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Loli Want Her 0ppai to Grow

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Jose Chavez (2 months ago)
Het gaagle
When you remember that this is one of the people who got Neo Anime to quit Yourube
Sårah Lee (3 months ago)
0:39 is funny
Young Third Gear (3 months ago)
jhon bourne (3 months ago)
1:06 Gaagle really??
I blame Google. Do boys like big breasts? Yeah. They also like small, medium, a little saggy, saggy, with milk, etc...
Don't subscribe please (4 months ago)
DerUnbekannte (4 months ago)
eating more helps too
Greenyboi Gaming (4 months ago)
Victim traced FBI come in to 654 Eminem street
Illia Tizenberg (4 months ago)
It all depends on the guys perspective
jerry lim (4 months ago)
poor trap... all he was doing was an innocent search for a legitimate research purposes when he accidentally stopped at that exact thing. Trap did nothing, like who people say that larger dogs tend to be more calm in terms of lashing out at people, Lolis lash out. do not trust a Loli until you know they won't bite at you... and trust less if you're a trap cuz it's turn into a cat and dog fight(more like a panther being chased by a chiwawa ).
Otaku Senpai (4 months ago)
Watch this and the FBI will be coming to your house
Is she legal or she not legal? Its all up to the police or the army
Gou Rider ;3 (4 months ago)
Anime name plz
J/Ash/Bran (4 months ago)
“Treat me like I’m a woman!” BUT...you’re...10!
assassin spy (4 months ago)
1:07 *GAAGLE*
ХУLЭИIАИ (4 months ago)
"A big can fill a man's hand, but a flat can fill a man's heart."
PedsLapChat _0.1 (4 months ago)
Gaagle 😂
Adrian Atienza (4 months ago)
*Flat is justice*
Kagerou Project (4 months ago)
A loli and a trap are watching hentai together, is it legal?
DjHippy136 (4 months ago)
Calculated 😏😂🙌🏼👌🏽🙏🏽💯
LunarSkyWolf7 (4 months ago)
Dat title, 0ppai with a 0... Avoiding?
Li cuz (4 months ago)
I like big oppai
Im Interested (4 months ago)
i offer free *massages* for breast growth
ShottyMc Thotty (4 months ago)
Most male prefer big breast but me a gentlemen prefer FLAT brea-chest cause I don't wanna die of suffocation
Ikbendom Ahmex (4 months ago)
He clickt there on porpuse Dirty boy 👊
Alpha 594 (4 months ago)
Desperate I see......
Flashback Cat (4 months ago)
shota is just for. g a y
14 Demon Jaggers (4 months ago)
oh great, now lolis are becoming demons aswell, QUCK! call reversed Fbi!
14 Demon Jaggers (4 months ago)
1:07, where do I find this Google/Gaagle update?
Vayne Fox (4 months ago)
Who cares if its flat. Just like a doujin character used to say "the important thing about boobs is not their size, it's the person they're attached to"....
cute pinky (4 months ago)
It's okay to be flat.... I am kinda of flat too
Kind Kool Kid (4 months ago)
So far it doesn’t matter what topic, if there is a Loli involved it’s going to be cute
IJazzy Yas (4 months ago)
Does how much does Gaagle Search have searches?
KxLDeHAX Gaming (4 months ago)
Tbh I ship them the most coz I dont like if the girl is taller than the boy 😐
14 Demon Jaggers (4 months ago)
I dont like if the girl is a demon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°#)
GENTLEMAN Meoem (4 months ago)
What the name of that anime? Pls
SARENA (4 months ago)
Nvm it's will grow big for sure
Fish Jan (4 months ago)
Ragnarok Saotome (4 months ago)
She shouldn't rush it. It's not the size, but the shape. XD She is adorable as who she is. XD
wow poor aki at this point that loli will lose him and she will never grow her own breast
Faryan Ronoredjo (4 months ago)
I don't get it, they say massaging increases bust size, isn't breast simply heaps of fat of some sort
Vita Babarykina (4 months ago)
Faryan Ronoredjo same tbh sigh*
Faryan Ronoredjo (4 months ago)
sometimes i wish that anime could be real
Faryan Ronoredjo (4 months ago)
thanks for the info i'll look it up and don't worry you're not the only one that think life is unfair
Vita Babarykina (4 months ago)
Faryan Ronoredjo breasts aren’t heaps of fat aaand they don’t actually increase from massage;-; our life is a lie
Faryan Ronoredjo (4 months ago)
ooh, how so? please explain :)
lil turd (4 months ago)
Lel gaagle
FRISHR (4 months ago)
They both look like lolis
Izuku Midoriya (4 months ago)
Make the boy Hmmmm ahhmmmm ermmmm ahhhh Technical deficulties
Mark Jutwa (4 months ago)
1:14 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Luis Ramos (4 months ago)
What did he show ger that made her mad?
DA MotoNeko (5 months ago)
Good lord. I dont think there's been a guy and a girl talking about chests this long without being called a pervert of being sent to the hospital!
Jinko-San (5 months ago)
Really lol Gaagle instead of Google😂
FBI (5 months ago)
ananta wijaya (5 months ago)
She annoying
Krop Tickz (5 months ago)
She really wants breast badly
Rionaldy Triantoro (5 months ago)
Is it me or those two would actually look cute together as a couple
Kekoa Sandiego (5 months ago)
What's a loli
Kuto Rhakho (5 months ago)
i like them small haha😍
FBI (5 months ago)
she wants to become an "oppai loli"
Chromiia YT (5 months ago)
Critical Error (5 months ago)
Theres nothing there so theres no need to censor anything
Colin-kun :3 (5 months ago)
This is actually not a bad idea.. let us guys massage ur titties for bigger bosoms!
KYNO (5 months ago)
U know i seriously think this could be a hentai scene fucking kill me
KevinZone (5 months ago)
There are 4 girls in this anime. But i prefer this kaichou ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) BTW, is she legal?
Govin Lock (5 months ago)
KevinZone me too. I like her.
Oh he's doing some research there 😏😏
No Worries (5 months ago)
O how i remember this question all to well
Ladru Go (5 months ago)
I want this ship to sail but the MILF ship is strong We need more power!!
Tohma Uzumaki (5 months ago)
1:12 I'm so sorry but that's not gonna work XD
Little Light (5 months ago)
When u type naked women for the first time in google 😂
Shin ea (5 months ago)
Category : Entertainment
Shin ea (5 months ago)
It should be le3d
Loli with big oppai? Nah... Thx
Rizky DeathWish (5 months ago)
Flat chests are tend to be more sensitive, and those who have flat chest usually have great butt...
What in the fuck
Withly (5 months ago)
Oh man. *Gaagle ~ Japan* is my new OC Google Company You never get that better, mate.
Soul Core Arcade (5 months ago)
Loli is perfect, she doesn't need oppai
Glanz Valentine (5 months ago)
icemanik (5 months ago)
Koma chan??
Wro Ken (5 months ago)
Yuruske (5 months ago)
NO! A loli must stay a loli no matter what
14 Demon Jaggers (4 months ago)
too late bruh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) she soon quit begin a loli without growing
Nasif 40 (5 months ago)
flash king (5 months ago)
Never give up
Kris Villadolid (5 months ago)
"Why did you teach me that, baka." *Why did you ask about it in the first place, BAKA*
LunarSkyWolf7 (4 months ago)
Thanks to this video clip, I dropped this anime. No really, I don't want to waste any time with any bullshit cliché shit like this.
14 Demon Jaggers (4 months ago)
*why will this anime burn itself, BAKA*
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru (5 months ago)
Two Loli Watching *Porn*
Roadkill Potato (5 months ago)
I believe in boob equality
xXSpaceMexicanXx (5 months ago)
"If has big brastestes, I get treat leik Wamen"
andy 9432 (5 months ago)
Stupid loli!!!... fuck off~
Just Jeremy (5 months ago)
No, no, no, i like it that way.
Futaba Rio (5 months ago)
Is the president are also the voice actor of aisaka taiga from toradora? Its the same i think?
Baron Samedi (5 months ago)
Maybe she could ask the caretaker her secret of getting big breasts
Jorovie Muñoz (4 months ago)
Kanrinin san is the best
Ridho Norman (4 months ago)
Baron Samedi It's the genetic
Alexawolfy805 OMGDORITO (5 months ago)
Oh sh**
Hello World (5 months ago)
That has to be wikihow
DeadMistake (5 months ago)
*"Flat is justice"*
14 Demon Jaggers (4 months ago)
*not anymore*
INSTALL GENTOO (5 months ago)
DeadMistake why did you put in quotes then?
Unfaithful Servant (5 months ago)
Roadkill Potato - It's a joke, mate. I know. But in this context, yes, you will land in jail lol.
Roadkill Potato (5 months ago)
A regular Plumbus flat dose not always mean they are under age. There are girls that are over the age of 18 that are flat.
Unfaithful Servant (5 months ago)
Flat=FBI in your doorstep.
Kim Gyeol (5 months ago)
Who needs google if u have gaggle
hawkeye5955 (5 months ago)
9 out of 10 lolis use Gaagle over Bing
ThatScienceGuy (5 months ago)
Kim Gyeol So much better than google, would recommend. loli/10
Kim Gyeol (5 months ago)
I meant gaagle
Sandwich Anomaly (5 months ago)
GAAGLE... is that like the... Boston accent version of google or something? Is it from Boston? CAAAAH for car?
Rodrigo Seoane (4 months ago)
More like canuckian
Dendy Priambodo (5 months ago)
Loli kaichou!
GreetedDust8 (5 months ago)
Having sex with me makes your boobs grow.
Myouren Hijiri (5 months ago)
*GAAGLE* is my friend, it helps me search "Research Purposes"
Luis J (5 months ago)
I sense some great waifu material here
He was just trying to help and if you don't want him to massage them even you actually want him to do it yourself... Even tho it won't work...
Dhanar Santika (5 months ago)
Hey gaagle! Call FBI for me
Kaito Ryujin (5 months ago)
you always get the best search results in gaagle~ (≧▽≦)
Meme Otaku (5 months ago)
Who cares about breast sizes. Girls/women are beautiful the way they are
Govin Lock (5 months ago)
girls/women are beautiful if they don't have d1ck.
Roadkill Potato (5 months ago)
I agree. I believe in boob equality.
Just Jeremy (5 months ago)
The guy from above me, is right.
INSTALL GENTOO (5 months ago)
and girl (boy)
Benz Quizon (5 months ago)
Not all guys like big breast. Furthermore, sometimes youre already fine as you are and youre the only one that thinks otherwise.
xXSpaceMexicanXx (5 months ago)
Benz Quizon mens of culture
Govin Lock (5 months ago)
Benz Quizon yep, like me. not like big breast.
TheAllaksion (5 months ago)
DO NOT play with a girls heart she only has one. DO PLAY with her boobs - she has two. :)
Jon Bellaflor (5 months ago)
*This is a Public Service Announcement* If you ever see a "LOLI" being bullied, harassed, or other crimes towards them. Please contact your local Loli Extremists World Defense Force or The L.E.W.D Force for short Thank you for this time of reading alert.
Sonicdash 8 (4 months ago)
L. E. W. D. Force!?
My BUTT (4 months ago)
kuro El D blood (4 months ago)
+FBI u have to see this https://youtu.be/UYqaPFre8wM
kuro El D blood (4 months ago)
+FBI ahhahahahhahhahaha holy shit
tyler89557 (4 months ago)
Hey you can't deny that sugar helps to keep you fresh and alert for any loli lewders that might be prowling about. White vans are also inconspicuous and allow you to blend into the environment so you'll always be able to keep watch for said loli lewders without them noticing you.

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