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Lolita Tribute

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this is a lolita Tribute i did . mana sama,kanon wakashima,Vampire Night,Loli Goth,Sweet lolita,Fruits lolita, anime lolita girls. all my favorite stuff!! ___________________________ about the lolita styls.~ ----------------------- there is 16 typs of lolita. -Gothic lolita -sweet lolita -casual lolita -Hime lolita -(white)Shiro lolita -(black) Kuro lolita -clasic lolita -country Lolita( fruits and more) -sailor lolita -Wa lolita(kimono style) -Guro lolita -Punk lolita -Ero lolita(like misa type ) -cosplay lolita -Kodona(ouji lolita) ouji means prince -Aristocrat lolita for more info about the lolita fashion and nore info about the japanese youth fashion www.lolitafashion.org
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Valentine (9 years ago)
Whats the second song?!?

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