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Top 10 Anime Scenes Where The Hero Lets The Villain Die

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Sometimes the villain isn't worth saving. Join Ashley as he looks at times heroes didn't spare the villain from shows like Bungo Stray Dogs, Inuyashiki, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Danganronpa: The Animation, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Drifters, and more! So you can expect some epic battles like Kenshin vs Shishio, Trafalgar Law vs Vergo, Roy Mustang vs Envy, as well as characters like Spike Spiegel, Zabuza, Kakashi, Gilgamesh, Archer, Junko, Dazai, and more to appear! Follow Ashley on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Ashjbow/ #Anime #Naruto #OnePiece Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (581)
Random Anime (11 hours ago)
Yeah Gintama...
Golden Crusader (1 day ago)
There was no saving Kuzuki. His mind was already made up. He'd lost Caster, and only saw one path; to see through what they had started (a.k.a. fight). *And* even if Shirou still tried to interfere, Archer would have sliced him to ribbons.
jendri amos (1 day ago)
drifters is the badass😈
Pro Noob (2 days ago)
What the f*** The anime girl said this was what i was waiting for... AD right when it was done
Siren Network (2 days ago)
Joseph and Jotaro literally waited as the sun slowly rose in order to let Dio die.
Elizabeth Escobar (3 days ago)
I finally put the face the the voice and he is fine!
StarVolt Nexus (3 days ago)
Edward wasn’t exactly happy to see NV take his own life he watched and pity and then got surprise we actually went all the way through with it
Kevin Dragontail (3 days ago)
God I enjoyed drifters so fucking much, I'm still waiting for another season
Kaneki (4 days ago)
A kaneki leting Jason die ?
Quinton Ray (4 days ago)
This list had some poor choices in my opinion.For example, naruto and the others were probably gonna kill Zabuza on their own in the long run so there would be point in saving him from his suicidal, yet revengeful, killing spree
JM GM (5 days ago)
what about the ambulance scene from jojo diamond is unbreakable?
Cody James (5 days ago)
You're NUTS if you think any of the "Good guys" in Drifters are actually heroes. They're COMPLETE antiheroes, especially Shimazu Toyohisa
CursedUsername (2 days ago)
So, basically Hellsing all over again.
Junko Enoshima (6 days ago)
Hey hey hey... Junko was always crazy. I mean... No one would save her after what she did
Joseph Amaran (6 days ago)
Ok Ashely voice is 🔥
Jason Guzman (6 days ago)
Giorno Giovanna turning Pulpos banana into a gun?
Abod S (6 days ago)
I was pretty sure Jotaro vs Dio was gonna be here...
Eric Signoretti (8 days ago)
Did you even watch these anime? From the lack of context, anyone can say the hero did nothing. Try to be better than this.
Frisk (11 days ago)
tranz2deep (11 days ago)
Mad Pierott was already long since living in name only. The experiments that gave him his psychic powers were hideously traumatic to start with, but they also caused progressive restructuring and chemical rebalance of the brain in the manner of the Crazies of RIFTS. This compounded the aforementioned trauma to cause Pierott to regress to a childlike state... and not in a good way.
CarlosGLara13 (12 days ago)
I'd put Shikamaru and Hidan over Naruto and Zabuza
Shawn Reeves (13 days ago)
Kenshin vs Shishio and Zabuza’s last stand.
emanuel osuna (13 days ago)
Where’s Griffith letting the midland queen and nobles die in the fire? that was one the most satisfying and and badaass scenes from Berserk.
Tay Gaming (13 days ago)
What about jojo part 4 Where kira gets crushed by ambulance jojo
Spenser Farman (12 days ago)
Tay Gaming Technically, no one realized Kira was about to kiss the back wheel of an ambulance when Jotaro almost literally beat the shit out of him.
Wardan_J (14 days ago)
I love blood and gore, and I've seen drifters. So obviously I'm going with drifters villain kill
BNamNam (14 days ago)
I hate that they speak over the clips of the animes. Let us enjoy the music and voices of the animes, THEN talk about the clips.
TheBlues32 (15 days ago)
Cowboy Bebop one is incorrect. The cat gave Spike a respite. What caused the guy to break down was Spike throwing a knife. Pain and blood was foreign to Pierre. It caused a mental collapse.
Dragon034 (16 days ago)
Its not Junk-o its June-ko. Please pronounce the damn names right please!
The Volk (16 days ago)
so glad to see that drifters made a top spot not only was that scene badass, it spoke volumes of toyo's creed and character in so small a timeframe
Tihomir Kostadinov (17 days ago)
Yoshikage Kira left the chat...
Ankit Arya (17 days ago)
Last one was the best and naruto also leaving zabuza for his own redemption path was pretty nice
toelin tetch (17 days ago)
OMG! I'm a casual viewer and have never seen your face before...you're cute...
Saridipat Arunaditya (18 days ago)
Kira is a thot apologist, anyway.
A.J. DeNofa (18 days ago)
It’s funny I thought I was going to enjoy Envy’s death, but I actually teared up over how it died. I think Envy was jealous because it had no real identity as it was created with no gender. In fact if you think about it all 7 homunculus were suffering by what they were created to be, the very incarnations of human sins. I wish they could’ve been reincarnated as humans with no memories of their past lives so they could start over.
UltimateGamer_42 (18 days ago)
How is Meliodas not here?
jacob drolet (18 days ago)
Ghost Rider (18 days ago)
I bet they didn't have the dub of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood playing because Vic plays Edward Elric.
Kristoffer Balumaga (18 days ago)
The top2 inuyashiki is the most saddest anime that i ever watch (i love it😢❤)
Jeovanny P. (18 days ago)
What about Eren and the others watching Armin eat Bertholdt?
Deanna Hernandez (19 days ago)
I kinda felt bad when Zabuza died next to Haku
YamiNoSensei13 (18 days ago)
I never watched the anime but that was about the most affecting part of the manga for me... very few things that came after had the same emotional impact on me.
Fast-Cast Joker (19 days ago)
Still waiting on new season of drifters
WickedGrimm (19 days ago)
why does the dude in the number one spot look like a mix between young walter and alucard tho?
Abdurrahim Reemo (19 days ago)
I loved all of it who with me ? 😅
Wildcard120 (19 days ago)
I did not shed any tears for Envy. That bastard shot Mays Hughes catching him by surprise by impersonating Hughes' wife.
Edgar Salgado (19 days ago)
I cant look at the anime Rorouni Kenshin the same, not after hearing what the auther is and did.
Dx Gamerzx (19 days ago)
Well, what's wrong with letting the bad guys die? Like srsly..
pedrao santos (19 days ago)
thats drifters scene is sooooooooo epic!!!
Loli4lyf (19 days ago)
They did not let Kira dies. They sacrifice him for the mighty unstoppable ambulance
Benjamin Dorough (19 days ago)
Law is not a hero.... he's a fucking pirate.
最後の神Izanagi (19 days ago)
to be fair neither Law, Kenshin, Spike or Toyohisa are Heroes in the conventional sense
Blue Vanilla Channel (19 days ago)
when junko enoshima was getting crushed. Her decal was being shortened. It looks kinda funny
Dunne N' dusted (19 days ago)
Villain tries to kill hero, torture innocents, enslave humanity and destroy the world. Everyone: Why did you kill him, that makes you no better than him. Hero: erm... OK, I guess I should have let him do it?
Neworld (19 days ago)
That number 1 is very satisfying as hell, also i love that anime
Keon Chase (19 days ago)
Yoooo this the first time I’m seeing him... he looks cool 😎
markie5287 (19 days ago)
Naruto english dub how sacrilegious
Aaron Dean (20 days ago)
An I the only one who hates the art style of "One Piece"?
Zachary Sui (20 days ago)
As soon as I saw Toyohisa on the thumbnail I knew this was gonna be good.
Ra's Eternal Wisdom (20 days ago)
Lmao Law is not a damn hero by any means trust me
Jewel Jade Flores (20 days ago)
Don't know how Kenshin will save Shishiyu anyway. It's not like there is a fire extinguisher nearby.
WaCkHoE (20 days ago)
Who names their son Ashley
just an otaku (20 days ago)
let me give u friendly advice: softness gets you killed, and our homies in the list had the guts to bring justice..
erdvilla (20 days ago)
No Hero Academia
Konstantin Vojvodic (20 days ago)
Hokuto no ken / Fist of the north star - every major death
Frank Campbell (20 days ago)
Shishio did that to himself Kenshin wanted him to stop cause he knew something bad would happen just not him burning himself up he could tell he was over exerting himself
PeterDivine (20 days ago)
Tanner Meyer (20 days ago)
Hey I can't find Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths
OkamiOtaku (20 days ago)
Drifters why did it never continue
ItzSilent _Senpi (20 days ago)
Yassssssss❤️❤️❤️ Drifterrrrs💖💖💕💕
Smashster 1 (20 days ago)
6:02 A true evil has died, and she did it with STYLE.
The Incredible Toaster (20 days ago)
Every part3 jojo enemy death should be in here
Jose C (20 days ago)
Drifters?? well i watch an alternative manga, Shinju no Néctar, ist almost the same thing except the art is better, there more girls and its more like a a world with fantasy races in a industrial era geeting close to world war 1.
fire mage 2.0 (20 days ago)
Number 10 is savage
ImpulsivePlatinum (21 days ago)
*Jotaro let Dio live?*
Pau Tangcalagan (21 days ago)
when envy died he did not say "goodbye edward elric" he said "goodbye pipsqueak" and that was sad as hell. its like he's saying goodbye to a would be friend
vii v (21 days ago)
Owwwww you forgot Akami Ga kill...
Elucifur Caliburn (21 days ago)
So that's what Alucard was doing for 30 years lol
chaimae 22 (21 days ago)
how do they make these lists lol
DrWaffles 06 (21 days ago)
Shaikh Azam (21 days ago)
You don't have anything else remaining to post?
Maddie Bear (21 days ago)
EX Muslim Mol7ed (21 days ago)
idk why your dad was ok with calling you Ashley. Did he want a girl or something ?
Myproducts Studios (21 days ago)
Top anime character last words
King CC (21 days ago)
This is the first time I’ve seen his face and I like his cool edgy look
Michael Song (21 days ago)
Most of the things listed here... the hero had no power over deciding the villain's fate (without seriously being in harm's way or being stupid). "Scenes where the hero lets the villain die" implies that the hero chose not to save the villain in a situation where he had no further risk to save him, similar to how Batman chose not to save Ras in Batman Begins. Shishio immolating himself was completely outside of Kenshin's powers (the only way to save him, was for Kenshin himself to die quickly). It also implies that the hero has something against killing. Cowboy Bebop and Drifters had no such code to begin with. They were all about killing your enemies.
The Unsmart Asian (21 days ago)
Idk I kinda liked...Every part in jjba
cian chua (21 days ago)
"go out in style" Proceeds to reuse all the execution devices
Alphasnowbordergirl (21 days ago)
I wouldn't say Naruto and the other let Zabuza die. They were all pretty badly injured and its not like they liked killing so its not like they could really help zabuza as tired and injured as they were. Man that series killed Zabuza twice and both were sad. It's a testiment to the character that nearly 700 episodes later you still remembered Zabuza when he reappeared with Haku and died with Haku again and still feel that emotional pain.
HaroldObara (21 days ago)
these titles are getting more and more specific...
R.C. L. (21 days ago)
I usually like these lists. But these were stretches
switchblade warrior (21 days ago)
But they led all 6 jinchuriki dies
Darth Gapher (21 days ago)
5:00 watchmojo this is the one time your supposed to use the dub and you fucked it up
Kuncoro Joko Sardono (21 days ago)
10:14 You mean with the scabard of his sword
Anthony Murray (21 days ago)
When it comes to FMA and Kenshin - for real? Ed didn't know Envy was going to destroy the philosopher stone and destroy himself. Pride eating Gluttony, the bit with Father, others I can see in that that fit better than that one. And the Kenshin one - what else is he going to do? He can't NOT fight him, Shishio is not letting him leave alive, he has to defend himself - and obviously, especially being a huge plot point of him learning the most powerful technique, is him getting to a point of not wanting to die. Shishio knew his limits, he pushed pass the limits, and he set himself on fire - ni different than when Jinae took his own life. Which, once again we come to better examples because there was no stopping Shishio to prevent his combustion, and once he was on fire, no way to save him. Jinae on the other hand, there were ways he could and time - If Sanoske could stop Megumi, from across the room, without god like speed, Kenshin could have stopped Jinae. I wouldn't fully agree with it but again - better spot filler than the chosen one.
Hentai Sensei (21 days ago)
Top 10 anime in which the hero dies in the end.
Merged Rose (21 days ago)
How come Ambulance-kun is not on the list
LieutenantLettuce05 (21 days ago)
Cj Kun (21 days ago)
I see Danganronpa and Fate yES
Eric Draven (21 days ago)
I wish they included Young Black Jack. I remembered that he let at least a few people die in that series.
The Dancing Chef Abby (21 days ago)
Envy’s death made me cry and it pissed me off
Adrian Lopez (21 days ago)
so many top 10s i wanna see a video of top 10s made ranking watchmojo top 10s
ShadowStorm 3.0 (21 days ago)
1. Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul

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