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Arctic Monkeys win MasterCard Album of the Year | BRITs Acceptance Speeches

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Text Comments (1040)
Daffie Dill (4 days ago)
his stole his teddy boy look from my grandads mate Fred who used to drink by the sewer system out pipe cos it was dead cosy and all! 🤼‍♂️
Kayla Latchford (5 days ago)
“Thank you very F-much” Love how he was gonna day Fucking but stopped himself 😂👍🏻👌🏻
Lily Foley (6 days ago)
i love his speech so much its the only time we get to hear him talk how he writes his lyrics
Kylie Jade (24 days ago)
Alex was not impressed at all😂😂
Tas (25 days ago)
"thank you, 1, 2" I'M WHEEZING
Joshua Dun Hun (27 days ago)
Thank you very fu- much for this
Huixuan Guo (29 days ago)
Alex: I’m so focking excited but I need to be cool.
Celestial Teapot (1 month ago)
Nowt wrong wi that
Jeremiah Benavides (1 month ago)
SIMBETAM ! (1 month ago)
Not my favorite alex turner.
A (1 month ago)
1.25 Robert De Niro :p
A (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does it feel like he puts on too much of a pose and it comes across as pretentious and cringy? They're a great band and it's cool what he's saying, but all the facial expressions and hand gestures feel a bit too much lol
Leny Shoes (1 month ago)
I'm wet anyway
Scarlett x (1 month ago)
Is there ever a time when Alex Turner isn’t high?? 😂
Scarlett x (1 month ago)
Why can’t he still look like this? 😕
oovoo javer (1 month ago)
he's such a sarcastic shit i hate him
Sofus de la Motte (1 month ago)
He is literally the coolest person ever.
Freya Leighton (1 month ago)
Alex looks like a fuckin snackkkkk
Freya Leighton (1 month ago)
That rock n roll eh
Emma Miller (1 month ago)
He's an amazing drunk uncle
Mike Kath (1 month ago)
Someone did not kiss the presenter haha
Eszter Antal (1 month ago)
Gotta love Alex ❤️
nilsu inal (2 months ago)
Hey look mom,this is my favorite band
Jaymi Alonso (2 months ago)
what is al on about
Jaymi Alonso (2 months ago)
when you’re single as fuck
Natalie Skrypnyk (2 months ago)
I still watch it on repeat every day!
anushka misra (2 months ago)
That mic drop though
Leslie A (2 months ago)
He's honestly so fucking funny 😂
Jo (2 months ago)
To everyone saying they've changed, watch the Brits 2008. They're the same.
nilsu inal (2 months ago)
he is fuckin high
• cams • (2 months ago)
When Matt kisses Breana. ♡
Antoine Prodhomme (2 months ago)
1:24 Nick : "wtf is he talking about"
Suthida Senachum (3 months ago)
Okay but can Alex turner make a gangster film already plz
MyBallSack Itches (3 months ago)
Prolly the coolest guy alive right now
Veronica Zanchi (3 months ago)
Best speech ever. I love them so much
Mintybadger 123 (3 months ago)
That speech was so bad it was good
Jeffersons MyLaStNaMe (3 months ago)
alex walked up there like 'jesus Christ, hurry and get this shit over with' sexy man..
Pidgeon Feather (3 months ago)
God. Just look Matt’s face. It looks like he’s dying inside.
Tam Dickson (3 months ago)
Embarrassing to watch.
Pablo Herrero (3 months ago)
Sinkkkk backkkk into the swampppp
He looks like he is making it up at that moment
ARCHIIMEDES EUNE (3 months ago)
Invader!!! (3 months ago)
He dont care
You Tube viewer (3 months ago)
What a cunt.
S.a.m:v (3 months ago)
Alex Culiao Choro >:v
Vladislav Kuznetsov (4 months ago)
1:54 You can read from Nick's lips he knows the words!
Vladislav Kuznetsov (4 months ago)
I can watch it over and over :D
yoda (4 months ago)
i love this so much lmao
Örrör (4 months ago)
And you thought he was embarrassing back then. Look at him now. He's unstoppable lol
Razan Babiker (4 months ago)
epic .. i can't stop watching this since it happened
Jorge W (4 months ago)
Pissed up and comes up with the best speech
13adgenie (4 months ago)
They are high :D
Greg Ed Words (4 months ago)
Rock & Roll is full of BAD WOOLS! And you my friend, are at the very top of the pile. What a fuckin tool.
Érika Borges (4 months ago)
Esse é seu Lunga! But I love him!💜
Tom's Videos (4 months ago)
Zeineb Boujeh (4 months ago)
The accent though...
Anas taifour (5 months ago)
he sounds like zayn
Cheka Esto (5 months ago)
Buena Alex!
Maisy Floss (5 months ago)
Why did everyone hate on this? It's great! The one time they did a serious speech, one that was great may I add, people mocked it! It's a quality speech! People said it was douchey, but he's obviously taking the piss. They never take award shows seriously, have you seen their other speeches? It speaks so much truth as well.
Timo Szabó (5 months ago)
2:06 when u remember its family friendly xD
Forastero MGTOW (5 months ago)
Best Acceptance Speeches of Rock n roll.
Mariam Hussien (5 months ago)
4 years later, he kills rock and roll himself
Eli Mendoza (5 months ago)
0:16 his face is like im the boss!!!!!
Tomás (5 months ago)
cocky bastard can fuck off sit back in the corner
SuperNils666 (5 months ago)
Fuck he's such a prick
Du (5 months ago)
Jamie Cook it's truly disappointed about alex speech (like my english lol)
Lowlander 2004 (5 months ago)
What an arrogant dickhead, needs an arrogance reduction operation....Im sure they have some good surgeon's in Hollywood...
Silver Back (5 months ago)
Never saw this before. Got he turned into a dick quickly didn't he.
craig199 (5 months ago)
‘That rock n roll eh’... is not in the new album, as it is actually jazzy stoner shite instead
Someone Random (5 months ago)
fucking legends
DJhussler (5 months ago)
I nutted
Kind of Blue (5 months ago)
I love the other lads faces, barely even look up
oh its the big man (5 months ago)
This will never not be funny
Yvzcn Club (5 months ago)
cm punk mısın mübarek? o sondaki hareket nedir?
iluvtreefrogs (5 months ago)
0:14 Alex about to fuck shit up.
Bordo Klavyeli (5 months ago)
I miss this days
Samwelguy (5 months ago)
Did rock and roll hide away for your new album? It sounded like it did
Will Burns (5 months ago)
Who remembers when Arctic Monkeys wrote rock n' roll songs?
trecy no1 (5 months ago)
Best part : 2:05
김김김 (5 months ago)
The most rock'n roll moment of history
Reckless Serenade (5 months ago)
A masterpiece
Sabrina Lee (5 months ago)
Alex DID that
DeeLan (5 months ago)
Love how he puts on that condescending voice to take the piss What a legend
Evie Sharp (5 months ago)
They’re all so coked up in this oh my god
fa de (5 months ago)
0:14 you can step on me Alex
leonardo h (5 months ago)
In the middle of a circlejerk, this speech was a middle finger on the face of all these people.
Cole Curtis (5 months ago)
What a savage, legendary
Marco Julio (5 months ago)
Jamie and Matt Try to handle it.Lol
TrainInVain (5 months ago)
So fucking painfully cringey. What a bellend.
Bella Turner (6 months ago)
Ok but he’s fucking iconic
Arielle Cameo (6 months ago)
That look 2:03 damn. Can't beat his cool
CA_TRV (6 months ago)
In Britain the music industry is such a machine. I understand if they’re fed up with their shit. Just watch some interviews with catfish and the Bottlemen and they’re just as fed up.
ignatia LT1 (6 months ago)
why im laugh?😂😂
do you bum? (6 months ago)
*that rock 'n' roll,* *_eh?_*
sky lotus (6 months ago)
He's such a prick but I'd shag him at the drop of a hat
Luciana Gonçalves (6 months ago)
arrogant behavior
The ECE (6 months ago)
Ngl, seems to have turned into a bit a a twat since they began. What a shame.
sunny (6 months ago)
Felt a bit weird when jimi was waiting to kiss her and than she just went off.
LuckyLifeguard (6 months ago)
rewatching this now after news of the new album aND I FORGOT HOW FUNNY THIS SHIT WAS OMFG

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