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Video seems interesting? Then feel free to leave a 🔥 LIKE 🔥 and 💯 SUBSCRIBE 💯 for more new and amazing content!! Thanks! ULTIMATE KAYN JUNGLE 😤 I AM MAD 😤 FORCED ME TO PLAY SERIOUS! You want the STRONGEST NEW RUNES Kayn Season 9 Build for TOP/MID/JUNGLE? Enjoy: Domination + Precision For Domination: - Electrocute (More damage with our combos) - Eyeball collection (Extra AD stacks) - Sudden Impact (Our Full Lethality Build needs this) - Ultimate Hunter (extra 25% Ultimate CDR, just perfect) For Precision: - Triumph (%HP back and extra gold) - Coup De Grace (extra damage to low hp targets) Also you will get for: OFFENSE: 9+ ADAPTIVE FORCE (Extra 6 AD) FLEX: 9+ ADAPTIVE FORCE (Extra 6 AD) DEFENSE: 6 armor This runes will give you everything you need for Kayn to do insane damage Hail of Blades #Kayn Jungle Build Game with fans Season 9 Gameplay #LeagueOfLegends https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=balori 🔶 Feel Free to make any donations here: https://streamlabs.com/lolbalori 🔶 Want top quality products? Check out our official Channel's Store here: https://www.moteefe.com/store/lolbalori 🔶 SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=UCUkOmvlRSUTonLAYn8XX9Ew 🔶 All my Series: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkOmvlRSUTonLAYn8XX9Ew/playlists?sort=dd&view=1&shelf_id=0 🔷 Follow me here for more content and daily updates! 🔹 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lolBaLoRi 🔹 Twitter - https://twitter.com/lolBaLoRi 🔹 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/5xXtdwq 🔹 Reddit community - https://www.reddit.com/r/BaLoRi/ 🔹 Stream -https://www.twitch.tv/balori All the songs that im using are from "NoCopyrightSounds" youtube channel! Thanks for watching!
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Pół Kalafiora (23 days ago)
This build is so fucking stupid
Pół Kalafiora (23 days ago)
@BaLoRi okey I do not want to text ur build is the best in this planet
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
@Pół Kalafiora still, our kayn's build is very powerful! You can do so much with the red form but not with the runes that we used in this game :D these runes were for the blue form!!! We will test kayn a lot more later on, no worries!
Pół Kalafiora (23 days ago)
Okey but all time you got a lot of better builds
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Check this from a previous answer and you will understand how powerful RED KAYN is with our build: "So kayn with 478 AD (with only 4 items) doing the following damage with his skills, 239 + 19.1% MAX HP with his Q, that means double the amount if you hit your target twice, so 478 + 38.2% MAX HP as damage with CD of just 3 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with your ultimate you doing 56% of their MAX HP as damage plus 39% HEAL of their MAX HP and CD of just 40 seconds! Want to hear something even funnier? With our full lethality (armor penetration) build, you having 24% Armor reduction from your Black cleaver, 18 lethality from Duskblade, 7 lethality from sudden impact and 35% armor penetration with your lord dominik's regards. So almost PURE DAMAGE to all of the targets you will be fighting. The reason Im always saying that Red Kayn is by far the strongest form for this champion, cause of this. His insanely big %MAX HP dmg and insanely big sustain on top of everything else cause of his passive, death's dance and ultimate!!! A true late game MONSTER, that can tear apart any kind of enemy easily!"
Pół Kalafiora (23 days ago)
@BaLoRi if you play blue kayn this build is not worst, but red kayn is more warrior and even tank than assassin his w give him a very good stun to start teamfights and by survive he need a more defensive items or lifesteal, in this game you got a lot of action better guide can help you ;) and this game is some paranormal for me I never seen to feed Vladimir (lvl 10) lost witch kayn (6 lvl )
Yousif Faker el dine (23 days ago)
best kayn jungle
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
It was fun, thats for sure!!! hahaha
Screw this (23 days ago)
thanks for the videos friend
Mitch Lucker (23 days ago)
dorans in jngl.... you are stupid
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
:D interesting way of talking!
Elaine Marie (23 days ago)
Balori, aside from Gangplank, Kayne is a great counter for Morde because you can go inside his wall when he ults or you can ult him instead as well. It buys you a lot of time and helps you secure a kill for your teammates because then he gets isolated! :D
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
You are right about that! Yeah, you can completely counter him like this!
Nasus (23 days ago)
Blue kayn more funn
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
I will try in our Friday's stream!
Nasus (23 days ago)
BaLoRi next stream i whant see yuo play blue form
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Normally I wanted to play with blue kayn, BUT they forced me to play with something that I am familiar with and destroy them!
liamthiskid (23 days ago)
My friend could you try nami jungle ever?
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
Nami jungle? I'm not sure if I can do that :D
Thibaud Gomez (23 days ago)
Next time you play Kayn jungle try to take E lvl 2 , it's better you will see it gives you extra sustain and btw amazing video as always.
Thibaud Gomez (23 days ago)
@Mantiz s have you ever try ?
Mantiz s (23 days ago)
Thats a good decision
rahul singh (23 days ago)
Hmm...a lvl 6 kayn (0/1) won the 1v1 vs a lvl 10 Vlad (3/0). And Vlad is supposed to be strong..this game never ceases to surprise me
BaLoRi (23 days ago)
The power of red kayn while playing seriously hahah that was a good moment Indeed!!
Toni Ton (23 days ago)
He did say 9:14 that he is going to play serious. It's all he needed to do. It's what Vlad was most afraid of.
Sashen Lamahewa (23 days ago)
Zoi Mantziorou (24 days ago)

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