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In this 1v1 fight, we're gonna show you a battle between newly released champion Qiyana and Yasuo! Let's see their potentials on each other leave a like and enjoy the fight! Musics here; BEAUZ Momo - Wont Look Back ►https://youtu.be/HbYXIMFDoRg Barren Gates BEAUZ - Tomorrow (feat. Harley Bird) ►https://youtu.be/CqgJPK2LNqA ELPORT - VOID ►https://youtu.be/LS3sCqlPLW0 LoL Slow Motions). Facebook ► https://facebook.com/LoL-Slow-Motions Twitch ► https://twitch.tv/lolslowmotions Twitter ► https://twitter.com/LoLSlowMotions Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/gammastarlol/
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LoL Slow Motions (1 month ago)
RAMMUS vs ZED ► https://youtu.be/c1wE4JChJWM KHA'ZIX vs RENGAR ► https://youtu.be/QORyWP_Unpw
moe (4 days ago)
Yasuo noob men
Selami Paksoy (1 month ago)
Yasuo aptal oynamayi bilmiyor duvarın dibi e dibine giriyor bir de w açmayı bilmiyor tabi qiyana alr
DARKEER (1 month ago)
Noob yasuo lol...
jean carlos (1 month ago)
Rengar k6!
Einstein Becil (1 day ago)
Que pendejo el wey que maneja a yasuo
C4sh (1 day ago)
this Yasuo does not really know how to play
This isn’t accurate, yasuo didn’t have flash nor the right build and the quiana was at a massive advantage with the terrain around her...... pffft
Yurix YT (4 days ago)
Qiyana vs nasus
Yurix YT (4 days ago)
A Yasuo player who doesnt know how to Airblade "FlippinFlamingo"
Hero GT (4 days ago)
No ese yasuo no uza su E
MR HANGIN (4 days ago)
Nah the yasuo is dumb over there
MR HANGIN (4 days ago)
Yasuo is not that dumb as how u showed us
Arthur Arilha Pires (5 days ago)
Yasuo won fds
Emir Poyraz (5 days ago)
Hùng Senpai (6 days ago)
Xin link nhạc
Qiyana is better
hmoog YouTube HD (8 days ago)
yasuo no E no
Filip Pes (9 days ago)
oyuncu çetesi (12 days ago)
yasuo oynayışını
Aseryo (13 days ago)
Yasuo is veryo noob 😠
fox er (15 days ago)
Qiyana is god qiyana is life
Theoxaris Skoulariotis (16 days ago)
Yasuo lose because dont press e
Arnaud. U (16 days ago)
Why the fight of no limitation is on the jng because yasuo is desadvantaged in jungle but qiyana is op
Valentin Chittanak (17 days ago)
This yas dont smart
Rafael Trindade (17 days ago)
Esse Yasuo n sabe nem jogar
Passerby El Gazar (17 days ago)
Just get QSS and it will be easy
More qiyana vs other champs pls
Jack YJL (18 days ago)
Welp thats noob yasuo
Serhan Erol (18 days ago)
Are yo turkish
Kyaa Clark (19 days ago)
Kyaa Clark (19 days ago)
tatsinio (19 days ago)
Daan De Pauw (22 days ago)
That 1v1 is shit that yasuocan dodge that combo with his w if he wasnt shit
AllGamerMY (22 days ago)
anyone knows what's the epic music while they fight at the beginning?
george gordan (23 days ago)
This yasuo can't play, iron player.
Hector Ballesteros (23 days ago)
Who is qiyana?
martin maureira (24 days ago)
No es por nada pero que manco es el tipo que controla a yasuo en serio
Aspire David90 (25 days ago)
Yasuo...pls.. use w... for me draw
David Calderon (25 days ago)
Que farsa mae ese yasuo es malisimo alejese de las pareses
ERAS polla (25 days ago)
Si el que usa yasuo tiene síndrome de down como el del video claramente va a ganar qiyana
Brian Beh (26 days ago)
malisimo ese yasuo
LEADER (26 days ago)
But after the fight, Qyiana dies of cancer.
teta roni (26 days ago)
rozkochany feeder (26 days ago)
This yasuo sucks..
シCristi (27 days ago)
Yasuo without minions is like a chat with a bronze and plat player
Lucia de Axel (27 days ago)
Idiota un buen yasuo no se deja vencer facilmente
Marcus (27 days ago)
skilled matchup
꽃미남 (27 days ago)
걍 야스오가 개못하는거아님??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
1:38 best exahaust I've ever seen
Hung Quoc (28 days ago)
Óc lồn Yasuo ko biết tốc biến à ngu vcl
Justin Jake Ashton (28 days ago)
And Yasuo never used Exhaust once.
kanserrr won
Shaaro Gaming (28 days ago)
黄旺库 (28 days ago)
Rna 44 (29 days ago)
If yasuo and qiyana fight in on land and have minion . I want know whole is win ?
duy nguyen (29 days ago)
viet nam a :v
vov.hacker -ASOSYEL (29 days ago)
No no no its happening
Merouane BELAROUSSI (29 days ago)
dud on the yasuo 1v1, can you use the W more cratively, like here to ether black her water Q or her R
Klaus Magrini (1 month ago)
Vai pra puta que pariu esse yasuo de vcs, pelo amor, o cara n usou um E nessa merda!
Howaida Soufan (1 month ago)
Yasssssssuo is noob Omfg
فهد بلال (1 month ago)
Noob yasuo😒
eduardo Lazo (1 month ago)
Ese yasuo no tiene ¿E?
levi ackerman (1 month ago)
Who win getir
Kayn The Shadow Reaper (1 month ago)
yasuo would shit on her but this yasuo is pure retarded
Ruhtra Nirffoeg (1 month ago)
Yasuo jus need block Qiyanna R and he win...
DussowskiK BB (1 month ago)
Riot games balance team is full of incompetents employees xd
DussowskiK BB (1 month ago)
Qiyana op
baka tensei (1 month ago)
i don't have to say much this yasuo is trash
Yo gamma you are so good with qiyana dude
Thatanos (1 month ago)
Hello BozAyıExtreme ... <3 (Seviyom seni bro)
TrixiGaming (1 month ago)
Dumbest 1v1 whoever is playing yauso is garbage. You clearly made it look like she’s better. Yauso literally kept walk towards the Walls or put himself in a position to but pushed against walls every time.
Vlkc (1 month ago)
Qiyana VS Akali
Joao Vilaça (1 month ago)
Yasuo noob
DZEMO 1 (1 month ago)
Qiyana vs Jax would be appreciated :)
Adnox (1 month ago)
(no)skill matchup here
Stegorian (1 month ago)
For me mordekeiser that's balanced xd op I was silver 1 I play mord I am gold 2 in promotion
apexon tv (1 month ago)
TAGS (1 month ago)
I thought the bitch was AP champion lol
Phong Huỳnh (1 month ago)
Noob yasuo. You should not have any video again.
Doggo Ninja boy (1 month ago)
Er? Werid.choice but​ ok?
Tetsu (1 month ago)
This yasuo just straight dogshit
Isaac Landa L. (1 month ago)
Korkusuz_ korkak _33 (1 month ago)
1:09 yasuo do combo e-Q and use ultimate
Cass Despair (1 month ago)
Yuumi vs Sona, please (?)
Thằng lzz kia combo yasuo như con cặc
no opponent (1 month ago)
her ult was way too powerfull
Yusuf Şıhman (1 month ago)
Yasuo oynayan mal aq
FOX CAWTON (1 month ago)
Ult Broken
purpleMurasaki (1 month ago)
Oh boy i can't wait till qiyana released in life server so i can play her and feed
RokiTM (1 month ago)
This Yasuo is noob
JUAN SEILA (1 month ago)
Love caunter yassuo
Matheus Yamashita (1 month ago)
Yasuo B4...
¿the yasuo does no shoot E at any time that's why he lost all?
Arda Akgün (1 month ago)
Yasuo is noob player
Raven Lynx (1 month ago)
I got surprised by Qiyana's AA dmg. That's quite the damage
Zul Hairi (1 month ago)
@Raven Lynx ohh auto attack..i never use thats shortform before..thnks
Raven Lynx (1 month ago)
@Zul Hairi Auto Attack, if you dont know what that is you shouldnt be playing league
Zul Hairi (1 month ago)
What is AA damage?
Janusz Szymanowski (1 month ago)
yasuo cant play in this movie
Hải Phước (1 month ago)
yasuo ngu chết đĩ mẹ combo như cc
Minh Ngô (1 month ago)
Holly shit damage she so strong
Chân Triệu Vân (1 month ago)
You just keep go to the wall
Alina Pargauskienė (1 month ago)
Am gunu kill mysalf New champ is op af
Thành Long Lê (1 month ago)
Where E ys

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