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10 Things Americans Do That Confuse All Other Countries

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How to avoid some awkward situations abroad? The US is home to some customs that are very confusing to foreigners. Do you know which habits you should leave in the US before heading out on your travels? Check out this list of things Americans do that confuse the rest of the world. Timestamps: No metric system 1:04 Customizing restaurant orders 2:30 Vacation time 3:15 Can I get a to-go box, please? 4:42 Tipping 5:53 Alcohol laws 6:35 Variety of goods 7:13 Thumbs up 8:15 Being extremely patriotic 9:06 Sales tax 9:59 #americanfood #americanrules #newyork Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music Summary: - The rest of the world is familiar with meters for measurements, kilograms for weight, liters for volume, and Celsius for temperature. But not the US! Only 3 countries in the world still use the imperial system of measurements: Myanmar, Liberia, and the US. - In America, it’s customary to request substitutions, additions, or changes to a menu order. But some foreign cultures that take great pride in their cuisine might consider it impolite if an American wanted to make substitutions, order a different sauce, or ask for an item to be left out of a dish. - Americans have very little time off compared to the rest of the world. 30% of American workers have 5 to 9 days off annually, 38% have 10 to 14 days, and 16% have 15 to 19 days. 8% have less than 5 days, and a lucky 2% have over 24 days. This means that the vast majority of Americans only have 10 to 14 days of vacation. Since there’s no law in the US to say that vacation time is mandatory, one out of every 4 Americans doesn’t get a single day off work. - A common American custom is to ask for a to-go box for their leftovers. However, if you do this in a foreign country, it might be frowned upon. - In America, given that waiters earn a small wage, it is customary to leave a 15%–20% tip. In Europe and most Asian countries, the service charge for restaurant dining is already included in the bill. Tipping in countries like China and Japan is practically nonexistent. - Most countries in the world have a legal drinking age of 18 or 19 years old. The US, along with countries like Sri Lanka, Samoa, and Kuwait, has a legal drinking age of 21. - Foreigners are amazed by the variety of goods sold in American supermarkets and pharmacies. Foreign supermarkets are mostly designed to offer food and a few home necessities. American superstores like Walmart offer a huge selection of food, furniture, car items, home improvement tools, and clothing. - Americans might think that giving someone the thumbs up is a universally positive sign, meaning “Well done!” or “Everything’s good!” But don’t use this gesture in Australia, Greece, or the Middle East as it's a rude way of telling someone to get lost. You might think that pointing at something is OK, but not in China! That gesture is considered to be very rude. - A lot of foreign countries reserve the use of their national flag for official government buildings. But in the US, you see the flag everywhere. - An aspect that confuses most foreigners visiting the United States is sales tax. They might be confused when they take an item to the register only to find out that it costs more than advertised. In Europe, sales tax is already added to the price displayed on the price tag; in the US, it gets added at the register. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (6160)
BRIGHT SIDE (5 months ago)
Hey everybody! Are there any confusing things in your countries?
jonestyle3 (23 days ago)
can you please drop the please subscribe thing in every video, its annoying to your loyal viewers and if your content is good enough on its own which with 22 m subscribers people will do it without being "reminded"
John Sweet (24 days ago)
Hey that thing with the thumbs up is a lie! In Greece they understand what thumbs up means and it boesn't means : get lost, and other things in your video are incorrect, the title says to all others countrys stop saying ballshit for my Country...
Jonathan Williams (1 month ago)
That American Football is called football meanwhile you don't use your hands. American Football should be renamed to handball because you are using your hands.
thecatatemyhomework (1 month ago)
In Muslim countries, when they go to the bathroom, they use their right hand instead of toilet paper. that is why they will never shake hands or shake the hand of someone's right hand. I anticipate criticism. But look it up it's all true. If the truth hurts...
Tall Skinny games (2 days ago)
Come to Oregon we don’t have sales tax
auraeldodge (3 days ago)
Oh I thought of a really good one. You know that most Americans don't know their own blood type? And it's actually not as easy to find out as you think it should be. I actually had to like poke-poke-nudge-nudge a doctor for a while in order to give me a test to find out my blood type. And she looked at me like I was crazy for being so persistent about it. Um isn't the crazy thing the fact that I was almost 30 before I knew my own blood type? For some god knows reason doctors won't divulge your full medical data to you either in America.
auraeldodge (3 days ago)
Oh yeah and #1 actually confused me at one point as an American myself. lol. Because I've traveled around quite a bit and MOST states that I've lived in don't have a tax on food. Till I moved to TX and they for some reason are the only state I've lived in that has a food tax. Heh... Oh yeah, and what's really confusing about it is that some states seem to have different taxes for different types of items.
floople clob (4 days ago)
The pledge of allegiance seems like something in north korea to me
jose hurtado (5 days ago)
I would say calling themselves americans for every country except the US, America is a continent not a country. And also calling the #1 sport in the world soccer when everyone knows it as football
Red Scorpion 6 (5 days ago)
So basically what this video is saying is that foreigners will find America to be the land of the free in which they can do things that they can't do in their own countries.
Jerrod Forrest (5 days ago)
At 1:24, the country highlighted on the Africa map is Central African Republic, not Liberia.
kris wilkinson (5 days ago)
I'm number one has to be "allowing people to walk into schools and massacre children with assault rifles."
Abzeej Art (6 days ago)
I live in australia and thums up is a positive thing, its only rude if you throw a thumbs up over your sholder.
Martin Allmostt (6 days ago)
You guys dont know where liberia is on the map
In Spain you can order a box for the food that you didn’t eat
clashkid 275 (6 days ago)
11th habit: voting discriminatory fuckbags *cough cough* donald trump *cough cough*
shitjustgotreal (6 days ago)
Using single use plates for home cooked meals
Moncho Mendez - Rivas (7 days ago)
Not Liberia
CommandonerBob 1 (7 days ago)
If people dislike us, why do they come? When they stay, why won't they act like us & practice English all day? Long ago, people came to BECOME ONE OF US. Please explain what causes this. I say people are spoiled, & disrespect our good & generous nation. (We learn how to show respect in THEIR nations; they MUST do likewise.)
Gabriel Prunaru (7 days ago)
Hi, it happens to me something quiet interesting. Some markets don't accept the $100 bill. Why?
GearGoo (7 days ago)
Steve Carras (7 days ago)
America's noty just the US you knoew, also incoudes Canada, among other countries (look it up on Google..Mexico is another)
Nico Schurr (8 days ago)
I will be getting 30 days off work when I START working this September
Amie Ott (8 days ago)
Mate you need to check your facts more you get so much wrong. nearly every video involving australia are mostly wrong You can give a thumbs up in Australia the only time you may not is if you where talking to a aboriginal elder but even then just ask. DO NOT TIP in australia I can't tell you how many Americans have come to my work and try to give me money it is illegal for us to take your money and we can get in big trouble if we do. And dont be extremaly patriotic I cant tell you how many Americans I've meet just telling me how great their country and how we should try and be more like them it just becomes annoying after you meet some Americans. And dont come to our country and complain how we say things and that we pronounce letters weird it just our accent.Just check you facts cause your video are good when there right😊
Tyson Bossard (8 days ago)
Thumbs up in Australia is not rude..
Tapasranjan Dash (8 days ago)
No metric system
Tapasranjan Dash (8 days ago)
Tapasranjan Dash (8 days ago)
J D (8 days ago)
All countries have differences.
Renata Mahmud (8 days ago)
I went to America a couple of years ago. I was at a store and when paying for the items, the cashier was charging me more than I had expected. I asked her why and she (rudely!) told me that it was the tax. I really wish they include the tax in the display prices. It would make everyone’s lives so much easier
lynn faraj (8 days ago)
🙌🏾🙌🏾🇱🇷 Liberia! You got Liberia wrong! We’re located on the west coast of Africa not the central!😂
Randy Lin (9 days ago)
My friend moved to Russia. The women there were astonished at the size of her dinner plates. Apparently their dinner plates are the size of our luncheon plates.
Gazza King (9 days ago)
The whole thumbs up thing in Australia is wrong, I have lived in 2 different Australian states for a combined total of 18 years, and everyone does it.
Jimmy Hayat (9 days ago)
I’m shocked at the difference between what Americans think of themselves and what the rest of the world think about them.
NJSMKMMS (9 days ago)
Another thing that amazes me about Americans is how many of them are super religious. They manage to make every topic of conversation relate back to religion. It's weird in the extreme.
NJSMKMMS (9 days ago)
The thumbs up in Australia means the same as in the US. Some Europians use it as an insult.
CinnaminBun (10 days ago)
It so sad that USA is so greedy that we don't pay workers right and our law won't put 24 days or a month of paid vacation.
DerDerImmerLaaagt (10 days ago)
Removing something from a meal or changing it a bit is somthing i do too, its rare tho U can ask for to go boxes too in europe but only mostly when u didnt finish ur meal
Jonathan Milien (10 days ago)
Americans consider NASCAR as a sport
Steve Carras (7 days ago)
Quite possibly, the video, in the first place, shoulda used the reference just to here, the USA!
Jonathan Milien (10 days ago)
Americans call football, “soccer”
Richard Hogenson (11 days ago)
What about Asians standing on the toilet 🚽 when using the bathroom?
George Manley (11 days ago)
How tf did they manage to put up the wrong map for liberia in the very first fact
Azzan gamer (12 days ago)
In Oman bars are rare and you need to be older than 21 years old and also a license but in Oman mountin dew is nicknamed the Omani alcohole oh and also you cant raise the ok sign it means invitation to anul s**
Ken Peerapairoj (12 days ago)
6:18 That's a Japanese Yen
Dao Anh (12 days ago)
Actually, in France, we have around 40 paid days off per year, governmental departments and institutes have up to 45 days. And it is illegal if a waiter or waitress or any employee is paid under the minimum wage, every employee must have sufficient salary to live which does not depend on tip, tip in France is like a gift to the waiter/ress to acknowledge their kindness and good service, not a paid for service.
SGlitz (13 days ago)
Need ID for alcohol but voting...well...that's [email protected] ;)
Amb Shadow (13 days ago)
Is bright side credible
Jennifer Bolland (14 days ago)
Please remember we have better credit card payment systems. Don't carry guns of advocate the use of. Organic foods more available. Vegetarianism/veganism is featured in most eating places. A "to go box" is known as a "doggy bag" and is frequently available. Please complain about poor service and unacceptable food-we like to get it right.
S Hyde (14 days ago)
What a joke
Aimen Jamshed (14 days ago)
I'm pretty sure it's rude to point at anyone
Diggitheins (15 days ago)
Okay what. A thumbs up means good im Australia.
eiqa Lavigne (15 days ago)
When i see this video, there is nothing to be confusing about america. Because almost all of that things they do, malaysia do it too. There is not too much different from here.
Andrew Schwab (15 days ago)
You guys showed the wrong country for Liberia...
Wailing Rachel (16 days ago)
A thumbs up is a thumbs up in Australia, don't know where you got that from.
Lele girl (16 days ago)
In the constitution your are not suposed to wear the us flag or have on anything other than the flag so we are basically breaking laws
NoICantGetUTickets (16 days ago)
So what do the countries do that don’t use thumbs up when they like a video??🤔
José Belo (17 days ago)
#3 "horn fingers" is ok to use in Portugal. Seriously it's perfectly fine to use it jajaja don't know where did you get this information xD 🤘
allinone videos (17 days ago)
Always missguided thumbnail...
kevin percival (17 days ago)
you cant go sking in Canada in the summer
Ellie Belle (20 days ago)
Almost all the comments are saying things bad about USA can we get love instead be more nice like I love how you can take are food home with you if you can’t finish that is amazing maybe?😐
Lindsey Campbell (20 days ago)
I have waitressed in the past when I was in college. I didn't mind how much I made hourly, since i made a lot in tips. Some restaurants you can make more in tips than if you were paid minimum wage or higher. This video isn't considering that most countries around the world have extremely high taxes, so that waiter or waitress could probably use a tip from a nice American.
Hedstown (20 days ago)
The thing that confuses me most is that the us thinks it has got tipping right lol a tip is supposed to be a bonus for good service not an almost mandatory tax to make the servers wages up to what they should have been in the first place
Casey Leirer (21 days ago)
38+30+16+8+2= 94%. At least show us the rest of the findings.
Jean donaghue21 (21 days ago)
In the UK it is legal for any child over the age of 5 to drink alcohol at home , 16 to 17 years old can drink in a bar if they are with an adult and r having a meal.
Dan Wolf (21 days ago)
You obviously don't live in the US. All american made cars for the US market feature the imperial scale as the primary for all gauges. Metric is optional or secondary.
Owen Sparks (21 days ago)
Flags indoors in the US always got me. I get the patriotism bit, but keeping a flag indoors is like pulling the wings off a bird and locking it in a cage. Flags are meant to fly!
jamil linwood (23 days ago)
So if I buy some food and I wanna take it back with me I can't? Can I get my money back for the food I didnt eat then? Lol
Barbuli-Nagy Senada (24 days ago)
less than 10 days vacation time?...oh wow...im so so sry america, i need to stop bitching about having only 21 vacation days...besides the other official national days off we get...it's not even february and we already had 3 national days off work ....
niet janken (24 days ago)
They eat cheddar on a freaken sandwich, now thats confusing
Julian Reid (24 days ago)
I have food allergies and people are DICKS! Still there are fewer choices in the grocery stores, more brands of fewer things.
Skye Styles (25 days ago)
Here in nepal we have 67 days of public/religious holidays.Previously it was 104 days but it was cut down to 67days.
Colleen M (26 days ago)
Thumbs up is perfectly fine in Australia. Who does this research? 😂
Margherita Pirker (26 days ago)
It confuses me that they have these mixed ingredients for cakes and even pancakes, mixing stuff together ain’t that difficult
Antonela Sokota (26 days ago)
Being overly politically correcte. Bring back the 80's and 90's humor. Having a laugh doesn't make one a bad person 👍
Marie Cruz (27 days ago)
I don’t think asking for a doggy bag in another country will be a problem since portion sizes are much smaller.
Angel Manuel Perez (27 days ago)
Umm, number one should be "Use Americans as a denomination term when that's the name of the continent not the country. Pretty much any country in the continent can be called "Country of America."
Djelal niyazi (27 days ago)
no---- britain also uses imperial most of time, eu was trying to change that.
Francisco Martinez (27 days ago)
Do 10 things other countries do that confuse Americans. But you won’t.
ernesto P.S (28 days ago)
i'm Brazilian and this simbol with the hands it's "heavy metal" and no't' "cheating or some else." the truth is that it is used a lot, even for rock by some people .. (sorry, my english is very bad)
tien vo (28 days ago)
I dad has 2%
melody metherel (28 days ago)
I think it's weird that they typically wear shoes indoors.
Niko Bellic (29 days ago)
**The most confusing thing: U.S./U.S.A.: Month/Day/Year Rest of the World: Day/Month/Year**
Marie Campbell Dawson (29 days ago)
Yes a Lot and a They Don’t Understand .... That Every Country is Different ... Thanks
yashodhan B (29 days ago)
Americans don’t know what pre-pone or post-pone means!
yashodhan B (29 days ago)
Americans don’t know what a capsicum is!
zanda lee (30 days ago)
I watch vlogs a lot, 90% are American. Why do yall use only paper plates? And it's always that same blue /purple /green pattern on them. We only use paper plates for braai's (barbecues). I can't imagine trading real plates for paper
Critical Mind (30 days ago)
It’s illegal to drink alcohol in Kuwait at any age. Fix that
Vhaidra (1 month ago)
Spells litres the American way. Haha
B Elzebub (1 month ago)
We're crazy, but we actually love the differenences in most peoples, and the things they do. Peace, from the States
Login Soliman (1 month ago)
Um, it's okay in the middle East to do the 'thumbs up'
Dixie Ten Broeck (1 month ago)
"Things Americans do" or "Things the British do" or "Things (insert any nationality here) do" are ALL STEREOTYPES! Please, think twice before offering up stereotypical comments (which are somewhat akin to a milder form of racism, eh?), then just don't do it. Some habits and practices are variable from country to country, for certain, yet not every member of each place practices all of the "oddities". Thanks!
Miss Amanda's world (1 month ago)
Pop bottle milliliters to 3 litter bottles
robert43g (1 month ago)
number 3 thumbs up in Australia is good
Chenn Z (1 month ago)
Ummm... we tip waiters, have a Walmart, and have To Go boxes in Canada too...
Hannah Pilkey (1 month ago)
You know, I don't know why, but in Canada, despite not using the Imperial system, we still measure height in inches, casual food-making ingredients in cups, and weight in pounds.
volleyballguy79 (1 month ago)
Your "Liberia" is the Central African Republic on the map. Liberia is by Ghana in West Africa on the coast
David (1 month ago)
But I don’t care 🤷‍♂️
clair schilf (1 month ago)
As an Australian, I know for a fact that 👍 is a perfectly fine way of saying that something is good, not only that, it is the Auslan (Australian sign language) sign for good. So please, in order to not sound ignorant, check all of your facts before making videos.
akarsh sachan (1 month ago)
There are no strong restrictions on indian flag And even even if there are ,they are there for maintaining the respect of it So that the indian flag(tiranga) is not I'll treated . The rules are that you must not burn put under foot or disrespect the flag
custerjessica (1 month ago)
GOD MATE!!! Why'd you make that symbo'? Really? You wan' me to go?😡
Grammar Police (1 month ago)
Pretty random but in Qatar, you don’t have to pay tax.
Hex (1 month ago)
a thumbs up in aussie isnt telling someone to get lost, thumbs up and throwing it over your shoulder is telling someone to get lost.
eremia victoras (1 month ago)
They laugh about North Korea that brainwash the population with patriotic songs or posters, but the USA population have flags everywhere and think that USA is the best country in the world. The same thing, i guess, in both countries.
MrKaufie (1 month ago)
Danmark has 6 weeks paid vacation 🤗
E Jensen (1 month ago)
Oh yeah. Americans seem to express religious opinions very loudly. Even though Europeans also have their believes, they mostly exercise them privately in the church without shouting it out at any given occasion.

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