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Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

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Text Comments (9749)
ELITE-DELTA -117 (18 minutes ago)
He should review ninja.
Arnold Schwarzen-word (3 hours ago)
Yoya Takahashi Yuya Takahashi Like if you get the reference
Simon Moes (1 day ago)
cheap sushi is still like €5
Jonah Beans (2 days ago)
3 stars for sushi stop... god damn this is a hard crowd to please
dancrac 34 (2 days ago)
Un tre
Joshin 2002 (3 days ago)
I want sushi now 😭
Bread Loaf (6 days ago)
2:00 he looks like he's in genuine disbelief that the sushi isn't frozen
deepfriedyeets (6 days ago)
GameStop without the games. Sushi stop.
Praan Praan (6 days ago)
1:27 gotcha
Tommy BRo (6 days ago)
He just needs lamb sauce, that's all.
simonthe homosapien (7 days ago)
I don't know why I'm craving sushi so much lately like wtf brain
sakura0505 (7 days ago)
Nice samurai accent not backhanded. So cool
Noah BR0 (9 days ago)
he *cheapu* sushi he *roastu* sushi But most importantlyu *he makes thiccu sushi*
MasterNite (10 days ago)
i always go dere. to go shooping.
alex bob (12 days ago)
Chin chun ping pong yang yang yomez chun mu sung foo
TearJar OwO (13 days ago)
1:28 Lel finger circle
M Y (14 days ago)
In Europe there are sushi stands inside supermarkets where chefs make sushi from scratch everyday
LyonCross (14 days ago)
I need an anime series with this guy
LyonCross (14 days ago)
Pyroxy (15 days ago)
Making sushis for 50 years? Heck dude, he looked like he just entered 50
Squeezed Jupiter (16 days ago)
I want sushi now...
paperplanesrcool 4 (16 days ago)
1:26 got'em
Tim Gaming (16 days ago)
If i was in los angeles i would glady go into his sushi shop!!
Dgr (17 days ago)
God bless the subtitles.
yeet boi daddy (17 days ago)
count the times he said kinda
Samuel Wang (17 days ago)
2019 anyone???!!!!
Just Phagocyte (18 days ago)
Is he Japanese person?
ToxicGreenBix (19 days ago)
Zero stars expired food was there
JonaLin88 (19 days ago)
This guy, Japanese face Japan-singaporean english Work as a chef I like him!
ChickenMan 27 (19 days ago)
I love the generic Japanese music
Morgan Stalnaker (20 days ago)
He is hilarious
MagicalShrimp (20 days ago)
Asian Gordon Ramsay but way nicer and kinder
Mr. Nobody Cares (20 days ago)
Uncle Gezepi's has good tuna (i dont know how to spell gezepi.)
SandaleLP (21 days ago)
i bet this guy is eatin frozen pizza at home
Yoshi Senpai (22 days ago)
Kinda pissed they didn’t include Kroger sushi hence that’s made by sushi chefs in a bar
FlyingChinese O7 (22 days ago)
Sushi at Hannaford is very good
Timotej Leginus (24 days ago)
Cheap sushi isn't cheap, expensive sushi = $$$u$$$hi cheap sushi = $u$hi
Donald. J. Hitler (24 days ago)
I love this chef eye's. Its very small like other asian
ツMagdumpinq (25 days ago)
Trader joes sushi is straight ass
Leo Astner (25 days ago)
I ate sushi to day and now I’m ill. Cheap sushi 🍣🤮
Christopher Friende (25 days ago)
He kinda sounds like ski mask the slump god
Simran Gerrard (26 days ago)
This guy kind of looks like Roberto Firmino! 🤔
Aidan Is NOT awesome0 (26 days ago)
Big boy what’s dis boosheet (I’m Asian btw)
Random Potato (27 days ago)
_Minus zero star_ *I love this dude*
TooShortToTurn SS3 (1 month ago)
Never tasted sushi in my entire life, but I still watched the entire video
joshua vigoa (1 month ago)
Try sushi bombs
alexander5 (1 month ago)
he looks drunk in the thumbnail
Tsuki Condor (1 month ago)
Vons/Safeway Sushi is solid
Imdad Jeshin (1 month ago)
Yoya Takahashi wait, does this guy also draws anime?
MarkQub jar (1 month ago)
he is the type of person who uses a ancient katana to make sushi
Thanos (1 month ago)
*I want him as a friend*
Mr Mister (1 month ago)
Not trader joes😪
iEatyourbrain84 (1 month ago)
"Speaks in a foreign language" Seriously, Buzzfeed?
Lord Max (1 month ago)
japanese are so polite and nice. unlike those rude, pathetic people
Alen Asanbayev (1 month ago)
Someone count how many times he said “kinda”
Gwap Man (1 month ago)
Just shave it off man.. it’s ok.. it’s time to let it go
Seros Rosales (1 month ago)
Hmb (1 month ago)
Bruh does u actually think there would be real crab meat in the 711 sushi, crab meat is very expensive lol what a professional
Nicholas Campitiello (1 month ago)
7-11 beat Trader Joe’s 😂😂😂😂😂
Mosx21 (1 month ago)
Take a shot every time he says kinda
poopz (1 month ago)
hes basically saying, i understand sometimes u just want sushi... but just go to the restaurant instead of convenient stores
cristopher wong (1 month ago)
Miso ready to go to bed. Your sushi too expensive, 500 yen per piece and it is not whole.
cristopher wong (1 month ago)
Your sushi cost 50000000000 yen while that cheap sushi cost 50000000000 peso
Gaming boiboi (1 month ago)
Wow 7 eleven makes sushi
igor twardowski (1 month ago)
wow ready to go food from supermarket is ready too go food from supermarket
Jason Minami (1 month ago)
I thought he ate the wasabi 1:13
Brenden (1 month ago)
Fat people should eat sushi. It tastes great and is healthy
Cameron Smart (1 month ago)
"I have to eat this one?" Omg I'm in tears laughing, he so badly did not want to eat it.
Tyler 3518 (1 month ago)
Not even publix sushi? That stuff is like the best
ThrowDogFails (1 month ago)
Ramsay: ITS RAW!!!
Black Panther (1 month ago)
So this is the Gordon Ramsey of Japan
JohnnyShagbot (1 month ago)
My local supermarket actually has a sushi chef make their sushi daily, it's pretty dope and it isn't even expensive. I love my sushi guy.
じまじまb (1 month ago)
顔がどう見ても朝鮮人 キモい
weewoohotdog (1 month ago)
He looks badass
Savage clasher 7.8 (1 month ago)
ITS A JAPANESE GORDON RAMSEY (Might have spelled his name wrong)
smol bean (1 month ago)
Zack 27 (1 month ago)
I wonder what he said before he ate the california sampler.
Ayob PlayerAB (1 month ago)
Wait you mean takahashi 6ix9ine
Farmer Jim (1 month ago)
He is rating them bad because if they are good nobody would go to his restaurant
Zionic Fixtion (1 month ago)
try 99 ranch market sushi IT IS BOMB
Chip the Memer (1 month ago)
1:04 His laugh lol.
Toko Hagar (1 month ago)
Cheap? Wait there are expensive ones?! Oh well, poverty i guess
Bruno Dantas (1 month ago)
Still waiting for more videos of this guy ...
landongsi (1 month ago)
avocado vari nice!
ThatUnknown Gam3r (1 month ago)
kinda sad kinda bad kinda kinda kinda wtf
Joe Northstar (1 month ago)
Frozen sushi may have worms.
DRIPPY (1 month ago)
Comment favourite sushi mine is Teriyaki Chicken
Pupipak (1 month ago)
Demon Cutthroat (1 month ago)
Whole Foods sushi is actually pretty good but Trader Joe's is so bad.
Jhann Vincent Garcia (1 month ago)
No one knows who he really is eh? Here's a clue. "It will keel."
Ebner (1 month ago)
It's like Gordon reviewing macdonalds
Marc Abraham (1 month ago)
You should take this guy to buffet sushi restaurants like Todai, Kome, and Moonstar, so he can rate their sushi, and complain how bad it is.
Yato Kun (1 month ago)
*what happened to the wasabi*
BIG SMOKE (1 month ago)
1:27 haha not below the waist
Mads 2860 (1 month ago)
Mc.donalds boss try burger king
SolidGeoducK (1 month ago)
Gordon Ramsay's new sushi critic!
This man is true legend
Anjimations (1 month ago)
but 0= -0...
MiskoKvo (1 month ago)
Sushi is a hell of a drug
TrIGgerIG (1 month ago)
i hate that i love how sushi looks i mean it looks good but the taste isnt the best :(

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