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FAKER Tries the NEW NEEKO AD ON HIT BUILD! - When Faker Picks Neeko Mid! | SKT T1 Replays

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When T1 Faker Plays Neeko AD ON HIT Mid in Challenger Elo Korea Season 9 Patch 9.5 Faker ON HIT Neeko Runes & Abilities: https://gyazo.com/22ceb66871cc840680629c356c4fe8f9 -Subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/KefYRS ❤ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👍 Welcome To Be Challenger! We made this channel most focused on pro players replays to all the people that want to learn and be the best in League Of Legends, to be the best you will need to watch the best players in the world and also the competitive scene of League Of Legends, thats why we will upload the best replays and all league of legends events, hope you will improve with our help! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recomended Videos: Best of Faker Montage: https://youtu.be/eO8pEMllwlk Faker Best Pentakills Montage : https://youtu.be/b-svztP5mHY Faker First Professional Game: https://youtu.be/fNscLv6l6tU&t Faker Best Game Ever With Zed: https://youtu.be/kZTCQqVpJdY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Check Out Official SKT T1 Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SKTTeam1st -Check Out Official SKT T1 Faker Stream! https://www.twitch.tv/faker --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (39)
Kalenz (2 months ago)
almost 8k gold behind at one point. Thats 2 items like rabaddon/trinity/inifinity more on the enemy team.
Jairo Junior (2 months ago)
Faker feedando oh k
Dave (2 months ago)
Wonder if he gives Voyboy the credit for coming up with on hit Neeko. Also pretty obvious throughout which team has the better jungle.
Dave (2 months ago)
+Benjoleo Actually it was good when neeko first came out. So to answer yes if you show a build is viable and off meta you get credit but no when slapping together a shit build. And jumping on a band wagon for clicks because something becomes to strong is honestly bitch made and viewers are sick of it.
Benjoleo (2 months ago)
​+Dave so if I played something ridiculously bad like ad-morgana-jungle and made youtube content about that, and then riot decided to buff ad-morgana-jungle. Do I deserve credit for inventing that when everyone starts playing it after that buff?
Dave (2 months ago)
+Benjoleo except Voyboy did have this idea and created content talking about it first so ya that is where credit goes. If created content or goods you would understand this.
Benjoleo (2 months ago)
Voyboy isn’t the only person that had this idea. With every champion that comes out, every knowledgeable league player considers the 6 different item builds that you could play on them. On hit neeko is good now because her e was buffed. It wasn‘t that good before that, which is why nobody played it
PoMpOwIcZ (2 months ago)
5:49 noob he dont take cannon
Kyle Valentine (2 months ago)
Im curious about hail of blades or lethal tempo but i feel it would be the worse runes maybe
T Simpson (2 months ago)
lethal tempo is the best setup for onhit neeko. where faker messed up was completing wits end. shoulda just stuck with the cloak and went into his rageblade than Bork. his early game was gimped because of his missing rageblade.
Tuan Dhiyauddin (2 months ago)
for the 1 time we see faker use a skin :3 and that is some comeback
Tuan Dhiyauddin (2 months ago)
+JDPancake neeko ? nope
JDPancake (2 months ago)
Thats not a skin?
Twilight Shroud (2 months ago)
Every single mistakes of the red team makes faker's neeko so strong. Don't mess with faker
Jonas Goldhagen (2 months ago)
this bot pinging the whole damn time is so annoying
shahadat hossain shohag (2 months ago)
No one mentioned that kill given by Gragas to neeko.when neeko was 1/9 and became 2/9..from that moment neeko never died and carried hard.Faker <3
Soumendra som (2 months ago)
Never underestimate the DEMON KING
Karma (2 months ago)
Was using this build ever since neeko first came out and now its popular all of a sudden :')
ma_gnetO (2 months ago)
Actually neeko is a generic and a hybrid champion as well
Karma (2 months ago)
Đắc Hoàng MInh Phạm I never said I created it, I only said it got popular. I also found it from someone using the build on mobafire.
Yeah great. Hey everybody, this guy over here created a whole new build. Give him a medal or something!!
shi do (2 months ago)
Krystal Hyun (2 months ago)
when u underestimated faker 😂😂 daym comeback!
DKPOWA (2 months ago)
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Jason Leung (2 months ago)
he got fucked up at beginning and almost lost until he gets 5 items at late period,what is going on in Korea with this concept play
6thman League Gaming (2 months ago)
Dark seal naut looks legit
T I M (2 months ago)
wtf? he didn't buy any items. but 1:03 check this out!
Raymar Jett (2 months ago)
He copied nautilus at the start when nautilus has no items yet
Sterben 6 (2 months ago)
wait he was against a le Blanc right?
Kim Prap (2 months ago)
no, that's a jarvan
Julia Noh (2 months ago)
The whole time, I was telling myself "No way, they can't win this. He's down 8 kills." But good gawd. I am sorry I ever doubted Faker senpai <3
nguyen phamkhoi (2 months ago)
??? you doubted his teammate, not him, he played suck
Jeric Jurado (2 months ago)
Its because Neeko on hit is broken her W is bugged which outputs 3x the damage
kenneth law (2 months ago)
Julia Noh he was 040 before 5 mins in the worlds with Cass. At the end he dealt most dmg in the team. It was SKT vs SSG. After that game, Crown never came back again. Demon King is real, not a random story from grandma!!
Nanimo Nanimo (2 months ago)
Neeko neeko nii
Gätjens I (2 months ago)
Why he didn't unlock the Q??
Adapt (2 months ago)
Q does fuck all damage when you build attack speed and attack damage.
Neon Assassin (2 months ago)
yeah..you could also save a lot of mana by spamming root then right clicking only than root and q...
Ateata (2 months ago)
That's what neeko mains do on this build, since you're not building any serious ap you don't need Q and it's better to have more points on E or W

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