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Real Psychologist Reviews Mental Illness In Movies

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What does a real psychologist think of how mental illness is portrayed in movies? Dr. Ali Mattu, clinical psychologist at the Columbia University Medical Center, takes a look at how mental illness is depicted in pop culture and tells us how accurate they really are. Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/68415 Special thanks to Dr. Ali Mattu! https://youtube.com/thepsychshow Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/asis https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! To see behind-the-scenes & more, follow us on Instagram @buzzfeedvideo http://bit.ly/2JRRkKU Love BuzzFeed? Get the merch! BUY NOW: https://goo.gl/gQKF8m
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Text Comments (6870)
Natalie Maxey (1 day ago)
Hmmm I mean check out dissociaDID or multiplicity and me and the entropy system because those systems seem to have pretty good communication
Nathan Pan (1 day ago)
stop blinking
Katie siobhan (1 day ago)
A beautiful mind is one of the best movies ever
Miss.Phoenixx (2 days ago)
“Hmm..WIRED did this so I’m going to do it too!” —BuzzFeed
Little Pigeon (2 days ago)
my mom is bipolar and does go from 0-100 real fast
Yza Belle (2 days ago)
Is it possible to be a psychopath but at the same time a sociopath? I’m just wondering
Peachy Galaxy (2 days ago)
Does it mention anything about ADHD im too distracted to watch the video lol
PastelSnake X (3 days ago)
Who else just came for our favourite 'high-functioning sociopath' Sherlock?
Amarilis Love (3 days ago)
Wired .....🤔
clio duczyk (3 days ago)
So loved ,a beautiful mind!i truley cried,but russel crow i a real good artist.Rain man a truley cult film in my opinion,cause those actors who go into the mind of the psychic karakter are so asom 👌also cherlock gives you the trill when he speaks jawdropping centens, like,in your face,on a high level😁we could learn a lot from people,sadely there is always such hugh stigma on mental disease its true sad,but glad you guys makes us a little smarter how the movies to interpretent, thow, i mostley go on my feeling of what makes sense,and what is so made up.but psychologic thrillers are the best😉👍
kim đỗ (3 days ago)
How about Silence of the lambs' Hannibal
DAWN (3 days ago)
i tapped this video to see if schizophrenia would be in it since well i have it lmao i just wanted to see if the movie showed somebody with schizophrenia BEING dangerous and violent just because when people hear the word it’s what they connect with somebody who is a psychopath and whatnot. which is so inaccurate because all of my friends say i’m one of the most calm and kind people they’ve met. hm
pianobooks42 (3 days ago)
Sherlock is autistic confirmed!
Shinohara Garcia (4 days ago)
8:29 "I love Sherlock!" me too! Me too!
Mel (4 days ago)
he’s ?? so attractive
tudorjason (4 days ago)
I clicked on this vid just to see if DID would be discussed. I've seen Split. But my first awareness of the condition came from watching One Life To Live where the shows heroine, Viki Buchanan, has had DID for over half the series' run, meaning since the 80s at least. And I wanted to see if this doctor's remarks about the condition matched characteristics of what I saw on OLTL. And I'm afraid I couldn't really tell. The discussion about this part was pretty brief. If you want to see some of the best professional acting ever on camera, look for clips of Viki going through her different personalities and herself dealing with the condition here on YouTube.
Gorbon (4 days ago)
Should have showed him American psycho 🤷🏻‍♂️
ash (5 days ago)
He has a youtube channel! Yes!
Major Minors (5 days ago)
My mom once got attacked by someone with schizophrenia and with a shovel because “she was satan”
Peachy Galaxy (2 days ago)
Major Minors oh crap that kinda sucks
Melissa Chan (5 days ago)
I’m triggered by his eye blinking
lordcloudx (5 days ago)
The psychologist here is great. It's nice that he's also a movie buff as you can tell from his comments.
Bethany James (5 days ago)
Split is 100% NOT representative of DID
DAWN (3 days ago)
Bethany James i agree. it’s MUCH more complex, i just met somebody with it a week ago. it’s crazy.
Dragonball_Z137 (5 days ago)
Hold up. Did Buzzfeed just make a good video?
ZAF #00 (5 days ago)
Dragonball_Z137 I think so... SH0CKING
The Leasphere (6 days ago)
this was so interesting, thank you for making this video!
UnicornSlayer895 (6 days ago)
The only people I know with schizophrenia are only violent to themselves, it’s scary sometimes
Se S (6 days ago)
He's so hot I'm having some issues focusing on what he's saying
Melissa Jackson (7 days ago)
I‘d love to know his opinion about atypical!
can I just say as someone with anxiety and ocd and adhd i really like this dude. He breaks down the symptoms and whats happening and tbh his voice is calming.
Peachy Galaxy (2 days ago)
Same i have adhd and i think anxiety but i keep forgetting to get it diagnosed
ZAF #00 (5 days ago)
LiteralMultiFandomTrash YEEEEESSSS
Michelle Bien (7 days ago)
I told my ex best friend about my ptsd at home and her words just trigger me. I realize she didn’t care. I reach out to therapist and help me a lot to get over my ptsd.
This White Bitch (7 days ago)
My mother’s best friend’s boyfriend has schizophrenia and for the most part he comes across as very normal and he’s one of the nicest guys i’ve met.
Infinity Ruler (8 days ago)
Now I gotta see sherlock again
Lazy Bread (8 days ago)
Let him watch Hannibal
sienan (8 days ago)
my mom is a psychologist so i basically live in this video every day of my life every time we watch a movie/show/etc
dohomeybiskitb (8 days ago)
Wow! Very insightful!
Paola Muir (9 days ago)
"I really like Iron Man 3" an intellectual. the tasteeee
Nollaig Ocio (9 days ago)
He looks like my ophthalmologist
Lorita Mannorita (9 days ago)
Wow. First statement and he's wrong. Those are layman's terms for antisocial personality disorder. They are the same thing.
Meutia (5 days ago)
You mean the difference of sociopath and psychopath?
Harsh Pandey (9 days ago)
where is BuzzFeed bringing all these "real"... people
xenia tottie fioretos (9 days ago)
he👏should👏react👏to👏killing eve👏
Rachel W (9 days ago)
I believe it was mentioned in one episode that Sherlock actually has Aspergers
Hannah Nicole Goeman (9 days ago)
Wow he blinks a lot
Yo Jzl (9 days ago)
shouldve been psychiatrists
Cosmic • Alien (9 days ago)
I was actually hoping for him to review Norman Bates' Mental illness
moon (9 days ago)
Came for Sherlock
Jessie Carlson (9 days ago)
Okay... so DID, can you know about your other personalities? Or how do they discover their other identities. I’m just confused because sometimes people I guess have described it as feeling as though they have zoned out and their not aware of what’s going on.
Kai Taylor (9 days ago)
I was hoping to see bpd ( borderline personality disorder)
Rly Ok (10 days ago)
why didn’t he do bpd
Molly moo (10 days ago)
Plsss tell me they do Hannibal
arv (10 days ago)
gone girl is the best
Rose Miller (10 days ago)
I wish these had been reviewed by people who have these mental illnesses, some of these are considered terrible and offensive by the communities they’re actually representing and he barely critiques anything
Meutia (5 days ago)
Offensive where ?
Geekgirl Graham (10 days ago)
-and I love marvel movies and I love you
btstae 102616 (10 days ago)
Gone girl yasss
btstae 102616 (10 days ago)
I saw sherlock. I clicked.
Leese Pat (10 days ago)
This man is so sexy and that beard intensifies it ...i didnt hear a word he said. Going to click replay now !
dmaster365 (10 days ago)
Sherlock acts nothing like a socio, they act like normal people or atleast try to
Ivy Saechin (10 days ago)
Sherlock mentions his “Aspergers” and his brother brought it up too. Interesting that you thought he was a little autistic!
Shady 90 (10 days ago)
In Split, they are not talking to each other, as he said. They different characters n are just recording themselves in a video.
Sheo of Isles (10 days ago)
Too bad its on this ass cancer channel.
Peachy Galaxy (2 days ago)
Sheo of Isles he needs to be buzzfeeds therapist because they god need one
Camille (10 days ago)
10:52 “ I would be very nervous being around someone like that” but aren’t you a psychologist?
Meutia (5 days ago)
@Jay jackson there's a difference between psychologist and psychiatrist. Maybe he just rarely met any psychopath/sociopath as his client. It would be nervous to actually met one but it's very normal to feel like that, as long as you keep your professionalism which I see most psychologist can actually do...
Meutia (5 days ago)
If you were to encounter a psychopath with the ability to manipulate and actually kill you, it very normal for you to be nervous. It's a natural part of your body to react to danger situation/stressful things like that. Although he's a psychologist you can't stop he's nature to be scared for dangerous situations. The thing is even though they got nervous they're still have to be professionals at their job.
Camille (8 days ago)
Jay jackson so true
Jay jackson (9 days ago)
@SickBoy Me. People who are educated and have empathy. :)
Ari Lourdes (10 days ago)
This was really insightful. Thank you 😊
Imaginary_me123 (10 days ago)
He kinda looks like the psychologist in Grey's anatomy
Emily Royer (10 days ago)
Ok but where’s shutter island
Blue Kirkpatrick (10 days ago)
Does he blink a lot or is it just me
whatakuriosgirl (10 days ago)
I saw a post about figuring out whether something is a hallucination; one of the tips was that if you wear glasses, take them off to see if the thing you're seeing is still in focus. I think for auditory hallucinations it involves headphones.
Akai Kage Akame (10 days ago)
I'm better off alone and isolated than together with people who don't understand me. That's why I always ask if I can do things by myself. Being alone doesn't make me feely lonely. Being surrounded by people makes me feel lonely. I never get caught doing something wrong at school because teachers and most students think of me as a goody-two-shoes. Only few people know what I am really like.
Hermione Granger (10 days ago)
I see Sherlock, I click
Bea Elinoff (10 days ago)
*i saw sherlock and i clicked *
morgan destiny (10 days ago)
for schizophrenia my biological father was actually very abusive but more in the emotional sense. he tore my mom down accused her of cheating out of nowhere and was crazy due to the alcohol and drugs he was taking rather than taking medications. he would hear things under the house or hear things around the house thinking people were in the house and mentioned seeing "demons" my family was very religious so my grandparents shoving that onto him caused him to hallucinate these things and i was so young he scared me to the point i thought i was seeing demons.
Citty Catkin (11 days ago)
Are there any movies that have good examples of BPD?
Jude Cieffe (11 days ago)
i wish we'd been able to see him give his opinion of the whole films, like he did with beautiful mind. for other films it seems that he only reacted to short clips. but the film as a whole may give a different perspective and an incorrect portrayal in other areas and people could be thinking that it's an accurate depiction all in all. i know he doesn't say he's analysing the whole film, but people might take it as that.
Where can I contact this psychologist..and can I be like ur bestfriend
Jewelia Bowden (11 days ago)
My coworker will talk to customers THAT AREN'T REAL! I feel bad for him but he only does this he doesn't take his medicine.
Jewelia Bowden (2 days ago)
@Peachy Galaxy I understand that because I don't like taking medicine either for headaches.
Peachy Galaxy (2 days ago)
Jewelia Bowden i dont have whatever your coworker has but many of people with Mental illness dont like taking their meds.
Anna Miller (11 days ago)
Why didn’t I know Sherlock is a sociopath
Audrey Arroyo (11 days ago)
You need him to react to •we need to talk about Kevin•
Jaybee Moon (10 days ago)
Oooh yes!!!
Molly Fox (11 days ago)
I’m so confused with the complexion of the speaker. Sorry if this is unrelated. . . Not trying to say there’s anything wrong with it too. 🤔🤔
Number Five (11 days ago)
Finding out I’m a half sociopath half psychopath and bipolar
nomnom (11 days ago)
Why Rick Sanchez isn't here? Wubba lubba dub dub!
Cookie Alpaca (11 days ago)
If anyone is looking to know more about disassociative identity disorder there's this channel called DissosciaDID where the person has DID and talks about their personal experiences and debunks myths
Fairy Princess (11 days ago)
For the Bipolar disorder could it be BPD/EUPD instead? It's very similar to Bipolar disorder just faster so moods do change very quickly.
Jude Cieffe (11 days ago)
BPD/EUPD doesn't have the goal orientation that was specifically mentioned. plus BPD/EUPD has many more diagnostic criteria, so it's not as simple as a fast cycling version of bipolar disorder. there are also fast cycling forms of bipolar disorder that are distinct from BPD/EUPD. they do get confused and misdiagnosed often. plus a person can have both to add confusion. a good way to differentiate the two if only looking at the range of emotions that both conditions share is that bipolar disorder is not contingent on events. so someone with bipolar disorder will not have a change of mood if something good or bad happens while either manic or depressed respectively. BPD/EUPD on the other hand is dependent on stimuli, so someone might be elated because someone said something nice to them, but the next minute feel that they are worthless because of a look or tone of voice that other people wouldn't even have noticed.
Michelle Lopez (11 days ago)
I got scared at the title cuz I thought it said “Real Psychopaths Review Mental Illness in Movies”😂
Peachy Galaxy (2 days ago)
Michelle Lopez me too lol
alan griffin (11 days ago)
We need a movie representing BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)
Leah Logsdon (11 days ago)
they shoulda done girl interrupted
Susan S (11 days ago)
In Split, the direct communication between the alters would be explained by indirect communication through the vlogging rather than an internal exchange.
Alexis Taylor (12 days ago)
Oh hell no you did not say spilt is good DID representation. Wtf it’s nothing like split
Hyde and Seek (11 days ago)
If I recall correctly isn't it kind of like any other mental illness where the symptoms vary person to person
Zack Arthur (12 days ago)
He needs to follow the Goldwater rule
Maya (12 days ago)
"Split" is such a masterpiece i am always impressed by the talent of the main actor but the ending was disappointing somehow
Lays Potato (12 days ago)
I remembered a girl in my friend's group on WhatsApp says she's a sociopath. Until I said sociopath is a mental illness and she flipped at me and got angry, stating that sociopath is not a mental illness.
Crapet (12 days ago)
I'm sorry this has almost nothing to do with the video but Ever since I've watched mission impossible I've been seeing Tom Cruise everywhere and it's genuinely terrifying lmao
Peachy Galaxy (2 days ago)
Crapet hes coming.. hes behind you
RockBottom (12 days ago)
Wait i just realized i am watching a BuzzFeed video instead of WIRED...
Liam (12 days ago)
Man really said Iron man 3 is one of his favorite Marvel movies
Gabs L (12 days ago)
Woah thank you so much for sharing this video! Ive always wanted to understand how psychopaths and sociopath like. I was so confused with both. I thought they’re same. Im still a bit unclear. Hope i could find more video like this. Reading article is hard for me to understand...
Nicole Steigerwald (12 days ago)
I would love to see him react to Elliott Alderson from Mr. Robot
Nicole Steigerwald yessss it’s one of my favorite shows!
Nicole Steigerwald (11 days ago)
tittysucker69 - àłthęå yesss I love that show and the character and I’d love to know his opinion on it!!
Nicole Steigerwald oh my god that’s exactly what I was thinking! 😳
Jocelyn K (12 days ago)
It always got me upset how they glorified psychopaths in Doctor Who and claimed River Song was one. She was not.
Regulate Sun (10 days ago)
Jocelyn K she was most definitely not one and I have no clue how they labeled her as one
Alexa Estrella (12 days ago)
im a simple girl, i see benedict cumberbatch’s sherlock, i click.
Boryana Vodenicharska (10 days ago)
Same girl...
TheOptimusprime246 (12 days ago)
my professors reccommend rain man a lot,
Olive Seraphim (12 days ago)
What a breath of fresh air he is
Leo Kliesen (12 days ago)
So the director of Thor Ragnarok is a psychologist?
Abby Marie (12 days ago)
being bipolar myself, the escalations can happen that quickly. in mania I get irritable, I don't sleep, I get very anxious and ADHD, I have severe mood swings and can be very indecisive. when I am in a depression I get very dark, I often get suicidal, I sleep for days, I don't eat, and I overall don't care. if in in either phase I can be very risk taking. if I have and episode (as shown in the movie) I get extremely impulsive. and things do escalate extremely quick. I can get loud or seem violent, and sometimes need assistance in calming down. they way bipolar is portrayed in many movies is often shown as having mood swings every few minutes and that is 100 % not what it is. if you look at it, a "normal" person's moods fluctuate, but aren't drastic (think waves) whereas someone with bipolar, their moods are extreme up and downs, and can last days, weeks, or months, (think mountains and valleys).
Ember Flight (12 days ago)
I saw Sherlock, and I clicked
Jenna Tolls (12 days ago)
This is my first time coming across any of your content and i'm impressed!! I have Borderline personality disorder but unfortunately it is always overshadowed by Bipolar :/ Off to watch Silver Lining 👌🏼

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