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How To Make Halloween Pumpkin Cheese Balls

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Rebecca Brand shows how to make pumpkin cheese balls for a Halloween party treat. Cheese and crackers are great and this recipe makes for a festive halloween party dish that tastes great and looks like a miniature pumpkin with a stalk and leaf. This is a super simple recipe hor d'oeuvre kids can assemble for a party or for a craft at a party. One of the easiest of decoratie food dishes ever! Enjoy thie cheese and cracker appetizer all rolled up into a mini pumpkin! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rebeccabrandrecipes Like Me On Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/RebeccaBrandRecipes/270350016404995 Follow Me on Twitter https://twitter.com/rebeccarecipes Rebecca Brand at http://RecipeHouseTV.com
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Text Comments (51)
Aishwarya Akash (3 years ago)
thank you so much rebecca
Aishwarya Akash (3 years ago)
i love this recipe
ivan (4 years ago)
this recepie is great for me im big lover of cheese
Monira Jade (5 years ago)
I love ur videos i think u and my cupcake addiction are the best ones on youtube
Monira Jade (5 years ago)
Its ok :)
Cara (5 years ago)
I was you at Halloween! But I had trouble finding a blonde wig and good cooking skills.
Kayla Jackson (5 years ago)
Michael Jackson
Yvonne Bosiak (5 years ago)
I'm being a monster bride
Nicole Sheptov (5 years ago)
I love the idea it sounds delicious I am definitely going to make this
wongfeihong56 (5 years ago)
Marble Horses (5 years ago)
I'm gonna wear a fat suit :)
CrystallineMoons (5 years ago)
Zayn Khan (5 years ago)
A fanny
Yan Zhu (5 years ago)
I'm gonna be spider woman
Lianna's Life (5 years ago)
A fairy
Ashley Fitz (5 years ago)
Frankenstein's bride
Alissa Schroyer (5 years ago)
mario loera (5 years ago)
I'm going to be a cat MEOW!!!
Sylvia V (5 years ago)
subscribed! :)
Rolan Artola (5 years ago)
Hello kitty
Jaryn Mcgavin (5 years ago)
Red riding hood
MrKelso159 (5 years ago)
You look just like Elizabeth Montgomery who played Bewitched with your hair like that. You are both beautiful !!! I was trying to think of something to make for Halloween and I knew you would have something great ! Thanks for the video !!! Can't wait to make these !!!!
Craftygirl581 (5 years ago)
Really cool keep on making it I love watching your videos
Leslie Valdovinos (5 years ago)
SamSnoww (5 years ago)
Im going as a candy corn witch
Man Dull (5 years ago)
Halloween is the devils birthday
@[email protected] (5 years ago)
i am going to be a butterfly and i am going to walk with my sister she is 2 years old and my other sister she is 10
Danica Eugenio (5 years ago)
I made this today and everyone love it=))
kimberly Baker (5 years ago)
Andrew Pattinson (5 years ago)
I don't know what I will be... maybe my friends and I will make a theme and group costumes!:)
ETericET (5 years ago)
Wow this one is really easy to make :)
realdivabitch (5 years ago)
Basically, effortless! :D
chunai yin (5 years ago)
Im going to be a DOLL!!!!!!~~~~~~ 씨발
Amy Luu (5 years ago)
Yumm;)'and do you know that I got for my sister but I don't know what I got for my sister and her birthday is oct. 3
Caoimhe Carrie (5 years ago)
Immean you use stuff that youmdo not need to go out and buy
Caoimhe Carrie (5 years ago)
I love your recipes you dont se stuff that you gave to go out and buy :)
Tiama Mc Farrin (5 years ago)
There soooo cute!! <3 <3
ksa5skull (5 years ago)
yummy u made me hungry
MNPBeauty (5 years ago)
I'm going to be Dorothy or little red riding hood. ❤️
MNPBeauty (5 years ago)
That looks delicious.
Michael Puente (5 years ago)
Havent seen the mummy dogs, but i've seen the ghost fudge!! now that looked so good!!! haha =]
12lieke34 (5 years ago)
She has nice videos but she's just acting around so fake :-\
rintube12 (5 years ago)
rebecca, i love your idea! it's so easy and simple. since i purchased quite a few cream cheeses when they were on sale, i'm gonna make these lol....thanks for sharing and great job!
realdivabitch (5 years ago)
Those are adorable!
Jazmine Duran (5 years ago)
Can't wait to try! :D
msscrz (5 years ago)
Fabulous DARLING !!!!
Michael Puente (5 years ago)
Rebecca , I love your videos ... But this doesn't seem too appetizing !!
markmusiclover (5 years ago)
This looks so Halloween festive and another great idea for a spooky party...I'm away to buy my Halloween party decorations today before they get bought up!!
Danica Eugenio (5 years ago)
Im planning to make this tommorow =))
Heybooger (5 years ago)
Great idea, they look great
The_PinkFlamingo (5 years ago)
Looks delicious º---º

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