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Blind Fast Food Pizza Taste Test

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Can we decipher the cheesy difference between Pizza Hut and Domino's while blindfolded? GMM #1271.1 Watch Part 2: https://youtu.be/-IVL7TeQpj8 Watch yesterday's episode from the start: http://bit.ly/GMM1270 Pick up all of the official GMM merch at https://mythical.store & exclusive limited edition tees at https://www.amazon.com/mythical Follow Rhett & Link: Instagram: https://instagram.com/rhettandlink Facebook: https://facebook.com/rhettandlink Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhettandlink Tumblr: https://rhettandlink.tumblr.com Snapchat: @realrhettlink Website: https://mythical.co/ Check Out Our Other Mythical Channels: Good Mythical MORE: https://youtube.com/goodmythicalmore Rhett & Link: https://youtube.com/rhettandlink This Is Mythical: https://youtube.com/thisismythical Ear Biscuits: https://applepodcasts.com/earbiscuits Want to send us something? https://mythical.co/contact Have you made a Wheel of Mythicality intro video? Submit it here: https://bit.ly/GMMWheelIntro Intro Animation by Digital Twigs: https://www.digitaltwigs.com Intro & Outro Music by Jeff Zeigler & Sarah Schimeneck https://www.jeffzeigler.com All Supplemental Music from Extreme Production Music: https://www.extrememusic.com/ We use ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones https://www.bluemic.com/mouse/
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Text Comments (5785)
NE14 (1 year ago)
In 30 years I'm going to come back to this video and be like "I watched guys eating pizza when I was a kid"
dreamingwolf8382 (3 days ago)
NE14 ya.... when I was kid.... sure lol
Jawad Younes (1 month ago)
@J O what will?
Hunter Trantham (1 month ago)
1waytickettopluto Reading is hard, eh?
KING ISAAC (2 months ago)
@Plaga Negra well it will still be around it wouldn't be popular at all most likely
Alex209 (4 months ago)
Morgan Serio (14 hours ago)
Papa johns pizza will always be my favorite
Kendall Phillips (16 hours ago)
You guys should make a video determining which Dominos specialty pizza is the best. There's the Hawaiian, Philly cheese steak, The New veggie, Deluxe, Extravaganza, buffalo chicken, BBQ chicken, and chicken bacon ranch.
nobody: Rhett & Link: As yOu cAn SeE wE cAnT
Joseph Leon (3 days ago)
dreamingwolf8382 (3 days ago)
I find it’s the most fun to play along with ya’ll and base my guess based entirely on your descriptions of the foods only- and when I combine both of your opinions I get it right every time
Scott Peterson (3 days ago)
I agree...Papa John’s is number 1, and Sbaro is a close second place 🥰🍕🍕🍕❤️
Alex Sparzak (4 days ago)
Yeah SBarro my favorite pizza place in New York
Jordan Ezell (4 days ago)
For October, will it Mask? Get some various liquid rubbers and see which ones are best for making a monster to wear on your face! These are the faces I want to see 🎃💀👹👺👽🤡👻
FacheChanteDeux (5 days ago)
Sbarro is NY pizza, of course it is the best. Who doesn't know Domino's?!?
CJ Raven23 (5 days ago)
Rhett and link aren't too good with pizza lol
Audrey K (6 days ago)
I eat pizza upsidedouwn!!
max d (10 days ago)
Thiccer pizza isnt really original pizza. Italian pizza is actually very thin
pistolpete 1992 (12 days ago)
Link is just bad at this. Rhett shouls just go up against someone else during these challenges.
Victoria S. (14 days ago)
Finally, someone who actually likes Papa Johns!
Jack Adams (12 days ago)
As a former Dominos Employee, Papa Johns is great!
Jay Harv28 (13 days ago)
Papa John's is always my go to best pizza imo
MateoRide (13 days ago)
Victoria S. Hut better
Angel Hernadez (15 days ago)
In my place, I eat pizza from Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and Dominio
Eric S (16 days ago)
Dave Portnoy has entered the chat
The Evil Kang 500 (16 days ago)
Noah Faris (17 days ago)
Where's the Zeeks pizza.
chaotic J (19 days ago)
Why does Little Caesars get so much bad rep honestly I think their Pizza is very good
Tania Arréllaga B (19 days ago)
Could you guys do a blind taste test for coffee from McDonald's, Starbucks, Buturger King? That would be awesome! Like of you agree 👍
Tania Arréllaga B (18 days ago)
@PereMarquette1223 oh I didn't know
PereMarquette1223 (18 days ago)
Tania Pamela Arréllaga Balbuena they did a coffee taste test but not fast food
Agent Zero 3432 (23 days ago)
Haha Sbarro coming in strong!
Pat Bell (25 days ago)
Dave Portnoy would be ashamed
Daniel Diaz (25 days ago)
I miss the flying chicken intro
Matt McBrayer (25 days ago)
Pizza Crust Taste Test soon?
Brody Bazzini (26 days ago)
Round Table should've been in there.
Adam Guralnik (26 days ago)
Lost all credibility after the first one sadly
Curtis Sawchik (27 days ago)
Rookie scores
Allison Leake (1 month ago)
Papa John's is G-ROSS! BLECH!
The Worst (1 month ago)
🍾Yeah, give it up for the Papa!!!🎉 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Evilelfis (1 month ago)
Queenofwheels (1 month ago)
I love pizza hut
TypicalWhiteAsianBoy (1 month ago)
I feel so sorry for you guys. Come to Chicago for a month and try pizza places. If you think Pizza Hut is traditional then o.m.g....
GeminieCricket (1 month ago)
I love watching men eat with gusto!
Franco Bradshaw (1 month ago)
Nobody: Link: Little Caesars
Joey Ernest (1 month ago)
Personally I like dominos
SamG (1 month ago)
When the domino’s app tells you who puts the pizza in the oven that’s not who actually made the pizza 99% of the time, managers get all the credit there
BTW Agency (1 month ago)
Eating pizza on the Internet best job ever - ordering some Papa John's today!
BTW Agency (1 month ago)
@Oli Bernstein We did!
Oli Bernstein (1 month ago)
Let me join! I'll bring the drinks 😂
Armadillo Apple (1 month ago)
*sponsord by taco bell*
imAgreza (1 month ago)
To many toppings
Seth Turner (1 month ago)
“The sausage came from John himself” 😂
mighty migs (1 month ago)
Would've been funnier if he said papa instead kol
Cam (1 month ago)
Link takes those little tiny baby bites and wonders why he doesn't get a full experience.
Braiden Galindo (1 month ago)
For some reason i feel like im always watching a podcast when i watch this channel
DIRTYDUB888 Frisk (1 month ago)
How dare you link I love little ceasars and you too Rhett
Dennis Hillberg (1 month ago)
i eat izza backwards sometimes probably 1 of the 2 times a year that i eat pizza
Nora C (1 month ago)
No toppings for me, cheese pizza all the way!
YouTube Safe (1 month ago)
The fatal flaw in this is that they can't taste the crust that some places flavor n season very nicely
RazzleDazzle (1 month ago)
Domino's is definitely my favorite pizza from all pizza I've eaten
Lenny Leonard (25 days ago)
That's disgusting
Derek Stoeckmann (1 month ago)
RazzleDazzle that is p sad
Anthony Weise (1 month ago)
Link guessing little ceasers for everything except little ceasers. Lol
Money Tree (7 days ago)
I said the same thing! Lmao
Jake Allen 4:53 (21 days ago)
Anthony Weise what about fro papa johns
dinokar Dinokar (1 month ago)
As you can see we cant
Sir Gamesalot (1 month ago)
I’m 7
Sir Gamesalot (1 month ago)
41 Rhett and 40 link
Wyatt Stokesberry (1 month ago)
Papa johns is trash
So link likes the sausage but the sauce is lacking and it’s nice and thick I’ll let you do with this information as you please
Matthew Osborn (1 month ago)
they shouldve tried papa Murphy's
Fallen Donuts (1 month ago)
“But we’re not children”
Matthew Talcott (1 month ago)
I thought they woulda got sbarros right since it's got the signature New York flop
South Florida Tech (1 month ago)
my ranks california pizza kitchen 10/10 papa johns 8/10 sbarro 7/10 dominos 5/10 pizza hut 4/10 little caesar’s 0/10
blekh (1 month ago)
Watching these videos while fasting in ramadan is not a good idea ya'll
ShyMystery Bunny (1 month ago)
Im watchin this while eating pizza backwards
Lou Cifer (2 months ago)
Sbarros is by far the best it's the closest to a pizza parlor the others are closer to frozen pizza
Reyes Lopez (2 months ago)
No dions
Dave McBroom (2 months ago)
Little Caesars pizza is Detroit style and should not ever be confused with thin crust. What's he thinking?
Play That Again Bruh (2 months ago)
Yesss Team Sbarro
BROOKLYN MANIAC (2 months ago)
Watching this my 11th time. I just love these and international 🎯 so much
Gabe Jones-Lang (1 month ago)
BROOKLYN MANIAC what are you an 8 year old? How many times are you gonna watch tf
6rookelyn B (2 months ago)
Why do you call it fast food pizza....all pizza is fast food. 😂No matter where you get a pizza from it takes the same amount of time to cook them. Little caesars has them ready but it still took about 12 minutes to cook it.
siKCOneVEVO (2 months ago)
Papa Johns is TRASH hahahah
Dustin Davis (2 months ago)
Hunt brothers pizza is the best hands down
Chad Cesaro (2 months ago)
I could guarantee 100 percent if I tasted the back crust.
Rafael Kress (2 months ago)
Rhett looks so tired in this episode
jimbo6767 (2 months ago)
I don't understand why the blind folds are necessary. Would they really recognize the slices by restaurant? It all looks the damn same
ImKuru (2 months ago)
jimbo6767 for some pizza’s it’s actually very recognizable
St Marquise (2 months ago)
I live in MI where little Caesars & Dominos originated from, and they do it RIGHT here(in most areas of MI)
jonpaulsquarter (2 months ago)
damn that screen at the end with numbers mad me sick gave me a vertigo thing please don't do that again.
Kevin Kalin (2 months ago)
One bite, everybody knows the rule
J.P. Hardy (2 months ago)
Very sausage-forward. My new Twitter bio.
AnAsianGeek FX (2 months ago)
Spoilers for people that haven't watch this year's episodes but their second favorite pizza style seems to be their least favorite pizza brand (Little Caesars with Detroit style). What style does Papa John's use?
louis rossignol (2 months ago)
Deem Sleep (2 months ago)
Papa johns has the most tasteless nothing sauce I’ve ever had on any pizza
D G (2 months ago)
This dude guesses Little Cesar’s on all but the actual little Cesar’s
Christopher Galvan (2 months ago)
Little Caesars is really good a least where I live
Daniel Eusebio (2 months ago)
7:12 as all things should be
Gabe Jones-Lang (1 month ago)
Daniel Eusebio r/unexpectedthanos
Riley H (2 months ago)
Man, I really like little Caesar’s though.
Litigious Society (2 months ago)
Not using the same toppings almost makes the entire test invalid. For example, a supreme from almost any place will probably taste better than a pepperoni from any other.
octagonproplex (2 months ago)
It's damn near impossible to mess up pizza... but California Pizza Kitchen has accomplished it.
KlearChristal (2 months ago)
->Pizza chain ->Best pie Pick one.
Goal To Troll (2 months ago)
I remember sbarro being pretty good. Used to have one at the malls food court by me. I love thin pizzas
Walmart Fanatic (2 months ago)
Lunchables pizza is the best
The Lewis Lewnatics (2 months ago)
Snappy tomatoes pizza beats papa johns
Chris Booth (2 months ago)
Pizza hut used to be fantastic when they were a sitdown restaurant. They cut corners to try to compete with Dominoes and the quality really suffered. Papa John's has taken a nosedive too. Dominoes actually got better after they reformulated their pizza. Just my opinions though.
Anna Carter (2 months ago)
I wish the rest of the world could experience Papa Gino’s in all its glory
Jazza Dun (2 months ago)
Anna Carter love your pfp 😍💛||-//
Man Ouch (2 months ago)
Like if cheese pizza is for gays
Nixie Contreras (2 months ago)
*me just watching them trash my favorite pizza...*
Cameron Hillegas (2 months ago)
Little Caesars is my favorite
Eugene Bridge (2 months ago)
Papa Gino’s all day
Panic! At the trench (2 months ago)
The picture in the thumbnail looks like Chuck E. Cheese 💀
JZ Dose (2 months ago)
Samy Phillips (2 months ago)
Can we get them to 16m subs?
Small Caps (2 months ago)
How do you get California pizza kitchen and little Caesars mixed up
Tevin Dempsey (2 months ago)
People i know always thought papa johns was a nasty pizza.I've always thought papa johns was the best pizza to me.advert seeing this i want to try sbarro.is there one in Houston?
Benjamin Farias (2 months ago)
Sbarro is pretty good, and I was right.

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