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Cartilage Restoration *requested*

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Results take from 2 weeks to 6 months I had took this one more seriously so I did this one first. Affirmations Cartilage on my body is now perfectly restoring itself My cartilage is regenerating All of my cartilage is being restored My cartilage is returning to its original state My cartilage is healthy My cartilage is getting healthier My cartilage is growing back on places where it was damaged My cartilage is healing at a supernatural rate My cartilage is growing back as healthy as possible My cartilage is growing back as quickly and as safely as possible The cartilage in my joints are repairing themselves at a supernatural rate The cartilage growing back will get rid of any scars on my ears The skin on my ears are growing back My cartilage is growing back even faster by the second Cartilage on my body is healing 100 times faster by the second Hearing these affirmations without a doubt are multiplying my results 100 times over My hearing is improving My hearing is being restored My ear drums are healing any and all damage My ear drums are improving My hearing is being repaired constantly faster by the second My body is accepting the healing My mind is accepting the healing My subconscious is accepting all healing possible
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Subliminal Neko (1 year ago)
Someone requested this and I thought I should start making more clinical subliminals as well. I'm already doing cosmetics and supernatural ones. Keep in mind that I actually go the extra mile to do research about topics that are requested that I have no knowledge of and I make sure that they are as precise as possible to avoid doing them again without failure Requests that are currently listed are the following: Be like Hogyoku Aizen Omni-embodiment(10 dimensional physiology) Chaos emeralds Rage-fighter abilities Become Godou Kusunagi Become Tomoko Kuroki Become a mud monster MTF booster Look like Marionette Dupain Cheng Anthropomorphic cow or something like that (I'm not sure why you'd want that last one, just my opinion, but ooookayyyyy)
can I do a request for healing aural hematoma (cauliflower ear), for martial art people and also which can be used to treat pets like dog or cat... ? and thank you for this one, I hope it works perfectly, I have something with my knee, but if restore hearing to be better, it's also great :)
Flow Em (1 year ago)
yes, cartilage
Barry Airdrie (1 year ago)
I have an enquiry. I had a nose job (Rhinoplasty) done on my nose in summer of 2005 and the incompetent plastic surgeon chopped away too much cartilage from my nose. So now my nose looks so ugly and deformed and disfigured due to the missing cartilage from my nose. so my nose kind of caves in from the left side due to the missing cartilage and it and it makes me look so ugly. even though prior to this nose job I was a good looking guy and I used to get plenty of women eyeing me up and smiling at me everywhere I went. But ever since this nose job I never ever get any women looking at me unless they are looking down on me in disgust and disrespect as if they are thinking "oh my god look at that ugly freak". anyway my question is will this video grow back the missing (or chopped away) cartilage in my nose restoring the proper shape of my nose to how it used to look like prior to July 2005 before this incompetent plastic surgeon totally messed it up ?
reve (3 months ago)
@Subliminal Neko dis subliminal can make my nose bridge higher? Btw thank u so much for ur amazing subs
Yadwinder Singh (4 months ago)
Same thing happened to me 😫😫 Dear Barry i hope i also get result from this 😊
N Kruger (5 months ago)
@Barry Airdrie Hi Barry. I can understand your frustration as I have a similar problem. I saw your comments on other nose subs as well. Just wondering... if nasal bones have also been narrowed this subliminal might not reverse the effects of that but it is worth the try on restoring some cartilage. Have you had any success with any of these subliminals?
Subliminal Neko (1 year ago)
All results vary from 2 weeks to 6 months like I said
Barry Airdrie (1 year ago)
so I should listen about 10 times a day for about 6 months to fully regenerate the missing 'dent' on my nose ?
Deko (1 year ago)
Can you please make a "Get your desired hair color, eye color and height" subliminal?

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