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Perfect mtf Sublminal Version 2

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Results take from 2 weeks to 6 months Drink water and take breaks Listen 2-3 times a day though I recommend at least an hour a day Thumbnail Pic: Kiss-Shot Ocerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade, the hot-blooded, cold-blooded,iron-blooded Vampire from the Monogatari series Summary: To make this simple, the same features as the last one but this one has extra beauty and feminization features, along with bodily permission to change on a cellular level this one shall be many times more relaxing and several times more effective. Keep in mind, that I alone won't be able to keep remembering every single affirmation I put in it, especially this one. I try to give everyone the best content possible
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Text Comments (22)
Samara (16 days ago)
my genitals are painfuly numb
Dennia Dale (1 month ago)
I hereby bestow the best music ever award for this video. 🥰 Only one problem mars it’s loveliness and that is that It abruptly cuts off at the end. It needs to gently fade out or come to a logical end.
Tech Cunt (2 months ago)
Will everything go back to normal when i stop listening for a while?
Marco Clinton (5 months ago)
It’s lovely, thank you for all your hard work. X
Gordon Snell (5 months ago)
Will this turn you into an actual woman??
LilGayBluJae (1 month ago)
@N Crames what do u mean it's working for me 😁
N Crames (2 months ago)
No. If you mean 'actual' trans woman, it won't. You need to take hormones and/or receive surgery. If you mean actual-woman-possessing-two-X-chromosomes, it won't. There is no known technology that can perform such a change, and there won't be one in the foreseeable future. I understand your pain and desperation, as I face it, too. To contend with the suffering, understand that no person is ever wholly fulfilled. Life happens to be a strange intersection between wishes and realities. Knowing this will help. Happiness is not where you look for it.
kyle dominguez (5 months ago)
is this gonna work
ahoo samon (1 year ago)
can I download it? (by converting )
J B Green (1 year ago)
how does one accomplish wav or flac conversion when the sites are blocked to US patrons? Why is 320k MP3 insufficient? No mention of frequencies or beats has been made. Are you being extra careful, or do you know something? Because I agree, WAV and FLAC have equal flawless quality, their difference is size due to compression. Both are lossless technologies (well technically WAV is the standard, and FLAC is lossless compression, restoring to an identical non-compressed WAV file. MP3 is lossy... deliberately set to the level at which the human ear (most humans) can't detect the losses. That yielded maximum compression with minimum complaints in the year it was developed, which now, is a long time ago.
Prismma Kween (1 year ago)
you can, use WAV or FLAC type of convertion tho
ahoo samon (1 year ago)
please answer
Nintendo gamer 222 (1 year ago)
Does this have age change?
MaestroGame (1 month ago)
Flow Em (1 year ago)
which one is the last one exactly?
Shiny Eevee (1 year ago)
Noticing a lot of pain in genetial region
My Imaginary World (6 months ago)
DMerino (1 year ago)
Does it affect your hormones like the other one too?
Marco Clinton (5 months ago)
Who cares man, listen to the music, it’s beautiful 😍
Subliminal Neko (1 year ago)
Zetima Yela (1 year ago)
Is the Princess Zelda appearance (Hyrule Warriors)except for her ears subliminal ever going to be make?
Jonathan Landen (1 year ago)

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