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Can You Mix Fragrances? Wear Multiple Colognes? | Jeremy Fragrance

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Text Comments (154)
Rick Bignall (1 month ago)
What does Bay Rum fit or feel?
Cody Johnson (1 month ago)
It depends on the fragrances. Generally no. However, I have found my BVLGARI Aqua Amara to be prodding to the nose. And I will actually strategically apply Penguin Iconic Blend as well, and it makes a very unique twist, that actually seems more pleasing to me depending on the circumstances.
Eddie L (2 months ago)
That must be Dan Lok @ 3:57 in the red suit
kyra williams (3 months ago)
The pizza and Nutella analogy was ridiculous. Obviously, if you’re not an idiot, you’re probably blending similar fragrances, like 2 gourmands, or 2 fresh scents, not completely opposing scents! Also, if you have simple fragrances that only have a few notes like Jo Malone, you can blend them without creating an offensive scent. This topic was discussed rudimentarily when it deserved more time and elaboration. I expected more in-depth reasoning from you two 😟
Michael Glenn (3 months ago)
i have mixed joop with polo..obsession..and jeanpaul G. result is great
TheChosenOne (4 months ago)
So...no. According to Jeremy. Well, I will have to highly disagree. Having a degree in physics, I can say that mixing is perfectly fine based on the chemistry involved but you have to discover and mix the right fragrances together. There really aren't any definitive rules here; just experiment. But yea...I disagree about not layering. Fragrance mixing is much more lenient than mixing pizza and nutella. C'mon, that was a piss-poor analogy.
meekhael Tennyson (4 months ago)
I've noticed that for me, mixing typically isn't the best idea. But some fragrances such as spicebomb can mix very well when with a semi-similar type smelling cologne.
Bruno 370 (6 months ago)
What about beard balm and cologne?
Tom (6 months ago)
i always use unscented deodorant-cream that prevents the sweat's smell, so nothing interferes with my fragrance.
MicuPlay (6 months ago)
Hello Antonio, Yes, I combine fragrances like smell, But not between them. Example I'm on my throat with Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum, And on my arms with Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male,
Benjamin Chavez (6 months ago)
I want to go to Menfluential 2019
ahmed fayez (6 months ago)
I love your new hairstyle, it`s bold and a little messy.keep it up
1349898 (6 months ago)
One night I put on The One edt and found it too weak so I just tried to cancel it out with ck shock. They actually morphed together really well and I got the smell of the one with the strength and slightly less lasting power of ck shock.
Fredy Vergara Thecorpkid (6 months ago)
Rnrs is beast, legend. You just Made me make my own youtube vid . Watch here my friends https://youtu.be/fODprbP7Bfw
Shaun Leonard (6 months ago)
Most skincare products are fragrance free or very lightly scented. The same is true for deodorants. Personally, I use fragrance free shaving products. All in all, all of these products are so lightly scented that it’s a non-issue.
Shaun Leonard (6 months ago)
Love Jeremy!!! 🥰
First name Last name (6 months ago)
I have an issue to discuss with you guys I’m a pharmacist living in Baghdad - Iraq , making 6000$ to 1000$ a month from my own business but you know living in my place sucks. I’m not happy and from time to time gets depressed from all the shit happen in my country, it’s really messy life. I’m distracted and afraid to leave everything including my business and go out of borders to start a new life. I’m turning 31 , do I waste my life staying here?
Riz Kler (6 months ago)
Great question Antonio. I also thought about this and once I tried 2 expensive fragrances together & no one liked the smell. Even more when women ask you what your wearing how do you reply?
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Hey Riz - Just tell them you combined 2 fragrances 😁
Nick Hentschel (6 months ago)
If you're caught wearing an unattractive mix of scents, are you "in fragrance delicto"?
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Adebisi Esan (6 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with layering perfumes, I layer oud oil with Tom Ford Oud wood
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
If it works for you then it's perfectly fine.
Shaf Serious (6 months ago)
What about wearing frags under the pits?
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
I would recommend applying fragrances on pulse points like on your wrists. If you're going to layer fragrances, make sure it complements each other.
TheSNOTTBALL (6 months ago)
Every teenage boy should get a subscription to this channel for their 16th birthday! Great content.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Veroniciany Veronica (6 months ago)
Thank you for your great advice, Antonio, you are the best adviser!
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
You're welcome Veroniciany!
joseph burtulato (6 months ago)
When will the Style-Con come to the Philly area?
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
No plans soon. We're only doing it in Atlanta for the mean time. Hopefully, we'll get to more places in the future 😀
Mohamad Serhan (6 months ago)
Mohamad Serhan (6 months ago)
for winter time guerlain l'homme idéal EDP and armani code profumo.. summer time azzaro chrome and dior homme sport
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
What's your favorite fragrance Mohamad?
Jonathan Llewellyn (6 months ago)
This is a GREAT question, we could go deeper in, I feel. Just like the “Nutella/pizza” illustration, I’d say the principles could be expanded on further with what complements what in fragrances and scents. For instance, I tend to use a coconut moisturizer that I feel compliments my fragrance I use that has strong vanilla notes. The note that “neutral” scents such as mint and lavender are great to use as a base for lotions/deodorant is a great starting point!
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Very strategic Jonathan. Good combination.
Arsalan Ali Khan (6 months ago)
Nutella with pizza does sound delicious.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
It does sound delicious! 😀
Greggory1987 (6 months ago)
Excellent video! I have worn fragrances my entire adult life and never even thought about mixing two or more of them together. I have use a different fragrance in the same day after the first fragrance wore off....not sure if that is considered mixing???
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
It's more of layering fragrances.
Myth Gaming (6 months ago)
Michael Ray (6 months ago)
I've known girls that have smelled wonderful and asked and they say they layer fragrances , but never said what . I haven't tried , except after shave : Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Otra with Al Fin layered on top , I receive a lot of compliments .
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Interesting - thanks for sharing this Michael!
Jorge Vargas (6 months ago)
Lol Antonio your eye contact game is on another level, when the other person moves your eyes always follow (3:10) for example
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Angus Pontin (6 months ago)
Great meeting you at Lanes of London Antonio!!
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
It was a pleasure to meet you too Angus. 😁
D C (6 months ago)
Maybe you could but they have to be somewhat similar
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Exactly! For some men, it definitely worked.
proudindian30 (6 months ago)
Fragrances can be mixed as long as the ingredients compliment each other. It is imperative to know what has been used in composing a fragrance. Also very important to test it out before any application as things may not turn out to be as expected.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
That's true. Test it out first.
ammar ali (6 months ago)
I agree, you should not do it because if you think you can make a better fragrance than the original one then don't wast your time mixing fragrances rather go and make millions out of your mixing skills.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Makes sense.
Casey P (6 months ago)
This guy has never had a dessert pizza!
Dale Creasey (6 months ago)
I thought that but maybe he meant Nutella on a Hawaiian pizza
Michael Lynady (6 months ago)
Layer a vanilla frag like Creed Sublime Vanille with Aventus or Bleecker Street or Layer Aventus with Tuscan Leather or MFK BR540 and come back - great combos for a change of pace
defensebydesign (6 months ago)
Just getting into fragrances, so this video was helpful.
defensebydesign (6 months ago)
+Real Men Real Style thanks! I had seen two of these prior, but nice to know of the others.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Hey defensebydesign - check this out: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbAUemeg-KycvD73GI9xuKHygzvltW81f&disable_polymer=true
Anthony Da Great (6 months ago)
"I use to mix fragrances," but as a man, I realize it kinda gives it a bad smell, so I use them as they are. The new fragrance I use is Brume Corporel/ Spray Corporal. It keeps you fresh, and it smells really, really good. I recommend people to wear it. It's absolutely amazing!
ahastar1141 (6 months ago)
I think Jeremy made a great point with food. You wouldn’t take 2 awesome foods, like pizza and say ice cream and combine them. Sometimes it’s simply better to enjoy 2 great things separately.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
He did make a great point on that.
Iain Ronald (6 months ago)
I don’t mix colognes and don’t use aftershaves what I do mix are health products and colognes. I wear John Varvatos Artisan, but I’m also prone to dry hands so I have an expensive coconut lotion that I get from a women’s beauty store, and my body wash. I use Nivea for Men Active 24 hour which smells like a bit like playdough but in a good way, it’s a great base for scents because it’s not competing for the top scent. John Varvatos Artisan, Coconut Hands Lotion, Nivea for Men Active 24 Hour. The combination of those smells great and smells uniquely like me.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Good suggestion - thanks Iain.
Agustin Solano (6 months ago)
Check out the book Scent of desire by Rachel Herz
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
I might have to :) Thanks Agustin.
Agustin Solano (6 months ago)
I personally enjoy cologne. I will never mix fragrance, yet if you chew gum there are some aromas that actually work well with the flavors of Gum, and certain scents go well with particular seasons, a quick example will be a winter fresh gum with chrome by azzaro on a cool winter evening or a big red gum flavor with the original Tommy bahama cologne on a summer day. I even enjoy several smells that kind of work well with nature; on a rainy day that particular fresh smell in the light breeze works magically with onyx also by azzaro.
Mark Asher (6 months ago)
Hey Marine, I still use Old Spice for my deodorant, and Polo for my aftershave. Even though I'm an old guy, every once in a while some lady will tell me I smell good besides my wife. I think because the Pole and Old Spice are similar they work together. Carry On, great job, Semper Fi!
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Semper Fi!
Sukrutda Hishobanees (6 months ago)
Great. Needed that.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Sukrutda - Happy that you liked the video.
Practical Inspiration (6 months ago)
lol, I don't think my nose is sophisticated enough to even consider mixing fragrances. I keep it simple.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
What's your go-to fragrance?
Socrates Vela (6 months ago)
Tonio, do a video about cheap to expensive deodorants. And one for aftershaves. I took your advice about two fragrances, bought them, and I liked them. I would have never brought them if it had not been for your video from a year ago. Thx.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Wow - I'll add this to my queue.
Legend (6 months ago)
Thanks ma
Erick Wutke (6 months ago)
mentioned Brazil! o/
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Love Brazil!
Edwin Camacho Rivera (6 months ago)
Wanting to wear fragrances (and sewing) have been the reasons I have gone scent free with laundry detergent and things such such as deodorant and skin care products. I will confess in the field of mixing scented skin care and scents, I have used Tom Ford Oud Wood beard oil layered with Velvet Rose and Oud by Jo Malone.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Tom Ford is definitely on the top 10 list.
Javi C (6 months ago)
ALFA B-1 7351 (6 months ago)
I mixed three fragrances from a tester in a store, it was shameful for the flies to follow me to the office. Never again!
ALFA B-1 7351 (6 months ago)
+Real Men Real Style Hugo Boss The Scent. Cologne and Eau the toilette. I ordered it at amazon.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
So what's your go-to scent now?
Lunas Luna (6 months ago)
You just made everyone learned something today haha
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
That's the plan 😁
seanautube (6 months ago)
I tried Pure Malt on to see if I liked it in the cold weather. Too sweet, so I sprayed a little Encre Noir on it. What developed was a synthetic mess. I respect what perfumers are able to do. It's not as simple as it seems.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
I know right?
Yusuf Ahmed (6 months ago)
I think the point he was trying to get at was that a lot of the time if you mix fragrances it will be like mixing Nutella and pizza. But sometimes you hit the jackpot and get something that mixes like peanut butter and Nutella (sorry if you're allergic) which mixes like absolute magic. But most of the time it's going to be like the first example and not worth ruining the whole bottle. I would test it out by spraying one spray of one fragrance and while it's still wet a spray of the other fragrance and rub my wrists together to mix it. Then if it's good I can keep doing it but I wouldn't ever mix bottles.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
There you go...
Steffen Zander (6 months ago)
Normally i wouldn't mix fragrance but the interesting thing it about the company jo melone, they say its created for mixing it.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
I've heard good feedback about Jo Malone.
LEGENDARY & EPIC (6 months ago)
No you shouldn't mix fragrances
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
What fragrance do you recommend?
Emin Subasic (6 months ago)
Antonio, get a new camera. The difference in quality of video in comparison with aaron, jose, alex costa, jeremy etc. is significant. Modernise it a bit.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Appreciate your feedback Emin - Thanks!
Architektur TU Berlin (6 months ago)
i dont like jeremy for some reason. seems like an asshole. neveertheless love you and your content antonio
dachucktaylor1 (6 months ago)
I always blend my fragrances you just got to know the right ones to do it with. The one and Dior Homme intense is a great blend for the fall.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Vande mataram (6 months ago)
RMRS is very helpful & I have learned a lot from you ! So heartfelt thank you to you :)
YoshliFan (6 months ago)
Sure you should never mix let's say Tom Ford's Vanille Fatale with Penhalligon's Lord George (that sounds honestly awful) but there are fragrances, for example a whole collection of Jo Malone or certain fragrances by Diptyque that are made to be mixed. I don't see any wrong with mixing those..
Raylight (6 months ago)
Youtubers betray their own channel when they are out of ideas, Shame on you Antonio.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Step away from the computer Raylight.
Anthony Sforza (6 months ago)
I'm inclined to agree with Jeremy on the mixing of fragrances... though my example was going to be Cognac and chocolate milk. In any case, Maxim actually came out with a smaller supplement in an issue back in '99 called "101 ways to be more fashionable" or something like that. Where they actually covered this, in which they had like scent graphs and examples of what body wash would go with what antiperspirant and then the cologne. In addition to scent profiles which would complement other ones and which ones would just wreck the whole thing. I know, useful advice from Maxim, who knew? Ever since then, I've been pretty wary about what I ear and how it all balances out. If I could find that little booklet again, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat, as there was actually a lot of usable information in there... I actually saw it on eBay about 13 years ago but was outbid at the last second.
Nurdaulet Tileukhan (6 months ago)
u can't just mix fragrances, layering needs knowledge)
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Of course/1
DarkRanger919 (6 months ago)
Speaking of fragrances, had anyone tried Itr? Some of my close Arabian friends have me a vile of this stuff and it smells awesome. There are apparently many different types hags a strong smell that lasts a pretty long time. It's sort of musky, I don't know how to describe the fragrance.
Catbus Driver (6 months ago)
I use deodorant cream, smells like a lotion, barely notice it on myself. Also much better on the clothes. Could even wear the shirt two or three days.
AGentlemansJourney (6 months ago)
There's a lot of people in our community that will Kinda mix by layering. They will layer 2 different types of fragrances to make something even better. One of the guys on the last fragrance panel at Menfluential at times will do a video on layering.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Chad - That's true.
grfff3 (6 months ago)
I'd say wear different scents on different parts of your body, but don't mix fragrances.
Valzalel (6 months ago)
K Smith (6 months ago)
grfff3 Exactly !!! 👀
grfff3 (6 months ago)
+Real Men Real Style I have no idea how to make scents compliment one other.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
You can say that or if you're going to layer - make sure the scents compliment each other.
Gautham Venugopal (6 months ago)
Great Collab Antonio sir...I personally would not mix colognes..
The Vleck Channel (6 months ago)
Jeremy only collaborates with the best. Also, seeing Antonio in front of Jeremy's background is screwing with my mind a bit.
Adrian Hanekom (6 months ago)
Hey RMRS you are the best of best and I know I say it always but still can't stop saying it because you doing to good on the channel and you are like the captain on the ship
Amin Yashed (6 months ago)
I eat Nutella pizza on the regular 😑
Socrates Vela (6 months ago)
Da best, Nutella between two Chicago- style pizza slices. Yeah baby.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Hey Gary - didn't mean to offend you. 🙂
Rayhan Hussain (6 months ago)
Nice one 😎
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Thanks Rayhan. I enjoyed filming this video with Jeremy.
Kevin Douglas (6 months ago)
All of the Tom Ford private blend fragrances are meant to be layered if you want to. If you know what you're doing it's not an issue.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Of course!
Andreas Christensen (6 months ago)
2 legends in the same video. almost better than pizza and beer <3
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
This comment. 😆
Emilio Cruz (6 months ago)
Tom Fords private blend line was created to mix and blend. However that type of layering is not for every fragrance ... but you can do is spray x fragrance on your neck and y fragrance on your wrists.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
That's another option.
nieshawn charles (6 months ago)
Mixing fragrances is like mixing juices it may taste good but is not necessarily good for you.
nieshawn charles (6 months ago)
+Real Men Real Style thank you very much sir, it's an honor, keep up the great work.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Makes sense. Good analogy here nieshawn.
Noah jerry (6 months ago)
Crypto Power (6 months ago)
That dude seems like on coke. The fart-sniffer he is. Commercial shore begging for likes promoting his products under "providing value". Hopefully YouTube gets down forever. Let us see what Jose will do then. Like, share and subscribe NPCs
Ezra Fisher (6 months ago)
Ezra Fisher (6 months ago)
Of course I did.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Hey Ezra - Did you like the video?
This is next level material.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Jan Olav Fåland (6 months ago)
Lovely getting to meet you here in London, keep up the good work Antonio!
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Thanks Jan - it was great meeting you too!
Meninfluencer (6 months ago)
Antonio, which editing software do you use?
Meninfluencer (6 months ago)
Angus Pontin haha yeah 😂🌟
Angus Pontin (6 months ago)
haha we meet again, was at Lanes of London the other day
qarhsi (6 months ago)
qarhsi (6 months ago)
+Real Men Real Style 💪🏻
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Notification squad is here! 😁
Bangpaulxu (6 months ago)
Never mix fragrances! I only use creed aventus now and no other fragrances
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
Good choice!
leosedf (6 months ago)
Great video. Jeremy is a well known expert.
Real Men Real Style (6 months ago)
I couldn't agree more.
Yasir Azeem (6 months ago)
Level Sir 🤗😍😘
Al Farecee (6 months ago)
Salute you man 👨
JP (6 months ago)
Jeremy is the man!!

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