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Most EPIC Fountain Dive Ever - 130000 Damage Taken - League of Legends World Records

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We set or break video games world records. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatIsOP Support us by wearing our stylish gamer apparel: http://thatisop.spreadshirt.com/ Think you can beat that? Submit your scenario in the comments. The metal song is Rider Of The Astral Fire by Luca Turilli.
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Text Comments (1509)
Göktuğ Şanver (18 days ago)
2018 old but GOLD
LuckyTundraDragn (22 days ago)
Full life steal and ad mundo with those same healers
Caenen (1 month ago)
Aww it's now beaten by 430k hp Sion with the new tools from runes in S8, but this effort put in here is still awesome to see!
giannis gerolimos (2 months ago)
and hole game
giannis gerolimos (2 months ago)
i took 202k dmg can you make it video pls?? i can show you a pick
Reptile (4 months ago)
Try now
uzielperez2002 (9 months ago)
Brosef Amelion (9 months ago)
Ah a blast from the past, should try with the new stuff since LS is broken af now.
vorcazm (9 months ago)
I could stand indefinitely under fountain with 200 stack cho gath (made a video on it)
Duy Khang (11 months ago)
what is the song at 1:23 ?
SkyShroom XY (11 months ago)
You should remake this video because ardent censor is op.
Arjun Satarkar (11 months ago)
Wow... Just wow
Itz Shecho (1 year ago)
Yep theres a better way! The Sion patch. His passive gives permament health for killing minions and monsters. Also increases his shield! Imagine 6k shiled with 5 sec CD!! Permament tank fountain. Record broken.
REALNAME LEGIT (1 year ago)
you can do this with any champion now with full ardent censor back up
-_-destroyer-_ - (1 year ago)
Your so stupid you could have just done mass cd and done zonyas and other items that will make you take less damage like redemption and then you could also do more stuff like buy 4 redemptions witht he support ppl and other stuff.
XxMh012 xX (1 year ago)
Spiderhaz (1 year ago)
Step 1 Play Practice Tool Step 2 Disable Towers Step 3 Nothing else
Tyranzor Katastrophe (1 year ago)
Who was that dumbass burning his hand?
gary nemis (1 year ago)
Weibin Kong (1 year ago)
Kayle heal can spam
Bhupinder Sohal (1 year ago)
Is this music custom made? I would love to download it
Amanda Slough (1 year ago)
What sucks is you can't do this again because A) Sion got reworked and B) Soraka's healing got nerfed to it hurts her HP to do it.
Leroy Scott (1 year ago)
chogath with lots of stacks and warmogs can stand in fountain infinitely
Rade maričić (1 year ago)
actually, the fountain deals 2000 PURE dmg / second. look it up at the wikia
vladimir sinkevics (1 year ago)
it was many years ago so if u didnt play dont talk
jacob (1 year ago)
this needs an update with the new masteries and items that give bonus healing not to mention new soraka
Narwhal Warrior (1 year ago)
vandril wannabe
Theodore Rizzo (1 year ago)
Jesus doing that today would be disgusting with all the healing buffs.
Derrick Kelley (1 year ago)
actually I found a build shortly after this came to where he survive by himself in the fountain for 83.45 seconds
LostOter (1 year ago)
* Put a Sion with huge amounts of stacked up health in the fountain * Let a Nasus with ridiculous amounts of stacks and lifesteal step alone into the fountain and start hitting sion * Give Sion a team of healers to survive the Nasus, Nasus doesnt need one against the puny fountain
Biggu Penus (1 year ago)
how does sion heal?😂
RavenNevah (1 year ago)
Ralfs Apsītis Emoji retarded kid, go play Minecraft
Rebecca Lither (1 year ago)
I have a better strat... ezpz. Sion at 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hp
Geith Abdul Majid (1 year ago)
why did he not last forever?
aidan bender (1 year ago)
Build up 20000 stacks on chogath
TimDutch13 (1 year ago)
Ryze ult all minions and champs into fountain
Talibanana (1 year ago)
Medic Force + 5k Health Mundo with 4 warmogs + Spirit Vesage + Cinderhulk smite just sitting there
Hacks4Life (1 year ago)
I made it to 98000 with tryndamere
Demitri Schoenwald (1 year ago)
You need to do this again, but in the more recently updated League. :D
XHAD (1 year ago)
Please remake
DetectiveStrafe (1 year ago)
Old Jax, and he can actually kill you in the fountain rather than just survive.
somchai tantiyapinan (1 year ago)
Do this again with Redemtion?
Viktor Petrov (1 year ago)
alotta spell vamp max 4 thorn mail 1 hextech gunsblade 1 spirit visage and max attack speed enemy team under fountain *BOOM*
Toon Jappens (1 year ago)
better buy armor for fountain true damage and no that tiny bit of healing from thornmail won't be enough
Sub Channel (1 year ago)
2 year anniversary coming soon guys?
full lifesteal aatrox with wards in enemy fountain
Matteo Rizzo (1 year ago)
Eti Dreihundertzwanzig wards dont give lifesteal anymore
Targonir (1 year ago)
well it isn't the world record anymore :D
LoLPlays&BeastMode (1 year ago)
Yes, Olaf is brutal and OP for s7. check it out ;) Nice vide"!
Ace wavilind (1 year ago)
if is sion alone in the old version. it will do.
Jüri-Artur Mae (1 year ago)
milc and cookies did a video on actually endless tower divind feat aatrox :)))
Pedro Janikian (1 year ago)
Can you try again with the Sandbox mode?
Rapolas Grigaliunas (1 year ago)
do it in the urf
IuStrenght (1 year ago)
This can be done more time with inteligence mastery
Tom Tompson (1 year ago)
IuStrenght didnt exist
Mmm (1 year ago)
the tower😂😂😂
Call me Johnny (2 years ago)
Vandirli broke ur record :)
malthe petersen (2 years ago)
do it when urf
Unde3ground (2 years ago)
do this in urf
Count OF Doom (2 years ago)
you shud try to use ivern !
Joseguepardo o.O (2 years ago)
Why did you stop making these videos??? :C There were so cool
Gaming (2 years ago)
Deathfire grasp :'(
Serra Amano (2 years ago)
Its like your playing Raid boss in FF14 or other else MMORPGs XD
Infernus X (2 years ago)
Why is this always in my recommended video list?
Yun Jae Jung (2 years ago)
*olaf dies. Announcer: and that's how you survive in the fountain. Me: *facepalm
Parsa M (2 years ago)
u dead
Kampfarsch (2 years ago)
did the guys in the fountain only buy warmogs otherwise the armor would reduce the dmg = the heal for olaf .-.
Kampfarsch (1 year ago)
+Din mamma cyborg kappa thats stupid xD
Kasper Edberg (1 year ago)
Kampfarsch thought so too and yes they did buy armor cho had a g a
Jussi Sainio (2 years ago)
Nat Pagle (2 years ago)
imagine cho just accedently Pressed W
StevieG (1 year ago)
xSmokeyTheBear no, what he means is chogath will aoe silence, olaf will die in that period of time that they are silenced, and the rest of the teammates will get killed quickly one by one from the fountain and chogath gets the penta.
xSmokeyTheBear (1 year ago)
fountain only targets 1 person.
Sans The Dog (1 year ago)
GES SniPeZ dies instantly due to silence, gg ez chogath penta
Trickester1000 (2 years ago)
Mailo Godzen (2 years ago)
try that in urf ;D
Eizi201 (2 years ago)
dat is op
Neod Cnacna (2 years ago)
urf. get rekt.
Dolphinboi (2 years ago)
"Sion" rip.
Cereal Guy (2 years ago)
try that on URF
Cereal Guy (2 years ago)
try that on URF
Aced By Chase (2 years ago)
Are you going to update this? Items now increase healings *like ardent censor* and more healing items
Aced By Chase (1 year ago)
+RoboMiner posted before I made the comment. 
RoboMiner (1 year ago)
+Rengarex newest video one day ago xD
Aced By Chase (1 year ago)
+RoboMiner They don't post.
RoboMiner (1 year ago)
Ax Ismael not dead
Aced By Chase (2 years ago)
+Ax Ismael I thought they just couldnt come up with more ideas :/
Danergert (2 years ago)
Phamngoctu Pham (2 years ago)
gê v
Sоrrу but mоst genеrаtоr havе bееn раtchеd. thеrе is а nеw working gеnеrаtоr роsted hеrе https://twitter.com/098d1e5ec9d62bdba/status/754921906998956032?vaRBYY=40ba2520-22a1-44f8-b936-7699b6a4434f Моst ЕPIC Fountain Divе Ever - 130000 Dаmаgе Tаkеn - Leаguе оf Lеgеnds Wоrld Rеcords
ashraf ali (2 years ago)
BARTOL CHERRY (2 years ago)
one game in this week at end im just go sion on fountain and kill ashe then im was on pasive nexus explode and im keep live btw i dont have 12k hp i think it was 4k+
Dani Paunov (2 years ago)
fountain actually deals pure damage, which ignores most life saving things like trynda's ult, cell division, etc. also, it's the only thing that deals pure damage. or at least, that's what it says on the wiki.
Xedlord (4 months ago)
Pure damage is not actually damage at all, it's health reduction, that's why it can ignore all those things.
Pedro Paulo Wanderley (7 months ago)
AlexanderGW Gonzalez You are wrong. There IS such a thing called pure damage and it IS the kind of damage the fountain's guardian deals. It's NOT true damage. The only way to stay safe under enemy fountain when its guardian is not targeting anything else is when you are under the Stasis and Untargetable effects. The effect which mostly make it CLEAR that pure damage is NOT true damage is that pure damage ignores normal shields (white shields), true damage can't ignore normal shields.
VioletCompass Boii (8 months ago)
zac passive
Gluon (1 year ago)
Dani Paunov what is cell division? zilean ult?
Jamil Gaming (2 years ago)
same thing only with tryn
Jamil Gaming (2 years ago)
(build and team mates and stuff)
Kieran Mesquita (2 years ago)
Aatrox pls
JayMango (2 years ago)
Where was SONA?
A JACKAL (2 years ago)
sona is a shit champion for this.
Philip Kristiansen (2 years ago)
With Aatrox
Blopa Blop (2 years ago)
something important you didn't mention is that the enemy team was grouped with no bonus armor, which makes it easier to lifesteal with Tiamat AoE
bacon (2 years ago)
now do it when enemy team is not afk
jAcKy H3 (2 years ago)
are u sure the damage count isnt pewdipie sub count?
Joao Jacobi (2 years ago)
try in urf plis
Bankai OP (2 years ago)
uhm are you dead ?
Nordelsoup (2 years ago)
go play some Dota newbs
Rom (2 years ago)
RIP this channel, i like his vids :(
ryan fung (2 years ago)
lol olaf dead
Ian Christopher Neo (2 years ago)
try it on hexakill so sona can join
Ege Balbay 2 (2 years ago)
Johann Thomas (2 years ago)
DrinkOrDie (2 years ago)
enemy place wards and fed aatrox life steals 0 help
Elias Holm Thylgaard (2 years ago)
do IT in urf
AggressiveToby (2 years ago)
challenge accepted
Joby6701 (2 years ago)
do it in U.R.F mode?
Spooky Pirate (2 years ago)
Sion didn't use his heal XD
di3g0 (2 years ago)
report olaf
Edgy Trashlord (2 years ago)
Do it in URF = GG
DeathScrop (2 years ago)
wouldn't the sion/olaf comp kill everyone in the fountain ( due to perman w and r on olaf and perma ( old ) sion r
Kristian Pastorek (2 years ago)
yea why not right ?
Svajje (2 years ago)
I miss old Sion.... :(

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