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How to Do Hiji Waza | Aikido Lessons

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Text Comments (96)
Walking Corpse (3 months ago)
I have one small detail to add. While I'm sure it's possible to dislocate the arm the way ur doing it, it'd be better, more effective and faster if ur opponent had his thumb facing upward. If u ever get my arm like that, it'll hurt, but it'll give me some time to get away and counter. However if u have my thumb upward, I'll more than likely have to tap.
Karasu Muhammad (3 months ago)
Nice throw and good fall!!
Baradji Ali (5 months ago)
Mohamed Faouzi Bergheul (6 months ago)
The first is rikkyo i guess, what are the name of the two others technique plz?
Chaos Omega (10 months ago)
That last variation is a technique that has been around since the time of ancient civilization (it can be seen on ancient Greek depiction of wrestling-- pottery and possibly some Egyptian engravings, but I can't recall atm.) It is still a technique today in wrestling, known as an arm drag, but is used as a way to get behind someone and control them from behind rather than as a throw. It's amazing how similar martial arts can be without the practitioners even knowing it!
Polrat Pongriyawattana (11 months ago)
Antonio Diaz (1 year ago)
Steven Seagal used that technique in above the law
Orange Queen (1 year ago)
How come the instructor reminds me so much of Jordan Schlansky?
Toutorello Toutoryou (1 year ago)
Studley De Muffin (1 year ago)
That’s Hiji jime.
kavi chabrek (1 year ago)
Ryzen Lord (1 year ago)
El Roman trevino (1 year ago)
Richard States (1 year ago)
Nice movement!
claudio figueroa (2 years ago)
sín torcer las articulaciones bruto.....haces daño a tu compañero!!!!...No aprendiste nada!!!!
Haragei Lucid (2 years ago)
please someone, what is the name of the technique pictured in the thumbnail? the one being explained from 1:40 to 1:50?
Pablo Gonzalez (11 months ago)
kannuki gatame
Neil Jasper Juntilla (1 year ago)
Kimura Arm Lock
Harry Guantero (2 years ago)
I think it's a variation of Hiji Kime Osae.
Eric 60 (2 years ago)
I like your teaching style. Where is your Dojo?
chada leng (2 years ago)
Hey, Like that vedio. By the way, I would like to tell me clearly about Nikkyo
MsNick991 (2 years ago)
Now let's see a fine slow demonstration 2:47
k11401 buitienthinh (3 years ago)
look like waki gatame and kannuki gatame to me.
Micah Saisor (3 years ago)
just name it aikido throws gosh..
Mom’s Spaghetti (1 year ago)
Micah Saisor only one was a throw
Horacio Correa (3 years ago)
1:18 hilarioussssssss !!!!!!!
Toutorello Toutoryou (1 year ago)
that is called THE soft lock :-)
Akmal Ruslan (4 years ago)
2:45 And thats for tapping me..
diceman199 (3 years ago)
@Akmal Ruslan lol.... that second one really does hurt :-)
dajoyoung (4 years ago)
Cliburn Hernandez (4 years ago)
This helped me a lot in memorizing terms and techniques... Thank you... White belt Aikikai here... lol
Golden Boy (3 years ago)
@Nathan Burd The style in the video is Aikikai, hence my suggestion that it's what he was referring to.
Nathan Burd (3 years ago)
+Golden Boy Do you know this person or are you just assuming that was his intent?
Golden Boy (3 years ago)
+Nathan Burd He wanted to point out the style of Aikido he's learning, not say the word for "student of Aikido".
Nathan Burd (3 years ago)
@Cliburn Hernandez *Aikidoka.
Derukugi2 (4 years ago)
These two (both instructor and uke) are great. Very clear and precise movements. Kudos!
3 years later ....I agree
Michael Powers (4 years ago)
can someone please tell me what the second technique in this video is called? he explained it but he didnt say its name. thank you.
Pablo Gonzalez (11 months ago)
it is called kannuki gatame
Derukugi2 (4 years ago)
@Michael Powers Oh that one! For me, that would fall under "ude garami", and "udegarami-nage" at the end, where turns that into a throw.
Michael Powers (4 years ago)
actually i think im talking about the one after that. the one where ukes wrist/palm is turned upwards and tori has a grip which resembles what wrestlers call "figure four" and brzln jujustu usually call "kimura" thanks in advance if you can answer and thanks for your time regardless :-)
Michael Powers (4 years ago)
thank you! 
Derukugi2 (4 years ago)
@Michael Powers You mean the the he slides into after Nikkyo? That is rokkyo (or technically hijigatame). Very strong technique, but dangerous if you don´t have control. Make sure to practise slowly.
Michael Powers (4 years ago)
mr jones or sensei jones, thank you for the time you spent with these howcast tutorials - ive seen most of them several times and they are excellent!
Halim Shoman (4 years ago)
Master mike jones i appreciate you. I dream of you training me
DJBucca (4 years ago)
Kevin Burgess (4 years ago)
These aikido was heavenly influenced by daito ryu aiki jujutsu that's what master morihei ueshiba
Derukugi2 (4 years ago)
@Kevin Burgess It is a offshoot of Daito Ryu, just as Hakko Ryu and Kokoro Ryu are. Whats your point? All martial arts are somehow related.
Kevin Burgess (4 years ago)
Can you hear me back in the 1950's?
Rommel Dionela (4 years ago)
i miss aikido specially irime-nage...
philip maynard (4 years ago)
yea careful on the distance on that one or they can roll out
pinkiedestroyer jr (5 years ago)
is it safe to show 96,780 people how to brake an arm?
Marto K (1 year ago)
what if i fcked your wife and you wanted to push ma shoulder?does it count?
xVoid (1 year ago)
definitly much safer then showing it to 262,995 people
Richard States (1 year ago)
It's safe to assume that many do not know how to do it efficiently.
Abe Hart (4 years ago)
Is it safe to sell guns to the public?...Nothing can stop intent.
Agustín Molina (5 years ago)
I started practicing aikido two weeks ago. i must say i love every single part of it. I am a guy who gets demotivated easily, but when i see these techniques, no matter how hard they are, i always feel the urge to practice them to perfect them. i love it!
ZettaiBaka (5 years ago)
IAmIronManExtremis (5 years ago)
Micky Morton (1 year ago)
that's why it's to learn ukemi.. because on the street concrete even grass can have a big impact ?
Abdumalik Dilmurodov (5 years ago)
Harold Cale (5 years ago)
what is with the clothes couldn't you wear something else? I don't like the clothes.. LOL
Kepan 1001 (1 year ago)
It is possible to wear other things. At my dojo some people are just wearing the white pants and some random tshirt
profd65 (3 years ago)
@John Isnomore No, they're not meant to hide leg movements. They're supposed to be riding chaps; the Samurai were horsemen.
jecie beronio (5 years ago)
it is there own uniform sir.,
Yacine Chaouch (5 years ago)
b1 good
RICHARD LEE AH FEI (5 years ago)
Good for refreshing an Aikido student. Clear demo
SnowSkadi (5 years ago)
tunmuda seri bestari (5 years ago)
Lol that guy "give up" slam is really loud this time. That must be really hurt
ander zeta (5 years ago)
this uke dreams with cutting his senseis throat
Derukugi2 (5 years ago)
"L" and "R" is the same in Japanese. What is your point?
radiancesucks (5 years ago)
then you should keep in mind the Japanese don't have an "L"
Divino correia (5 years ago)
tecnica legal bem elaborada
TactiColt (5 years ago)
Jones Sensei demonstrates both a fascination with and mastery of kihon waza. I've long believed that before one can transcend the basics, one must master them. I look up to Jones Sensei for his abilities, humility, and skill in sharing his knowledge. The world would be a better place with more such people. I hope each day I become more like this.
erico thunder (5 years ago)
Punchline (5 years ago)
That is rokkyo , the 6 th arm lock in Aikido
Punchline (5 years ago)
Why did You say that?
Johnraymond Empuerto (5 years ago)
I like This Movie :)
BluePittbull666 (6 years ago)
nice joint locks.
aboveyocomprehension (6 years ago)
Poor bastard
Derukugi2 (6 years ago)
We call that "lokyo". Hijiwaza is of course the technical term.
Türkmen Beyi (6 years ago)
Good technic!
Cristian Rodriguez (6 years ago)
Very nice Mike' Cristian
Aikido Amman (6 years ago)
very very very nice
Nathan Stillings (6 years ago)
If you could, how does hijikime osae translate? I know hiji is elbow, but I'm unsure of the rest.
Pablo Gonzalez (11 months ago)
hiji = elbow, kime = pressure point, osae = inmobilization
StarcraftOakley (6 years ago)
hiji waza means elbow control techniques, rokkyo is one of them. Rokkyo is sometimes the nickname for hijikime osae
jaygauld85 (7 years ago)
Isnt this rokkyo?
llljjjyyyy (7 years ago)
poor fellow
SirSleezy (7 years ago)
what i also tell you have to defend against the wrist grab,,which is what most people do to you while in your a bar to get you to calm down.....trust me,,ive been there
SirSleezy (7 years ago)
yeah I enjoy these ones
Diego Broseta Pastor (7 years ago)
when a Howcast about how to do a hodouken??!!
XaleGown (7 years ago)
Divoto98 (7 years ago)
wtf is this

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