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(Interview with Riot) Could Position Ranks help to save League in Season 9?

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Massive thank you to Ed for doing this video with me! -https://twitter.com/RiotSapMagic Interview timestamps - Will ranked be more balanced?- 3:39 Playing more roles in ranked- 5:52 Helping with off roles- 8:41 More competitive?- 11:21 Feeling less stuck in ranked?- 12:10 What about one tricks?- 13:39 How will placements work?- 15:42 About Position ranks = https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/04/dev-updates-to-ranked-for-2019/ // https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-gb/2018/08/dev-position-ranks-in-2019/ ♦ Streaming 5 days a week! → http://fb.gg/phygames ♦ Follow me on Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/phygames/ ♦ Follow me on Twitter → https://twitter.com/phygames ♦ Subscribe to my League Gameplay Channel! - http://bit.ly/PhyGames- Editor - https://twitter.com/ToxOnPC Title: Insan3Lik3 - We Are The Robots (feat. Temu) Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe443Gl4Skk Beatport Download Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/we-are-the-robots/1244016 Label Channel: http://www.youtube.com/Monstercat (Interview with Riot) Could Position Ranks help to save League in Season 9?
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Text Comments (836)
shara in the box (1 day ago)
if you cant play adc go and play normal instead of ranked and learn this role....
Se7ens (2 days ago)
talking about diamond and plat.. when im stuck in gold cuz everyone thinks they're gods and afk or run it down mid if they dont get their way.
Jonah Lim (2 days ago)
Practice your off-roles in norms?
Xipa TotalyPro (2 days ago)
this change is amazing i get bored playing jgl but in other roles im not as good so this change is fucking awsome
Colin Reinert (2 days ago)
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the state of ranked and the mentality of players. The changes all seem decent but I really do feel that riot needs to figure out how to handle afks, trolls, and feeders. Now I’m not arguing that it’s a team game and that if your bot lanes feeding its because you left them on an island. I’m talking about the 0-28 by 10 minutes and the ark mid lane after 6 minutes into the game. Losing lp for games like that really leaves a bad taste behind. All in all, I would like to see riot implement some way to give more reason to compete even if all hope is lost. If I’ve preformed amazing in a game and have an afk or troll I shouldn’t have to lose 17 or 20 lp even if I’ve put preformed the entire enemy team! Maybe make the LP loss a little less... painful.... ease the blow... and honestly gaining 20 lp when an enemy afks feels bad too... idk... something I think riot should look at. That and level capsules are worthless
Vicious Fate (2 days ago)
But this also means that atleast at the beginning people like me who are comfortable at 3-5 roles will have a huge advantage because they will be matched against lower enemies in every role except for their main role. I know this will be resolved when the player reached a few games on every role but it will also hurt some matches before that happens.
Cooper Dustman (3 days ago)
Maybe employ a sort of riot “Police” to investigate reportings and keep the fields of justice clean, healthy, and competitive!
TheRomisterio (3 days ago)
just curious if you have to get to gold+ with every single role (like you have to do 13 "queues" to get everything from the season rewards)
Spin793 (3 days ago)
Although I'm not a big fan of this new system, I really appreciate that Riot is actively explaining why they are doing it and why they think it will help the game. It's always nice when companies are more transparent with their decisions like this.
Animated Weeb (3 days ago)
Do you still get ranked rewards based on your highest rank at the end of the season?
Simos Simeonidis (3 days ago)
Plzz dont change it
Simos Simeonidis (3 days ago)
I dont like it i want to play in my division in every role
GIᗩ (3 days ago)
Buff rage blade Fix moment speed item, they like removed all of the moment speed item.... and assassins are weak af
Be Ron (3 days ago)
Pls don't do that rito. That's a terrible idea
DrVinylScratch (3 days ago)
So when will supports get good placement mmr? OW, TF2, and other games with a competing elo system and a support role suffer from the same flaw that because supports aren’t kill heavy they get less mmr than a kill heavy person. Thankfully league has the best system out of the games I’ve played but it still sucks. If I can get S’s in gold 3 as solo q support on a gold 3 account but on my main in placements I get placed in bronze 2 because the w/l was 5-5 and my stats were all fine for a support featuring 3 S, one c, and a-b everything else.
zszs100 (4 days ago)
First, currently the NUMBER ONE unbalancing factor is actually people playing champs they are new to, rather than position. Me for example, I'm a Warwick jgler main (on my main account) and I hard carry in plat lvl ranks.However, I int hard every time I play leesin and in my silver smurf account i still struggle a bit when i play leesin jg. When I tried Wukong and nocturne jungle I naturally picked them up but still wasn't quite at my warwick jungle level. Then when I tried master yi, i feel like I'm no more than silver 2 lvl just like leesin. Most of the time when people do bad on my team, it is because they are playing a champ they don;t usually play, even though they got their main position. THis happens more often than you think (Just check na.op everytime you play). This trying new champion issue is not addressed in the new system but will perhaps ENCOURAGE more carelessness in ranked game play as a whole. Second issue is when people stop caring as much. Maybe I'm not trolling on purpose, but when I try off roles in the new position ranks, I already know that I won't play in try hard mode, like I do in my main role, so isn't this just going to cause more ranked games where people just care less and not try their best in general? Right now I DON'T play support, but when i get auto filled support, I still try my ABSOLUTE best to try and win and of all the games i got support or other roles on my main account, I still did a decent job. HOWEVER if this was position rank and I get autofilled, I def won't try or care nearly as much. Currently playing new champs and players not playing as hard as they can be (Cuz they already reached their goals to get Gold V or Plat V etc) is the LEADING cause of unbalanced games. Third issue is, legitamate trolls? What If im plat or diamond, but just want to int in another off position to get that new IRON RANK, so when people look at my profile, my rank will be from Diamond, to IRON, just for the LOLs? Lets say, If I intentionally lose 5 games, win a game, then troll another 3, win one, then int another 5 etc, will the system be able to detect me trolling? Because currently the system is extremely bad at detecting inting and trolls. EVEN IF I do get detected and drop some LP in my main position (as Riot mentioned losing too much in a row might affect your main role rank as well), how much does that really matter If I know I got the skills to win that back anyway??? I'll just win 2 in my main position then int more in my off till I eventually get iron. To improve, I propose better and MORE DISTINGUISHABLE rewards for every division (Gold V, Gold 4 etc), and can just be a simple one like adding MUCH better distinguishable features on the border for each division. And get exclusive rewards if you are gold or above on 2, and 3, 4 and all 5 positions. Add unique rewards to gold and plat players, then more to diamonds. Rewards can be small from better looking borders, to big, like skins etc. BASICALLY add more rewards big or small the more people accomplish in ranks. DON'T make people feel like its "mission accomplished" once they reach Gold V or Plat V etc, make it feel like the next achievement reward unlock is always steps away. This will reduce the carelessness behavior in ranks, which is the number 1 unbalancing factor imo.
brian bowen (4 days ago)
it sounds like smurfs will just be able to stay in lower brackets for longer
123123123 (4 days ago)
Remove autolock and give us one rank insted
Jorge Batler (4 days ago)
Honestly, it's impossible not to like this channel, the amount of really usefull content is everything that any player could ask for. Thanks dude.
Zoop Pi (4 days ago)
So a diamond top vs a gold top doesn’t seem fair. The diamond obviously knows micro and macro play much better and will just most likely end up destroying the gold.
So a challenger mid laner will play with Bronze V top lane :) seems legit, no smurfing. :)
Walking Toothbrush (4 days ago)
This allows people more variety in their games, but it still doesn't fix the poor essence economy that limits a player's variety in champ select. I'm really looking forward to these changes, but I do not think it will "save league" without an essence economy overhaul that is less pitted against players and exploring new champs.
jztskyz (5 days ago)
Nah this shit sounds boring af and it will kill the game more
Aaron Rooker (5 days ago)
This is bad because u can boost even better than ever as a high Elo mid lamer queues as a support with their friend and then lane swaps in champ select making it even more unfair. When you get auto filled no one will want to win if it’s not going towards their desired rank.
EroticWalruss (5 days ago)
Hey Phy, I made a video about solo rank system. It is based off of the current system but helps to spread and allocate lp gain/loss per game based on individual performances. Please let me know what you think of the idea, would love to hear your thoughts.
Max :p (5 days ago)
Can u not just play something off meta in a role I don’t care about and it won’t affect your rank at all now, it encourages feeding and trolling in roles u don’t play?
Sovo (5 days ago)
How does duoQ work??
Mookman (5 days ago)
I just watched this after I had an auto filled Tariq support and all I have to say is Rito plz
LazyNyanko (5 days ago)
LuL I love it now I can smurf without a new account or flex
Conner Erickson (5 days ago)
I don’t know about this, seems like either the grind will massively increase or your solo queue rank will mean less
High Ping (6 days ago)
if I dodge, when im autofilled does it affect my Main LP? If it doesn't I'd just dodge every autofilled game
AfterNvy (6 days ago)
Personally i think that even riot employees are not driving the game where it should be. Yes, the community is bad but they are copying what the others do. I have seen "These tryhards" from rioter in a normal game and i see this in most of my games too. This is bad attitude, i entered a game to win and to have fun, not to carry some sorry asses and not to break my nerves. The ranking is not a problem but their algo for matchmaking and the attitude that the community has. Once again rioters should give a positive example for the others and not the other way around.
Pailox (6 days ago)
please no position ranks wtf...
Adam (6 days ago)
so riot wants me to play more league...
Alex (6 days ago)
This could be a great thing for league potentially.
yeet12333 (6 days ago)
zetsu12344 (6 days ago)
Does not the system has an "exploit"? I mean, let say I am rly good mid (lets say in new system ... Diax 1-3, just as example), but I rly rly suck as an ADC (Hmm gold 3-4, just as an exmaple, prolly it is not possible to have such a big role discripency) and than I think to myself, I will play pick adc to smash some noobs and first thing I do I type in lobby "Yo guys, I am diax 1 midliner, give me mid, and we have a free win" and you get the smurfing expirience while plaing on your normal account ... I dunno if there is a way for Riot to solve this part, but as far as I see for now you could get like PTSD in some lower ranks, if you see that your oposing team switched roles you know you are doomed, coz this Irelia you get in your gold game is not typical gold irelia, you know that this guy is much higher in rating and this Irelia will make you hate your life while diving you every 2 min past lvl 6... (Just using Irelia as an example, coz she requires skill and is a snowbally powerfull champ for now)
Mathias Jensen (6 days ago)
Im really excited for this, I can't wait to get a rank in all 5 of the roles, see the differences and learn from it.
Maximilian Eyerer (6 days ago)
Tiago Abreu (6 days ago)
Finally people will understand jungle more and play around their jungler yay
AxelSteel32 (6 days ago)
I have a better resolution, instead of individual role ranks which would make queues longer, how about REMOVING AUTOFILL? NONE OF THIS WOULD BE NECESSARY IF AUTOFILL NEVER EXISTED. Sure, it shortens queues, but in my opinion, individual roles would make it worse than it use to be.
3 Amigos and Perro (7 days ago)
How would you determine the rank of each position, would there be placement games for each role?
Anthony Simmons (7 days ago)
So then how would being in a duo queue work?
Maskkyubii (7 days ago)
I want to teach other players on how to play Zoe jungle, but I don't think I'm prepared to do that yet.
I never (7 days ago)
I want this
Ian Burgess (7 days ago)
developers should focus on punishing trolls
Charles DelPapa (7 days ago)
So they made a way to try out different roles in ranked that should allow you to try new things, but that doesn't address the fact they are pushing more to competitive and less towards making the game fun...
Quentin Mattison (7 days ago)
A question I have but haven’t seen yet is that I play every role other than mid (still play it a bit not much) so how is this going to affect my climbing ? Is it going to be way slower because I’m constantly switching between lp gains in roles ? Or is there a way they detect “fill” players ?
LuiZZ Vid. (7 days ago)
I hope they just dont make the gap too big... i am even in mid/ top skill lvl but dont wanna play mid diamond and top gold low plat or smth... thats aids
LuiZZ Vid. (7 days ago)
tbh I dont like this at all. I love the way it is andthis is so much work if you wanna get high elo on more stuff. I mean im pretty much mid and top player but now I have to play 2 different elos WOW that sucks
Zach Cassady (7 days ago)
It’s a great concept but the issue of people not caring in their off roles, like how you mentioned support is what I think ultimately happen
Downstilt (7 days ago)
Less smurfing but more inting and trolling, if i get set as a rank i don't play, not my main or off i won't care what rank that is, so i won't try as hard.
Downstilt (7 days ago)
People who get a role on which they arent good at will just troll and int because theyre not on their main rolw
Edgardo Campos (7 days ago)
They need to really work on matchmaking man. Is crazy how fking unfair it is
Mr Bronze (7 days ago)
Why don t u guys plase iron above bronze so that people that are bronze could not get lower . Let s say someone si bronze and they drop to iron are they going to play anymore ?
Cervante Lee (8 days ago)
I think position ranks would be amazing because you're right you can play your main position but if you get match made into a position you would be able to still have fun without just getting stomped by your off role opponent , it would keep me coming back to the game because right now I leave the game every couple weeks because I'm tired of the trolls and stuff in the games but this would lower that aswell
Krystian Kukielczak (8 days ago)
my only problem with ranked is the fact you still have no impact in the game. i want to play tank sion right? so i sit on my lane and actually win with aa riven. i made a tp on bot and got a kill for adc. but what happens? my teams starts to do absolutely everything to lose. 1/7 le blanc and shit. giving objectives for free. i couldnt stop them from inting. next game i was playing rakan and guess what? my draven had fleet footwork, built bloodthirster on first item and didnt use q to stack passive. we ofc lost. GUESS WHAT. in another game in enemy team there was a drevn with conqueror and normal build and he was fed by my botlane! i do everything i can on my role. when im top- i tank and peel, when support- i safe teammates, ingage, peel. but it doesnt change anything. i have 0 impact in every game and winning is a coin flip.
LeAimolok (8 days ago)
Remove flex and put this instead, leave the solo q as it is
Ziheng Liao (8 days ago)
I feel like this isn’t going to work
Alessandro Vittoria (8 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that those " Position Placements " suck?
Herbz124 4 (8 days ago)
Rito should release clash and take back the ip instead of blue essence.
Wait Beat Drops (8 days ago)
Just remove kaisa and bring back aatrox and ill br happy
Tr4shM0nk3y (9 days ago)
So if an Account is shared; and one player plays adc mainly, the other one plays support mainly, how does this effect the overall rankings? Doesn't this encourage account sharing in a certain way?
potato head (9 days ago)
lol talking about smurfs i just playd a ranked game vs 2 smurfs in the same team :)
A Fcking Dragon!!! (9 days ago)
season 10 we get a rank per champion? looking forward too that xD jk but i dont like positional ranked, because what are u going to do with getting autofilled? there wouldnt be any use in getting autofilled anymore, cause it would be no use for a lobby in plat that is missing a support, if some guy gets autofilled in a silver game. I think it will increase the time needed to search for games even more and additionally: when i get autofilled now, i know that i still want to win cause i want my rank to rise. But if positional ranked goes live, why should i care about my ranked if i get autofilled supp? i mean, i know the lp are supposed to splash, but that just means that playing halfheartedly just cause i dont want to waste the 3lp dodge i have every 16 hours doesnt get punished. TL;DR i think positional ranked is a really bad idea and wont help at all, probably even make things worse than they are right now.
J Thompson (9 days ago)
It's funny how the feelings are the same lol Bot lane adc mains don't like top lane and Top lanes don't like bot lane....example most 6 out of10 games I play bot lane has to be carried its either me or jungle carrying sometimes mid . I main top, secondary mid lane .
Andrés Ksnv (9 days ago)
This sounds so good! The only thing that concerns me are the queue waiting time, specially in high elo. Is there a solution for that?
Fluffy_theguineapig_ (10 days ago)
If you want to play another role in league of legends JUST PLAY DRAFT... It is not that hard... 🥕
Mark Fred Ciron (10 days ago)
I think the source of the problem on position queues are the number of players. Because the more player there is, more availability for creating a team. Adding this to lol will simply complicate the game and complicated games does not attract a new player. So no new player, less number of position queue.
Mr Zet (10 days ago)
Different divisions have different mindsets... You just can't place a diamond with gold...
Joonas Põllu (10 days ago)
Its not really correct that games Are more competitive when ur on ur main role since being good AT the game or AT one role Even excpects u to know how Every role in the game works.best example of that is jungle caus in order to gank a Lane u must know how it works
The Last Samurai (10 days ago)
I think people should go down in rank if they havnt been playing for a long time. If someone takes a break for a month and come back they wont be the same rank as they were.
Lux Cro (10 days ago)
Remuve autofill and make duo q and solo q sapretly plus balance all champs and game will be fun again and it wont die.
Gabby Valenciano (11 days ago)
I never get off roled by the system. My first pick is support, second is fill. That's how I became a support main. I completely suck at toplane
moba mana (11 days ago)
can we pls just get it so i can put 1 roll down next season ill wait 20 min for every game
Bakuś xD (11 days ago)
But how will duos work then?
gubi 7 (11 days ago)
Make 1 v 1 game mode
Casper Christensen (11 days ago)
"Save League", why do people insist on this bullshittery.
Ergonium Olives (11 days ago)
I get that they can track the player's position in game to avoid position trades but what if other players got together physically and switched PCs so that they'd be on each other accounts? Basically exchanging accounts...
alex c (11 days ago)
I think it's a very good idea
dark elf (11 days ago)
Dont judge before you see what happens. Everyone said at the start of season 5 that selecting posiotions before u find a game will bring trolls. They said plant ans new masteries are bad ans the new runes
Clorox Bleach (11 days ago)
just release clash
Clorox Bleach (11 days ago)
so you wont climb with your main rank if you keep getting your off role or autofill?
ZenXXII (11 days ago)
This will really ruin league for 1 tricks and trust me there are a lot of them. I'm diamond and I gauge myself as a diamond jungler, diamond top, platinum mid, platinum support, silver adc, that's because I enjoy bruisers. You can't force me to play adc and I only got good at support because of the fill system. Can Riot please stop forcing players to play how they want and just let them, I dunno, enjoy the game how they want it.
Rogue (11 days ago)
How would this effect MMR?
Ali (12 days ago)
Honestly this seems totally unnecessary and to give each player a different mmr for each role will undoubtedly decrease accuracy and could reduce ranking credibility. If I'm a challenger teemo top 1 trick, that doesn't mean I'm a gold support player. There's more to this game than the champs/roles we play. This is also favors one trick ponies more than anyone else. Now instead of dodging when they don't get their main role or champ they'll play it out instead. It's like you're holding their hands while disregarding the fill players/people who took the time to learn other roles. The game's been out long enough, there's no excuse for not being good at least one other role.
Juco (12 days ago)
you never have a real rank then if u have 5 ranks
Juco (12 days ago)
thats dumb
Mr Litty (12 days ago)
I dont like the positional ranks because i myself and i have no doubt numerous others dont have a main lane or champion. for example i often play top jungle and mid and sometimes support. if i would want to get to gold or platinum which is high elo for me i would have to play 3 to 4 times more league to get one lane to platinum. this is the reason why i think i will stop playing league if Riot goes through with this change because it will not be as fun to me as it is now. now i can play every role i want in my elo and have fun and climb in a single rank while playing every lane. if i have 5 different ranks this wont be possible. and that is why i think this is a really bad idea.
nicbleu (12 days ago)
i miss old IE thats it ... bye
Michael Massari (12 days ago)
This is going to bomb, think about it. A champion that is easily flexible into other lanes such as Yasuo (I have about 700k points on him) can go from earning average lp in the mid lane, to making very slight changes in game play and earning as much as +8-9 based on mmr? You gotta be kidding me, riot. (Yasuo top, as well) 13:39 doesn't talk about how this can be abusive for OTP'S
Charles Natter (12 days ago)
But what if I get into a game as ADC and i'm a Gold ADC...and I say to the Top laner I'm a Diamond Top laner let me carry. Can't people just do that?
Mingqi Wang (12 days ago)
I think this will increase the numbers of trolls you might have in your games because people care lesser now you might have yourself playing main role and the rest 4 playing off roles in your placement games, or promotion games which can be really bad
Zhongren Wei (12 days ago)
Kedumetse Motloutsi (12 days ago)
can they rework treeline please
M Cutler (12 days ago)
This is cool, but I didn’t hear anything about role swapping. How is role swapping taken into account re: role MMR?
A.A.Luka (12 days ago)
I hope riot wouldnt do that........
A.A.Luka (12 days ago)
That rank sistem would be bad because when u get autofiled and get with lower rank players u will be better in some things then them like farming, minion control and stuff like that and I think then those autofiled players would have better chanse to win .
Fosi-Fondanwi Ajene (12 days ago)
Basically if I get off roled the game is totally pointless if my main role isn't gonna get affected win or lose?
Fosi-Fondanwi Ajene (12 days ago)
Im a plat jg main, if I get off roled adc and I have to play with an bronze/silver support I'll kill myself

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