
Iron 4 in Diamond 2 or Diamond 1 :D He underestimate me a lot there!
Jacob Oliver (26 days ago)
dzello (26 days ago)
With the changes, you're gonna be able to go full AD lethality with a Zhonya and a Guardian Angel!
BaLoRi (25 days ago)
Need to test her in PBE server, probably will do that after I come back!
Riccardo Pippo (26 days ago)
Do you like kennen?
BaLoRi (25 days ago)
Im not sure :D
Andie Quiroz (26 days ago)
Riot is sending me autofill.... Top.... Should I start to honor you? I'm afraid to go top and being bad :c
BaLoRi (26 days ago)
Auto fill top? My DREAM hahaha
Nasus (26 days ago)
Can yuo make streame
BaLoRi (26 days ago)
Our next stream will be in Wednesday :D
BaLoRi (26 days ago)
Even in this ELO I need to make the most obvious calls that they can't think for themselves, sometimes it becomes so awkward... What to say, if Diamond 1 players can't think for themselves, I guess the Challenger rank 1 will at least know how to use the champions :D lets reach it to see hahahah if ofc survive their toxicity!!
Josue Cabrera (26 days ago)
Be careful going with that build with the "pros". Don't want someone to catch you with his riot friend and give you a two week vacation.
BaLoRi (26 days ago)
Riot giving 2 weeks vacations? We need to take it!!
Mick Silva (26 days ago)
Ap Illaoi or Ad Illaoi?
aw3s0me (25 days ago)
@dzello To weak. EHP + Pen + Damage + StatsRegain Ratio is way under the effective curves it can reach. 3x Doran's Blade Phage BorK Finishing BC Or Rush 1st RageBlade DeathDance ICE gauntlet Reason here to add ICE, AoE dmg + Slow +LifeSteal AoE If you got 45% LS DeathDance adds 33% additional to AoE dmg dealt So 78% LifeSteal by AoE dmg dealed So ICE hitting several targets at procing heals you over several sources back. Able to fight several targets While the Resistance stat on ICE On top increases the worth of each healthpoint regained in EHP. So your _power_ of healing increases as well. + RageBlade doubles the on-hit part of ICE so instead 200% > 300% phys dmg. Every 1.25sec AoE + the AoE Debuff slow. 24+15= 39% Pen Simular to 1x VoidStaff = 40% increased dmg Which again increases our LifeSteal power while trading. Tentacles are AoE dmging as well. She should be able to reach with this build 8k EHP Effective Health Points vs AD dmg typ. Ofc i would go for [PtA] 100%
dzello (26 days ago)
Youmuu's, Duskblade, Death's Dance, Zhonya, Guardian Angel. E, R, W the spirit, Zhonya. Win the teamfight.
BaLoRi (26 days ago)
Ap illaoi is the meta!
Bzhao (26 days ago)

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