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Your Drunk Dial Gets Animated #2

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Text Comments (458)
Donnie Fish (2 months ago)
It’s so stupid but I can’t stop laughing at it.
Dinidu Samaranayake (2 months ago)
4/10 not drunk enough
LegoMatthew Vids (3 months ago)
I totally relate with him
Memo Memo (7 months ago)
so many Mikes...
Daft (7 months ago)
Me in 15 years
TheAngryPotato 2.0 (9 months ago)
Sounds like wildcat
Airman Davison Fuller (10 months ago)
I wanna meet this guy
A trap king?? Whoa 😮
Declan O'Hare (1 year ago)
Hold on, Arthur's choking
alex (1 year ago)
how come people a year or more ago didn't find the humor in this the 'top' comments are all from years ago and say something like "i don't think he's actually drunk" "this is fake" "i don't think it's real plus it's not even funny???" if you put it on newest first you'll see comments from months ago appreciating the video or at least saying shit other than "tHiS iS fAkE hOw WouLD tHeY gEt ThE aUdiO anYWAYS???"
He is lactose intolerant after all
Majesty Pineapple (1 year ago)
that guy...needs help
crappycasey (1 year ago)
Lord Sandwich (1 year ago)
I want to see a female version of this!
Upbeat Mars (1 year ago)
Lord Sandwich Lol but me too I would be so fun to see a drunk female try this
Nai Sednal2005 (1 year ago)
Lord Sandwich Yeeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!
Mr.Rusbuk (1 year ago)
adrian contreras (1 year ago)
"This is the condom I poked holes in just in case the girl is wife material" OMG😂😂
HJ Bohorquez (1 year ago)
too funny
Tofaa Green (2 years ago)
why did videos like these stop? the animated series are my favorite!
Tiernan Emilsson (2 years ago)
I feel bad for the dog.
Francesco Caruso (2 years ago)
Remake this series
never touch if drinks...this guy Like, bruh XD
mars bars (2 years ago)
"Your Drunk"??? its You're drunk
Mikey B (2 years ago)
+Melanie Martinez ok
mars bars (2 years ago)
+Mikey B Oh I thought it said "you're drunk" as in Saying to someone they're drunk
Mikey B (2 years ago)
You're Drunk Dial. That means You Are Drunk Dial. That makes no sense
PC-FX! (2 years ago)
Still better than a roomate I had from Maine...
Kate Marie (1 year ago)
what's wrong with people from Maine ? lol :(
Jack clancy (2 years ago)
real or nah?
Viridi (2 years ago)
Nah, sounds waaaaaay fake
RAW (2 years ago)
Hex (2 years ago)
I don't understand...
Mason Thornburgh (2 years ago)
Is this a real drunk dial.
somethingg (2 years ago)
L.A. Walker (2 years ago)
elijahttm (2 years ago)
😀😄😊😌😚🤓😐😳😔😖😱😧😭🤒😬😅🙂😍😜😎😑😞😕😫😨😢😵🤕😁😆🙃😘😝🤗😒😟🙁😩😰😥😲😴😂😇☺️😗😛😏🙄😠☹️😤😯😪🤐😃😉😋😙🤑😶🤔😡😣😮😦😓😷😈👿😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿👊✊✌👌✋👐💪🙏☝️👆👇👈👉🖕🖐🤘🖖✍👶👦👧👨👩👱👴👵 Emoji galore.
wolfie skellington (2 years ago)
Lmao that's me
DerekDevil (2 years ago)
Da fun is this XD 😆😆😕
purple goat (2 years ago)
it's hilarious
DerekDevil (2 years ago)
fritz ringler (2 years ago)
Maaaake moooooore
Dalek ShitPoster (2 years ago)
Most Of The People Who Did This And Stuff Like Troopers Condomed Left The People Who Wrote The Scripts Gone Voice Actors And Normal Actors Gone
tori anna (2 years ago)
What kind of pizza place wants u to leave a message
Kitty GT (1 year ago)
Freddy's pizzaria
wassup93 (2 years ago)
Silky Clouds (2 years ago)
😀😅😉😍😒😗😜😡😦😫😰😵😺😿👶👪👦🙀😻😶😱😬😧😢😝😘😓😎😊😆😁😂😇☺️😏😔😞😙😣😨😭😲😷😼👣👧👨👤😽😸😳😮😩😤😟😕😚😐😋😈😃😄👿😌😑😖😛😠😥😪😯😴😹😾👥👩👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Emoji Galore.
Anya Dicki (2 years ago)
😄😅😆😇😉😊🙂🙃☺️😋😌😍😘😗😙😚😜😝😛🤑🤓🤗😎😏😶😐😑😒🙄🤔😳😞😟😠😡😔😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩😤😮😱😨😰😯😦😧😢😥😪😓😭😵😲🤐😷🤒🤕😴💤💩😈👿👹👺💀👻👽🤖😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾🙌👏👋👍👎👊✊✌️👌✋👐💪🙏☝️👆👇👈👉🖐🖕🖐🤘🖖✍💅🏻👄👅👂👃👁👀👤👥🗣👶🏼👦🏼👧🏼👨👩👱👴👵👲👳 that's just the smiley's
Zelli52 (2 years ago)
I love Giardia's pizza, very clever
ashton gehret (2 years ago)
He must have dated my dad's friends daughter she seems to screw with everyone and then she must have some where chemical or club to make them forget I think the side effects are expensive pizza lovers pizza orders
Alex Jones (2 years ago)
Love the pizza lover's pizza bit, even though the onion did that 7 years ago
Raras Umaratih (2 years ago)
Remind me to double check condoms before I have sex.
Mr. Orange (2 years ago)
+raras889 Usually, it's the other way around.
Raras Umaratih (2 years ago)
Run water over it.
Terryat465 (2 years ago)
wait how would you check them?
Bloodlust Alice (2 years ago)
that guy needs to die because he's a pervert I hope his death is very pain
Miguel! I Draw! (2 years ago)
He was drunk. Note his drunkness. It's in the title: Drunk Phone Call
Bloodlust Alice (2 years ago)
+Zaking Gaming XD
Zaking (2 years ago)
+Joy mullis you scare me
Derp Yang (2 years ago)
+Joy mullis ………….
Dead Channel (2 years ago)
poking holes in condoms isn't being a pervert
Evan Gove (2 years ago)
1 more plz there so fun to watch especially when it's by a car on fire
Kurt (3 years ago)
he had holes in teh condom Reply as many lenny faces as u want
gurdeep S. (2 years ago)
Bloodlust Alice (2 years ago)
gurdeep S. (2 years ago)
Bloodlust Alice (2 years ago)
gurdeep S. (2 years ago)
+Joy mullis 😱😨😩😱😢😨😲😱😢😱😨😲😰😥😕😲😣😢😰😧😟😳😱😦😰😲😣😞😳😷😲😟😛😍😷😛😷😳😗😚😞😲😗😛😞😍😰😍😞😳😟😚😋😲😙😱😷😍😷😘😗😒😗😛😷😳😷😚😷😛😞😍😞😍😷😷😛😞😲😞😛😞😛😶😳😷😜😰😵😨😷😣😛😱😲😟😧😟😛😟😦😞😍😟😲😞😧😩😛😷😘😒😍😞😦😰😳😷😘😗😛😍- I win
Robert Barclay (3 years ago)
That is me 10-13 years ago.
dinosaur hands (3 years ago)
This is me
Roxanne Maxwell (3 years ago)
okay, who cares if this is fake. This is still pretty damn funny. CollegeHumor is like a better AnimationDomination. I like AD, but it feels like it's trying to hype itself up.
lmao nijah (3 years ago)
superfreegoat (3 years ago)
i don't think people understand that it isn't supposed to be real how would they get these messages? only the person who receives the voicemail can hear it unless this guy happened to also record his own messages. they would've had to find two voicemails from the same guy at two different places, one of which is a business. do restaurants even have answering machines? anyway i really like this character. i want to hear more about his life.
superfreegoat (2 years ago)
+Devlin Asiedu did you read my comment? the first sentence says "i don't think people understand it isn't supposed to be real"
Devlin Asiedu (3 years ago)
They aren't real. It's josh ruben
Kun Chien (3 years ago)
dude! that is so me!
Kun Chien (3 years ago)
+Evelyn Jackson cute
Evelyn Jackson (3 years ago)
Just puked up a chicken bone, next to a pile of puke that was already there.
Evan Blake (3 years ago)
😂 Lol.
bones witkowski (3 years ago)
Wait, does he ever get his pizza?...
Yaima Gonzalez (3 years ago)
Dbjdjd jjhirjtoriittjtiykgikyjtjgktjgk Rnmjtgkfkgkgtktjtktjgmgktitkgitigkg Leigh,mhomylhk
Menno_3 (3 years ago)
Click on translate, get a space -_-
CommanderSwedePlays (3 years ago)
this is so fake...
Giorgi Gelashvili (2 years ago)
+CommanderSwedePlays No shit retard.
DJT183 (4 years ago)
SSaul (4 years ago)
it's sad
Sat Ire (4 years ago)
He's not drunk though. 
Alex Davies (3 years ago)
Get reeekkkkktt!
Fríða Líf (3 years ago)
He's not a cartoon either.. O,O!!
Marzia Marsilia (4 years ago)
Sebastian Heimvik (4 years ago)
I want more of this.
Ezra R (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who thought the guy on the answering machine in the beginning sounded a lot like Micheal from Rooster Teeth?  
Judith Millon (4 years ago)
Zeph the Wolf (4 years ago)
Remember ladies, bring your own condoms just in case you're 'marriage material'...
Zeph the Wolf (2 years ago)
+Terryat465 Truuuueee.
Terryat465 (2 years ago)
+Terryat465 attached*
Terryat465 (2 years ago)
im a guy and i never use condoms i got from a girl simply due to the fact that they might be overly attachrd
Samantha Jimenez (4 years ago)
Damn Some People over analyze everything
John Curtis (4 years ago)
You are awesome
Mr.L&Weegie101 (4 years ago)
Wat........ ._. ........ the fuck..........
wes thompson (4 years ago)
Dude i need to see more of these
Haydyn McMahon (4 years ago)
Yakko Warner (4 years ago)
Damn, KFK has fallen so far.
Mike Cobweb (4 years ago)
Tot tall DRUNK!
xBLooDxEcLipsEx (4 years ago)
Francixco Robles (4 years ago)
How much of a loser do you have to be to attend college and go out with a high school chick.....sad part is I seen it happen before >_>
Aidan Davis (4 years ago)
EDIT: Your Blazed Dial Gets Animated #2
Zac Martin (4 years ago)
benepic (2 years ago)
+Mythical Monkey dun.. Dun... DUNNNNNNN
IrishCommunist (3 years ago)
7 likes no reply....until now.
RiserTheGreat (4 years ago)
Is the answering machine of the pizza place Michael from Rooster Teeth?
mriloveethanol (4 years ago)
i love this series xD
Brent Kasel (4 years ago)
5 of those a night at a domino's, they din't include the 3 angry messages after they put it though the internet 1 min before closing and all the shit was put away.. 
sim64 (4 years ago)
sim64 (4 years ago)
Nathan Heuston (4 years ago)
You can tell what house it is because there is a car that's on fire in front of it.
Avery Engstrom (4 years ago)
way to make references to rape and keep rape culture alive
Giorgi Gelashvili (2 years ago)
+Avery Engstrom Lol radical feminist hippies always make me laugh.
Windows XP (4 years ago)
+Avery Engstrom lol feminigger
Avery Engstrom (4 years ago)
I'm not a radical feminist, fuck off.
Not Sure (4 years ago)
im drunk right now and it wasnt funny
Feruza Mirzalieva (4 years ago)
more of this plss 
mvolestrangler (4 years ago)
Reminds me of "Dr Katz". Love it.
buddyroach (4 years ago)
i guess im the only one who thought this was kinda funny. cant believe all the negative comments. guess im just weird.
HipHopOtaku (4 years ago)
The next day, the pizza parlor staff are cracking up over the voicemail.
Niraj Thakkar (4 years ago)
You wasted my 2 minutes.
Josh Roberts (4 years ago)
Does the pizza guy on the phone sound like Michael from roosterteeth or is that just me?
Apathy (4 years ago)
So shit.
Kushina87 (4 years ago)
I like CH and all....but this was so disappointing....if they want it to be funny, why don't they take actual drunk calls/messages and animate them? I'm sure you can find some online if you look...
V elociraptor (4 years ago)
I like this series! Keep em coming
darek4488 (4 years ago)
Not even close to funny
dustin gates (4 years ago)
For more great videos view my channel and dont forget so subscibe and comment. thank you
Joiyce Wayne (4 years ago)
well if you guys didn't think this was funny. then your sure as heck wont think this video, Ugly Webcam Girl, is funny... But hey, if you have no life, check it out on my channel 
Jerry T (4 years ago)
If google Was a girl
Alienfish20 (4 years ago)
Lol, pizza places almost never have answering machines.  Keeps the drunk a**holes from leaving retarded messages.
therearnonamesleft (4 years ago)
who animates this series? Dan Meth? its his style...
colj001 (4 years ago)
2014. flip phone. k. 
Nuel (4 years ago)
keaira dell (4 years ago)
Nantchev (4 years ago)
Is this real?? It can't be, but would be so funny if it was!
Karin King (4 years ago)
He should have called phone sex instead.
Liam O'Shea (4 years ago)
Instead of shitting out these fake "real" videos, try making some original content. Oh wait you are incapable of that.
Terryat465 (2 years ago)
a shamrock has 3 leafs
VikSapphireH (4 years ago)
Oh man o _O this is just to Crazy to be real

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