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Outdoor Allergy Relief | Clean Clear Remedies for Allergies

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Rebecca Brand swings into Spring Allergy Season! Click: http://www.dayclear.com/coupon/ for coupon for discount on Outdoor Dayclear Allergy Relief. Allergies are hard on the body, and take away from outdoor activities. So, this is how I solve the issue, with this new clean medicine, pure with only the ingredients you need for the symptoms you have, nothing added. Hayfever is awful, pollen in the air swells up the nostrils and throat, binaural beats and music can sooth allergy problems, and this medicine for allergies is clean, has natural ingredients, and helps. Click: http://www.dayclear.com/coupon/ for the coupon Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaBrandRecipes/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_brand_recipes/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/rebeccabrandart LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccabrand Website: https://www.rebeccabrand.com/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rebeccabrandrecipes FTC: Sponsored by Dayclear Allergy Relief, my opinions are honest and true and are mine.
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Text Comments (44)
Jen Hamilton (4 months ago)
allergy season us the worst!
Sally Winter (5 months ago)
glad I found this just in time for my allergies to flare up
Sally Johnson (5 months ago)
love it
Jen Hamilton (5 months ago)
I prefer pills to liquid but if it doesn't taste bad like you say it doesn't then I might look into this. good price!
Jane Arli (5 months ago)
I've got to get myself a zipline my kids would love it! where did you find yours? are you happy with it?
Abeson Johnham (6 months ago)
amazing product!
Nadi Da (7 months ago)
Wow! Your yard is amazing! If I had one like that, I’d never be inside!
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
So nice for that comment
Serenge Can (7 months ago)
Sadistic mistress queen dominatrix
Sam Archer (7 months ago)
hi Rebecca u remind me a lot of my aunt Lisa she also had a big and very nice back yard I use to take care of it cuz her hubby was to busy doing something else
Sam Archer (7 months ago)
so glad u have that babe. now we can play and have a lot of fun on ur back yard, be able to go in an out mmmmmm
Guillermo Sanchez (7 months ago)
could use this....
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
allergies are such a hassle!
firesideav (7 months ago)
YOU ~ Sooo ~ ROCK ! !
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Thank you Fireside!!
big foot (7 months ago)
you have a freakin zipline in your back yard?! *gasp*
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
haha, YES!
HappyHealthy Mama (7 months ago)
Fun video! I'm going to be looking into this product. Thanks Rebecca!
Arlene Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Wow i gotta look into this
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
yes, it's good!
crystal k (7 months ago)
What an awesome yard! my kids get hay fever around this time of year, i'm sure it'll be good for that
HappyHealthy Mama (7 months ago)
Mine too! I assume it will be!
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
super great for kids!
Angelina Roberts (7 months ago)
omg iso clear ive never seen medicine like that
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
yes, nothing polluting the purity
mamabakes (7 months ago)
my son gets such bad allergies... this is great!
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Super Mama!
Mindy Roberts (7 months ago)
so pretty!
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Thank you Mindy!
Pinoystyle12345 (7 months ago)
Also, how does this one taste? I can't stand the cherry cough syrup flavor so I hope this is better than that
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Yes, it's clean and pure, easy to drink and no aftertaste.
Pinoystyle12345 (7 months ago)
Your yard is AWESOME!! If only I had a yard like that when I was a kid.
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
I love my yard, and created all the fun for my kids and their friends, thank you fo ryour nice words.
Olivia White (7 months ago)
allergies really ruin fun :(
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Yes Olivia!
MrJustDIY (7 months ago)
You're amazing Rebecca Brains and Beautiful. Is it ok to take with high blood pressure ?
MrJustDIY (7 months ago)
Rebecca Brand ok thank you so much
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
I think it is, but please read the box, or go online to find out, I read the ingredients and they are good. I sure wouldn't want to be wrong on that!
Jantje Vredesburger (7 months ago)
May I ask, is that her home? Dang..what an awesome place girl. That garden...do you ever spend any time ..inside? ;)
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Hi Jantje! Yes, that's my backyard, I love it!! It's so fun!!
Alien Alien (7 months ago)
Worket out good and hard
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Yes, it was so fun in the yard!
Byron Chandler (7 months ago)
Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. You just keep getting more funnier, more beautiful, more adorable, and more inspiring every single day. What's your favorite thing about making smoothies on a hot summer day? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. Never stop believing in dreams, beautiful. <3
Rebecca Brand (7 months ago)
Hi Byron! I hope you have a fun day today! thank you for the kind words! Smoothies -- I love frozen strawberries with some milk and sugar in a blender... it's so refreshing. I'll add some ice too to thin it down!

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