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How To Breakup Like A Man | Tips To Heal Your Heart

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Alpha M. Confidence Course: http://aaronmarino.com/confidence-course Subscribe To Alpha M. https://www.youtube.com/user/AlphaMconsulting?sub_confirmation=1 My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services: http://www.aaronmarino.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and relationship expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com and http://www.aaronmarino.com, discusses how to breakup without breaking down. Breakups are a very difficult time but how you handle yourself post split will determine how long it takes you to heal and start feeling better. A break up is the end of a relationship, and they suck regardless of the position in the break up. If you've been invested and your heart is involved, break ups are terrible. Aaron Marino of alpha m. says how you handle post-split is the key to your recovery. Break Up without Breaking Down You may feel depressed, lost, and sad. You may have feelings of despair, spontaneous crying, anger, and lack of motivation. These feelings are all natural. It hurts. All of these feelings will subside. The key is TIME. If you start on a self destructive road, you will hurt longer than you need to. Drinking in excess, for example, will only bring you down more. Build yourself up and encourage feelings of self worth. Do not isolate yourself. Be around people who love you, support you,and bring you up. Do not start sleeping around as you will feel more shallow, hollow, and empty. You don't have to run from the pain. It will dwindle. You need to do things to facilitate the healing process. Start working on yourself- workout, build your wardrobe, get a new hobby. Take care of you, develop confidence, increase self-worth- and it's going to get better faster.
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Ricky Harvey (1 hour ago)
Love is like a drug and withdrawals can be hell !!! Either time will heal or another hole !!! Move on to bigger and better thing's !!! Shit happens for a reason !!!! Good luck on your journey !!!! Lol
Jahziel Cedillo (18 hours ago)
Im going thru it right now... Lost someone i truly loved and took her for granted she broke my heart too and i had my own mistakes in the relationship. I know that time will heal it everybody going thru it keep your head ☝ up. life is so precious enjoy it
Bishal Drj (18 hours ago)
thank you boss you are a life saver .. i recently broke up from my four year of relationship and i was so frustrated and depressed. i was so broken. but you show me a right path to get over it. ill make my life better and i also wish her to be happy forever.
AlviTVBD (23 hours ago)
We broke up without saying anything. I just blocked her everywhere and never saw her again. And after many months, I'm watching this now, don't know why. I don't miss her.
Jakhar Fitness (1 day ago)
Love from India 😍😍🙏🙏
Hey man you are absolutely wright 100% spot on ✌️
Now all I need is a gf
Stephen Meagher (2 days ago)
How did YouTube recommend this to me in the exact time in my life that I needed it ?
Doody Stainz (2 days ago)
Im gunna crush brews w my homies and try not to cry.
Potato Gacha (2 days ago)
My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 weeks and his EX girlfriend is c9ming up to me whenever he isn’t around and tells me he’s gonna break up with me it hasn’t happened but it’s really getting to me. Is she just jealous or is it true?
Aomatsung jamir (2 days ago)
Yeah it's time to be selfish but in a very good way
Peter Harrington (3 days ago)
Smoke weed, it helps trust me
sahil mandalia (3 days ago)
what if u don't have any friends and all alone by yourself
i have this situation because i moved to another place..it sucks as hell.. mine dumbed me when i'm already in other place..
Scott (3 days ago)
Listen to the Phil Collins song "I Don't Care Anymore" ! That's how l feel right now!
Darryl Oaks (4 days ago)
Can you make a video about how to breakup and still be the guy she wants to hookup with occasionally
Fuck these bishes.. i am in the gym 4 days a week now, back workout tonight.. got a girl who hooked up with me I actually liked, now doing the pull back on me with excuses but still talking to me everyday.. bitch dont realise that my pullback is gonna be no contact in the next day or 2 I got 2-3 hoes lined up for the future.. always keep the game going, women cant be trusted and they will drop you for any reason they see fit
red pill bomb
Ernie Marrufo (4 days ago)
Fuck my Ex!!!!I love being single now!!!!
Faze air (5 days ago)
Women always know their next boyfriend when they're with you
She is not yours , it is just your tune..
warriorsp1 (5 days ago)
My heart was invested so yeah right now I feel so empty. I really wanted this girl! She was drop dead gorgeous
Sloppy (6 days ago)
I lost my blessing today after 11 months. As I read these comments I feel for everyone . Some people can’t just blow it off or be over it in a few day because you have so much invested in the other person. I can’t wrap my head around this. Everything was peaches and cream and one day it’ll hit a wall. I hope whoever is out there watching this crying and confused why this is happening I’m doing the same my friend. We will get though this! Keep your head up.
Petar Markovic (6 days ago)
But how do you let go when everything is telling you to hold on? How do you forget everything you’ve been through with them? I know letting go is sometimes better than holding on, but it’s like all those memories are just always there. Seeing them with a another significant other makes it seems like everything you’ve been through simply feel like you were nothing. Priceless moments and lovely long nights just fly away. It’s horrible...
Death1_it _self (6 days ago)
Don’t void pain but merge with it
Billy Boi (6 days ago)
Preston Butler (6 days ago)
It hurts so much to have to accept it... I don’t wanna except that😭
Bett Denno (6 days ago)
This has been so helpful brother✌️
Ritobhash Mandal (7 days ago)
Just broke up and really don't have any friends to talk to, it's getting hard.
Ritobhash Mandal (5 days ago)
+Sloppy I'll try thanks
Sloppy (5 days ago)
One thing I could recommend that would help is to go to crisis lifeline chat (not saying your suicidal) but you can talk to them about what your going through and they will listen and share resources with you that might help. I’ve did it once and it’s very helpful.
Ritobhash Mandal (5 days ago)
+Sloppy i am trying thanks for replying though
Sloppy (6 days ago)
Ritobhash Mandal hope it’s getting better man. Time will heal. Stay strong
We’re all going to make it. Just takes time. ❤️
Moslim Akeel (7 days ago)
Thanks alpha
DANNY _BOII04 (7 days ago)
I can't be around my family because there all fucking useless at motervation. They are a fucking pro suicide poster.
Cory Lee (7 days ago)
I feel like my only purpose on Earth it's for love and to love a woman with all of me but women I just like guys now.... I think so in love because they don't want it I saw them love and they turn me down that leave me heartbroken.... I don't hang out with people you turns me off to just hook up with people we are really talkin but are in a relationship.... I don't know how to deal with it I feel not good enough for the world.... Having everything means nothing if I can't share it with anybody....
Bearglove Vlogs (7 days ago)
See my question is, is it normal to have a crush with someone else when in a relationship? Because I have a crush but i don't know if I should breakup. My girlfriend just acts weird and annoying and sometimes even rude. But the other girl is really nice and really pretty, so I dont know if I should. My crush always calls her self ugly which she isn't. She's never had a boyfriend. Thing is school is about out and it would kind of be weird if I broke up with my girlfriend and ask my crush out. So I don't know
Red Pill Bomb : If woman really acts often often weird and rude , she realised that you are not her and she can seek other one...She will keep silent until finding someone.. Be carefull
øMeguløus (6 days ago)
Dont be with one of them... trust me... I'm telling you.. the moment the girl calls her ugly, she has self esteem issues and you dont wanna be with them... I'm telling you... trust me.. You dont want a double edged sword on you..... It's in your frame to tolerate or not tolerate your girl's actions... If you allow her to be rude and weird, she'll hate you more.... If you want her to beg on you and chase you, have the courage to communicate to her that you have the guts and balls of steel to drop her... tell her "If you keep treating me like this and acting like this towards me, I'm not going to talk to you for a week" trust me man it works...... yoh're still young... dont be in a relationship in highschool, but just go for the experience.... these are immature women that still havent found their identity.... Im 19 and a senior, my GF plans to break up with me.... she still loves me, but she wants me to do it, or her..... This the moment I've learned....
Noah Roebuck (8 days ago)
My girlfriend and I recently broke up. We were doing absolutely perfect, and we were each others best friends. Nothing was wrong. But it ended out of nowhere. I actually got her a promise ring a few months ago after days of her begging. Relationships can suck, but when they are going good, they are the best thing ever. I just wanted to share with everyone. God has a plan, and we just need to trust it.
øMeguløus (6 days ago)
My girlfriend told me one night.. I think you should find someone better... but she still loves me... later on she said she's willing to break up with me, but still she hasnt... My story is just like yours... it's really hard when a person is really pessimistic that they drop you off because of their fears...
Devyn Williams (8 days ago)
FINALLY! A breakup video for guys who are going through it too! You dont understand how much I needed this. I might watch again 30 more times just so I dont think about it.
Fisto (8 days ago)
I just broke up with the first girl I loved and it just kinda feels like nothing matters. I felt like I’d finally found someone I truly cared about and I did truly care about her. She just didn’t care about me the same way. The worst breakup is when you’re trying your hardest to make it work and the other person is trying their hardest to end it.
Cn Kenobi (8 days ago)
Lol I’m drinking and staying in bed and sleeping away the feelings.... fml
HowToUncut (9 days ago)
Walking the thin line now with gf of 4 years.Almost ready to walk away sucks.
RedeyePeyton (9 days ago)
I really needed this thank you
Technical truckHZ (9 days ago)
I swear to god if she was playing with me "she accepts me at first but later on she says I am look like her brother"I will be a playboy from that day I am nor bad looking, people will know me soon if she was playing I swear
Technical truckHZ (9 days ago)
She accepts me at first but later she told me that I am like her brother I need some recommendation before it get too late
don't stay with her and keep moving. This kind of girls who never know what they want ( Red Pill Bomb : They are totally RED FLAG) .. and Red Plag will f/ck your mental..
Boss Breezy (9 days ago)
Dog I literally just got out a breakup like I knew it was gonna happen but not today I cried over this girl so many times it makes no sense the first girl I bought into my house she met my parents and she was going thru a depression so that stop her from talking to me everyday and in a relationship u need communication so that lead to arguments and she broke up with me today cause of the communication and now I can’t stop thinking about her now I’m going thru a depression so if u reading this don’t get attached to someone if u really don’t picture each other together forever
385 Garage (9 days ago)
“I know some of you out there”
Aj Fisher (10 days ago)
I needed this. Thanks for your uplifting video.
Njoroge Njoroge (10 days ago)
Thanks alpha ,I just ended a four year relationship because I couldn't trust my girlfriend anymore
Scoot Absolute (11 days ago)
I was dating this girl for three years, we talked about everything and planned to do so much more than what we actually ended up doing. We broke up yesterday... I really love this girl. I still have such strong feelings for her and am trying my best to get over her, but it's really hard letting go over somone that means everything to you. It is very heart breaking. She gave me her reason as to why. It's that She doesn't feel the same love and lost the romantic intrests in the relationship. I don't understand how? I was pouring my heart and soul into our relationship and want it more than anything. Maybe I was too much? She took about 7 weeks to tell me this because she didn't know how I was going to react. I handled it very well and didn't lose my cool when talking about it with her, but my heart and mind were dying. I think knowing that it took her so long to muster up the courage to talk to me about it was great, but talking so long and acting politely and "leading me on" was not very fun to have happen. My emotions are so overwhelmed and I don't know what to do. She was such a big part of my life it's hard to accept a break up over one day. I have been looking up the best ways to handle and get over this and am working on doing so. It's just I no longer know what to do... im so lost, hurt and feel like a part of me is missing. She is the only one I wanted. I know that there are so many other fantastic girls out there it's just extremely difficult to deal with this heart ache. I am really trying my best to improve myself to feel better and move on so that I can have someone else be equally or even mire so special. I just don't know what to do for now and was looking more some more personal level advice. Thanks 😔
Scoot Absolute (9 days ago)
+ken l thanks man! I think that is what I need too. You take care of yourself as well! 😊
ken l (9 days ago)
I'm sorry to hear man. My ex gf broke up w me 3 days ago. I think you need to spend the first couple of days crying out the pain. Fuck what anyone says about that not being manly. If you allow this pain to linger, it wont help you move on. After, you have to realize that only you can make yourself happy and no one else. You got this bro
Vincent Vitus (12 days ago)
my gf breakup with me, she told me we are never meant to be because of tradition which I told her does not exist anymore
Pipat owen (12 days ago)
my girlfriend just broke up with me like 40min ago and now I just don’t want to talk and be with anyone. It worthless
Theo Skywalker (12 days ago)
Jacket. Where did you get it?
apancia (13 days ago)
I approve of the advice. Just got dumped two days ago. We split in peace. Even tho I wasn't the dumper and my heart is broken I hope he won't go back to drinking alcohol and sleeping around with girls. It's hard to feel this way but I wish him all the best.
Yasharth Sharma (14 days ago)
Thank you
Noeau W (15 days ago)
just broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years... never been more depressed
Payne Williams (15 days ago)
My first name is Payne/pain... its like its inevitable...
paiN (16 days ago)
GF broke up with me last night. I feel horrible. However both of us knew it was eventually going to happen because she was from a country where it's really hard to get out of and our relationship in general would have been more or less impossible.. so I guess both of us were prepared for a breakup cus we had no future.. it still fucking hurts though.. we spent so much time together doing various stuff and calling each other that it's crazy to me that all this ends within just 5 minutes of talk.. She started to change throughout april being more distant and that kind of stuff, I kinda knew something was going to happen very soon.. We ended it on good terms cus we have no future due to her country and man.. it fucking hurts...
Jeremy Mavado (16 days ago)
I'm watching this because I can't get the ikonik skin and scenario emote.
Bacster Bacx (16 days ago)
I feel lost (but hopefully still be able to fix my marriage)... Thank u s0 much sir... very helpful... pls c0ntinue with what ur doing... Godbless!
Wargamer Nick (17 days ago)
Good word's
Albe1_ Nyx (18 days ago)
How to break up like a man..... Me: Sounds sexist..... Also me: Clicks on link and watches all of the video.
Damien Dimitri Pillay (18 days ago)
Thank you man this video really helped me
Kenny Sutton (18 days ago)
There are no winners or losers. It's just part of the passing through...
yassin rosman (18 days ago)
i find out my girl is cheating to me twice...what should i do now please help me 😔😔😔
ShowingYouOnline (7 days ago)
yassin rosman kick her to the curb
Marios K. (18 days ago)
U never gonna really get over it u just learn to manage it
Liam Casserly '18 (19 days ago)
Every person we date is “the one”.
Edward M (19 days ago)
Never had a hangover but still feel emotionally shitty the day after drinking because a breakup
Caleb Byers (19 days ago)
Thank you for this man
beat gamer (20 days ago)
This girl asked me awt and I said yes but I don't really like this prsen and I won't to back up but I don't want to hrte her
beat gamer (20 days ago)
I need help
peerzada sajad (20 days ago)
Breakup is always terrible
OG Zerg (20 days ago)
Dude she literally didn’t even care that I broke up wit her. I said “I’m breaking up wit u” and she said “ok sorry u feel that way”🤦🏼‍♂️😭
Jabu Vihunen (20 days ago)
My breakup was a bit different. I was 14 when I met her and I had dated other girls like teenagers do. But for this girl I felt something really different. Like REALLY different. I barely know her but after a few weeks we kept seeing just as friends I knew this is the girl that I'm going to marry one day. And I was 14, like wtf. I'm 22 know and we had a beautiful home we built together and two of the most adorable cats in the world. I lost all of that a month ago. Last 6 months before our breakup were really hard. She seemed distant and kind of depressed even. We had no physical or mental intimacy which we used to have a lot. But I wanted to fight because I loved her more than life itself. 6 months I gave 110% of myself every single day. I got a better paying job so I could support us both since she was studying. She had a lot of stress because of school so I made dinner everyday, washed the dishes and did all the chores basically but got nothing in return. It tore me apart to push myself so hard just to try make her Happy with no results. We broke up mutually as we were both just suffering. I mean it's been a month and I feel great about the possibilities that opened for me. I can do whatever I want without ever having to think about the other part of me. But yet it just Hurts so fucking much. Going to bed alone when you've been holding her for 8 amazing years. I know I couldn't do any more than I did, but I just feel so fucking weak. I just couldn't cope anymore so I had to get out because I felt like I was suffocating. Now I feel the same, I can't breathe without her. But I don't want to go back to her because I'm scared to go through this again. Some days the pain just feels unbearable. We were so young that we literally grew together and I just feel like a part of me died that day. I still love life, but I can't stop thinking about "What if it was a mistake? You felt something already when you were 14, doesn't that mean something?" What if I missed the love of my life? I can always go back to her, but I know things will never be the same again. The feeling I did something wrong just crushes me every waking minute. Even though deep inside I know I did my everything and it wasn't enough.
its is Ma'am (20 days ago)
I'm not crying but tears kept falling, every drop of my tears is pure pain. I feel like she is the only one for me but its too late.
blabla moekd (20 days ago)
My girl is commenting and liking guys pictures on instagram, even after i told her i didn’t want her to. i decided to break up with her today. Am i overreacti ng?
FutabuYum (19 days ago)
As long as she's wasn't cheating on you then yes.
NoHole Donuts (20 days ago)
wife for 11years wasted because of a decision made by her that is very selfish..
Sasan Maramkhah (21 days ago)
Thank you, i was born a free man. And about replay cast away
Aden Valento (21 days ago)
great advice, thanks!
Tahjo (21 days ago)
It was only two weeks 😂😄😅🤦
Atticus Stephenson (21 days ago)
You remind me of a weird hybrid of Jeremy Jahns and Chester Bennington lol
Luis Novas (22 days ago)
Just got out of a 3 year relationship, this helped so much ! Thank you !
Siddhant Khakse (22 days ago)
What hurts the most is to watch the other person move on
bumpo555 (22 days ago)
After 2.5 years she broke it off, I did everything for this woman.. so many emotions, so much sadness. After a month off Facebook I made the mistake of going back and looking.. and it all floods back! Ty for the video, it truly helped me today, time to work on myself, to be selfish instead of selfless! And to take the time I know it will require.
G McIntyre (22 days ago)
Ben Byra (23 days ago)
Never realize how much you love someone until they are gone
Gustavo Picado (23 days ago)
"avoid alcohol" that's kind of hard
Cookie Monster (23 days ago)
Dude this comment section is so sad man
News Channel 420 (23 days ago)
This video helped a lot. She dumped me two days ago. She picked herself back up, but I picked up a bottle...
Drew (23 days ago)
Find the nearest gym and work out 💪 or do any hobbies you like to do
Willie J (23 days ago)
I watched this while I was in a relationship... now im watching it and I need it 🤧 It was my first one year
Arjun Vijayakumar (24 days ago)
Dude....Ur jst awesom..
samuel angel (24 days ago)
Your amazing alpha
Captain Ramirez (24 days ago)
Years later after this was posted and the simple truth of it all still hits home Thanks Alpha
Kuchiki Clan (24 days ago)
A man who learns to love must bear the risk of being hated
Okay_ Nice (24 days ago)
I just broke up with my girlfriend last night and I’m fucking dying.
Brandon Francey (25 days ago)
What do you do when you have noone to talk to? If mom is dead, dad is dead, All family is no longer there.
Jerel Barnes (25 days ago)
2 days ago it was she loves me. Out of nowhere I’m single and confused because I really thought she was the one
NICE LOVE LIFE (25 days ago)
In my opinion the best way to get over a breakup or to get over somebody who has done you wrong in life.. pray everyday for their happiness that will help you heal and forgive what they've done to you.. Doing that will open your heart up to new love as well as speed up the healing process. It's also extremely important that you don't have to be in communications with them always remember if you've Loved someone you will always love them and you don't ever have to talk to them ever again you will just love those moments that you shared together. Doing these things will help you become a better person and a stronger character allowing you to open up your heart to new love the best way to live your life henceforth is through love and forgiveness. So do remember to pray for their happiness you will heal and forgive 🙏❤️
FOURJUANTWO (25 days ago)
Girlfriend told me she loves me first, and then I tell her a week later. Now she tells me we are moving to fast and then we broke up. Any advice guys?
خيرو - kheero (26 days ago)
I can't stop crying I really love her but we are done we can't handle it anymore And the worst thing that I live alone...and really I don't give fuck about anything but I'm crying and that makes me feel down bro
Bryson Smith (26 days ago)
It's not so much the fact that I'm sad over it myself, it's the fact that I'm hurting the person I love. It hurts to hurt someone you really care about. Right now my situation is that I really love her and she really loves me but we just seem to be very toxic for each other. We always have to be right, even if I'm admitting I'm wrong. The hardest part is that we lived together for most of our relationship so we woke up and fell asleep with each other every single day and now all of a sudden, I don't have that anymore. Now, I sleep alone and I'm not going to sleep around because I think it's way too soon, so I just need to find the motivation to get up and get going. I'm also still stuck between staying and leaving which also sucks because if I say I want to stay but later want to leave, what good does that do? I still miss sleeping with each other every night. Love sucks but it's also the best thing you could ever feel.
Jerzey55 (26 days ago)
This is good advice
jessie pierce (27 days ago)
😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔 i cant
TS Tech Talk (27 days ago)
Girls are crazy, she just wake up one day and started acting strange and finally she said this is not going to work and now here I am suffering
Isaac G38 (27 days ago)
🥺🥺🥺 2019

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