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Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

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Text Comments (9421)
neon cat (2 hours ago)
*_(Speaks in foreign language)_* really Buzzfeed?
hiitoast242 (1 day ago)
He should make a sushi channel
Rosemary Park (1 day ago)
The only decent grocery sushi I've had was made by an Asian sushi chef. The rice is prepped better (not mushy ) and makes the sushi look appetizing.
Lock (1 day ago)
Idatikimasu(Idk how to spell it) means thanks for the food in japanese, Just a fact of the day
Rb6 For life (2 days ago)
If you buy sushi from 7 eleven it’s time to re-evaluate your life
Crazetasic (4 days ago)
wtf walgreens sells sushi
B0ston F4n (4 days ago)
What Walgreens sells sushi?
Kamil Abdin (6 days ago)
He made sushi with joji and rich brian
Jaem Maddog (7 days ago)
Thank god he liked the wholefoods sushi cause ive been eating it for over 2 years now.😬
They don't sell Sushi in 7Eleven and this guy is already hating on them.
notmar (9 days ago)
Welcome to the Feast Mansion!
Swiftleaf Of EmberClan (10 days ago)
At least he's not as savage as Gordon Ramsay.
LadyAdalicia (12 days ago)
I’m with him I like a more vinegar flavour to my sushi
apple user 184,285,789 (12 days ago)
Okay he needs to review Key foods sushi
Looks good
MHHBeast Games (15 days ago)
*sample cheapoo sushi*
Flookazini (15 days ago)
''Need wasabi a little bit inside'' :x
Stephanie Rose Cipher (16 days ago)
All my respect to this man
Alvin Lee Chergui (16 days ago)
Lets go.hell yes! I work att Whole Foods.
Typically Evie (17 days ago)
if i was doing this i’d be like idc where it’s from its sushi
Formortiis Warhawk (18 days ago)
I like how hard he tries not to sound mean at all, even though he pretty much can see how low the quality most of them are. Hell, he was polite non-stop. Where's this guy's restaurant? I wanna eat there.
lil pump (19 days ago)
Let's see him make some sushi if he's complaining
NICHOLAS RHODES (20 days ago)
*Mianus zeroh star* The ultimate rating
Aesthetic Gal (20 days ago)
Can’t he taste sushi from around the world??
Wildtoilet Gaming (20 days ago)
I love the accent
He looks young in his agr
Darren Spohn (20 days ago)
the store i get my sushi from gets it from a local japanese restaurant. its delivered every morning.
sami flammo (20 days ago)
When he said hamburger I remembered the pink panther Movie
Darksyadow Blue (21 days ago)
i eat cost 40$ up shushi
Darksyadow Blue (21 days ago)
i am not gonna buy tht
Ziemniaczeq (21 days ago)
*K I N D A*
Gus Vargas (21 days ago)
Take a shot every time he says "kinda"
Nelson Sweatyballs (22 days ago)
I want to hear Yoya-San review all sorts of other things
Jerome Productions (22 days ago)
Wish i could try sushi from him.
AlexKillerMC (22 days ago)
Un treh
Psychedelic Lizard (22 days ago)
cheap and sushi should never be in the same sentence together.
kinda nice
Kaaniman (23 days ago)
Turn on subtitles *asian string music* 20 sec later *hip-hop music*
Jason Milano (23 days ago)
You haven't until you try sushi tei- oh wait...its expensive,nevermind.
Burgerplayer (23 days ago)
Trash Comics (23 days ago)
This is the chillest most coolest guy I’ve seen all year lmao
This video kinda bulshit
Leo -vcx- (24 days ago)
Take a shot everytime he says: “Wanna, kinda and gonna”
Emmanuelle Low (24 days ago)
boo don’t u dare criticise whole foods
Adam Rangel (24 days ago)
Hellen-Lynn Malcolm (24 days ago)
This guys awesome
Ryan C (25 days ago)
How many people came because of his face in the intro
Leon Springs Boys TV (2 days ago)
Came as in "ejAculated"? Because TBH yes to all possible meanings
Blazeing Cat macool (25 days ago)
Omg I eat Whole Foods sushi all the time and the type he ate was my usual omg XD
polyGentle (25 days ago)
My mom makes the best sushi
The National Meme (26 days ago)
my 711 doesnt have sushi
jade (26 days ago)
why would you buy sushi from Walgreens anyway wtf
lee reynolds (26 days ago)
uh. No thanks. I will take it from a Sushi restaurant where I can watch the sushi being made.
christy wood (27 days ago)
love this dude
Skye Carter (27 days ago)
He wants us to go to restaurant where the sushi is really expensive?
Skye Carter (27 days ago)
Good point.
El Idolo (27 days ago)
If You want it to be good, yes.
ErenTheBombJaeger (27 days ago)
I cant stand the crab inside the rolls even if it’s fresh and real or an imitation it’s disgusting I defiantly prefer nigiri like eel and salmon
Hello, its me (27 days ago)
Charley McBride (27 days ago)
Takahashi does that mean he's related to Mari Takahashi lol not trying to be racist
Charley McBride (27 days ago)
+El Idolo if he is Scottish and on my dads side I think so but no
El Idolo (27 days ago)
Are You related to Danny McBride?
Mazin Hamed (27 days ago)
good thing that I make my own sushi at home
babe & the angels (27 days ago)
why does his accent sound like a really specific one, like from a specific place? for some reason it doesn't sound like a typical japanese accent that i've heard from my friends from tokyo and osaka, does anyone know where he's from?
Meatball Souls (28 days ago)
kinda cool
SolarFlarz (28 days ago)
Kroger sushi is actually pretty good
Blorox Cleach (28 days ago)
If you eat gas station sushi, you'll rate it 5 stars but have diarrhea later
Whatzwiththizzz - (28 days ago)
This guy just seems so nice!
Misaka Mikoto (28 days ago)
ok now review mid-tier fresh sushi like HEB or Costco.
Mario Rossi (29 days ago)
Name of song ?
Caco - (1 month ago)
Un treh.
Felix Bluey (1 month ago)
Hey everyone can know that sushi from 7-Eleven is terrible I mean come on now
edwin knight (1 month ago)
Robyn Nishihara (1 month ago)
If you want cheaper sushi make your own. It's not hard and it takes about an hour including making the rice.
Hot six (1 month ago)
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Cleopatra Starseed (1 month ago)
Lol who the hell goes to Walgreens for sushi
Pat L. (1 month ago)
Nikolai Mayes (1 month ago)
Are you related to Mari Takahashi, Yoya?
Mr Gems gaming (1 month ago)
love the music
1:27 yolo!!!!!! That finger though 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Alfonse Catiis (1 month ago)
such judgemental
PDS (1 month ago)
What would you expect from a person who is used to high quality sushi
Countess' Slave (1 month ago)
Alfonse Catiis that’s the point.
The dog with hoodie (1 month ago)
Make him try the sushi from Giant
Mushan Li (1 month ago)
Now I crave me some sushi.... 🍣
Stan Mann (1 month ago)
I love grocery store sushi. 8.99 for an 18 pack of imitation crabmeat and vegs. Makes me feel like blade runner. Bento. Only idiots get tattoos.
Stan Mann (1 month ago)
I always regret not buying more.
I like this guy,instead of getting mad gordon ramsay like,he just says his opinion love this video
TweetyDude owo (1 month ago)
Instead of having to go get games just go to *sushi stop*
Venom Trolls (1 month ago)
F*ck fuzzbeed
alex (1 month ago)
Kaipo Jensen (1 month ago)
Behold the new member of the Hidden Leaf Village
TheGamingArcher (1 month ago)
I love sushi but i would never buy it inn ah regular store
CrunchyKING xxx (1 month ago)
He sais kinda verry mutch kinda
Charles Kennedy (1 month ago)
You get what you pay for
Tony The Go!Animator (1 month ago)
Knuckles #2761 (1 month ago)
Today I'm going to be Samplu... Cheapu... Sushi.
Nitro Zephier (1 month ago)
Now I cant buy sushi from the grocery store anymore, thanks trained sushi chef.
GX Cuber (1 month ago)
why am i watching buzzfeed
Alex Bitlan (1 month ago)
Sa.mi bag pula
xi0o OnYoutube (1 month ago)
He should try Tescos sushi👌
Just CoKo (1 month ago)
Flux (1 month ago)
Kinda nice
Clutch Master (1 month ago)
Since when does 7/11 have sushi?
Pwoot Mc scoot (1 month ago)
Oh oh this ain’t good
Nazmi Aiman (1 month ago)
Yang Kassim 😂😂😂
Wolf Bin (1 month ago)

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