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Bryson Tiller x Drake - "Drunk Texts" type beat (Prod. False Ego)

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Purchase: http://falseego.beatstars.com/ inquires: [email protected] Social Media ► Twitter : https://twitter.com/TheFalseEgo ► Snapchat : falseego1 ► Instagram : http://instagram.com/false_ego Other Links ☁ Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/falseego-1 ♫ Bandcamp : https://falseego.bandcamp.com/
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Text Comments (69)
zavier tanksley (1 year ago)
Here we go drifting far we dont know where we are.. so fast, not bad, let's go so far we can't control the tempo,, come on let's ride the beat,, you the main I'm the feat.............
ConScience !!! (1 year ago)
hey fam is there any way you can cut the sample down or do i have to buy the stems
ItsMarcus Ward (1 year ago)
Love this track so much and I View music as art and I just had to tell this beats story. Everything was perfect from the beat to the picture he used. Please tell me what you guys think. https://soundcloud.com/user-208081735/in-my-feelingsprodfalse-ego
ImNotUHPro (2 years ago)
baby its them drunk texts, I know I should get drunk less, I know I'm a drunk mess. I dropped the bomb funk flex, I've been having drunk sex. not a real man so I did it through some texts. couldn't face my fears and all of my regrets. this shit got me sad, like all the rejects, I did it to myself mirror reflex. she showed loyalty, a chick that was loyal to me. and I ain't even have money she was loyal for free. always put me first that's how loyalty be.I was fucking with other chicks 2 or 3. I couldn't see what I had right in front of me. now I stand in front of the sea. chillin rolling the blunt with the weed. thinking about the one that got away and the deeds. always go for what I want when I had what I need. weed, money Love and a body that breathes, anything else is access-ories
wallacetka (11 months ago)
ImNotUHPro kill it
Kahlua Mizrahi (2 years ago)
Thank you🎶😌😍😏
dop3fr3sh ! (2 years ago)
False Ego (2 years ago)
https://www.facebook.com/fe966 Hmu I'm looking for good artists to work with
zavier tanksley (1 year ago)
Yo I rap sing dance and play alot of instruments I got you
Angel Marie (1 year ago)
I'm an artist❤️❤️🤘🏽
mike walsteijn (1 year ago)
what are you looking for pruducer/rapper/singer/songwriter/musician???
JLS Prod (2 years ago)
False Ego I got an artist for real man, I just swear the God bro, she's got so much talents go watch her Instagram : darealistalliyah or Cider Muma 🍷 THANKSSS MAN
56 Trill (2 years ago)
Aye bro I love your music... I was wondering if you could check mine out and maybe we could work together... Here is the link soundcloud.com/user-56-trill/five6trill-no-fairy-tales-prod-by-justin-kase
Ms. Marie (2 years ago)
Bruce Edwards (2 years ago)
This beat on point fam. Tell me what you think of my lil cut to it. https://soundcloud.com/youngdoe870/voicemail-rough-sample-prod-by-false-ego
RawKey Productions (2 years ago)
yo... we got bangers also but I gotta show luv this one is swingin !!!!!!
BPGOTBEATS (2 years ago)
yo this is dope !
Luis Crespo (2 years ago)
this beat dope asf but got me in my feels
Ms. Marie (2 years ago)
How can I get in contact with you want to purchase this beat.
False Ego (2 years ago)
Lucson Beats (2 years ago)
YoungTinaa (2 years ago)
can I use this beat????? pls reply
narlyx (2 years ago)
Deshown Heart (2 years ago)
plz is. this beat for sell
drew Raymond (2 years ago)
speeded it up to 1.25 and it's twice as dope..
George The Zebra (2 years ago)
Lol "DONT REPLY." I have a lot of those in my phone
OWNIU (2 years ago)
Jah'Liehl Copling (2 years ago)
can i get this beat ?
Phillip Holland (2 years ago)
I really wanna add this to my next mixtape gonna be better than the last https://soundcloud.com/phillip-holland-4/sets/the-clouds
GTG Beats (2 years ago)
Tough af!!! Love the sample flip.
Hoodrichbako (2 years ago)
Dope af 🔥🔥 check me out too maybe we can collab
Cj Brown (2 years ago)
Can I Use This Non Profit on my soundcloud and credit you ?
Morris Productions (2 years ago)
What drum kit is this?
Keitrel Allen (2 years ago)
where'd you get the visual bro?
Brandon Main (2 years ago)
Fell in love with this track immediately! Lemme know what you think of what I did with it! I think you will be pleased! https://soundcloud.com/main-538181550/revised-main-prod-false-ego
ItsMarcus Ward (1 year ago)
Hey hit me up. I write music and ilove to put you're vocals on some of the work I've created
lil heartbreak (2 years ago)
+Brandon Main lets make a remix out the song you made , contact me bro @ [email protected]
Brandon Main (2 years ago)
Adobe Audition
Styles Freeman (2 years ago)
what program do you use to make your music? Please reply asap.
Rene' Quimby (2 years ago)
Agree with you.The sound is there just need to strengthen the lyrical ability.Still somethin I'd bump driving trough the city with my windows up and AC on a rainy 4am.Keep It up thoigh! Download Link?
The Union Beats (2 years ago)
keep going in. sample game strong
Heldrish (2 years ago)
your beats are great man!
local young (2 years ago)
let me cop this what the price ?
prodmitchkash (2 years ago)
so nice 🔥
HUSTLR Beatz (2 years ago)
Hard as shit bro. I got beats up too, have a listen and lemme know what you think 🔥 Just subbed too
Yun Fajita (2 years ago)
boom bap on my soundcloud I been producing five months and don't no if my shit it trash or not as i'm in spain and no niggas here https://soundcloud.com/shaneytrashass
brison dempsey (2 years ago)
honestly bro it sounds good it just has alot going on
Fr3ShPRiNC3 (2 years ago)
good , but low quality sounds
Aitor Loberto (2 years ago)
11 11!!
RashonTheGod (2 years ago)
where do you find your samples?
PSCompulsion (2 years ago)
This Keyshia Cole sample is amazing!!!! Great work!
hartleyboysreborn2 (2 years ago)
fuck it how much is this beat?
hartleyboysreborn2 (2 years ago)
sickest shit ive heard in a long time thumbs up and favorite!!!!!
T R U H (2 years ago)
Man this beat really bumping I must say. it's smooth and it's truly a track bryson could lay down.
GO Free (2 years ago)
man you never disappointed me. Thank you .
Kapi44 (2 years ago)
this is smooth.
GABRIEL D'AVILA (2 years ago)
basedprod (2 years ago)
fuego man
Joseph Herrera (2 years ago)
Hey man im a young rapper (16) tryna pursue my passion for rapping, i just recorded a song, and id like you to hear it, btw this is crazy well produced on your part man, truely love your work, we should colab sometime, lemme know what you think https://soundcloud.com/joe-pham-197153543/the-verbal-assasinatorvta-tough-to-swallow-beat-produced-by-sh-beats
tony wraith (1 year ago)
that shit was hot Lil bro bro
spice. god (2 years ago)
wasn't expecting much but gotta say was impressed
Joseph Herrera (2 years ago)
Thanks fam glad you liked it, means a lot g!
Joe Seaver (2 years ago)
Pretty dope stuff.

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