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Korean Girls React to Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

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Text Comments (1866)
TerryTV (3 years ago)
The purpose of this video is to show people around the world how cultures differ. If all you can say are mean things about these girls opinions then you've missed the point of the video. Many cultures are simply not the same as your own and have different standards and opinions. That's what makes our world so interesting! I'm glad some of you are learning this but the negative comments are really not necessary so please keep them to yourself and just enjoy what you've learned from the video. Thanks to everyone for watching! :)
Kyra W (5 months ago)
There's never going to be a time where there going to be absolutely no negative responses though. As you said culture's differ across the world and that's why people may take this as rude. I personally find it quite rude that in Korea or other Asian countries, they just flat out insult and shun people because of something as superficial as appearance. I'm pretty sure all that judgement and close mindedness contributes to the reason why S. Korea has a really high suicide rate. No matter the culture, gender, race or anything of the sort, it's never a good thing to belittle people. Ever.
liza T (7 months ago)
Gia Kripterya it doesn't just happen in Korea tho. Like I've seen bluntness in a lot of cultures. Appearances are just not a taboo topic, like in America. Ive seen blatant honesty being practiced everywhere, in the countries that I've been to. It's my opinion that Americans are way too sensitive. I saw a cat washing its own kitten, and an American got offended over it saying the person filming it should've saved the kitten 🙄 wtf.. American mentality, is pretty messed up in itself
Maleficent Shadows (7 months ago)
TerryTV those who feel the need to belittle others (complete strangers usually) merely shows how damaged they, themselves are.
Iliyah Baldwin (7 months ago)
littlemisstoes true...plus i think his comment was kinda hypocritical because the koreans in this video were baciscally body shaming and they were saying negative things about the music video however he said that its just their culture,then he went back and said that our negative opinions were unnecessary....werent they being negative too Ps. I still love watching your videos i just had to get that off of my chest....no hate:)
Ultra Boy (8 months ago)
TerryTV i agree with you but this world is full of hypocrites based on their silly argument they create a stereotype judgement based on their experience. This sucks!!
Canan Halıcı (15 days ago)
All the reactions were disgusting im not gonna respect the culture or something cuz the way they thing is gross and wrong
Canan Halıcı (15 days ago)
I hate the way Koreans think its disgusting that they only care about phycihal things, body shapes, face beauty for them all artists or all people should ve perfect, so beautiful they only think about this im happy that i don't live in Korea im happy im don't live in America either jagsksb
Tat Rex (16 days ago)
Well the standards are different. But they were close. Lol the eat more comment was fun. I don't know was it right Terry? XD
Cream Whiz (22 days ago)
well at least we live in a free country
Hog Wild (25 days ago)
Don't believe any of the comments were about the singing or lyrics. All visual comments. For me if the song is not good, not even twenty pretty people can't save it.
GeeGee Star (29 days ago)
I dislike Korea beauty standards
Banana King (1 month ago)
6:13 i was like ok ill try not to get triggered. i respect all there opinions. in 6:18 when she said "do they really mean it?" that shook me. it's all an opinion. doesn't mean they're lying when they call a "fat" person attractive. (also. are the subtitles wrong? I mostly heard "fat guy" instead of better ways like (curvy or overweight) T_T
Makala Porter (1 month ago)
"We never see guys with that body type in Korean music videos." On 1:09. 😂😂
AmazingNatalie ll-// (2 months ago)
I think the girl in the blue sweater addressed her view very respectfully.
Angie ef (2 months ago)
For me Megan is not beautiful.. She is over weight not curvy and her face is not the best but she is a singer and the voice is the most important thing. She have a beautiful voice but in this song shared a bad message, being overweight is not great like be under weight is not great.
H. L. (2 months ago)
The expressions on all of their faces irked me. It was clear they thought it was a joke and thought the people in it were disgusting. If course they can't say that directly because they know westerners are watching. But the look on their faces said it all. Like just be honest instead of sitting there with a bitchy expression and saying passive aggressive bullshit 😪
valex panda (2 months ago)
F**k Koreans they have a round ass face they ugly 💩
K-pop Bunny (2 months ago)
It's sad, but honestly, I think the same way too.
Nes. Kuik224 (3 months ago)
The girls in the video being seen as « over weight » is quite the big culture shock x)
And people think white people are basic 😒🙁 .
Sara Ahmad (3 months ago)
شفيهم كأنهم عايشين بروحهم بهدنيا ويستغربون من كل شي دولة متقدمة اقتصاديا بس الشعب ماكو ثقافة حتى أجوبتهم ما ادري ليه احس انهم خبول واضح الفيديو شنو المميز فيه عن الي عندكم من عصايات الاكل الي يسمونهم رشيقات حتى عارضات الازياء اجسامهن احسن منهم .
taheelur1 (3 months ago)
Lol so many fat diabetes ridden white people are triggered by these girls
Namjoonie KpopFan (3 months ago)
All people are beautiful in their own way, doesn't matter about size of from where ever the fuck you live. No one should care about anyone's opinions........ Therefore you shouldn't care about what people day in the video. ❤
Bok LineArt (3 months ago)
It's about unity, what ever your race, skin color, sizes or culture in the end we are all the same "humans". We all eat & die the same in the end.
Tosin Akin (3 months ago)
This is a PSA because a lot of people don't get weight issues. I'm personally not concerned by most of what was said in this video. It's common for people to comment on physical appearance and lifestyle choices in my culture as well (I'm Nigerian btw). With that being said, they do get handled more delicately in the US becuase they are complex. Just because you look at someone and think they are fat or bigger than normal doesn't mean they are actually fat and unhealthy. A lot of people look overweight and have no medical issues concerning their weight. You can't tell this by looking at them, so don't make assumptions. As long as the individuals are healthy, there shouldn't be a need to say anything about their weight. However, beauty standards lean toward skinny people to an almost unhealthy. This song, regardless of certain lyrics, looks to comment on those beauty standards and encourage people who don't fit into them to have confidence in themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. Thank for reading if you managed to get thtough all of this.
Tosin Akin (3 months ago)
For clarification, because I just know someone will want to say this, the lyrics aren't nearly as disrespectful to thin body types as you may think. Look them up amd think about them a little.
RAPMON fanatica (3 months ago)
It was popular cuz its a cute song that was catchy and the USA doesn't have an ideal body type. America is too diverse to have ideal types, ranks and categories tbh. I mean some Americans are judgemental af but as long as u smell decent and are clean along with ur clothes ur ok
Baguette (3 months ago)
Well.. I wanna visit Korea but I'm a female of 178cm and 107kg, it's gonna be hard to make friends... I'm also worried about people judging me or being mean. It's already like that in my country (France, too tall, too fat, too pale, too curly) so in Korea it seems a lot of harder when you aren't in beauty standards :(
Arianna Demar (3 months ago)
I don't know how to feel about what those girls were saying. My temper is super short and if I heard them in person I think I would snap😂. I understand the culture is different there but the women and the guy in the video were attractive I think they were rude. No offence.
jas is always tired (3 months ago)
So, how hard it must be for a burn victim like me to live in Korea.
Jamaican Queen86 (3 months ago)
They all can kiss my fat ass, freaking twig bitches.
Jamaican Queen86 (3 months ago)
I'm sorry but they were all freaking rude. I could say more but I'm going to leave it at that.
polyprinz (4 months ago)
Wow, just judging by this video alone, Koreans are very superficial. Everything is about looks, not so much about talent. In America is about talent...looks fade, talents is there forever.
Giulia Heim (4 months ago)
This makes me so sad
Layl See (4 months ago)
The Thing I dont understand why Do singers have to be good looking its the Talent what counts
Tiya bi (4 months ago)
yeah theres alot of different between korean music videos & westerners... koreans are skinny & looks cute with what they are .. but this music video is all about the bass ... its not about tye size its about the confidence upon oneself.. so it will be good if u could look to the theme as well...... being skinny is not tue beauty ..its the inner beauty .. tht makes beautifull.... & i just Love Meghan .....
Lauano Sita Gasu (4 months ago)
What? The people in the video where over weight and unattractive? GIRL BYE! 😂 But I can understand and respect their opinions and views on the differences between Korea and America although I dont agree and that's ok cause at the end of the day everyone is different. So thanks for sharing. 👍
LadyK4233 (4 months ago)
Olivia Brown (4 months ago)
Btw I'm not stereotyping cultures but it's fact that the Korean just love to weight shame ,now don't get me wrong I love Korea but seriously they need to get a grip ,girls and boys have enough body confidence issues as it is without people making it even worse ✌✌✌✌✌✌
Olivia Brown (4 months ago)
Yeah but the point of Meghan trainors music video is too tell people that you do not need to worry about your weight ,and I love that message so fuck all them who said that guy was "fat" ,you are perfect as you are people don't worry about your weight ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Clorox Bleach (4 months ago)
I bet thinking "look at these whales"
Alyssa Lawson (4 months ago)
1:31 she is so RUDE😒😒😒😠😠😠
a simple Catwoman (4 months ago)
3:34 gurl he not gay he *extra*
miri nsnsnfn (4 months ago)
Terry speaking korean is my religion
insta musiclover69 (5 months ago)
Well im never going to korea. Theyre all too overly obsessed about their looks...
empty bottles (5 months ago)
I feel bad for the overweight people in Korea especially students
OFFSICK (5 months ago)
these types of things make me not want to go to korea anymore. the way they look down on girls with a little extra weight is just so.....sad.
Mel C (5 months ago)
Wow..the girl..who said practically nothing is what asians really think. They could care lesd and prefer their skinny beauty sterotypes..sad.
bob (5 months ago)
damn that one girl in polka dots is so PRETTY she's like a sunshine girl
Helin‘s Suga (5 months ago)
„He seems a bit gay“ okey
Helin‘s Suga (5 months ago)
This made me sad
Sarah Dobbs (5 months ago)
Their opinions were pretty interesting.
Manami Hanatsuki (5 months ago)
Actually here people ginving comments about your weight is pretty common too . Like last week I was lectured my my aunt about the fact that I gained some weight ... Oh and it is natural to get offended when you've tried everything and you still hear crtisism
Kyra W (5 months ago)
If we as people on a whole could stop being so judgemental and hateful towards others because of simple things like race, weight, height, body shape and type, gender, religion and wealth, the world would be a much better place. I think it's pathetic that people really find time to put people down because of those things. It's just ridiculous.
peace army (5 months ago)
If I go to Korea, they'll probably kick me out for being fat.
Dierdre Cole (5 months ago)
I love how people try to pretend to be concerned about overweight people's health to hide the fact that they are jerks. Teasing leads to stress which leads to more eating. Make friends with an obese person and workout with them if you want to help them. Be an inspiration instead of stepping on someone when they are down.
LilZombieGurl (5 months ago)
so harsh haha
Frederick Brown (5 months ago)
Based korea not being shamed into accepting such a disgusting thing as obesity. The sooner these fat pigs eat themselves to death, the better. Vile, wicked beasts.
Gina Matheny (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLnZ1NQm2uk A MUCH better version~ this one was just silly
Luca D (5 months ago)
Fat is disgusting and the singer is ugly af
vsaminat (5 months ago)
I don't condone fat shaming as I have got better things to do with my time. But Bigger girls need to focus more on their personality or intellect and stop fixating on trying to be instagram/ victoria secret models because it ain't happening! There's
donneRak 1080p (5 months ago)
1600 butthurt comments here. wow
Kymera Lynn (5 months ago)
More and more videos like this have been showing up in my feed. It's a sign. Youtube wants me to keep dieting lol
Edward Carnby (5 months ago)
I feel like Korean ladies are _actually_ a lot more 'woke' than Western women.
galti111 (5 months ago)
God bless Korea!
David Dou (5 months ago)
Americans are so fat today that being over weight is considered normal or average. Sad!
MrCrocodog (5 months ago)
This is marketing research. Why do they want to sell obesity to Koreans? Hey Asians, do not trust us evil hook nosed devil white people. We're bad and dishonest!
Letty CV Maddox (5 months ago)
Good on them for not falling for the West's push of an unhealthy state as okay -- it's as insane as pushing flat earthers and creationists.
Lanie DeWhite (5 months ago)
“The black guy twerking in the background... he seems a bit gay” This made me so so so so so mad. Is gay a bad thing all over the world? I swear, if she has kids I feel so bad for them cuz I feel like no one is accepting anymore. So so sad
Lorena Padró Beyley (5 months ago)
First Last oh :)
сука Blaha (5 months ago)
I'm replying to Lanie who takes issue with the fact that being gay is rightly seen as a negative thing by most normal people.
Lorena Padró Beyley (5 months ago)
First Last i dont think she said it as a bad thing, it was a response to “are they attractive “
сука Blaha (5 months ago)
How is being gay not a bad thing? Higher rate of mental illness, higher rate of STDs, higher rate of abusive relationships, unable to have children naturally. You can accept the existence of gays without having to think it's a good thing.
berger yam (5 months ago)
I dont know if they really understand what is the song all about.. The message and the meaning of it.. But i respect their opinion they have different culture. Tho it's quite saddened me because beauty and shape is really matter. But whatever...... Peace y'all! 😘✌
Teronish Bhathena (5 months ago)
I am very saddened by their opinions because over weight people are as beautiful as skinny.
Annie Leonhardt (5 months ago)
i'm sorry, i'm trying to keep an open mind and i understand that they don't exactly understand what the video is about, and they have different standards... ...but what they said was terrible.
vicente romero (5 months ago)
I wish people would stop invalidating criticism by just saying "it's their culture". All ideas should be scrutinized and judged. Just because it's their current culture it doesn't mean it's perfect just the way it is. Koreans haven't just been the same exact people in their thousands of years of history and they didn't become better by "accepting their culture".
сука Blaha (5 months ago)
On this point their culture is perfect though. Fat people should be shamed into changing.
annabel (5 months ago)
this saddens me immensly. ‘most are overweight’. i cant.
Catie Nutella (5 months ago)
I'm all about that bass no treble
Beauty standards: USA and SK (From a United States citizen) South Korea: Pale, skinny, clear skin and small everything. United States of America: Big everything, skinny, clear skin and thick everything. (I know there is more to both but I'm way to lazy) Y'all know i'm not that wrong but I hope someday there aren't standards but that's a dream that problably won t even come true.
dasha myaek (5 months ago)
thats why i cant be close or trust korean girls.. sooo judgemental..and narrow mind even though they are exposed to foreign cultures alot..yet still not willing to accept
skittlesObsession (5 months ago)
Wow, there so harsh.
ItzFreakiiFriday 2003 (5 months ago)
It's kinda sad how some Koreans are only focused on people's "body type" instead of their personality or how nice and friendly they could be and it's kinda rude too like how would they feel if they were called to "big" or ugly hmmm girls?
Ft. Chap (5 months ago)
..... they should of add korean sub tittles so they can understand the WORDSSSS
Lizzy Barry (5 months ago)
People in America are still skinny obsessed critics too
hailey hartshorn (5 months ago)
Honestly I agree with some of the Koreans. Today people are encourage to be overweight which is most of the time not the best choice since it comes with health problems. You can feel confident in yourself but I feel like in today's world people are trying to push that being like 600 pounds is beautiful and healthy. The video also seems to target skinny people. There's a skinny girl in the video who wasn't doing anything but just showing her confidence and the guy pushed her out of the way.
Jesus Condom (6 months ago)
Haileyann Gonzalez (6 months ago)
It's kind of crazy to hear what Koreans think (I live in the us) because although we do worry about weight we try to make everyone feel beautiful also considering the are more curvy (hips,breats,waists) people than there are skinny because here having a large behind and larger breasts is more desirable than having a "stick" body which more Koreans have by American standards.but Im brought up to find beauty in everyone so I think everyone is beautiful no matter what shape or size or even ethnicity
·Rachel· (6 months ago)
You can be as atractive and skinny as you want but if you come at me with this kinds of opinions and that mind set (one girl said there was a lot of overweight people in the mv... the fuck?)... i wont even try to get to know you cause damn... i'd think so little of you if you think like these girls xD
bri bri (6 months ago)
Nora Mag (6 months ago)
They are mean .. wow i'm shocked
I respect their opinions and Im Japanese, Korean, and Latina. So I understand why they think that way, I grew up around that culture, I was taught it’s bad to be bigger, obviously I grew up and decided I can have my opinions and they can have theirs. I really hope you guys don’t hate on these Girls just because they grew up differently and have been around a different culture. I grew up thinking I had to be skinny and now I’ve grown and matured and now I think everyone is perfect no matter their size or skin or whatever
queening (6 months ago)
Entoxicated Thoughts (6 months ago)
Wow it's kind of disgusting some opinions are just that sorry.people are people that's it.
eeloftheworld (6 months ago)
Everyone is saying how these girls were rude but I really don't think they said anything that bad?
Lorena Padró Beyley (5 months ago)
eeloftheworld right?
ezodragon (6 months ago)
Everyone's commenting about how sad Korean standards are... I think American standards and everyone saying Meghan here isn't fat is just about as sad. You guys need to take a hint. Their strict standards are too harsh, but they come from a place of reason, even if unintentionally. Being overweight is not good for you. Newsflash. Neither is being in denial about what is overweight or not...
Hannah Renee (6 months ago)
Man I hate this song so much
DON'T TOUCH MY ACCOUNT (6 months ago)
He’s pretty flexible even tho he’s fat
I'm Just Saying (6 months ago)
Note to self...never go to Korea, they are all liable to hide from me thinking I am going to eat their children if they thought the people in that video was fat...jk people don't get your thongs in a twist!!! I know cultures see beauty differently. I feel worse for them than the people they judge...(Think about that one)
Charlotte Kindl (6 months ago)
This makes me wonder what Koreans must be thinking when walking through the streets in a Western country
CheshireKat666 Z (6 months ago)
I think that, at some point, someone should've explained the meaning of the song to those women. Without that, all they have to work with is what they saw.
sasutomato (6 months ago)
I'm surprised none of them commented on how old Megan looks. She looks so old to me.
Seline B (6 months ago)
Lol meghan and other ppl in this vid are overweight. If your bmi is over 24 it means you are fat. Humans naturally are not meant to be fat. Sure some dudes with fat fetish or fear of getting offensive comments may call your fatty bumps CURVES. But still you are overweight, and most of the times very healthy. I have seen lots of American girls who are like 150kgs. I was skinny then got fat and then again got skinny. Nothing feels worse than being overweight you feel tired all the time etc. Beauty standards are not only imposed upon us by the media, but because it's natural. Having a slim waist and fit body mean you are healthy, and ppl are naturally attracted to healthy ppl! I hope y'all stop being so delusional.
Ryan Caabay (6 months ago)
It’s sad to see judge mental people 😢😢😢😢😢
Laughing Jack (6 months ago)
I really liked this video. It shows an honest viewpoint from multiple people.
Millie Steer (6 months ago)
Everyone is saying its cultural difference but think of the people in Korea who aren't as skinny, they could be perfectly healthy and yet classed as fat and overweight? I used to be happy and healthy until I got into kpop where they promote being underweight so I fell into an eating disorder. Being underweight isn't healthy. Im not seriously underweight yet I still feel stiff and bony in bed, I have no energy, no period, and no happiness. Koreans need to stop judging eachother so much, no its not just culture, its causing people to have eating disorders and mental disorders which is PROVEN! I wish I'd never gotten into kpop and never lost weight. I used to be very happy and healthy.
Kyoko Usagi (6 months ago)
I don’t know why all these people are bashing korea’s beauty standards. It’s just as bad in the united states, I can’t speak about other places, but in my school, a large majority are pretty damn skinny, and a number skip breakfast, eat near nothing for lunch, and I can’t understand how that could be considered healthy in any way. I hear my fellow students gossip about how others are too fat and etc, I don’t consider the US anywhere near completely open minded. Korea could move towards more open minded, but don’t forget about ourselves. Being a weight should be the sake for being healthy not for appearences or for the sake of appealing to someone else. While sometimes losing weight for appearence leads to confidence, it should never be allowed to develop into something damaging towards their health. Also for those thinking koreans are super skinny, as an asian myself, they are definently skinny, and definently on the lower side of bmi, they are still pretty healthy for the most part. I’ve seen far worse, and those with eating disorders are even worse, while I don’t promote going on diets that nearly starve yourself, and forcing yourself to sacrifice enjoyment of life to lose some weight for some people that probably won’t notice or appreciate, I don’t think its fair to bash these people who have worked pretty damn hard to reach a place that they were satisfied and could feel confident in.
SaRoU cHa (6 months ago)
Boring ....
Lidya 8a (6 months ago)
Just because they are sticks doesn't mean the hole world has to
Hannah Renee (6 months ago)
Larcy styles It's not about being "sticks" it's about being healthy. Overweight is not healthy.

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