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Which Chain Makes The Best Custom Pizza?

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Candid Competition is back for all 5 of you who asked for it! This time, Zach and Keith pit Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's, Little Caesars, and Walmart against each other in a battle of the 'za! Who will be able to create the most delicious and artful pie to win their hearts? 🍕 Check out our newest merch drop, including a new sweatshirt, joggers, a dad hat, a notebook, and a poster at http://www.tryguys.com Support us! http://www.patreon.com/tryguys. Join our Patreon to get videos a day early, plus, livestreams, chatrooms, BTS footage, exclusive merchandise, and more! SUBSCRIBE TO AND FOLLOW THE TRY GUYS http://www.youtube.com/c/tryguys http://www.facebook.com/tryguys http://www.twitter.com/tryguys https://www.instagram.com/tryguys FOLLOW THE GUYS http://www.Instagram.com/keithhabs http://www.Instagram.com/nedfulmer http://www.Instagram.com/korndiddy http://www.instagram.com/eugeneleeyang http://www.twitter.com/keithhabs http://www.twitter.com/nedfulmer http://www.twitter.com/korndiddy http://www.twitter.com/eugeneleeyang THE TRY GUYS The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys. EDITED BY Devlin McCluskey MUSIC Licensed from AudioNetwork SFX Licensed from Audioblocks VIDEO Licensed from Videoblocks Official Try Guys Photos By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto 2nd Try, LLC STAFF Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang Producer - Rachel Ann Cole Producer - Nick Rufca Production Manager - Alexandria Herring Editor - Devlin McCluskey Editor - YB Chang Editor - Elliot Dickerhoof Assistant Editor - Will Witwer Social Media Manager - Allison Bagg Assistant Production Coordinator - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye Assistant Production Coordinator - Miles Bonsignore Production Assistant - Sam Johnson
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Text Comments (12945)
Erin Teague (11 hours ago)
dominoes will always win. *I write this as waiting for my dominoes pizza is on the way*
General Mayo (1 day ago)
Papa Johns is racists
663cat lover (1 day ago)
I got a dominos add on this... TWICE
Savannah Berkley (1 day ago)
You can be gay you can be straight but YOU CAN NOT PUT PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA
Casey Chime (1 day ago)
I just watched this video to see if the Eugene special at jet's has anything to do with you guys but I guess not since Keith doesn't have a every food at jets episode pls have Eugene try the pizza
Delylah Carbajal (1 day ago)
(Unwanted opinion) Bro little Caesar's is my favortie pizza of all time and then the domino's parmesan bites are bomb af too.
ChibiNeco (1 day ago)
I love the don’t get people fired
Rachael Holland (1 day ago)
Could you imagine delivering pizza and your enemy is delivering to the same house
desiree_khayden24 (2 days ago)
hi Walmart, you’re my favorite pizza place!
chey cat (2 days ago)
fuck yes lil caesars i fucking love you
Aurko Sannigrahi (2 days ago)
I love Keith’s “Blah, Blah, Blah, Joke, Joke, Joke, Commentary” Shirt
ayla (3 days ago)
brings back the show for it to disappear agaib
Makko Chan (3 days ago)
This is why I love little Cesar's
Nathan PBowes (3 days ago)
Sara Samaletdin (3 days ago)
Kind of hard for Caesar to eat pizza without tomatoes that weren’t in Europe yet (it is not pizza without tomatoes!) but Romans did eat bread with toppings and cheese so...
Sarah Welch (3 days ago)
Annnndddddd.... I'm addicted. Don't stop making candid competition! >_<
- 태 (4 days ago)
i almost choked on my water when he mentioned pineapple
Andrea Gonzales (4 days ago)
i love how they know Eugene is the best try guy
Sonoungattopuccioso (4 days ago)
You guys pay 25$ for a single pizza? In Italy it is 10€ or less! Plus we're the motherland of pizza so it is SO FUCKING DELICIOUS
Alessia Aloisi (5 days ago)
cannot believe you actually think pineapple is the most popular topping anywhere
Lizzy Zamora (5 days ago)
this series is so good why would they cancel it?
Carlee W. (5 days ago)
That dominos pizza looks disgusting
Al Briones (5 days ago)
Gemma Diaz (5 days ago)
6:08 Zach’s response 😂
Ya boi Cosplays (6 days ago)
Me: *sees after this episode* oh nooo Me: *sees it’s here to stay* yesss! *cries in joy* Me: *hears Ned say the show was canceled* ... *cries*
Ellie Gordon (7 days ago)
We need candid competition 2019!
Lily Rubin (6 days ago)
This came out in 2019...
Ava Irwin (7 days ago)
I got a Walmart ad before this video
cierrad1 (7 days ago)
Yo, where the heck is Costco?!
Sydney Barnes (7 days ago)
Quit cancelling Big Boy!
Jasmine schonerstedt (7 days ago)
The blah blah blah joke joke joke commentary shirt
Amelia Langley (7 days ago)
The Outsider (8 days ago)
Go to a specialty place! It I’ll be expensive but they’ll probably do a better job!
Anna Weber (8 days ago)
skatechic6 (8 days ago)
This was epic.
Melody (8 days ago)
Save Candid Competition 2kforever
James Thomas (8 days ago)
Bro, the pill works..... just don't breed on it.
Achin Garg (8 days ago)
Pineapple doesnt belong on pizza
Hema Latha (8 days ago)
Damm.......... Satan working in pizza hut?????
Moe Foe (9 days ago)
Ashley Alyse (9 days ago)
We need more!
Dc King (9 days ago)
Can did please
Talented TwinZ (9 days ago)
OMG I love dragon ball z I got all dragon balls on dragon ball xenoverse
Amy Collins (10 days ago)
How does Little Caesars win a pizza competition?
Grace Pepper (11 days ago)
PLEASE CARRY THIS ON ITS MY FAVOURITE SERIESSSSSSSSSS :’( Big boy needs some love too with his own series :(
Izzy E (11 days ago)
When they stoped moving I thought my phone was buffering 🤣🤣😂😂
motleslun11 motles (11 days ago)
The fourth one killed me 😂😂😂😂
Katelyn Cecelia (11 days ago)
I’m so attracted to zach😍😍 but I’m 17:(
willis family (11 days ago)
Lila Ashton (11 days ago)
holykittensironman93 (11 days ago)
I looooove this series ❤️❤️❤️
Yolosaranghea (11 days ago)
I want some garlic sauce😍
Samantha T (12 days ago)
Guac DaHuman5 (13 days ago)
I saw a pineapple, and had to pause the video for two minutes to get all my disgust out. As you can probably tell, I don't like pineapples.
Cat On Fire (13 days ago)
Little Cesars is fucking amazing, fight me!
Helga Svendsen (13 days ago)
“They balanced the flavors” omg that’s so me:)
bitch (14 days ago)
you're my favorite pizza place.
Da Bananananana (14 days ago)
When has there ever been a pizza department at Walmart?
Crackerz GD (14 days ago)
Hey! [beep] We have your friend here Oh damn! [Beep]
ToxicEnder (14 days ago)
Erica Elizabeth (14 days ago)
I work at little caesars so I've been putting off watching this but I'm glad I did lmfao. 100% guarantee we'd never make a pizza like that at my store because we're just too damn busy 😂😂
Jenna McGuigan (15 days ago)
Bring back Candid Competition!
John Hammond (15 days ago)
please keep this one show i love it more zach!
Weird Demonic Angel (15 days ago)
“ Must have pineapple “ This man is Satan reincarnated
harleigh Carpenter (16 days ago)
Blah blah blah joke joke joke, Commentary
Mary June (16 days ago)
Low key tho if you live in ny 99 cents pizza is the best
Kersensaus (16 days ago)
Zach is the best
Mani (17 days ago)
no don't cancel it, loved it and probably only zack can pull it off
Smiley (17 days ago)
Why did they cancel this
Mina M (17 days ago)
Pineapple in a Pizza is Blasphemy tho!!!
serene2681 (17 days ago)
C'mon....y'all KNOW Walmart doesn't do pizza. I love these!
Nina (17 days ago)
Why would you cancel the show when it gets this many views tho
Amelia Cook (17 days ago)
Zach: and the winner is ... Advert: ohafife Me: fFs
Pan!c on (18 days ago)
Please don't get pizza people fired
Bekah Hunt (18 days ago)
I love this series 😂😂
Alexandra Marquez (18 days ago)
Noooo lmao please make this series official I freaking loved it!! Don't cancel 😭 lol
Movie Clickz (19 days ago)
3:09 reminds me of smosh.
GetLoW Ezom (19 days ago)
9:47 why did that sound like it came from a meme.
Emmanuella Frimpong (19 days ago)
lourdes Ramirez (19 days ago)
Maybe you should do sugar cookies next from different bakeries
Courtney French (20 days ago)
Italian Village S L A P S not clickbait
Chan -Fook Math. (20 days ago)
I want moooore !
Kira W (21 days ago)
Pineapple on pizza is disgusting what is wrong with you
WeChangedOurName263 (21 days ago)
Katy Tower (21 days ago)
I love this lol 🤣
Officially Boring YT (21 days ago)
The way they censor the name makes it sound like they’re swearing 😂
little muffinpie (21 days ago)
Still waiting for another episode :'c
UnicornSlayer895 (21 days ago)
Receding hair line
Zerroh (21 days ago)
The Domino’s guy’s name is Brett slow it down u can see Zach saying Brett in 0.25x
Ana Leah (22 days ago)
More of these videos please your my favorite youtuber
Evelyn Real (22 days ago)
I know I'm a couple of months late, but please bring this back! It's so great!
Stephanie Beach (22 days ago)
Amanda Anderson (22 days ago)
i need more please
Cobit (23 days ago)
this is how much he says omg () () V
FoSuure (23 days ago)
this is the best video the try guys have ever done im just being honest
kamatayan flingpoo (23 days ago)
17:13 “Beautiful souls like Bryan” Your welcome
Pia Bonas (23 days ago)
I need more Fanfiction Recreation please!
ScorpionDaddy (23 days ago)
You're my favorite pizza place
sofia (24 days ago)
Zach please it's been 4 months

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