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The Try Guys Become Groomsmen For Keith’s Wedding • The Try Vlog

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Text Comments (19370)
Miguel André (53 minutes ago)
why is nobody talking about how keith's brother looks nothing like his family or anyone in it
maria estrada (2 hours ago)
Where is are the tissues
Ashlynn Heckathorn (2 hours ago)
If Keith was wearing maroon you could've been Maroon 4
Paige Floro (3 hours ago)
Overcooked 2 is the best game every
lilly luu (9 hours ago)
I’m not crying it just a lot of sweat 50% crying remember it’s just sweat
Root InThePot (11 hours ago)
I thought this was going to be "Try guys tried to be a groom" kbye
monsterhigh 06 (11 hours ago)
2:04 Take you clothes off Zach
N Y (21 hours ago)
Thank you Keith and Becky for allowing us see this beautiful experience ❤ I know I'm late 😊
Thunder Rowan (1 day ago)
Why do people dislike this video how cold hearted can people be.
Pippy bella (1 day ago)
Haevin Britt (1 day ago)
She protecc She attacc But most importantly She always save half her snacc
Myrin (1 day ago)
that "red leather yellow leather" tongue twister is also used as a musical theatre voice warmup! my castmates and i do it all the time.
Avalanche (1 day ago)
“Take your clothes off Zach” 🤣🤣
Alexandra LoBasso (2 days ago)
I love Eugene taking over with the pants problem. Ahmen
alexander5 (2 days ago)
Gwen Sardon (3 days ago)
I love how Kieth can be funny even when he is crying ❤️
Krishna Pallikonda (3 days ago)
Who esle cried watching this
Alyssa Amsler (3 days ago)
Kary Wiebe (4 days ago)
Oh my gooood I'm in actual tears... They're such a sweet couple 😭😭😭
Ash Perskn (4 days ago)
This is so beautiful, I was crying when they read the vows, you guys are so lucky to have such a bond with each other and you have so many friends there to support you. I hope when I get older that maybe I could have a wedding just like this
Alma Garcia (4 days ago)
Yay Keith got married in my city!!
Abraham Lincoln (5 days ago)
bossy gaming (5 days ago)
Yasss i was waiting for THIIIS!!!
Stella Marie Sanchez (5 days ago)
2 its a choice 1 is a mistake -Eugene
Jose Lopez (5 days ago)
Keith is going have a baby In August
Vincent D (5 days ago)
yo Keith is completely different from his bro, he looks really fun. jk
Simon (5 days ago)
Keith´s Brothers (espacially Dave) should be guest starring in some videos... Dave kinda seems like a very diffrent but yet equally fun version of Keith xD
Margarita Salcevich (5 days ago)
who else is waiting for us to find out that Becky is pregnant? maybe in a few months ya never knowwww
Keerthi Krishna (5 days ago)
Athena Prom (6 days ago)
I have never heard the most funny vows at a wedding. Literally I went to a wedding 💒 no vows because that’s just my religion long time ago went to a wedding didn’t even understand because I was like 3 😂😂
Mari Bonachea (6 days ago)
keith said his wife is more important than fried chicken
I Am Truly Greg (6 days ago)
"Think that Zach is naked and waging his dick around" 😂😂 Did you guys notice Ariel in Becky's Bridesmaids?
Cookie Cutter (6 days ago)
BASE452 LIVE (7 days ago)
No one is talking about 0:42
Rylie Pryor (7 days ago)
Ned and Keith husband power
Annie Harding (8 days ago)
I love Becky with the Good Keith, also is nobody acknowledging the harry potter quote at 0:42
Tatsumi Naoki (7 days ago)
omg I was literally about to comment that
Sophia (8 days ago)
The Cry Guys
Saryu Sundararaman (9 days ago)
Guys did u notice that at 0.42 Keith and Becky r holding boards that say "after all this time? Always" 😍😘 any potter heads here?😘
Jaime K (20 hours ago)
It's from Harry Potter? About who?
It's Me (9 days ago)
those, "after all this time?" ... "always" signs!!!!
Sandra_dee (9 days ago)
Keiths brother had Keiths voice but slightly different
Lillian Nazarova (9 days ago)
Keith: "because you are my best friend." Zach: *jumps out of line* OH I SEE HOW IT IS
Rainbow Crazy (9 days ago)
2:00 I’m a dancer and that’s my song !
Macey Grace Youtube (9 days ago)
0:43 did anyone get the reference
M P (9 days ago)
Ok, so the guy completely forgot that he picked up his pants from the dry cleaners? I am confused.
spookygull (10 days ago)
The lake was lake michigan I know that because I live in Michigan
Lana Lang (11 days ago)
Why didn't they tell the woman? She would've said check the closet
Paulo Brasil (11 days ago)
Keith married UP, man. congrats.
Trang Ngo Thi Tuyet (11 days ago)
You guys make me so happy and feel hopeful and joyful about my own life. THANK YOU!!!
Jeff Goldbroom (11 days ago)
Describe keaths brothers in two words: alternate dimension (and) Jack black
who else cried 😂😭
Twin Gacha (12 days ago)
I cried after Keith and his wife read the paper thing I don’t know what it call but... I CRIED AFTER HE READ IT
JayBeh Kay (12 days ago)
"I promise to love you forever and ever and even a little bit after that" - that line gets me every time 😭
emma duncan (12 days ago)
wait. "one of the best men?" since when can you have more than one?
NG_NugNug Nugget (13 days ago)
Ah hell nah I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship where I have to share half of my fried chicken
taegxay (13 days ago)
this is age restricted.. w-why?
Big Guy Little Girl (13 days ago)
When he lost his pants he should've just told one of the bridesmaids. Did you check the floor? The closet? *YOU IDIOTS* 🤦🏼‍♂️
Hadleigh Hilgert (15 days ago)
Even at his wedding Keith is always funny 😂
Caroline Pavalok (15 days ago)
So nice
I love Overcooked
cyrus esguerra (16 days ago)
nice try guys
Ivan Diaz (16 days ago)
keith *crying* Eugene *smiling like nothings happening*
anoffensiveintrovert (17 days ago)
Just came from the bachelor party
Arianna Whitacre (17 days ago)
Im from Chicago so this made me happy
Doug Boberg (17 days ago)
So sweet
Xiang hui Zheng (17 days ago)
Now is just wait for Eugene and Zach, for the try wifes
Margaret Beaver (18 days ago)
I cried
Stefanie G (18 days ago)
The editing is memealicious
ashleep991 (19 days ago)
I love the Harry Potter reference at 0:42
Camila (20 days ago)
Keith and Ned are the ideal men .... jesus... 💙
ThatAnnoyingGirl (20 days ago)
David YTB (20 days ago)
Emotional af
Bianca Roma (20 days ago)
Who's here from the TWWT video? I'm a crying mess
Janis Vnlbk (20 days ago)
Becky's brother and the girl had sex after the ceremony , I could swear it.
jenna bobenna (20 days ago)
Saint Burro st (21 days ago)
I just realized, why is it try guys if there are 4 guys?
Cameryn Vickery (21 days ago)
Lemmino 0409 (21 days ago)
13:01, seriously no offense and making jokes but that’s funny
bianca alicia (21 days ago)
I’m just now finding their channel ..wow
Meeeeeegan (21 days ago)
Im not crying. My eyes are raining
squarepotatoes (21 days ago)
Holy crap that was a lot of emotion i wasnt prepared for Had to get hankercheif
Someone Out there (22 days ago)
ok anyone notice the MCR posters at 11:17 i think they're Becky's......... SHE IS FREAKIN KEEPER DUDE
moon light (23 days ago)
💙💙💙god bless you both😭😭😭😭
CassieCatGacha (23 days ago)
Vicki Roberts (23 days ago)
I am so happy for you and Becky
Alice Kingsleigh (23 days ago)
I cried!! 😂😭
Kill me Now (24 days ago)
I cried and its not even my wedding
Alika Achong (24 days ago)
On this day they went from The Try Guys to The Cry Guys and then The Not-So-Dry Eye Guys
Kevin Cho (24 days ago)
Casper91 (24 days ago)
Hiiiii Michael
Isabelle Ricciardello (25 days ago)
How was zacks dancing.....
Yeet Yeet (26 days ago)
Try guy cry time
Tizzyrose (26 days ago)
Awww! :D .
Ryann Bradshaw (26 days ago)
Why did his speech make me cry thooo
Destiny Bonilla (26 days ago)
Me being single crying at the speeches...
brats (26 days ago)
filledevalet (27 days ago)
10:39 "... and I promise to love you forever and ever and even a little bit after that."
Cookie Cutter (27 days ago)
goddamn it Keith y u mak ma cri
Avery King (27 days ago)
So who’s next in line to get married?
Sweetly CloudzYT (28 days ago)
2 married, 1 single, 1 dating.
starfisher 97 (28 days ago)
Becky's brother is hottttttttt

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