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Top 10 American Fast Food Chains

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They’re the places to go to when we’re on a budget and too tired to cook. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 American fast food chains. Check us out at http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo, http://instagram.com/watchmojo and http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo. Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) Special thanks to our users Ruben Mago Almanza, Cameronshank, Sizzle_frizzle, Nicole Calleja, Aricha Mahil, mudflapmannacho, Reece Baker, Camden Coblentz, chattiermike140, pacman1865, mical jamil and Rob Welch for submitting this idea through our Suggest Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/Suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Fast+Food+Chains If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info. WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 2-3 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!
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Text Comments (8448)
TheDaveMaybe (16 hours ago)
No Jack in the Box? No Dairy Queen?
Becky Whobrey (2 days ago)
Wheres Rallys/Checkers?? I love Moby Dick, Long John Silvers, and Captain D's also!!
Sandra Woodward (3 days ago)
Andrew Demos (3 days ago)
Fix it number 1 should be chickfilla they made the chicken sandwish and have best sweet tea and nuggers Good 1.CHICK-FIL-A =😚☺😄😘😍 2.Subway=☺🙂 So so 3.mcdonlds>😃😉😕 4.burgerking>😁 5.donken dounts>😌😏 Terrible 6.wendys=🤕🤒😱😵>death by eating terrible food Im always in the mood for chick-fil-a
Andrew Demos (3 days ago)
Dairy KING (5 days ago)
Dairy KING (5 days ago)
A chick-a-fil doesn’t get shit
Nidhi Khanna (7 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I love fast food and so do you
Douglas Couchot (8 days ago)
I like Arby's, Chick-fil-A, and Burger King the best.
RobloxGamer360 (8 days ago)
My top 5 places 1) Burger King 2)McDonald's 3)Little Caesars 4)Pizza Hut 5)Domino's Pizza
RobloxGamer360 (8 days ago)
8:00 How could he fit that in his mouth Woah triple Whopper meal
Potential Huffer (8 days ago)
one time at Micky D's my buddy ate a chicken nugget containing a box staple! 10/10 would eat again
SlighlyAboveAverag3 (11 days ago)
Chicfila maybe?
Rick Weiss (11 days ago)
Mcdonalds food will kill you faster than cigarettes and that grizzly bear tipping the car over. Just saying!!!
Owendoes games (13 days ago)
I think we all saw MC DONALDS coming at number 1
Nathan Wilt (13 days ago)
No chick fil a really
Patricia Trout (13 days ago)
white castle?
Young Thug (15 days ago)
jack in the box?
Young Ace (16 days ago)
Uhh where’s Whataburger?
Gaming kid Texas gamer (16 days ago)
My favorite place on here is Taco Bell then McDonald's
Eduardo Estrada (16 days ago)
I thought KFC has gone down during the last few years. McDonald's has the worst costumer service and aren't know for there clean environment.
Raymond Francis (17 days ago)
I want one of you to eat at Qdoba Right now and if you say Qdoba is better than Chipotle, You will earn yourself a subscriber. BE HONEST TO0. Yes, I'm talking to YOU, WatchMojo.
Joel Nenadovich (17 days ago)
McDonald's is sh*t in Australia. Hahaha.
Aquarius1011 (15 days ago)
Five Guys is the name of that other premium burger fast food chain that was mentioned by the end, with In-N-Out Burger. That isn't so clear, in the video.
AJ Mance (19 days ago)
Where the hell is Five Guys and In and Out
budisa stankovic (19 days ago)
Anybody tried White Castle I did 15 years ago and still can fill that taste of garbage can That’s for sure the worst food I ever tried Than and never again
gabriel peralta (19 days ago)
wheres whataburger tho
Chick Fil-a is my favorite
Aquarius1011 (17 days ago)
Said to be the main rival of KFC.
Chloe Moore (21 days ago)
My Top 10 Fast Food Chains/Restaurant Chains 1.McDonald's 2.Burger King 3.Wendy's 4.Rally's And Checkers 5.Subway 6.KFC KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 7.Popeyes 8.Taco Bell 9.Papa John's Pizza 10.White Castle
Lazarus Livingston (22 days ago)
Top ten AMERICAN fast food places 10. Taco bell
Radim Párek (23 days ago)
McDonald's was actually base in Ukraine but America bought it and named it McDonald
Ronan Grant (23 days ago)
My 4 favourite places to eat out at are Subway, Taco Bell, Opa & South Street Burger
Jadiel Breton (23 days ago)
I like KFC I'm the mashed poatato and chicken guy I'm a simple man okay
John Ornelas (23 days ago)
Where is in n out !!!!
John Adams (23 days ago)
white people love their chick-fil-a
Mikah Foster (23 days ago)
5 guys burgers and fries and in and out burger should be here and arbys
Derek Buttfur (23 days ago)
Little Ceaser's
Aquarius1011 (23 days ago)
10. Taco Bell. 9. Carl's Jr. 8. Chipotle Mexican Grill 7. Domino's Pizza 6. Wendy's 5. Pizza Hut 4. KFC 3. Burger King 2. Subway 1. McDonald's
Starlight Glimmer (25 days ago)
I am eating Macdonalds while watching this.
Andrei Agustin (27 days ago)
No Starbucks?
Valkyaiser 27 (28 days ago)
So unhealty 😯😯😥
itzamia (29 days ago)
Jared just couldn't get away from the kid's menu.
Joshua Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Taco bell
clixsense ptc (1 month ago)
Get Starbucks for a Year Now! 100% Click The link below to get the gift card... http://ow.ly/32sF30lTdhT
FRG YT (1 month ago)
Are you kidding me McDonald’s is the least good restaurant. The only reason people get it is cause it’s fast. I believe in quality not quantity. That’s why I think in n out is the best
Sumit Mahajan (1 month ago)
where is in and out and popeyes
orlando cabrera (1 month ago)
I want bk to be the real king😋😋😋
Emir Osman Yaman (1 month ago)
warf 1955 (1 month ago)
I used to love Domino's, but when they changed their sauce it went from great to gosh this sucks. I now will not order from there. I go to pizza Hut now and I used to not like their pizza's at all.
dan rentschler (1 month ago)
Anyone notice how she said pasta when talking about Pizza Hut? Lol
Joshua Hudson (1 month ago)
I’d say #1 is Culver’s!
CK16 Striker (1 month ago)
Dominoes is divine
Braden Magliolo (1 month ago)
Ok so burger king is ranked higher than Wendeys
Cmhandy03 (1 month ago)
Bruh chik fla is so much better than any of those
Rishabh Jain (1 month ago)
Pizza hut is more popular then dominos are you serious....???
Chris Williams (1 month ago)
My List: 10: Sonic 9: Arby’s 8: Steak ‘n Shake 7: Wendy’s 6: Zaxby’s 5: Burger King 4: McDonald’s 3: Chick-Fil-A 2: Panda Express Hm: Dairy Queen, Raising Caine’s, KFC, Hardee’s, Subway, Bojangles’, Cook Out 1: In-N-Out Burger
Khatib Jadd (1 month ago)
I busted a nut to the cars jr, 🍔
Khatib Jadd (1 month ago)
Taco Bell’s #1
9nether (1 month ago)
McDonalds burgers honsetly make me fell sick, because they taste so bad!
Raven (1 month ago)
I know McDonald’s will be one but what about IN N OUT I know it mainly California but come on
Ryazor 360 (1 month ago)
Pizza hut wasn’t founded in America.
Jose De La Luz (1 month ago)
Papa racist
Randall Wall (1 month ago)
Proves how stupid humanity is
Serlok Brixe (1 month ago)
DQ is very high quality. As an employee at one, I can tell you that the food is cooked to order, high quality, and most of all- fan food, not fast food.
l FacelessBuckle l (1 month ago)
Popeyes is better then kfc
James Rocks06 (1 month ago)
Where’s chick fa la
James Rocks06 (1 month ago)
Dominos is better than Pizza Hut I am god so your list is wrong
MaddyB / (1 month ago)
I feel like dominos should've been first, its gotten so much better in australia
Jonathan Seitz (1 month ago)
I'd rather starve to death then eat at McDonald's.
AwesomeGirl200512 (1 month ago)
Sonic isn’t that good in my opinion
AwesomeGirl200512 (1 month ago)
Dairy Queen burgers are disgusting. They always get my order wrong.
AwesomeGirl200512 (1 month ago)
Yaas I love subway
AwesomeGirl200512 (1 month ago)
The Pizza Hut in my town is being completely re-done, so the original look is completely gone lol
AwesomeGirl200512 (1 month ago)
Pizza Hut is meh
AwesomeGirl200512 (1 month ago)
Domino’s is probably the best FAST FOOD pizza, but pizza at any non-fast food pizza place is much better 🍕
AwesomeGirl200512 (1 month ago)
Isn’t Carl’s Jr. called Hardees?
SGlitz (1 month ago)
My lace of choice is Chicken Fil-a
My top five list... 1# McDonald's 2# Domino's 3# Subway 4# Burger King 5# KFC
Mc Donald's is the best
Juan Flores (1 month ago)
Chipotle is too good
Max Nickle (1 month ago)
Burger king is much better then mcdonald's and subway in my opinion.
jas (1 month ago)
popeyes > kfc
The Winged Hussars (1 month ago)
I'm so hungry right now.
Jj Madrid (1 month ago)
Carl’s Jr. is disgusting and greasy
Marvin Lett (1 month ago)
I love McDonald's their food is so good I love their burgers fries all their foods where all my McDonald's fans at?
Philip LeVan (1 month ago)
A lot of these places are regional. There's no in and out burger around where I live. Carl's Jr is the same as Hardees, we had a lot of Hardees but they went away in the late 90's, however 2 opened up in the last few years. We have White Castle here in the mid-west but it's only in like 13 states. White castle is one of my favorites and I definitely prefer Jersey Mike's over Chipotle and Subway. Arby's should have been in the top 10 instead of an Honorable mention!
Serlok Brixe (1 month ago)
What state, out of curiosity? I live in north-central Illinois, and we have Hardee's (one of my favorite places), and some White Castle, but the only ones I know of are between the Chicago and Rockford metro areas.
propmaster101 (1 month ago)
Y’all niggas disrespected Chic Fil A
Drew Sanford (1 month ago)
The best is taco Bell Jack in the box buger king and hartz chicken butfet
Prince Jaq (1 month ago)
the audacity
ItZzCookie 1408 (1 month ago)
KFC real nr 1, like if you think so too
z000m poo (1 month ago)
In n and should be number 1 McDonald's is shit
How is kfc now number 2
Pizza Hut =💩💩💩 Dominos =❤️❤️❤️ Papa johns =😐😐😐
Caroline Wall (2 months ago)
Five Guys?
Isaiah Ross (2 months ago)
How is subway number 2 and chick-fil-a ist evan on the list
John Shrum (2 months ago)
Mojo mojo
Scoob xXx (2 months ago)
Where's whataburger
Astro Ziga (2 months ago)
Looks delicious but I will never eat any of these. No wonder majority of American are huge. Am 32. Never had any of these food here.
Robloxian Bigtn12345 (2 months ago)
Burger king Subway Taco bell Mcdonalds

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